Wrist Brands

At the swimming pool today I noticed that people are now issued with wrist bands if they have paid extra to go to the steam room. The idea is to police who can go into the steam room according to their permission level. The wrist band is a luminous waterproof paper thing, and it looks just like the ones that people are issued with at summer music festivals for the same purpose.

Some people have paid, and are allowed in. Some people have not paid, and are not allowed in. If you have paid then you have a sort of passport to get through the barrier. Wristbands are one step up from passports, you can’t lose them or forget them because they are always attached to you. And even better, they cannot be ruined by water !

In order to police the entry and exit to festivals, you have to have a GATE. You have to enclose the whole festival area with giant 10 ft high fences to keep out all the people that have not paid. And coincidentally keep in all the people that have. A festival is a giant sheep or cattle pen ! Baaa. Mooo. People wilingly enter it, thinking themselves superior to those on the outside who do not have the extra permission level.

People proudly display their wristband, often long after the festival is over. The wristband is a bit like an ankle chain that slaves wear, though of course it doesn’t weigh you down, it’s only paper. The festival wristband is branded with its owner’s logo, and I guess the slave shackle was too.

Cattle and sheep are owned animals that wear earrings, nose rings, necklaces with bells on, and tattoos. Birds are tagged with ankle bands by charities who care about them. These are all the sorts of things that people like to wear at festivals. I used to go to a festival every year, and I had a very pretty ankle chain that I used to wear. Branding has become pretty, branding has become desirable, so we don’t notice how ugly it truly is.

Do you wear a watch ? What brand is it ? A good one I hope. It will keep you on time for everything. So you don’t miss your favourite event at the festival. A festival runs a bit like a school timetable, with different “stages” (classrooms) delivering different “performers” (teachers) at different scheduled times. A timetable is a time/place diagram. To make sure everyone is in their box, at the right place at the right time.

Festivals are sheep pens filled with food and entertainment. “Give them bread and circuses” say the controlling Romans. Festivals, like holidays, give the illusion of being free…. you are not at work, you have money to spend, there is alcohol to relax you, you are outdoors in nature, you have music and food. But you are held in a pen.

Lots of young people are herded into these pens. At present, like the Wild and Free pigs, you are able to go in and out at will, so you still think you are free, but step by step the rules will shift so we get used to being penned in. Festivals are now being introduced for other things, classical music, books, Christians, just to catch those that are not young and not into music. There is a festival for everyone !

The most famous of festivals is probably Glastonbury, now endorsed by Prince Harry (Copy the Royals) and other celebs. It is a pop-up city of around 150,000 people. It is bigger than the nearby Roman city of Bath where I live.

There is a festival called Bestival. They are even telling us we are being herded like animals. Bestival attracts the young. You are supposed to dress up as animals. What fun.

All festivals seem to be sited at good spots. So I would guess they are all carefully placed on energy nodes. This will be to capture and direct our energy, as the Olympics and all sporting stadiums, and all Churches do.

You have to have some identification method to label people so that the police at the festival gates (and the police inside, and the police that patrol the boundaries) can say yes or no. Who are these police at the gates, how brutal will they get, how willing are they to obey orders ? The police at the festival gates are usually fellow festival goers. They are employed by some charity like Oxfam in return for a free branded wristband. The way it works is that they pay for their wristband (expensive bit of paper), and get a refund at the end of the festival, only if they have correctly carried out their duties. They work for the pen owners in exchange for free bread and circuses. What will they do to make sure they get their refund at their end ?

They are like the SS in WW2. Hitler didn’t herd up 6 million Jews, and kill them single handedly. He did deals with people to form a hieracrchy of control. At the moment the festival police are quite nice and relaxed, but I am sure that can be tightened up over time. Just like the wristband can be tightened up so it grips tighter and tighter.

The wristband sits at the same place as where you would slit your wrists to commit suicide. It sits at the same place as where a nurse takes your pulse. It is a major point in our body for the pulse of life. It is a good place to put some form of control.

A city is a sort of pen. It has gates and walls. The Roman City of Bath seems to be reinstating its Roman gates, step by step. Roads into the city are frequently closed to narrow down the entry/exit points. The original Gate names have returned. A new quay is being built to control the river entrance. The canal police are tightening up boat control and policing individual boat movements. Eventually it will lead to some sort of gate control. Maybe via some sort of wristband.

We are currently policed in and out of the country by passPORTS, and using air PORTS and sea PORTS. So we are already penned into a country size area. Have you got a passport to get out ? How much did you pay for it ? People all seem to think this is ok and good. It keeps out the riff raff who don’t pay their way, and promotes freedom for those law abiding good people who are willing and able to pay to be ” free”. We need those PORT controls don’t we ? Passports are branded with the Nation that controls and owns you.

Smaller areas like cities will be controlled by GATES. So I guess the wristband will be called a PassGATE. And it will be always ON, so you can pass “freely” through the gates at all times. Broadband is ALWAYS ON too, and I expect the Passgate device will be an electronic broad wristband. It will be branded with your city logo. One step up, one notch tighter, than a Passport.

Eventually the police will be electronic too. An electronic fence will detect your presence, and zap you if you try to cross without permission. I think cattle are controlled by electric fences too.

Funny Haha. A HaHa is a Georgian type of wall which is like a giant step splitting the land into two levels. It keeps cattle penned in on the lower level, the cattle can see the wall, and cannot step up to reach the mansion. The people in the mansion can see the cattle but not the wall, so they see an illusion of beautiful countryside with cattle grazing “freely” (a bit like those pictures of happy cattle on milk cartons). There are HaHa walls at Bath’s biggest Georgian mansion, Prior Park, owned by the Roman Catholics.

We wear wrist watches so we can obey time laws and the Time Lord. There will be a new sort of watch that makes us obey place too. Watch out. Look around you and see how often you and others are worried about being policed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Are you already self-policing your own place movements? Or even worse, policing others, SS style. I am.

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Please search the internet for the story of the Wild and Free Pigs (thanks to NooNoo’s comment on earlier posts).

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2 Responses to Wrist Brands

  1. suliwebster says:

    4 months since I wrote this piece… Front page of today’s metro newspaper has a full page ad for a new way to pay for things. A wrist band. The brand is “bpay”. You can just scan your wrist over everything, no longer any need to carry money or pieces of plastic, the band is practically built into your body.

  2. suliwebster says:

    A friend recently came back from a festival and told me how the rules seemed overly strict. You werent allowed to take in any glass. So their solar lights for their tent were confiscated, so was their jar of peanut butter. It sounds remarkably similar to airport security to me.

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