For Fear of Something Worse

“If terrorists are using kids, then it is worth strip searching kids at airports, so that people are not blown up on planes”. This is a common viewpoint which seems to infect you if you overdose on mainstream media.

So it seems to be NOT OK for terrorists to use kids, but IT IS OK for us to strip search kids. Our cause is worth it, and therefore acceptable and heroic. Our cause is worth the sacrifice of our kids, subjecting them to invasion of their body by strangers. Just go through with it kids, it’s for your own good and for saving other people too.

Surely we have become the terrorist? What is our valid cause that makes it so worth doing this terrifying act to our kids ? We want routine compulsory strip searching of kids by strangers. That is what we are advocating. Does anything justify this ?

The good cause is to placate the fear of adults.

We want peace of mind when we travel. It is not very nice strip searching kids of course, but there is something MUCH WORSE to be scared of. A plane MIGHT possibly get blown up.

The same scenario plays out with vaccines. We have vaccines because we are scared. If you don’t accept this little prick of disease injected into you, then something MUCH WORSE will happen. And make sure you subject your kids to it, they need saving from scary future things too.

It’s a big con trick. We are always offered what looks like two choices. The not so bad one that you definitely have to undergo, like strip searching kids, or injecting them with a disease. Or the MUCH WORSE one. What do educated people choose? The not so bad option which is just a little prick that won’t really hurt will it, get it over and done with right now… or would you prefer the MUCH WORSE thing that lies ahead in the future ?

“I would rather my kid had a little prick of a vaccine than died of measles!”, is what all educated people say. Personally I would rather my kid was alive and hadn’t had any nasty little prick of a vaccine either, but mainstream media does not tell you that is one of your choices.

What you are not told is that the MUCH WORSE thing probably won’t happen. It’s fictitious, made up to scare us, to make sure you do as you are told. To make sure you submit to something you would otherwise instinctively avoid, and best of all, to get you to submit your kids to it.

The MUCH WORSE thing is a very small possibility in the FUTURE. The not so bad thing is a CERTAINTY you have to do RIGHT NOW.

We are doing this to ourselves, we are the invaders, we are the terrorists. We act out of fear, and our fear sends us into battle waving the flag of our good and justified cause. Whatever the horrible thing is that we do to ourselves and our kids, it’s all deemed to be for a good cause, it’s worth it.

This is how they get our consent and cooperation to do evil things to ourselves and our fellow humans. Fear of something worse. Those in charge don’t do it to us. They just brainwash us to do it to ourselves and each other.

There is a secondary fear going on which is fear of taking responsibility. If you don’t take the Big Brother advised choice, and the SOMETHING MUCH WORSE happens, then it is your fault for not being sensible, following the government advice etc etc. “You only have yourself to blame”. Better to do the not so bad thing same as everyone else eh? then at least if that goes wrong, it’s not your fault is it? You can blame the government.

Strip searching kids is yet another way of preparing kids mentally to accept bodily invasions, playing into the hands of the paedophile program. The strip searching, like the vaccines, will be endorsed by their loving parents who consented for them. Both are forms of invasion.

The instructions rolled out to the masses read like the instructions of a computer program. IF you do this not very nice thing
THEN all will be well
ELSE something much worse happens.

“Or Else” is a threatening expression. Do this or else… It is used by paedophiles to persuade children to do things. “Do this or I will kill your pet cat”. That sort of thing. TV crime programs and films are full of it. Probably kids TV programs too. Noone wants to go down the “Or Else” path, so we all do as we are told.

“Or Else” is used by the insurance industry and the tax system. Pay insurance or else your house will burn down and you will have nothing. Pay your taxes or else you will go to prison. An implied threat of something MUCH WORSE.

It is used by the legal system… “Agree to this deal, or else we will think up a worse one.”

It is used in schools… “Pass your exams, or else you will be a failure”.

It is used to go to war… “Bomb Iraq, or else they will bomb us”.

It is used in parenting… “Do as you are told, or else you can’t go out to play.”

The government act as our parents, and they train our minds to always Fear Something Worse.

The Fear of Something Worse is used to make vast profits and to persuade us to do horrific things that are made to look like the best and most heroic option.

If you find yourself willing to sacrifice something to save the scary future, then stop and think why. The Something MUCH WORSE probably won’t happen, but the sacrifice you are about to make definitely will.

The more I think about it, the more I see I am doing this every day in some small way. We live in a world that is constantly barricading itself in against the future. But it took the extreme version of strip searching kids to jog me into noticing. How far does it have to go before we see what we are doing to ourselves ?

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