Matter Under Mind

Mind Over Matter is an interesting expression. It urges us to control our physical lives and our bodies by the superpower of the more powerful mind. Get your matter under control ! Matter is mater, the mother, the female. The mind is male, and I would say it is a computer program, a man made silicon chip designed to run all systems.

Mother, Mater, Matter, all undermined by the man made mind. The human mind is in turn controlled by external sources, propaganda, screens, media, radio waves, drugs, sound and vision. We are bombarded by Big Brother generated inputs, culture and programs feeding our hungry minds. We allow the influence to in flow. And then our Big Brother programmed minds control, override and undermine our bodies which are made of matter mater mother. It is all very clever, only a genius sort of mind could have dreamt this one up.

Our mothers created our bodies in the womb of Creation. We are created by mater from mother matter, from material in the womb. We continue to physically feed from the matter of our Mother Earth, long after we have left our Birth Mother.

Have you noticed how fast everything is going lately ? Can you keep up ? I can’t.

The mind races ahead of the body, as the Sun races ahead of the Moon. The mother Moon can’t keep up with the male son Sun. The body can’t keep up with the mind.

We are bombarded with mind stimulants, our minds race ahead with great ideas and plans. In our heads, or at least in my head, I have raced ahead and all I want is achieved. In my mind I have moved into my new place, it is all done and complete, almost instantly ! The physical reality is very different, and seems slow and cumbersome and labour intensive. The physical reality always takes longer than the mind, much much longer. The mind forms the plan and leads the way, and the body struggles to fulfil the order like a supplier of goods and services struggles to fulfil the demands of its customers.

The mind is custom made to control the body. The mind is the client customer and the body is the server. Some customers are really tricky aren’t they ?

We live in an age where everyone wants the things they see in their mind, and they want them as fast as they see them. It means we are always behind. Our bodies are tired failing to keep pace with the mind. The Earth is tired trying to keep up with Man’s ideas and visions and grand designs and plans. Faster and faster, keep up keep up.

The internet is a giant mind, ALWAYS ON. There is no rest for the body if the mind keeps racing ahead pulling the body behind it like a whipped slave. The internet is very interesting, inter resting. The interesting things happen inbetween rests, and if everything is very interesting the mind is always racing ahead, and the body never rests. And people never sleep because the over active mind keeps them awake.

Interest is good for the profiteers. The profiteers profit from whipped slaves. Profit on your money is called “interest”. That’s interesting.

The mind plays a trick of time. Time generates interest for the profiteers. The mind is ahead of the body, and there is this gap where interest is made. The plans and the advents and the adverts and the staged events pull us along the treadmill. It is the looking ahead in the time tunnel that pulls us along to fulfill the mind’s desire. The desire of man. Worship the future ! Why not just stay put ? Or go sideways or backwards in time ?

The female body will quietly obey the mind controls from the head. It will send signals, warning lights, pain when it is struggling. We can heed the signals if we choose. Or we can follow our downloaded program and ignore the warning lights, or just tape over the warning lights with mind numbing drugs. Out of sight, out of mind ! Eventually we get offered quick fit replacement parts for our womban made body, but these will be man made replacement parts, made from mining Mother Earth. Or maybe the body just gives up and dies when it can do no more.

Mother Earth is mined big time. I live in a place which is seriously undermined by man’s grand plans to build BUILD and BUILD more and more with man made machines, big towering buildings and palaces phalluses false phallacies fallacies. The Matter of Mother Earth is undermined for stone, metal, coal, gravel, gas etc etc. Mind must rule over Matter for Big Brother to succeed.

Mother Earth has been undermined by man made mining by hollowing out the globe, extracting from it, and sometimes infilling it back in with a nasty man made replacement material. Where I live in Bath, the natural stone has been taken and recently been filled in with foamed concrete by yet another major grand plan engineering project.

In the same way the matter of our mother created bodies has been altered. The globe of our head has been mined and replaced with silicon chips, so we can be controlled by radio and TV waves, electronic feeds. Big Brother’s keyboard has bored into our minds and he holds the key to control us. These days he always has the key in the ON position. Constant mind control, 24/7, ALWAYS ON.

The globe that is the womb is mined for blood on a moon monthly basis. This is undermining down below, down under. Down Under in Australia maybe, where gold is mined. The womb is hollowed out and infilled with sperm and chemicals and implants, and fake eggs. Sometimes the entire womb globe is removed in a hysterectomy. What will happen to our Earth globe if hysterectomies become the norm, routine for all women ? When there are more wombs in man made labs than in women ?

The body quietly protests, but is not heard because the mind and the planet are generating more and more noise annoys. Maybe we could be less tuned to the mind, and more tuned to our body. Still the mind, and hear the body.

The media magnates magnetise us towards them to follow the programmed instructions, to absorb instructions and data into our mind, to download the Big Brother program. And the program runs the machine that our body has become.

GET OUT OF MY MIND we scream. We don’t want any more mind rape, or are we so used to it we can’t stop the addiction of interest, inter rest. My mind is mine, I want to say. Keep out !

To mine is to own part of Mother Earth. Mining companies declare their ownership of areas of land and rights to mine it and extract what is below. They mine what is below to build mind controlling awesome towers above. Mining is another form of invasion, like war and rape. And coincidentally, men merrily marry so as to own their very own mine of golden matter, the womb of their very own owned woman.

The AM hormone, is the Morning Mourning one, the Morning after one, perhaps. (Please read “I Want One”). AMH is on the male Y chromosome present in sperm. It is Anti Mullerian, meaning anti womban. It kills the womb. This is the equivalent to the concrete infill in the mined female womb. The AMH has the effect of mining the soft creative womb from the female fetus, and replacing with a hard concrete male phallic palace tower. AM is also Anti Matter. Matter Mater Mother. Science loves to explore anti matter. It is so interesting. Of course it is, it kills off our creation. AM is morning, in Latin “ante meridiem”, before midday, or is it anti mer, anti mary, anti mother ? The Mourning after pill, mourning the mother as the Big Brother Sun rises for the day.

Who AM I ? What have we become ?

Big Brother wants to exterminate Mother. Big Brother is Anti Mother. Anti Matter. This is his biggest driving force. He is doing it with our help, our energy, our mother made BODIES. We are the body, the corporate cooperative cooperators in the Big Brother take over. We are the ultimate working machine, cooperative slaves, volunteers in our own UPgrade path. Are we being led up the garden path ? Could we go back down the path instead ? Down towards the ground, down towards the garden, the garden of Eve’s Eden, it belongs to Eve, go away from the man made house with its bridal threshold, go down towards the Mother Earth that we are losing touch with.

Does it matter ? The Earth Matters to me. I am from created from the matter of Mother Earth, it is what I AM.

The popular trinity of Mind Body Spirit includes an imposter. The imposter is the superpower of MIND. What is mine is my body and my spirit. My body is my abode, my home made from female matter. My spirit is my male navigator, the master of my female ship, the true spirit guide for my life. And together they make my own personal sacred union of male and female.

The chip is coming up for offer again, will we eat the Apple ? Will we swallow the pips ? Will we let in the influence of the program? We already have, we already are swallowing it. But I think it is never too late to change course, to steer away. And there is NO RUSH, (no more RUSSIA either), time is a programming trick installed in the mined mind.

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