No Vote

There was a vote about Scotland awhile back, something to do with whether or not Scotland should stay in the system and belong to the Great British Empire, I forget exactly what, I try and stay under the radar of the world media and avoid the news bullets.

I remember a Scottish aquaintance excitedly telling me “We won !!!!”. I was not sure who “we” included, was it me too ? So I asked who won. “The Yes won !!!! ” (or it might have been No, I forget), she said excitedly, but starting to look a bit puzzled by my lack of information. Oh dear, I was none the wiser, because I didn’t know what the question was that people were voting about. So I had to ask “What was the question ?”. I forget what the answer was.

I have just looked up the Scottish referendum on the internet to try and work out what the question was and what the answer was, and what it meant, so I could make my post a bit clearer, and I still can’t seem to work it out. It would be easy to make a mistake as a voter, and give an answer that you didn’t really mean.

But the point is that no matter what the question is, or the choice of fun and promising parties to be part of, there is really only one question, and there are only two answers. Either you are a Yes voter, or you are a No voter. And The Big Question is… Will You Be Part of The System ? Or maybe Will You come to my Party ? Something like that anyway, you probably get the general idea.

A Yes voter is someone who says Yes to voting. A Yes voter votes. A Yes voter likes the system and wants to stay in the system and be part of the Great British Empire and all its fun parties and multiple choice questionaires that are so much fun to participate in, and give you a real say in how the world can be controlled by the elite for their own benefit.

A No voter doesn’t vote.

No voters are generally seen to be stupid and ignorant, whilst I wouldn’t mind betting that clever and intelligent University educated people are usually well trained Yessers, as I was til fairly recently.

No Voters are described as “Don’t Knows” (Please see The Don’t Knows), and by my reckoning they are polling more numbers than any political party.

Don’t Know is Do Not Know. Or maybe Do Not No. It’s a confusing double negative, a bit like the complicated Scottish Vote, it takes a while to get your head round it. We are instructed to Not No, which is equivalent to Not Knowing. Don’t be stupid, go and vote like clever people do. The Do Not No instruction is targeted at the No Voters who are encouraged to be Yes voters and join in the fun of the party games.

I am often accused of being ignorant because I don’t read newspapers, listen to radio or watch Tv. I am deliberately and wilfully ignorant, because I am deliberately ignoring the brainwash as much as I can. To be ignorant is to ignore. It is confounding a lot of people around me because I don’t look the part of a stereotype Don’t Know. I am proud of being a Don’t Know and not knowing what is going on in the world of media. Being ignorant is divine. I am a party pooper and I don’t join in quite as much as I should.

Polling at elections is about collecting numbers and counting them, a favourite Roman pastime. Number is sometimes written as “No.” And sure enough there is a unique number id on your voting slip to identify you by number. So you are a No Id. No identity if you are in the system, just a number.

It seems a pretty stupid thing to do really, to trot along to the polling booth, get your bit of numbered paper, go and put a cross in one of the boxes, and then post it through a Postman style letterbox, and then wait excitedly for the result that you contributed so much to, that you were so much a big part of. Wow what a party ! Did you stay up all night watching it ? These are the clever and intelligent ones who are not the Don’t Knows. Not the Do Not No. Is that a Yes ?

The Roman Empire is one and the same as The British Empire, all empires are about the same thing. They present the same temptations, and they present the same challenges to get out of them. You can choose to be in, or you can choose to be out.

If you are in, you will be counted like a number. You will be labelled with a number. You will be numbered and numbed. You get to go to the party and join in. If you are out, you are discarded and ignored, not known any more, you become a Don’t Know, but before long the numbering and numbness fade away, your senses return, and you can feel once more.

(See also : The Don’t Knows, The Eyes and the Nose, Be Positive, Romans Remain, The Roman Carrot, Roads to Rome, Temptation, The Reds and The Blues, Royal Male )

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5 Responses to No Vote

    • suliwebster says:

      I think there must be a minimum percentage of votes (over 50% probably) required for consent, or concensus of opinion, to swing their way ( they always talk about swing at elections). And provided there are enough voters, then an MP of some sort is “returned” by his constituents. (i.e. the constituent parts that make him up). So if that minimum is not reached, and the turnout is too low, can a constituency NOT return an MP, I wonder ?

      And if a constitutency has elected to have no member in parliament, maybe the whole constituency is a No Voter, and is therefore free to run itself? I guess it will happen somewhere before too long.

      Really an MP is a representative of parliament within the constituency, parliament is his home where he is “returned” to. He is not our representative at all. We vote to make sure parliament has a say in our affairs, not the other way round.


    • suliwebster says:

      Yes that’s exactly it Paul. The reason the evil system continues to exist is because most people consent to it, not being able to imagine how they would cope without the system that does everything for them including their thinking.
      As always, it is interesting to hear of others thinking along similar lines to myself, independently. And once you work it out, the steps to take to change things are incredibly simple, as he points out !
      One of the hardest things to do is exactly what this blogger has done, a sort of “coming out” as a conspiracy theorist to his friends. It is easier to talk amongst the converted online, much harder to be truthful to family and friends and others around you.
      I wrote a post called Possibility Theory, ages ago, about my own similar experience with my young son influencing the outcome of dice throws. He still has that confidence in his own power to this day, and fortunately uses the power wisely.


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