The Roman Carrot

I am feeling very sad at the number of people around me that are working hard to pay their bills, who are wondering how they can ever get off the treadmill that sucks your money off you the moment you earn it, and keeps demanding more.

People are controlled by carrot and stick. The Stick is the bills that are chasing us and beating us from behind to go faster. People are getting really sick of the Stick. People are reaching their limit. It is time for some carrot. The treadmill must not be allowed to stop !

I have heard two stories this week of tempting carrots. Roman Carrots. Carrots are really tasty but beware when they are offered by Romans. This is the Roman way, and always has been. We are ruled over by Romans to this day, the Pope being the current Roman Emperor.

The Roman method is to say Be ONE OF US. Be Roman. Roman history tells us how the Romans made offers to leaders of rebellious natives. When the leader of the rebellion has been Romanised, the rebellion crumbles. Maybe the followers of the rebellion follow their leader into Roman ways, and eventually there is no rebellion because all have become Roman.

Romans made the same offer to their top slaves. Be ONE OF US. So there was always a tempting way out if you could work your way up to be a top slave. Eventually you get to be Roman, and use slaves yourself. Fantastic achievement in life, eh. The Roman Ladder is climbed by following the tempting Roman Carrot.

If you can’t beat them, join them ! This is what the Romans rely on. No more being beaten by nasty sticks, no more trying to beat the Romans. Join them, become a stick holder.

Do you remember Prime Minister Tony Blair going on about everyone in society becoming a stakeholder ? A stake is a sort of stick that you stab into the heart. It is the rich Romans that like their top steak to eat too. The Romans like to stake their claim on land and property too. Be Roman, get a stake, everyone can afford steak nowadays, and your problems will go away.

Coincidentally, Tony Blair is a top Roman. This is very public knowledge, he declared his faith in the Roman Catholic religion to the whole world well before he was elected.

Be a Roman and work faster to follow the carrot. Now you see carrots ahead, instead of hearing beating sticks behind you. There are endless schemes these days to suck you in, and they all offer a quick fix by offering easy money. Then you can be like the Royals and the Rothschilds, (both Ro-man words), who don’t seem to have these treadmill and bill problems.

You can play the stock exchange and make money quick. You can join a pyramid scheme, whereby you put down some money and make easy money, sometimes even when you are not there. You can be given lots of money to be a student. The money just keeps coming in. From somewhere, never mind where. Much faster than you could ever earn it. It will solve all your treadmill problems !

A Roman Carrot is easily identified because you are motivated entirely by money, and everything else is justified to fit the goal of money. Money signs pop into your eyes and nothing else matters, no matter how awful the work is or who is exploited behind the scenes. Ask no questions and then you can believe it is all ok, just your good fortune. Money will solve everything, it will get you off the treadmill and where you want to be.

Anything whereby money arrives too easily elevates you to a higher level of Romanism. Because somewhere behind the scenes is a treadmill making that money arrive at your door. If you are not powering the treadmill, then who is ? Surely it is some slaves ?

To be a Roman, albeit a junior sort of Roman, you have to like luxuries, you like the cult of culture, you sign up to State control, you earn money, spend money, and pay taxes. You are protected by armies from the riff raff outside the gates who were once your friends. You buy into the city type organisational structure where nature is abandoned or controlled. As long as you keep being seduced by the Carrot, you will happily forget that the wrong end of the Stick ever existed.

Above all else, to be Roman is to be comfortable with using slaves. You don’t care who is running on that treadmill as long as it is not you. You become the very same slave driver that you were tortured by yourself. You forget your roots, you don’t care about your fellow kindred spirits. You see that there are only two options, to be a Slave or to be a Roman. You do not see a world outside of Romanism.

But you sell your soul to the devil.

I have much empathy with this temptation. Like treadmill ponies or donkeys, many people I know are just plain knackered. Mothers want to be with their kids more. People are frustrated going to work to fund the luxuries of the very rich. Some people I know want to escape from abuse. People are desperate for a way out, and are therefore very vulnerable to the tempting carrot. It has been set up this way, to herd us to the carrot. So we all become Roman.

Of course, we are already Romans. A computer is a luxury Roman sort of item made by remote unseen slavery, and all who are reading this have some sort of computer access, literacy skills and money. All very Roman stuff.

There is a pyramid of Romans, and we are in the middle somewhere, both using slaves below us, and being used by slave drivers above us. Isn’t that a cunning plan ? A cunning way to keep us all in the ROMAN scheme.

The great thing about the new Blair method of Romanism is that he gets the people at the bottom to use other people as slaves occasionally. So everyone gets offered a carrot, everyone gets to use a stick or a stake at some point. We are all part of it, we are all joining in, enjoining, make sure you enjoy it, because Roman times are good fun.

If you are holding a stake yourself, and doing quite nicely out of it, then you might start to think that the system is a good one, and the Romans have the right idea about how to live, in fact it is sad that poor Africans can’t enjoy this Roman standard of living that we have, and maybe we should offer them a carrot to join in ?

If you are a stakeholder, it is much harder to take any steps to stop the stake or stick system that is going on because your own lifestyle is at stake. To get rid of the treadmill, you might have to sacrifice your Roman ways.

Jesus was murdered by the Romans. The Roman Carrot is the opposite path to the Jesus Way. The way out of the treadmill is not to be a higher up level of slave and slave driver, but to find the hidden path of Jesus that has no slavery and no treadmill in it at all. I have to conclude that this means no money, no luxuries, no modern day comforts, no culture. If there is no treadmill, then there are no fruits of the slave labour to indulge in. We are left with just a simple love of mother earth and the creatures and humans who live in her.

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4 Responses to The Roman Carrot

  1. Christine b says:

    Nice one! I have noticed that the pension system is a carrot that most people will never collect. It keeps them in jobs they hate, especially government workers who will complain about the way things are, yet that good pension keeps them obedient. And also “the mortgage” which most Canadians are totally over any reasonable ability to ever pay off. I have neither and this gives me freedom.

    • suliwebster says:

      The mortgage carrot is to own your very own home ! Which you never do anyway, because the council (in the UK) still charges rent/tax on the space it occupies, and the government can make a compulsory purchase of it at any time, like they did in the London East End for the Olympic purpose.
      Yes I agree the way to freedom is to extricate yourself from these horrible hooks.
      I met a policeman recently who was working all day in a room with no windows, light or air because the work was Top Secret. He hated it but it was “only” 5 more years til pension, and if he quit now, he lost the whole lot that he had built up over his life. It is a bit like gambling, I think. What does 5 more years of that do to your soul, and your health, I wonder ?
      It is amazing how many people are 100% sure they will get their promised pension despite many pension scandals.


  2. Worry not about the Romans, beware Common Purpose; a far bigger threat than Roman Catholicism. Look them up on the internet and be prepared to feel threatened. Yes, Tony Blair is just one of this breed, but follow the links and learn about some of the most powerful people in the world. Some of them could even be your near neighbours; for sure, there are many in your neighbourhood, your town and your country.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree Maureen, Common Purpose is a very powerful and evil organisation well worth researching. When I found out they had planned the 2010 Coalition government in advance, it was the last straw for me in bothering to vote ever again. (See The Don’t Knows). They seem to attract young people too, and I suspect that Universities are great training grounds for grooming our youth for Common Purpose. And as you say, quite ordinary people, people that live next door, can easily be seduced into it, just like the Hitler Youth movement.
      Large trans-global corporations masqerade as many different companies with branches everywhere, all labelled and branded differently to hook in different sorts of people for different sorts of purposes, and I suspect that the Roman Catholics and Common Purpose are ultimately part of the same thing…. the Global takeover of humanity.


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