It seems that the cervix is related to 911. I have just come across a method for deciphering certain words using Roman numerals. I have applied it to the word CERVIX, and come out with 116. This is a rotation of 911. 911 is St Peter’s Keys, and St Peter is the right hand man of the Pope.

The method to decode CERVIX is to add the Roman numerals that appear in the word. C plus V plus I plus X. 100 plus 5 plus 1 plus 10 equals 116. (Please see link below).

The Pope is in charge of the Holes of the Whole Hole world. The Pope owns the cervices and he has a huge worldwide corporate trade in them. His regional SirVicars cervicars service and sell holes in his Holy Stock exchanges known as Churches. Or indeed any other licensed modern day venue such as a hotel, cinema etc etc.

The holes are sold and the register of ownership updated, just like if you buy a house or a car. You hand over the money, sign something, and you get the keys. Now you are the owner. The idea of being an owner is that you lock it up for your own personal use. You have a permit. Hole permits are licensed by Peter.

The Pope is a busy man, and he has a PA personal assistant called ST PETER who looks after the keys. I would say that PETER takes care of the Register too.

So back to the numbers….

We have two different number codes… 911 for the guy with the keys, and 116 for CERVIX. It depends from what end you approach. Turn your page upside down and you get the other one, because you are coming from the opposite direction. 911 going up looks like 116 coming down. The 11, eleven, a somewhat eve or heaven looking word, symbolises the open gates of the vulva. Heaven is within eve, inside the womb, through the hole. Where we came from. When the vulva gates are shut, it is V. Just like a lock gate on a man-made waterway known as a canal.

The canal I am talking about here is the birth canal, and the baby goes downstream with the flow.

The birth canal is used two ways in our current cult culture, and depending on which way you are heading, you will either see 911 or 116.

Imagine you are the baby. This is a cheap and easy way to do past life regression under your own control. You have spent 9 months, a previous whole hole lifetime, holed up with your mother, same way up as your mother, parallelling with her. You face her. This mother baby pair bond of gestation is symbolised as “e9”. The little “e” of you the baby mirroring the bigger “9” of eve your mother. Eve is 9. e9 looks a little bit like egg.

The latest celeb fashion is to hold your baby out front facing out like a shield so that the baby is exposed, when really the mother should be shielding the baby with her arms and her body, a bodyguard. Copy the Royals time, they lead the fashion. Baby out front can be symbolised by ee or maybe 99. Both facing the same way, and both with heads up. Please do not copy.

Eve is 9 because of the evening, eve nine, sometimes we say “evenin'”. It is the time when the Sun goes away. The Sun Son Worshippers face east to worship the rise of the Son and the Sun and the Sin to go with it. Our world culture is badly wrong because it dances to the tune of the Sun Worship.

Anyway, now it is time you are to be born ! Your due date approaches. It is a dead line for leaving one world, and a birth line to enter a new world. You do a 180 degree turn, pivoting on your umbilical cord. Now we have 69. See how it works ? The 6 is you the baby ready to birth, head down tail up. The 6 is a little baby e rotated 180 degrees. The 6 is the same size as the 9 perhaps symbolising that you are bigger now, ready to enter the giant world inhabited by your mother. You will leave your dwarf world in the birth berth womb that you have now outgrown.

69 is the symbol of Cancer the crab, covering June and July, which is Ju, ne.ly due. Now you are at your Ju Due date. The crab is the home that you have spent a lifetime in, your birth mother is your shell and your shield. You are now about to leave your shell. Head first down the hole.

You see or sense the cervix hole which is opening like a spiral 9 to reveal the tunnel beyond, maybe you can see or sense the open vulva gates at the end, your grand entrance, your crowning awaits. You are at the South Pole of your tiny world, about to go down the swirling plughole of the breaking waters. You feel the bath water going out, and your mother labours to push you out. It’s part of the contractual contraction. The baby goes out with the bathwater, and the baby sees 911.

The birth canal is used the wrong way for other matters. This is invasion. Sometimes the invasion is even asked for, such as Iraq asking US, that’s us, to invade and bomb Isis, Isis being a symbol of the mother. The invasive way sees the open vulva gates of 11, followed by the swirling 6. 116 is going upstream. The number six is used for sex.

911 is when the twin towers fell. It is now another nasty Death Worship day. Are they overlaying this onto our experience of birth ?

Eve was framed, ramed rammed by the beast, by putting the square inside her round womb. Maybe she asked for it, maybe she didn’t. It doesn’t really matter. It is crossing a border which is wrong, it is violating our very spirit. Because the 116 way upstream is the way of the spirit only.

Bath and Venice are the only two World Heritage (WHO) cities. They are both very watery. Bath is a hot bath, Venice is full of canals. Together they symbolise the womb and the vagina.

The symbol of WHO is a circle that you can enter via always open gates, but when you are inside, it is a square. Squaring the circle is about violating Eve, making round things into Roman and masonic SQUARE things, and ultimately growing babies in square man made robot labs.

The Pope is really only in charge of one very big hole, that is the SOUTH POLE. If you take out the penile peter pater P, you get SOUTHOLE, Sout Hole, maybe the soothole for sooty Santa to enter. The symbology of the Pope owning the Hole is a constant drip feed to our minds. And it then replicates itself like a virus so we believe it to be all holes the world over. All holes are expected to be open for business and trading, as the Pope decrees in his bullying Papal Bulls.

We can choose to pull things the opposite way to the Pope, and set the holes free from their slavery and locks and keys. The opposite idea is that the giant womb we are inside (please see Through The Wombhole) is owned by the woman whose it is, and she has the right to say No. Anyone who is invited to physically enter can also choose to say No. By my reckoning, you only go the 116 way in spirit form, no matter must pass upstream. Matter can only go the baby way with the flow, and this is the 911 way (see Sheela Negative). Matter and spirit are polar opposites and they seem to be going opposite ways.

To me there are two ways to travel through the hole, matter goes downstream, spirit upstream.

This post is very topical because the Next Royal Birth is announced on 9/9. Double Eve. The two 9s face the same way, symbolising the baby out front as a shield. I would say the due Ju Jew date could be MayDay 1/5/15. 5 is V, the Vulva Gates. Maybe more on this soon, as I am sure it is linked to the World Heritage City of Bath.

This is the ninth month, the month of Eve when the summer sets. Which is maybe why lots seems to be happening in Somerset in September, not least of all the picking of the apples. In England, the register of Hole transactions (Peter’s register) is kept at Somerset House. Can you see SEPT in ST PETERS ?

The Register is of births, marriages and deaths. All three take place through the Hole Trade. Peter sits at the gate and records the whole (womb.hole) lot. Since his keys are 911, I would say he sits on the heaven side of the hole, just inside the cervix, just inside the womb. From there he sees 911. CERVIX which is 116, is probably what the medical people see, the Papal Roman robots always peering up, peeping in, and trying to get in and square up the womb. Latin is the language of the Roman Catholics and the medical people. CERVIX is a Latin Roman numeral word. The Roman theme is on our side of the Vulva gates and it says 116.

Death is our third mother. Peter’s Register proves to me that death goes through the hole too, and it should not be presided over by men nor money. Birth Earth Death. It is your BED of three mothers.

Nine is Nein in German. Nein is No. Just Say No. The horse says Nay. Eve says Nine. Undermine the matter of the Pope. Say No to Hole Sale. Say No to matter going the wrong way.

(See also many earlier related posts including : Through the Wombhole, Bridal and Groom, The Eyes and The Nose, Ab Use of Sex, Book of The Hole, Georgian Empire, Another 911, Death Worship, Jesus the Jewess, Matter Under Mind, Poison Apple, Power of 11/11, Sheela Negative, Consume Ate, Popule Copule, Creme and Cement – because my friend who inspired that post died on 116 maybe she knew where to go)


http://ro-jo-yo.hubpages.com/hub/666symbol (method for decoding using Roman numerals)

http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/428 (WHO logo)

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12 Responses to CERVIX

  1. Veritopian says:

    Due date = Dew date? Dew is a change of state from AIR to WATER. From idea to action…

    Service: Old English (denoting religious devotion or a form of liturgy), from Old French servise or Latin servitium ‘slavery’, from servus ‘slave’. The early sense of the verb (mid 19th century) was ‘be of service to, provide with a service’.

    cervix (n.): early 15c., “ligament in the neck,” from Latin cervix “the neck, nape of the neck,” from PIE *kerw-o-, from root *ker- (1) (see horn (n.)). Applied to various neck-like structures of the body, especially that of the uterus
    ? 🙂

    • suliwebster says:

      dew date does take the baby from idea, id, or concept(ion) to action, or acting. (Like a film set. Action TAKE 1. You’re on air). Though I am not quite sure how the AIR to WATER fits because the baby is going from water to air when born. Maybe the baby is losing the dew?

      There is something very fulfilling about being of service to others of your own free will, helping people on their way when they are in need without expectation of reward or return except the joy of giving your service. It is hard to imagine anything better in life. I think this is the meaning of “A friend in Need is a friend in deed”. Service expected from payment or slavery or duty is different and completely horrible and soul destroying.

      • Veritopian says:

        F = Desire
        F->A = Conception
        A = Gestation
        A->W = Birth
        W = Life
        W->E = Death
        E = Dead

        There’s symmetry around all the state-changes.
        F->A – Desire becomes law. Also Law becomes desire as the laws of biology create a willful creature
        A->W – Law becomes action – a moving baby. And Baby’s actions become history (law). (also goes from water to air physically) Is Equivalent to the Heart ‘chakra’..- Pivot between worlds.
        W->E – Motion becomes stillness. And the Earth comes into motion to consume the corpse, a thousand tiny lives…

      • suliwebster says:

        The law thing might fit with the contract. When the contract of labour is signed, you get contractions and labour. I dont know why this is AIR though. I feel that there is some sort of contract going on at contraction time. A fulfilment of a contract maybe. The woman is contracted into service, use of her cevix. By her wedding vows maybe.

      • Veritopian says:

        All law is originally spoken. In the beginning was the word… The power of speech is the power of communicating your law. Yes it’s definitely a contract.
        When seed fertilises egg, natural law means a baby will arise. As chicken follows egg. It’s law. Sex=children… Just as jumping off cliff = death…

  2. Christine b says:

    Nice to read you again Suli!! Some crazy stuff going down lately! This article reminded me of an episode of the X files called “Eve” which featured numbered cloned girls, one of which was Eve 9. Knowing what I know now, that show is full of symbolism. Everything is so contrived and there to see for those with eyes, “I’s”. Eye see therefore I am. Ok I am not sure where I am going with this…..

    • suliwebster says:

      Nice to hear from you again Christine B ! Eye and Eve are quite similar words. X files is about the X chromosome possibly, the female. I have just noticed that vein is in evening too. e.veining. That fits as Eve the female takes the worn out blue blood back to the heart in the evening after the Male red blooded arteries have used it all up on wars and work slavery during the day. This is mirrored by Venus(veins) and Mars (arteries). Blood cells are sort of clones too i think.
      i is the 9th letter. Maybe i and Eye are two different types of eye, our two sunlight receiving eyes limited to rainbow colour spectrum, and our third i which sees all.

      • Christine b says:

        Well isn’t this interesting…..the french word for girl is “fille”.

      • suliwebster says:

        The word for boy is fils. files or fills. More like a verb, a doing word, or a plural. Whereas Fille is more like a noun and a singular.
        One fills up the other’s hole. Or are we all on file somewhere ? Are there Y files too ?
        File is also life swapped about.
        A female young horse is a filly, one that is not yet a mare.
        Makes me think Eve was a girl, a virgin, young, ripe.

      • Christine b says:

        Filles/fils is from the word filio or felo as in to Felate/suck/suckle. That will make me think twice before I yell “hey fella”!!

  3. vivienne offord says:

    All very interesting! My name is Vivienne so has both eve and vein, vine, nine. Plus, my name adds up to nine as does my date of birth!

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes that is quite a name you have there ! Lots of Roman numerals for you too. VI and IV. I also see North East NE in there, which reminds me of NINETEEN (which I am a bit obsessed with !). I think Viva or Vive means to live.
      The more I go on with this, the more amazed I am at how my name seens to be my life in code.

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