Universe Cities

UNIVERSE seems to be the new disguise for Big Brother. People keep telling me that “The Universe will provide” as they look lovingly around their expensive house and possessions. It is money that has provided surely? Money comes from Big Brother’s systems. Big Brother rules the big sky and the big universe and the big galaxy and the big space program. They are all illusions designed to make us think that Big Brother is BIG and we need him, not only need him, he is good and we want him, we love him, we love everything he provides for us.

If we continue down this road we will all end up in Universe Cities. You don’t need to be a student to join in.

The word “Catholicus” means “Universal”. The Pope is involved in this Universe business too. The Roman Catholic Church was set up by the Romans to take over and redirect the persistent following of Jesus that was getting in their way. Getting in the way of Universal takeover.

Everywhere I go, I see more and more man made student accommodation being erected. The Universities are taking over. Student accommodation is in blocks maybe 5 or 6 stories high, and many people can be packed cheaply into a small space. The buildings are erected from flat pack type materials which require no major skills. They are the building version of an IKEA flatpack shelving unit. They are then kitted out with all mod cons, conning you out of your life skills, so inhabitants are completely dependent on everything being conveniently done for them by machines. And there are loads of input and output tubes into your comfortable box. (See The Comfort of Your Own Home).

Then the parents, payrents, get charged a fortune in rent, so they go out to work extra hours in their old age to give their child a good start in life having fun at Uni. “So nice that my child is happy, nothing else matters”.

Every child and parent in the UK is being programmed to “Going to Uni”. It’s big business. maybe it is Big Brother’s biggest one yet.

Even people who do not go to universities want to live in these sort of tiny but well fitted appartment blocks, and they are prepared to pay a fortune to buy one if it is in a good location. Even the Royal couple have an “appartment”. Romans used to live this way too. They did very little for themselves, and were totally dependent on the structures of city life, lots of eateries, lots of feed tubes and waste tubes to connect to. Good quality of life eh?

It is a comfortable prison. Or is it comfortable poison ?

Meanwhile outside the city walls, or maybe even underground, slaves work unseen behind the scenes to prop it all up, to keep the Universe City show on the road.

Universe is the New Age word for God, as worshipped in Glastonbury. The universe is like God, it provides everything for you, and it comes from the sky. The sky is the territory of all religions.

Uni verse is one verse. The one verse that we must all be united to chant to. The language and sound and rhythm of Big Brother. We are being trained to love it, especially the young.

Cities are turning into Universities, and Universities are turning into cities. Schools, airports, large corporate HQs, and supermarkets are converging towards the same thing too. They are all becoming Universe Cities.

This is what a Universe City is …

Everything is provided in a bubble. Any outdoor space is heavily designed and maintained and provided for you. There is no natural wilderness. There are many square and impressive buildings. There are boundaries to the city with fixed entrances, gates maybe, known inputs and outputs. There is some sort control on who and what can go in, and entrances and exits will be monitored. You may need a card or membership to get in. Almost everything inside costs money, and there will be some sort of tax to pay to belong. There will be nice sports and leisure facilities, and eateries, and stadiums to watch sex and violence as entertainment. Once you are in you will be protected from any undesirable people because it is policed. There are zones and rules, and every square inch is owned and controlled. Sex and roman tics and consumption, study and entertainment is encouraged and considered desirable. The whole place is fuelled by large amounts of ElectriCity with screens and bright lights.

Universities have a “campus” as do large corporations. The hippocampus is part of the brain and it is for consolidating short term memory into long term memory, fixing memory I would say. This is what is done to students, and it has very little to do with the particular subject they sign up for, and everything to do with the campus way of life. The hippocampus is also used for spatial awareness and you can see how university type buildings program your awareness of space.

The City of Bath is a very big protected Bubble. A Bubble Bath. A city must have a cathedral and a university to qualify for City status. Increasingly the religion of University is replacing the religion of God, and I notice that Bath University frequently merges with Bath Abbey for events (See Royal Installed in Bath). University culture in Bath is growing rapidly. Bath University is graded the best for student SATISFACTION in the UK. That is the main requirement, and this is the main selling point for student choice. SATISFACTION. Get the young ones hooked on this Sati Sity way of living where invisible slaves do everything for you, and all you do is just work to instructions and get entertained and eat, and above all have sex and roman tic love.

Eco Cities are already being built, called The Venus Project. (see link below). Venus is love. The Love Project. The Eco Cities are a sort of Universe City too. They claim to be self sufficient, but how many slaves and factories did it take to build them ? How much damage was done in the construction ? What happens if they need a new component part? This is Big Brother trying to trump Mother Earth by designing his own self sufficient planet. Eventually the planet design will be entirely subsumed inside a spherical dome, just as we are INSIDE Mother Earth (see Through The Wombhole) and it will take off into the Universe.

The Eco Agenda is propelling things forward, in the name of saving the planet, and young people love it. The planet that is being saved is not Mother Earth. It is a new planet, one that is going to be sent off into orbit in the “Universe”, up to the sky, as a satellite, complete with independent Eco living. It is not independent, because it will require slaves on Earth to feed energy up to the sky, as we already do. The Earth is being “saved” in the same way as you save up money in your piggy bank. Though this is a human bank that is being saved.

Next up is UNIVERSAL Money. Presumably so we can all trade with the planets, or more to the point, the new planet can enslave whoever is left here. In the UK, the new Universal Credit system is almost here ! This is a new simple all in one system and is run by Her Majesty’s tax office, the central hub of our connection to currency. Money as we know it will be replaced with points, and you will need a plastic card to join in, then a smart phone, which will then be replaced by something a bit more Universal, the microchip or some new DNA. Upgrade for the Universe City, or be left outside the city walls and take your chances without Big Brother’s support systems. You choose.

Oh look, aren’t there planets already in the sky ? How did they get there? This happened before didn’t it ? Somewhere back in time, they created all the other planets, and we are feeding them with our energy, as we will feed the new one(s).

A core of the elite will take off to the sky in a superior form of Roman city, a Universe City, now in new 3 dimensional form, maybe a cube rather than the traditional Roman square designs. The elite will be comfortably separated from any angry rebellion on Earth while feeding off its energy. They will take with them a huge supply of elite slaves, “chosen ones”, chosen because they have proved themselves to be good programmed robots who love the fun universe city way of life, and have chosen the upgrade path without question.

Humanity is being PEELED. Maybe PLANED. To make a new planet. A planned planet taking off like a plane. A layer of ourselves is being removed, a layer of humanity will be taken from us, and severed from Mother Earth completely. We will continue to be magnetically attracted to our fellow humans as they are to us, and this attraction will ensure the energy supply to the new Universe City planet.

All cities are paracities, parasites. Just as people are who always sit about. They feed off the host, which is unseen human slaves and Mother Earth. If you smugly live in the countryside, you cannot escape, because the city life reaches you at the click of a button through the internet interCity connection. The biggest Universal City of all is the Internet. It joins all cities together in one fantastic new Universe.

The Universal blood is Type O Negative. This is the nazi prize blood, and the elite brood mare blood. It is the Universal DONOR. They are stockpiling it, and I guess it will be needed as provisions on board the new starship planet. Donate now ! Help save the planet !

There is another sort of uni verse, one verse, one that is Mother Earth’s tune and language. I think if we find our way back to connecting to her, we will eventually reprogram ourselves to her tune. Uni is the short word for University. Perhaps we should be looking at another sort of uni, reclaiming the Unicorn that is chained up on the symbol of the ruling Empire.

The Roman idea of PEACE is a Universe City. Romans don’t care about slavery and destruction as long as they are in their protected bubble with their over consumption and orgies and slaves. Obama preaches PEACE too. The Peace Treaty of Versailles was signed at the end of WW1. The Uni of Versailles sounds a bit Universal to me. Brave new world awaits. Sign here for PEACE.

Universal Studios (US in the US) are busy making Sky Fi Sky Fiction films of our future to program our minds to want the sky, and if we don’t get selected to jump aboard, those of us left behind will want to worship the sky with our energy, providing an electricity feed up to the new planet.

Students study and they have sex. Copy the Royals and meet your mate at Uni. Students are trained to be STUDS. Universal Studios film Universal Studs too. A stud farm is for selective breeding of new stock. Maybe the new Universal Stud Farm will be selectively breeding and mutating some more Type O Negatives.

Time is a trick, and this is nothing new. It has all happened before and always is happening, but it can be changed if we each change our own programming and take control of our own self. The Universe City campus is a carefully designed environment that programs our minds to Big Brother. Which means you can program your mind to Mother Earth by spending more time with her instead. You choose.

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