Monthly Contract

I am feeling quite smug at the moment because I have NO MONTHLY CONTRACTS. I have weaned myself off them. No more money draining out of my account once a month every month. No more direct debits, or is it direct debt?, paying my debts in advance. No more vulture corporations raiding my bank account behind the scenes, and helping themselves while I am out doing something else. No more fear of going overdrawn due to monthly seepage from my bank account. No more fear of monthly bills I can’t pay. No more endless work treadmill to keep my account at a steady level while something else leaks it all away.

The monthly contract is a horrible and pointless cycle of work like a hamster wheel. You have to keep pedaling and peddling to keep it all topped up. Are you topped up ?

How many monthly contracts do you have ? Do you feel like you are constantly working to replenish a reservior of money that is constantly leaking ? Is your money reservoir comfortably full or is it close to empty and bled dry ? How often does someone try to persuade you that you will be better off on a monthly contract ?

The stress of keeping the reservoir topped up while other people keep draining it of “unspecified amounts” is too much. It weakens me.

So I have paused all my monthly contracts in a sort of “money pause”. And now my life does not revolve around a monthly cycle.

There is another sort of monthly cycle where we are bled dry. It’s that time of the month again…

I have reached an age where I am no longer beholden to the monthly contract with the moon, as all female humans are for the peak working years of their life. Eventually women stop their monthly blood contractions at the menopause. The MENOpause is not so different from the MONEypause. Or is it the moon eye pause ?

No other animal has a monthly moon contract to pay up blood. “Month” is from the word moon, and I would say that the current trend for monthly contracts, which we agree to, is a repeat of the events that once persuaded women to bleed every month. There are 13 lunar months in a year, and 13 monthly bleeds a year, as there were once 13 months in the official calendar.

Women spend time and expend energy topping up their blood bank account so that something else can drain it away via a monthly contraction.

The monthly blood contraction seems to me to be some sort of miscarriage. At the time of the month for paying the direct debit of blood, a woman feels pain, pre menstrual tension, emotional, weak and DRAINED. Just as you do when your bank account is drained. A woman is usually at her peak of strength about two weeks later when her body has worked to top it up again. The human female body lives in hope that one day this monthly cycle will stop, either because the egg actually implants in pregnancy, or because the direct debits are suspended, paused, by the menopause. Alternatively you can have the whole blood bank account ripped out as a hysterectomy (but I don’t think that this gets to the root of the problem somehow).

The monthly miscarriage is just one of those things that happen like an unfortunate accident, we are told. Abortion is a form of deliberate miscarriage. The difference is similar to manslaughter and murder. I would say that the monthly contract is a miscarriage of justice, a deliberate coercion set up by hard selling corporations. Somehow we all sign up to it.

After a successful pregnancy, there have been 9 months (or more if you breastfeed) with no blood money payments, and that could be why women sign over their baby to the State at birth. You owe nine months of blood and eggs, we will take your new born baby as payment for your overdue debt. Or else….

It seems to me that we enter into monthly contracts to guarantee a continuous supply of something that we don’t really need, but something that we are frightened of not having. Like gas. Or mains water. Or mobile phone minutes. It is usually something on tap, always available , piped through to your own home, or even piped through to something you carry on your own body. Just turn it on and there it is, so convenient !

What was the deal with women bleeding? Once upon a time, the menstrual blood which is the richest blood of all, was blood money. Bloody money. Moon blood. Blood as currency. Blood as payment for something else. Something that women didn’t really need but were persuaded to have as essential.

I think the women wanted male seed on tap, always available, just turn it on. Available directly delivered into your home, your living room, your inner sanctury, the place where you grow and nurture your family… directly delivered and piped into your womb. Fantastic, so convenient !

To set this up, women would have been persuaded that they needed it, and made to “ask for it”, so that it was all by consent. Just like we agree to our money monthly contract. It is done by the carrot and stick method. A good bit of sales and marketing on the one hand. And a removal of the original method to force us to accept tue new method. Just like we now no longer have much access to springs to get our water for free.

I think that something happened to stop the implanting of the egg in women, so that they were driven to apply to a Monsanto style male to get GM seed to implant the egg. Everything is set up ready in the woman’s body, the egg produced, and the menstrual blood ready to feed it and sustain and grow the egg, but it does not implant. Oh dear, never mind, someone can offer you a monthly contract to meet your needs so you are better off.

So women these days have to either be in a constant blood and dead egg production cycle, or a constant sex and baby production cycle. Take your pick. Or take your prick.

Have you noticed how the monthly contract cycle psychology cycleology works ? The more it drains away, the harder you work to replace it, and the more they drain it away etc etc. We just keep cycling faster, working harder to keep up, hoping we might one day top up enough so that we can slow down. Maybe the monthly blood contract works this way too, and we are over producing blood and eggs too, just like chickens.

I am wondering if it is possible to reverse or slow down the monthly contract of blood, in the same way that I have got out of all my money monthly contracts. The process took a surprisingly long time, because you have to alter your mind state to do it, you have to alter it to a point that you don’t easily get persuaded to return to what you have just got rid of.

Nowadays it is not just women that donate blood and have monthly contracts. Anyone can. You can donate blood through your national blood donation scheme, and you will be invited to enter monthly contracts for money on a regular basis. We nearly all have personal bank accounts, and through them we can be bled dry and weakened every month in an endless cycle. History is repeating, the same story replays itself over and over everywhere.

It seems that the monthly blood contracts are not as reliable as they once were, women are administered pills to regulate their faulty blood payments, and early menopause is on the increase. (See link below). Curiously it is the lower classes that are more likely to have an early menopause, exactly the same social group that is less likely to choose abortion, as they value life more highly than status or money.

The new style money internet monthly contract is based around the 12 male Sun “months” of the year, not the earlier 13 female Moon months. And I wonder if this new money monthly contract is a replacement system as we move from XX genes to XY genes and so on to YY, the all male genetics where men are beholden to monthly contracts too. The female Moon contracts are being replaced with male Money contracts. We are always given replacement systems until we learn to stop agreeing to them.

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2 Responses to Monthly Contract

  1. Nice to see you are still up to your tricks,Suli.Whenever you posted that you were giving up the computer I always said no don’t,I didn’t want to lose one of the few sites I could almost agree with.So what do I do? Junk my computer.Nothing like being consistent is there !I don’t miss it a bit. Now I just talk to people.I hope I talk to you one day! love,Scraypes,ha I’d almost forgotten him!

    • suliwebster says:

      Brilliant stuff Nixon ! Wish i could bin my ipad, but not quite there yet. Talking to people is much more better, otherwise we just live in this lonely world of Big Brother remote controlled screens. I am writing online less and less, and reading less and less too, gradually backing out of online and media world. I am noticing with great delight that things that I have not even published start to seep out into the mainstream. Either because my mind is like a server to Nature’s internet, or because everyone is bombarded with the same thoughts via the ether. We just have to be brave enough to share them and know that we are not alone in what we think.
      Jesus didn’t have a computer did (s)he ?
      On the same note, it was only a few days ago that I was thinking about how I had not heard from you for ages, and I was imagining it was because you had quit computers !
      Great minds think alike, we don’t need the internet, we really don’t. I hope to talk to you one day too, and of course of we are not always on computers there is much more chance of a real life crossing of paths !
      P.S. I now live on a boat with no utility bills, no wifi, so I am backing out of the Housing thing too ! Changing my real life is a much better use of my time and energy than sitting at a screen, and I am taking action to be the change I want to see. The writing has helped to focus my thoughts as to where I want to go, and if it has helped others do the same then that is good too.

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