Growing Money

Make your money work for you, invest it, watch your money make more money by working for you like an unpaid employee ! It’s almost magical, isn’t it ? Money is bits of paper ! You are sending out bits of paper to go to work for you ! Very clever trick.

People want money for nothing so they can free themselves up from being a treadmill slave. You may escape BEING a slave by using your money as your private slavery workforce. But you are still a big part of the treadmill system because your money that works for you is USING slavery. (See Why I Need Money).

So how do you make your money go to work ? Easier than forcing people to work eh ?

First you need some money to grow more money, a starter kit, a bit like a bacteria culture or a yeast culture, but this is a money culture.

Then, instead of you going out to work, you send out all your bits of paper instead (printed with the Queens Head to give them authority and credentials). These bits of paper are labelled in your name like a brand, to make sure you get all the winnings. They are invested IN YOUR NAME. Don’t forget to put your name on it if you want the winnings !

An investiture is when a person like the Pope or Queen is invested with authority, and a big part of that is to dress them up in carefully branded authoritative clothing. A sort of designer label. Dress to impress. A vest is an item of clothing, and “vetements” is French for clothes. So to INVEST your money means all your bits of paper are being dressed up in clothes ! Emperor’s New Clothes, I would say, it gives it so much authority.

So you sit down with your feet up, profiting from the good “returns” on your investment. When your dressed up money “returns” back to you, it has “grown”, just like the trees would grow if they were not being chopped down to manufacture the money that works for you.

The investment may be in a savings account, a property (you could be a landlord, or watch your own home make money for nothing), invest in war, or Eco businesses, or trees, or gift aid charities, betting on horses, or the national lottery, or even your own children. Do you expect a good return from your investment in your children ?

The National Lottery is an example of a really bad investment that nearly always loses money. Poor people are encouraged to invest and play this game, as you need very little money starter kit to send out to work for you. It rarely returns at all, but there is always the hope that it may return for you one day, and you can at least dream of being off the treadmill just like the envied elite. The lottery money that does not return is re-invested more successfully elsewhere with better branding and clothing.

A bank account pays you interest so you can inter rest while your money does all the work and never rests. Idle money will not do ! Whip it up into action !

Any money that YOUR money makes is yours because it is branded with your own label clothes. Clothing is a good disguise, a veil over the naked truth.

Surely it is only paper, and there is no harm in sending money out to work for you ? Money is not kids, or cruelty, is it ? It is not slavery is it ? (Please read Why I Need Money). The dressed up money invests IN YOUR NAME, and it will require real people on the treadmill somewhere to do the real slave work that grows the money, somewhere behind the brand, which is YOUR OWN BRAND. Are you part of the system or do you think it is only the Rothschilds that cause it ? (see Pleading Guilty).

So now you have even more money from the money that returned with more money, and you can send even more bits of paper out to work for you for even more returns. Fantastic, money for nothing, easy money, this is the life. It is now feeling almost like money grows on trees, isn’t it ? The trees that are chopped down to make money that makes even more money. It is a simple branding and dressing up exercise, just make sure it is IN YOUR NAME. So is your name on any slavery ?

You haven’t beaten the system by having clever investments. That is the Rothschild mentality, methinks. The Roman way of life to protect yourself at the expense of others. The medium of money makes it all dressed up so you can’t see what is really going on behind the scenes.

To really be free of slavery and the system, you have to stop using slaves as well as stop being a slave. For those of us brought up in the Western world, this is quite a challenge.

We are encouraged to grow our money. To make it work for us. It is normal and acceptable and admired behaviour. And as we collectively grow more and more money in the world, we seem to chop down more and more trees. Money is set up to promise us all the things that trees provide, a false saviour, a false Mother Earth, a fake tree. Money buys shelter, provides food, protects, gives us everything we need, and it grows too, just like real living trees ! And how great that you can grow money for nothing from a little starter kit just like a seed grows a tree. Clever stuff, this man made money.

You can donate money to be invested in trees of course. In our feeling of helplessness, we are led to believe that you can save trees by sending your money out to work for a tree saving corporation.

Money working for you is the same as slaves working for you, it is just remote controlled. Can you see how Rothschild and his lot are fuelled by the same desire to be off the treadmill as the rest of us ? They are making their money go out to work for them, excelling at cleverly dressing up their money with authority to make more. They are a very extreme version.

But it is not really FREE is it ? It is FEAR. Fear that Mother Earth cannot meet your needs. Fear that drives you to have a constantly growing, constantly renewable pot of money to slave for you, to insure ensure you are always provided for. To be really free, you have to stop using slaves too, you have to free the other slaves as well as yourself by stop driving them with your money. Cut down your use of money, instead of cutting down trees. And by cutting down your money, you cut the cut that the taxman takes too.

(See also earlier posts : Why I Need Money, The Queen’s Debt, Jesus and The Taxes, Taxing, The Gift Economy, Queen’s Alms, Pleading Guilty, Place Your Bets, More Rubbish, Stuff)

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2 Responses to Growing Money

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Suli, good to see you’re back. Hope things went ok. šŸ™‚
    Good post. Money is fear, it doesn’t provide security to anyone rich or poor. Only the Gift economy provides real security and happiness – and it makes everyone rich. Even the rich would be richer than they are now. Sigh…

    They were talking about ‘domestic abuse’ on the news yesterday. I was thinking last night how a gift-economy would stop 99% of that happening:
    1) The man wouldn’t be stressed about not being able to provide. Money worries cause many arguments.
    2) The woman wouldn’t be dependent on the man, and could simply leave at any time.
    3) With jury government, justice would be literally as far away as your neighbors are.

    I think a gift economy would change the relationship between the sexes profoundly, for the better. We’d simply be able to be ourselves, without fear. It would lead to all kinds of different arrangements I’d guess. God likes diversity.

    Gift-economy and True-law are the master keys… You can get out of any cult with them. šŸ˜‰

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree Tim, working towards gift economy is the exit path out of the Cult. The idea of investment is now acceptable for ordinary people, it is not considered wrong, people talk about it in everyday conversations. I would suggest that this Make Your Money Work business is going the exact oppposite direction to the Gift Economy, further embedding yourself in the Cult, and increasing the Cult’s power too.
      I can’t see myself getting completely out of money in my current lifetime, but I can see myself reducing my use of money and thereby increasing gifting.
      It has just occurred to me that people who are “gifted” are encouraged to sell their gifts and become money rich on them. Personally I think if something is given to you, it should be passed on as a gift too.

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