Good Offers

I am noticing around me in middle class england, that lovely bright teenage girls are going a bit vacant around the age of 17 or 18, like some premature form of Stepford Wives.

They are either desperate for offers, or they are plumping up their feathers in self pride at the sheer number of good offers they have had that proves how much they are worth. If someone wants you, you are worth something, some sort of financial sum, worth funding, worth paying for. You are worth MONEY ! The offers that modern young girls want are from Universities.

In Jane Austen days, young women were trained to court offers from wealthy men in order to marry successfully, the only true measure of a woman’s worth being the quantity and quality of offers pulled in. That still holds true today, look at Princess Kate, what an offer eh, from the future King no less. What is she worth ?

You will notice that although the man makes the offer, the woman must prostitute herself to court the offer by being on the shelf, or in the shop window, so to speak.

Jane Austen style offers sound something like “Will you marry me ?”

A modern day University offer sounds something like “3 A’s 1 B from UBC”.

I listened in some sort of daze the other day as a girl described to me her offers. It was all in letters and numbers, like a computer code, and there were no words I recognised. It’s another language, the language of Universities, the new Universe Cities that are snatching so many of our children.

Women were once brought up to be owned by men. That’s now considered one of those things that stupid people did in the past, and we all know better now so we do things differently. Now women are brought up to be owned by corporations, and they are trained for their future corporate match at Universe Cities.

That is why University places are funded by government loans to the sum of £27000. Wow, how much are you worth ? Someone wants to spend that much on you ? Government does not give out loans of such enormity to youngsters to start them off in any other way of life, wonder why that is ? Could it be that the government is controlled by the corporations? Our taxes are always manipulated and laundered to fund the work of big corporations.

After 3 years Universe City training, your mindset is perfectly formed to work for a Universal corporation.

Then it is time to court some more offers, offers from corporations. There are never quite enough offers to go round, deliberately so, so everyone gets a bit desperate competing for those available. That creates an illusion that corporate offers are some big prize worth fighting for. Go on sell yourself, tart up your CV. Just as women sell their bodies for prostitution and marriage, they are now encouraged to market their highly trained minds for some sort of promise of good reward and happy corporate future.

Slaves of times gone by, probably Jane Austen’s time, were sold to new owners that made money offers for them. It’s good to impress prospective slave masters to court the best offers. When a slave changed masters, his surname changed too. Because the surname must reflect your ownership. A surname is a sort of branding, one made on paper that can be altered easily each time you change hands. Your master is a Sir, Yes Sir No Sir Three bags full Sir, and it is his you take on. “Sur” is French for “on”, to be on something, and the is a brand name on the person. So everyone knows which slave stable you belong to.

Coincidentally, women’s surnames follow the same pattern of name change. Women are chattel to white male supremacy too. Owned by their father from birth then changing hands to their husband upon their marriage deal. Hey but all that’s changing ! Sometimes modern women choose to keep their father’s surname ! Haven’t we come a long way !

Nowadays, clever university educated women are owned by their corporation. Instead of your marital status title of Miss or Mrs, you put your job status title along with your name, like “Marketing Asst”. Followed by the name of the corporation to which you belong, your owner, and this is the new style of Sir name, the new modern branding. It doesn’t even burn a hole in your skin !

Big corporations are all about brand names, and branding names on people.

There is an organisation called “Investors in People”. If a corporation is good at investing in people, it can display the brand logo on all its products and letterheads. Investing in people sounds like buying and selling slaves to me.

Corporate employees proudly display their ownership credentials on business cards, and elsewhere. They wear the corporate dress code or badge or T-shirt. So nice to be branded, so nice to belong, so nice to be made offers.

You will notice that boys are being brought up to sell themselves to corporations too. The new husband is the corporation and the government. Both boys and girls are trained identically to seek a corporate husband to be owned by. Husbandry is to look after and care for, it’s what we do with kept domestic animals. There are good and bad husbands, but the thing to note is that the animal or human is kept and penned in, always available for its master.

Before long, the only way to get healthcare, childcare, education, food, pensions, housing, and other packages previously provided by the government welfare state, and before that provided by the married man, will be to belong to an all inclusive corporate provider that tells you what to do. If you belong to something, it owns you as a belonging. The government is paving the way to hand over the whole lot to corporate providers. Corporations are modern day slavemasters with stables of humans to perpetuate their evil work without question.

The modern day slave is enslaved and penned in by mind control. There is no need for physical chains or pens. The corporate slave thinks she or he has made it to work for a great corporation, chosen because of being worth good money, one of the chosen ones who was made a good offer. Success ! Look at your fantastic CV, wow aren’t you worth something, the bigger the corporation, the more your market value ! What are you worth ?

You think you can’t leave because you are provided for, and you don’t know how to provide for yourself. You think you can’t leave because your market value would go down, your status ruined. You can only transfer to another corporate slave owner, if you can court a good offer.

It seems that we bring our children up to be sold. We hope they will get good offers and be “successful” with a new corporate owner. The parenting program and schools all buy into this way of thinking, so it is not surprising that youngsters think this is what they must do. It is not surprising that many youngsters react against it too, and I hope they continue to do so.

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  1. Interesting argument.

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