William’s Slave Pen

Around the 1840s, there existed an establishment known as William’s Slave Pen, a mere stone’s throw from the Capitol building of Washington DC. And in the nearby American government, the white freemen, or maybe freemasons, pontificated about the Land of the Free.

Slavery hides behind a facade of freedom. Anything labelled FREE is starting to look very suspicious to me. The freedom facade is getting ever bigger and more elaborate and prettier and glossier, as we mask the slavery we don’t want to see. The more we become “free”, the more slavery we create to fund and fuel that so called freedom. Freemasons are good at building pretty stone facades. No wonder we all pay homage to the freemasons. No wonder they are running things.

Slave Pen sounds like Pennsylvania, which was named after William Penn, perhaps so named because Pennsylvania was William’s first Slave Pen. Penn was a founding father, maybe a funding father, of America. The first American Capitol was not Washington, it was Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. To this day, the Bank of Pennsylvania is named on the one dollar note. You need a decent bank if you are going to set up a decent world wide slave trade.

William’s Slave Pen in Washington was not on display although slavery was legal at the time. The facade of the building was a nice house on a nice gentrified street, just as nice house facades hide things like child abuse today, and just like the government rhetoric of FREEDOM is a facade. People don’t want reminding that some people are not free in the Land of the Free. It spoils your own freedom doesn’t it ? Any nasty thoughts about slavery and your own part in it, quick push it out the way behind a facade in your mind, forget about it and enjoy your night out or holiday or whatever.

William’s penned slaves were out the back, human chattel chained and kept in a barn and yard as cattle, penned in, and pending sale. At the market, they were dressed up and displayed in a sort of shop type premises, to be inspected by shoppers, just like we go shopping today for our pretty stuff made remotely by unseen slaves. The slaves had a horse blanket each for bedding, just like horses do, and their treatment was just like we treat animals today.

But don’t worry about doing this to animals, because that’s ok, they are only animals, animals don’t count, and it has absolutely nothing to do with slavery.

And don’t worry about it anyway because it was 1841 and it doesn’t happen any more because the government says so. It’s officially not allowed. Life is so much better than it used to be, the government says so, haven’t we come a long way since 1841 ?….

Anyway, back to the story…

It seems to me that the whole of America was founded as ONE BIG SLAVE PEN. William’s Slave Pen. Starting with Pennsylvania and spreading out. First across America, and then the world.

I mean why not ? Why stop at just a mere city, the City of Rome, when there is a whole world to take over and enslave ? Why not Romanise a whole country or even a whole continent ? A really big continent. Anywhere you find Romans, you find slaves, and methinks if there is slavery around, then the Romans are running things. Romans, Freemasons, all one and the same team.

You see the US Government is unusual in that it has been carefully constructed (by Freemasons of course) like the ancient Roman model with its Senate and Senators. That’s a very big clue, hidden in plain view. Rome has been installed in the US.

And now the US is no longer known as the US of A, but just US. Because it is spreading out of America, rolling out its Roman power step by step, installing its sub-governments across the world. The Land of The Free is being installed everywhere, and everywhere is getting a decent bank put in.

The Roman invasion is still going on, and above all else it is our minds that they have invaded and taken over. The word “Government” is from the Roman language of Latin, and means “control mind”. They have taken over US and us. Our Romanised mind tells us we are freemen and we are entitled to use slaves. Yet we cannot see the problem with this because there is a pretty facade in the way, constructed by Freemasons.

The current US president is of part black descent, and most likely has slavery in his family history. Isn’t it wonderful that a black man can be in power ! Haven’t we come a long way since 1841 ? Isn’t it great that someone of a slave race now wants to be the enslaver. The slave wants to run the Roman Senate. The slave wants to be ONE OF US. The black slaves are racing to be freemen, and their native wildness has gone.

Similarly Nelson Mandela in his Long Walk to “Freedom” turned from prisoner to Roman style Freeman in his rise to power, and we all think it is great. That is the only fair way, isn’t it, to give slaves a chance to be a Freeman, and allow them to use slaves. Invasion complete. African Mind taken over. When a slave is first captured from his African roots, his mind would not want to run the World Slave Trade. But give it a couple of centuries, no rush, and he is converted.

Sylvania is another word for slave, and maybe that is why Prince Charles seems to is frequent Transylvania, a good place for transporting or sourcing slaves perhaps. Rome sourced its slaves from the Eastern Europe countries of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other Slavic countries. You can tell by their slave, slove, sylve names.

Sylvanian Babies is some revolting US toy which is very popular, a reminder that babies too can be slaves. Babies are routinely bought from Eastern Europe slave countries, often very publicly by celebrities, a propaganda trick designed to get everyone to copy the evil trade.

If you were born a slave in 1841, you can be granted “freedom”, and then you become a “Freeman”. Which sounds remarkably like a Freemason. So you can be a slave or a freeman. Two choices ! Except the slaves don’t get to choose. A slave is used by free men, and a freeman uses slaves. Either way, you are part of the slavery system in the Land of the Free. But keep up the facade and you will believe yourself to be free.

I am free because someone else is in chains. I think I am free because I am not in chains. There are other people in chains somewhere in the world, oh dear, never mind it is not me.

There is a big wall in my mind that I am trying to knock down, it is a pretty facade hiding a nasty slave pen out the back. I want to set those slaves free. I want to stop using unseen slaves, I don’t want to be part of it any more.

I say that we can only truly be free when we are all free, and we no longer know the meaning of the word “free”, because there are no slaves and no servitude to contrast it. You cannot be free deep down in your heart or spirit or soul when there are others that are not. Our fellow humans, and kindred spirits are in chains, and that hidden knowlege hurts and makes us sick. When you are weighted down by the suffering in the world to which you belong and partake of, then you are not truly free.

The stupid thing is that in order to block out the hidden slavery from our conscious minds, we actually build so many walls that we end up in a walled pen ! A pretty one, full of glossy shop fronts, but a pen nevertheless.

Most people believe they have no part in slavery because they do not have a slave in chains in their own back yard. Slavery is in another country or another town, probably one with a gentrified facade that can be admired by tourists and visitors who are enjoying some nice little trip that they deserve.

As I become more aware of how it all works and my part in it, I am finding I want to back out of almost everything, no matter where that leads me. Because almost everything around me is Roman and part of the Slave/Freeman mindset.

I see fake freedom being dangled in front of us every day, like the facade of William’s Slave Pen, pretty and attractive on the front, chained slaves out the back. What is the price of this freedom that we think we might be getting ? Is the price of your freedom the cost of another man’s slavery ? Is there slavery behind the scenes of your “freedom” facade ? How can you call yourself “free” when you are part of the system that promotes slavery ? Does your freedom cost money ?

I am slave to the pen in writing this blog. William is next to be King. King of Pens, methinks. There is more mind enslavery to come, under the banner of Freedom. And it started with quills and pens and maybe pensyls too. All children must learn to read and rite. Do you know why ? It is so that we are trained to communicate by computer style symbols, and eventually we communicate by computer, and the internet. The wonderful FREE internet that will set us all “free”. Behind the pretty free internet facade lies a lot of serving. The world wide internet “servers” are all based in the US, that’s us. A server is a sort of slave, and the slavery servery mentality is installed in all of us. The internet is a prime controller of world wide slavery and also paedophilia. The internet and the slavery both started with the pen. And I would say that internet controlled slavery, world wide web slavery started with William’s Slave Pen installed in the US.

I have been in the Roman mindset a long time, born into it. I live in Bath, a Roman city of famed Freemasonry facades. I want no more of it, but I am heavily programmed to it. I find that all I can do is work towards freedom, freedom for all, one slow plodding step at a time. That involves reducing the amount I enslave others above all else. I do not want to be “free” at the expense of another’s enslavement.

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Book: “12 Years A Slave” by Solomon Northup ( now a major Hollywood Blockbuster which means even more freemason profit made out of slavery. Nothing much has changed. Did you see the film as a free person, did you help with the profits ? )

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