Fraudian Slip

Whoops, did I mean to say Freudian Slip ?

A Freudian Slip is when you accidentally speak your truth, instead of making yourself say what your mind dictates. Our speech is often a mask or disguise for our truth, our speech is often a fraud. Speeches are made by those in charge, and they dictate to the minds of the masses, for the purpose of mass control.

The Freudian Slip is named after Sigmund Freud the famous psycho. Whoops, I mean psychoanalyst. The founding father of psycho analysis. Freud slipped up himself when he discovered the truth of why so many women are “hysterical”. He covered up the truth with a fraud, a fraudian slip, and he created some suitable speech for the disguise.

A Fraudian Slip is my invention and it is the exact opposite of a Freudian Slip. A Fraudian Slip is a deliberate attempt to use speech and words to create a fraud, a cover up of the known truth. This is pretty much how our society functions. There is one very big Fraudian Slip that seems to be the very foundation of our society…..

Freud discovered that large numbers of women were hysterical because they were sexually abused.

The crime was largely within families, nuclear families, the upstanding males of the household, the fathers. Oh dear that isn’t going to go down too well with society is it ? The truth will blow up society, the game would be up, our nuclear family units would disintegrate and the control structures fall apart. We are all mass herded into domestic family units for a very good reason, to control us. A big fraud was required to cover up the truth. A Freudian fraud.

The Fraudian Slip is the fraud of saying girls are asking for it.

The Fraud needs some words, some speech. It was named the Oedipus Complex. Fraud is always complex. Truth is simple. The Oedipus Complex says that young girls desire their fathers. This is very helpful for paedophiles to justify their actions of course, especially in-house paedophiles, ones that live with their victims nearby, in domestic nuclear families. The paedophiles are simply helping the young girls satisfy their desires, helping them out really, sexually educating them as all good fathers should.

Any study of paedophiles will show you that paedophiles believe that they have consent, this is essential for the paedophile to be able to commit the crime. If you are in charge of the world and you want lots of paedophilia everywhere, then you need to create the conditions within the psyche to encourage the paedophiles to go ahead, and also to convert more people to become paedophiles. You need to create psychos. Psycho analysis is a very handy science for this.

The Fraud states that girls desire a penis, penis envy, when the truth is the opposite. The truth seems to me that man is deprived of a womb by the destructive Anti Mullerian hormone (see I Want One), and desires the womb that has been denied him.

The truth is that many girls are sexually abused behind the scenes in Western society, and that is spreading across the world as Western society infiltrates and invades. Freud uncovered this sexual abuse as the cause of female hysteria. Hyster is the womb, and it is pretty obvious that hysteria must be womb related. The womb of the girl is invaded, and she is forever more hysterical.

Maybe Freud was bribed, maybe he was threatened, who knows, he was influential to the masses, and his influence needed to be controlled. The fraud continues to underpin all psychology today. Wikipedia refers to it as the “central tenet” of psychoanalysis. Psychos rule our world. Psychology is now officially the 4th “science” and is taught in schools. Schools educate by talking at pupils, making speeches. Then testing that pupils can speak the same fraudulent stuff out of their own mouth.

Isn’t that great? Freud’s biggest lie becomes his biggest legacy. How did that happen?

Freud’s fraud legitimises rape of women and girls, it is what they really want. That is the underlying message in our society and in the media and in the Courts of law. Girls are asking for it. Sex is the fault of woman. It was Eve’s fault, and Eve’s fall. Eve slipped up. Girls get themselves pregnant, stupid girls. Clever girls take contraceptive drugs to avoid pregnancy. But the bottom line is that all girls want it, must have it, that is psycho law, now a science to be revered. Psycho law is the rule of the brain and the mind.

Freud’s work was known as the “talking cure”. How to cure people with talking. Or was it more like how to control and analyse people with talking ? Speech covers up everything. Talking and words control our minds. We are indoctrinated by words and false fraudulent speeches from those in charge.

Nowadays we have pictures paint a thousand words, and our minds are indoctrinated by images everywhere. I have just walked past a clothes shop with pics in the window of sexually provocative girls who look about age 12, and look either very ill, or very smiley and welcoming. Normal high street stuff. The internet is our new ALWAYS ON High Street, speeding up the indoctrination of turning our psyche to psycho.

Those in charge want to turn human beings into psychos that have their minds distorted to believe that paedophilia is helping and educating children. The current culture seems to be that children demand what they want, and good parents provide it. How do children know what they want, who persuades them what to demand ?

Be a good girl, dress up for your daddy, dance for your daddy, get his attention.

Be a good daddy, give your girl what she most desires. This is the message being blasted out at us everywhere. It is FRAUD.

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5 Responses to Fraudian Slip

  1. Veritopian says:

    “Writing to Albert Einstein in the early 1930s, Sigmund Freud suggested that “man has in him an active instinct for hatred and destruction.” Freud went on to contrast this “instinct to destroy and kill” with one he called erotic—an instinct “to conserve and unify,” an instinct for love.”

    What a total psycho. And to equate erotic love with parental love – basically says it all. Nonce.
    Maybe not a slip, but deliberate Freudian Fraud…
    At least that explains the term ‘psycho-analysis’ – i.e. being analysed by a psychopath…
    He was of course Jewish, and used a lot of cocaine:

    This says he was pressured to change his theory from ‘seduction’ (aka rape) to fantasy…

    Did he rape his daughter?

    • suliwebster says:

      Great bit of digging Veritopian. Maybe Freud is another “philanthropist” like Jimmy Savile. It seems that evil is often (always?) perpetuated behind a doing good disguise. It is as if the disguise arises automatically to shield the evil from view, not only to the outside world, but to the carrier of the evil too. If you look good, and you are doing good, and your mirror that reflects back to you from the world says you are good, then how can you see the evil inside ? It stops you facing it doesn’t it ?
      Methinks we all have elements of this going on to a greater or lesser degree, and that is how evil is able to flourish.
      Really Freud was trying to understand himself, but making out he was helping people and doing good for God, and maybe I am the same as Suli ??? I often think my blog is really about exploring my own path, and I should re-label it :
      “Messages to myself and anyone else who wants to hear them”.

      Yes erotic love equated with parental love is handy for paedophilia to flourish. These two have got very mixed up in our culture.

      • Veritopian says:

        I have so few readers on my blog, it’s a good job I’m doing it for me. 🙂
        You can only teach yourself… I’ve concluded. Preaching is a folly… But it’s ok.
        In fact it speeds up learning if you do it right i think…

      • suliwebster says:
        This wiki page gives very strong indication of child abuse of Anna by her father, beatings as well as sexual abuse.
        Freud grew up in a family where his grown up half brothers were the same age as his mother and I wonder what happened there too, in an age where women were legally owned by their husbands. What did Freud witness as a child that then became his normality ?

  2. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta tell thankyou for the post on this amazing one : D.

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