White Goods

The Great Railways of Great Britain were built for the purposes of transporting goods. Mainly things like coal, which is black goods. Maybe the Greatest railway was the Great Western Railway near where I live, which symbolises the Great Western Way of life, and was nicknamed God’s Wonderful Railway (GWR) which makes it quite clear who we should be Grateful to.

Coal is used to put in the great fire grate, and we must be grateful to the railways to have a full grate, because we are so full of greatfulness. Is this story already grating on your nerves, like the railways grate on our Mother Earth ?

At the now disused station of Radford and Timsbury Halt, there was a very special day, when the platform was packed with people waiting to try out the first passenger train ! Familes, children, all sorts, all had paid money to be transported on the train to the next station, then face the long walk back home. What a treat !

That was the day that transportation of black goods turned into transportation of white goods. For the people of the West Country are predominantly WHITE, except of course when they were slaving away in the Somerset coal mines, because the coal men are blackened with coal dust to look like slaves.

Nowadays, the majority of trains in Great Britain carry live White Goods, people packed in tightly together, the more they get on one train, the better the profit. People pay to be transported like goods. They pay to travel by train to get to work where they can slave for someone else. They pay to travel by train to go on holidays on the days they are granted off work by the banks and the government and the corporations (Please see Do As You’re Told Days).

We are being moved around like lumps of black coal to heat the Great Fire. The greatest fire of all is the Sun in the sky, and we power it via the energy lines, concentrations of lots of people in one place giving off heat, and energy nodes, like stadiums, universities, schools, corporate headquarters, cities etc etc. (See Moon Eye Money and City Sites).

It seems to me that the railways are sited on or very near Mother Earth’s nerves or blood vessels (energy lines), and they will be grating on her nerves, not harmonising at all with her. The railways are the wrong sound, the wrong size, the wrong speed, and the fruits of slave labour are needed to build and maintain.

We are WHITE GOODS, like white lumps of coal.

From time to time, a Royal or politician, will be heavily advertised catching a train, in an unusually luxurious style the rest of us have never seen, to show us what to do. They are our leaders. Follow the leaders, Copy The Royals.

I see trains and buses and planes and cars today, with people jammed in looking forlornly out through the glass as they are shut in the carriers and transported about, and I get flashbacks to images of WW2, with Jewish people being transported by Great Trains, thinking they were going somewhere nice, but actually they were WHITE GOODS being transported to slave camps to ultimately be burnt as white fuel. Concentration camps are to concentrate lots of people in one place for greater energy.

We are always reminded to NOT FORGET WW2. We are told that this is to remind us of how different life is today. But I think it is a reminder that we are living in WW3. Sirens going off from ambulances, planes and helicoptors always overhead, railways interrupting the peace, and utility companies killing off people like flies.

Utility companies rely on us buying WHITE GOODS to use lots of unnecessary energy in our houses. Things like washing machines (Please see Washing Machine), gas boilers, fridges, freezers, cookers for baking and burning white cakes (like Alfred the Grate of Great Britain). Power stations today are mostly powered by coal, which is BLACK GOODS, and also by the live BLACK GOODS people that are forced to mine Mother Earth, creating holes in her. The coal industry is a very nasty global one diguised by shiny white goods, a big con that is otherwise known as MOD CONS. Beware of modern conveniences…

Soldiers in WW2 were White Goods sent off to be burned, like lumps of coal, on the Great human pyres of war, of which Great Britain is always involved. Modern wars are often about oil, another mined and bored BLACK GOODS used to power our utilties in our houses, and our power stations, and our transport systems.

When the railways were first built, there must have been protests, the railways must have ripped up the peace (R.I.P) of the land into pieces, each piece bordered by dangerous uncrossable noisy smelly lines. No doubt it was cleverly marketed as a great way to improve our energy supply to our homes ! When really it is a great way to improve the energy supply to God in the sky, via God’s Wonderful Railway, and via us, the human energy supply.

You may notice a parallel thing going on with GREEN GOODS, right now. GREEN transport includes railways apparently. There is the same old marketing ploy, dressed up in a different colour, GREEN, the New Green Way. Green Britain. Green Wars. Green fires, Green energy. It is all about us as goods, using each other as goods, and ultimately sucking energy out of Mother Earth to power the sky. Yes I know solar power is the latest thing, but look at how the equipment is made and installed to harness it (big transglobal business), and how we get back just a few crumbs of what we donate. The new GREEN WAR is ethical, not ethnical, and therefore we know it is Good, like God is good, and people are goods and people are good.

As is often the case with my posts, I am finding that my “love” of trains is being seriously challenged by what I have uncovered. I too, really like going on holiday on my “time off” by train, and I pay money for it. Another aspect of Great Western Ways to slowly, oh so very slowly, wean myself off. I don’t want to be good, I don’t want to use others as goods, I don’t want to be goods.

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Source of Information : a signboard near Timsbury, Somerset, on the site of the old railway.

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