Food and Drugs

I saw a supermarket signboard advertising some sort of Meal Deal, but there was nothing in the glossy picture that looked like food. It was all in packages and packets, and really it could have been pills, medicines, or chemical cleaning fluids, or anything.

It is no coincidence that Food and Drugs are ruled by the same Agency in the US, the FDA. Farmer is changing over to Pharma, and the idea seems to be to switch us over from food to drugs as the next stage, step by step. It’s called progress, advancement, and other similar positive words.

The boundaries between food and drugs are blurring. Food is full of drugs, and drugs are taken at mealtimes as if they are part of the meal. Food is for your health, drugs are for your health. Food is to keep you alive, drugs are to keep you alive.

It has become normal in our Western world to take pills as part of your daily diet. If you are not taking prescription drugs, then maybe you are taking some “healthy” food supplements that look remarkably similar. Pill or powder type things in bottles with labels and instructions as to how often and how much you should swallow.

The point is that you must read the labels. You must trust someone else to deisgn your diet for you. You trust some expert to tell you exactly what is right for you, and stop using your own sense of smell and taste, and stop using your sense of your own body and when it is hungry and thirsty and what it needs.

You must get everything measured out to the correct dosage. Are you taking your 5 a day ? How many carbs or calories or protein or veg or fruit have you had today ? Have you measured it ? Have you followed government guidelines ? Have you taken your pill ? Is your pill 5 a day too ? Remember that 5 a day, the government says so.

It must be DAILY. Everything is on a daily basis, like the dei or day that we worship. Our deity or diety is daily. Are you following a special diet programme that tells you what you are allowed to eat at each meal ? You must become obsessed by it. It is very clinical like being in a hospital and having drugs prescribed. Your body is a machine and it must have very precise and accurate inputs. Otherwise it will fail. Only the governments know how to work out what is right for you.

Maybe the daily pill started with the contraceptive pill for women as part of their “liberation”. And if women were hooked on daily pills to solve everything, it was only a matter of time before the idea would spread to their kids and old folks and their husbands.

You can buy drugs at the checkout of any general store, as if they are sweets. They are often near the checkout and near the sweets.

There is nothing quite like a sweet to resemble a pill. Most sweets are chemicals with lots of sugar added, and a bit of flavouring. Maybe some nice bright colours to make them look more attractive. And to look more unlike food. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, remember. If you don’t feed your kids sweets, then the school teachers will do it for you. They are used as rewards in classrooms, just like rewarding dogs during training.

Kids are trained using sweets, so they get the idea that drugs are food and food is drugs. All the same really! And before you can read and write, all you will hear is farmer and pharma which sound the same.

Bottled and canned drinks are like medicines too, with lots of sugar and maybe fizz to disguise the disgusting chemical taste you might otherwise experience. As you grow up you can move onto the alcoholic version, which has very similar packaging that makes them look like a special treat. That has to be in measured doses too, otherwise you are over the drink drive limit, how many units do you have a week, are you measuring it ?

If you have a cough or cold, you can buy “medicated sweets”. They usually sit in the same section of the shop as the everyday sweets.

If anyone feels a little bit out of order in our sick society, or has a problem with their body, they are well trained to take themselves or their nearest and dearest to see the doctor or hospital, to get fixed, just like taking your car to the garage. This is the only correct acceptable behaviour, and it is what the Royals are sometimes pictured doing so we can Copy The Royals.

Especially copy Kate. Because Medi Cate is rather like Middle Kate.

Noone seems to notice that they are not actually being healed. We are well trained lab rats, doing as we are trained to do.

Drugs are prescribed to get you back to work again, or to kill you off, or maybe to make you LOSE YOUR APPETITE for natural food, and replace it with an appetite for drugs.

Astronauts have packet food that looks like pills and powder and medicine. Astronauts are always described as super fit and healthy, and there is a very competitive selection procedure to pick out the super fit for astronaut purposes. Astronauts are revered as very special people. I notice that athletes are going the same way, and all sorts of designer label packet food that is more like drugs or medicine, is being advertised. The druggy athletic superfit foods are being PUSHED, that is what advertising does. And they are being labelled as healthy and super fit.

Do you want to be fit ? The government says you should be. Are you “Fit for Purpose” or “Fit for the 21st Century”? Get fit, follow the government programmes to help you get fit.

Can you see what it means to be fit for purpose ? Can you see why everyone must be on drugs and packet food with labels on everything and instructions to follow ? It is a shift in our culture. Can you see that those fit for purpose are the superfit that follow instructions and eat food and drugs and exercise according to instructions. They will be off into the Universe like the astronauts. Off to the brave new world to start another new planet, a new superfit, superfood, Universe City in the sky. And maybe like the astronauts, they will be selected.

Camping foods are in packet form too, so when you are in the great outdoors surrounded by wild food for free, for some reason you are supposed to break open a labelled packet mix of strange powder and add water, then EAT.

Drink Me, says the bottle in Alice in Wonderland. We just follow instructions on the labels don’t we ? The labels know best.

Medicines and drugs and pills are made in labs and labelled. Modern day food is made in factories and labelled. I would say there is not much difference between farmer factories and pharma laboratories. Drugs are added to food. Food is used to pad out the drugs to make them vaguely edible. The FDA signs off and regulates the whole lot under one umbrella.

There are some more signs I have been noticing. “Take Away Food”. “Food To Go”. “Free From Food”. And almost everyone is getting allergic to food. That is because the food we eat is contaminated. It is contaminated not only by the drugs in it, but by the slavery with which we force it to be made. One way or the other, it seems we are heading to a new sort of way to eat.

It seems to me it is your own choice which path you follow. It will be all or nothing.

ALL DRUGS controlled regulated diet provided for you by the government and big pharmer corporations, making progress, going forwards to the bright and shiny future at high speed, a speed controlled by them.

Or NO DRUGS natural food, going slowly back to more old fashioned ways, wild ways, in which case you will have to provide the food for yourself and slowly wean yourself off the drugged food and sweetened drugs, at a speed controlled by yourself, in your own time.

To me, real food is something to do with Mother Nature’s bounty, fresh off the land, it is a joy to collect it, prepare it and eat it, though it takes a lot of TIME. Time to sort out the food, and time to patiently learn the skills. How much time do you have ? Are you in a hurry ?

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Book: Food for Free by Richard Mabey

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