Radio Activity

There is too much Radio activity in the world. Radioactivity causes decay, and all radioactive substances have half a life. Radioactivity is a contributing factor to cancer, people die young from an overdose of radio activity, maybe living only half a life. The epicentre of it all is the Big Brother Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, from where radio activity irradiates the world and all of us who live in it.

Have you noticed that radios are everywhere? In the workplace, in the home, in the car, from other people’s cars when they open the doors or window. In shops, in hospitals, in classrooms. On buses, on trains, on little devices attached to wires you plug into your ears as you walk or jog along. Builders like radios on when they work, so any building site seems to blare out radio activity into the street.

The noise annoys. It hurts my ears, it is not harmonious. It is on the wrong frequency, freaky. When I catch the meaning of the words and behaviour that are transmitted from the programmes to program me, I feel all out of sorts, unbalanced, uncentred. It takes me a while to reset myself after a radioactive dose.

I recently heard a program about FGM, and it hurt, like the wrong Hertz hurts. FM is frequency modulation, a type of radio band, and FGM is female genetic mutilation, could the radio be mutating our genetics, especially the female ones ? That would half our lives, cut out the female half.

Ears are for balance, we can’t stay in balance with constant exposure to the wrong sound. Anyone getting dizzy ? Ears are a direct pathway to your brain. The radio is tuning your brain to what you have tuned the radio to. Ouch, no wonder we are all ill.

Are you on my wavelength ? It is nice communicating with people on the same sort of wavelength as you, isn’t it ? People on other wavelngths seem to be on a different planet, and maybe this is what will happen. You can choose to be tuned into the bright white noisy radioactive future, or you can hang onto your natural frequency. Eventually the two frequency ranges will not overlap, methinks.

I find it harder and harder to tolerate listening to the radio, or even having it in the background as a noise. And I find it harder to tolerate people who are tuned to radio wavelengths. It is as if they are re-transmitting the same stuff, and the wavelength sounds all wrong even from another human. The more I find my way towards the truth, and the more I adjust my life according to that truth, the more my own sound tuning diverges away from radio activity, and I seek other sounds that make me feel well. The sound of natural water, for example.

The radio noise seems to be getting worse, with all sorts of nasty aggressive music at the wrong beat, screeching at me. Every hour on the hour a heavy bell tolls and the latest new true horror stories are announced, SEX, MURDER, RAPE, WAR, FAMINE, DISEASE, etc etc. DJs talk inanely in a whiney voice about how they were having a drink last night blah de blah. Discussion programs for the chattering intellectuals are all about pushing some propaganda into your head to override your own independent thoughts.

It seems that we are all mini transmitters and receivers, in one ear, out the other perhaps. You can simply pass on the radio transmission, or you can halt them and try and expunge them from your body, or you can stop listening (tricky when it is everywhere). We are all little human antennae, spreading the word of Big Brother around the world.

My child’s school textbook says you can’t hide from long wave radio, not even behind a mountain ! It’s going to get you wherever you are, even if you can’t hear it, the radio waves are in the air hitting your head like a hammer on an anvil, or a drum beat at the wrong speed. Which are coincidentally the medical names for parts of the ear. HAMMER ANVIL DRUM.

Radios are donated to Africans to keep them in touch. So they too can be touched by some radio activity going direct into their brain. Eventually the radio programming will sever us from our natural touch as it is meant to do, and we become easy fodder for control. The coverage is now up to 6 billion people worldwide. Get a radio, it’s good for you !

I am often accused of not keeping “up to date” by avoiding TV radio newspapers etc etc. So I can only assume that the TV radio newspapers etc are blasting out the message that they must be listened to, to keep “up to date”. Up to date is the latest edit of the state of the world, the latest lie, the latest spin, the next layer of lie painted over many others to mask the truth. I am going the other way, I want to peel back the latest edits, one by one, til I get to the original.

It is curious that RADAR, a type of radio transmission, is not able to go through water. In fact that was why the German U boats were so successful, they got under the radar ! You can’t hide behind a mountain, maybe water would do the trick ? Our brains are washed in radioactive brainwash, but maybe we could wash in water instead. I have noticed that mobile phone signals are weak near water and maybe that is why. Water outwits radio. Water drowns radioactivity.

RADIO and RADAR are all about RA, the controlling Egyptian Sun God of the elite. All the symbology by my reckoning tells me that Prince William is the next RA, the Sun and the Son.

One of the features of the male energy, (as well as air and fire) is SOUND, SONic. The false imposter male patriarchy conquers the world via RADIO Activity, Sound waves. And it blots out and confuses that still small voice within, the unheard harmonious voice of our male spirit guide (Please see Match Made in Heaven).

And now onto the BBC….

The BBC World Service, (or is it World Cervix?) is transmitted as a good cause to the whole world. They even broadcast in Arabic. I wonder how much is invested into this very valuable service? I wonder where it is centred ?

There is a complex but very clear star pattern laid out in the streets and buildings of London, with all sorts of different stars. Many other towns and cities (maybe all) have some sort of Freemasonry arrangement like this. In London, the very centre of the arrangement is at a small church called All Souls. And it is right next door to Broadcasting House, HQ of the BBC. Big Brother speaks from the mouth of the World Cervix to curate all our souls, every soul in the world.

The BBC is affectionately known as the Beeb, which sounds like Bees. I don’t really like the sound of bees that much. ZZZZZZ. It sounds sleepy. Or it sounds of Zion. The Beeb is controlled by Parliament, and therefore by its ruler, the Queen Bee herself. Until she gets replaced by the new Sonic Son God RA, aka King William V.

Britannia rules the Waves. The airwaves of sound and radio maybe. But not the water. Even tracker dogs are confused when their target crosses water and dogs can pick up sounds that we cannot hear, as well as scent.

I wonder what would happen without any radio activity ? Would we get our minds back again, would we have whole lives instead of half lives ? Would we stop that radioactive decay ? Would the cancer rates go down ? Would there be peace ?

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Link: EarthStars website

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31 Responses to Radio Activity

  1. paul says:

    re FGM see also the boys – A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.

    • suliwebster says:

      It always sounds horrific. I guess the Jewish boys must have their minds brought under control if they are to be bankers and US Roman Senators. I think every experience in life must alter your baseline configuration, which you inHERit from your mother. Sometimes alterations can be damaging, sometimes helpful. Common sense says that circumcision must be severely traumatic.
      MGM perhaps ?
      MGM is a Jewish owned US film studio.

    • suliwebster says:

      The process of collecting the data for the scientific results is abusive too, in my opinion. The MRI scans are another form of radioactivity, and anyone who goes to the doctors for almost any reason nowadays will be referred for one. Personally I do not think we need science to prove the cruelty of circumcision. I did not realise it was practised legally in Western hospitals.

  2. paul says:
    Male circumcision alters the brain of its victim. Not only by depriving that person of the full potentials in sex (old audio here), but also (i now understand) of transforming the inherent potential within that person to experience love, contentment, or peace, here in the matterium. The reasons at a biologic level can be explained due to the deprivation of the brain of the man of certain necessary, and brain chemistry altering, key hormonal ‘circuits’ that include the flesh stolen from him shortly after birth.

    Those of us born as ‘warriors’ by ‘gift’ of the planets will understand my message here. We ‘natural warriors’ are filled with compassion and could not stop ourselves from fighting against oppression in all its forms. Masa Katsu!.

    • suliwebster says:

      My gut reaction to male circumcision is that the baby has to trust its carer, primarily its mother which holds it safe and nurtured at all times. The baby’s reaction must surely be that it has been betrayed, and cannot trust. Would this fuel a deep seated hatred of women and mothers, including Mother Earth ? And also a huge infantile need to build up an artificial ring of self-protection funded by money ?
      Western pedagogy has many aspects of creating that lack of trust, even when circumcision is not practised. (see the works of Alice Miller).

    • suliwebster says:

      I wonder what the symbolism of 4 skins is ?

  3. paul says:

    all roads lead to rome
    A court-ordered study has found that electromagnetic waves beamed by Vatican Radio leave residents living near the station’s antennas at a higher risk of cancer. Italy’s most prestigious cancer research hospital, now admits that there is a connection between radio and microwave radiation and the cancer incidents.

    The new 300-page research report, by a team at Milan’s National Tumor Institute led by Andrea Micheli, supports the claim of Cesano residents: Children living at a distance of 12 km or less from the antennas have a higher chance of dying from leukemia or lymphoma.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou Paul.
      Cancer caused from nuclear power stations is well known. My link between radio and cancer was made entirely by “seeing through” the words, nice to have some independent confirmation.
      Both radio and nuclear are transmitted from STATIONS. Like the trains. STATIONS of the cross, maybe ? Are they making us STATIONary, stopping our flow of life ?
      No surprise that the Vatican is involved, as you say.

    • suliwebster says:

      Marconi’s first name is Guglielmo. Sounds like Google to me, a reminder that the internet causes the same problems as radio, at an upgraded level. His initials are GM, genital mutilation perhaps ?

      First radio transmission was from Poldhu in Cornwall, I know the place well. This is the first decent place to land if you were approaching England in Ancient Times, as jesus did. Though (s)he actually landed at Marazion in Mounts Bay. It is also the site of the cliff built outdoor Minack Theatre. The first transmission was the letter S, which is described in Morse (not Viking Norse, notice, More instead of Nor, No) as “pip, pip, pip”. Swallow the apple pips ! Maybe Alan Turing cracked this one too. Apple pips contain cyanide… cyanide in small natural plant based doses can prevent and cure cancer. Cyanide in artificial and large doses, for example in pill or gas form, can kill you. (See posts… The Poison Apple and Cracking The Egg Code).

      It seems that radio development was a three country operation, of Italy, England and US, all Roman Empires. The three centres of power, Washington for War, London for Money, and Vatican for Mind/religion.

      The Romans are Jews, and the Roman Catholics are the Vatican. The Pope wears a skull cap. I still think there are somehow two types of Jews. The Jews are clearly the target to control, and I think this is because they are very influential on the others, possibly being the oldest race. If the Jews can be converted by trauma to operate the nasty evil Agenda, then the world will follow suit. If the Jews can drop out of their upbringing and REVERT from their CONVERSION, they can lead the others out. Something like that….

      • paul says:

        me on radio sheffield – first 30 mins or so

      • suliwebster says:

        Going to have to break my rule, Paul, and listen to that one !
        It is very odd how this stuff is seeping into mainstream. That seems to happen when something reaches a certain size. Only problem is that once in mainstream, it may attract corporate leaders and followers, then the leaders lead it astray…. (like an ashtray to stub it out). Because the followers want the leaders to Do Something.
        Ultimately everyone needs to understand their own reasons for doing something, for making changes, otherwise they are just doing as they are told and following instructions to be good like zombies or robots. Most of us are a mixture of the two states I think. (free will vs robot)

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Paul,I assume the newspaper article is you too. I stopped wifi at home over a year ago, and life got much better. I now live in a boat, so I am not wired or wirelessed up in my home at all, apart from a small wired battery system. I sleep really well.
        My kids were brought up without TV, and I managed to keep the computer at bay til they were teenagers. I think their mental, spiritual and physical well being is much better as a direct result of that. It is hard to drop out of completely when it is so CULTural. Maybe more and more people are, just as more and more people in developing countries are being issued with mobiles generously donated by the charitable West.

      • paul says:

        yep it was me too. maybe at least one more grain of sand will move

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Paul is that link to radio programme still valid ? It doesnt look like something about wifi health. Is it a back episode you are in ? Going to try and find a quiet spot with wifi reception (!!!!) to listen this week ….

    • paul says:

      its the correct link – it is the first 30 mins or so

      • suliwebster says:

        You come across really well Paul.
        It is a brave move to put your daughter’s health first in a world where work and school is considered more important. She is lucky to have you responding to her needs.
        I have been a school governor and I know how it works. No chance to put the kids first, too busy following government instructions, and meeting Ofsted targets… I resigned.
        Maybe her sensitivity is like Fiver in Watership Down, he senses the danger that is there for everyone, but not everyone is sensitive enough to see it coming. Sensitive people are despised in the Western world for not being able to conform, but they should be heard ! The sensitives are flagging up problems we need to address.
        The irony of me finding a wifi spot to tune into the radio to listen on my ipad close to my ear, is interesting. Sometimes changes are best made from within, and by staying connected to the people around you, rather than isolating oneself in a “perfect” alternative world inhabited by a few idealists. We are all in this together somehow. I cant yet find another way of writing my stuff other than through the internet, where I warn everyone to get off the internet !
        As you say, it is all slow steps. Keep your truth going. My ideal world would have no internet or radio or BBC or schools, but that is just a direction for my path in my life, not an end goal !

  4. paul says:

    not sure where this fits in
    but the world is flat and it isn’t spinning (just walk outside and see)

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul, Good to hear this being questioned elsewhere… the standard Earth photo being peddled and pushed everywhere looks as fake as the Moon landings!. As you probably know I am of the view that we are currently INSIDE the planet, and the Sun Moon stars etc are all in the centre, a central control mechanism. The stars are just some sort of screensaver type background, like wallpaper.

      There are two main incongruities in the taught theory that spring to mind…
      First when you fly in a plane from east to west, it takes the same time as going west to east. In theory, a plane should just be able to rise up into the air, hover for a few hours, and descend in a different place.
      Secondly, when the moon rises it appears bigger than when it is overhead, even though it is closest when overhead. NASA admit they cant explain this, yet confidently present calculated planetary positions of everything in the sky, when there is clearly a magnifying effect going on that they have failed to take into account. My conclusion is that there is a very strong magnifying glass, maybe a CRYSTAL called Christ, in the sky, that makes everything appear much bigger than it really is.
      For any new readers, there are many earlier posts on the Moon and the Sun…. Moon Eye Money, Blinded By the Light, etc etc.
      “Who Built The Moon” is a very interesting book.


      • paul says:

        yep and if the earth is spinning and at about 1040mph at the equator then those pilots must be good – being able to land on an object moving even faster than they are – have also been thinking about the sky as a screen saver – just not sure how the comets fit in

      • paul says:

        worth a watch (not that i wear one) Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview

        and is this a picture of the true orbits of the earth and sun

      • suliwebster says:

        Maybe the comets are all part of the live big screen entertainment ? It’s like a show. The eclipse last week reminded me of that… “Did you watch the eclipse?” as if it is a TV programme ! Nature lovers watch eclipses, but nature itself switches off and goes deathly quiet.
        Comet is very like “cometh”. Which is what Christ does, I think.
        Maybe Crystal Palace has something to do with this sky show ?

      • suliwebster says:

        I think if you said to the trained mathematicians that we were inside a dome, and this is what the planets do, and give them 200 years to work it out, they would come up with a theory to fit, just like they did when they were told we were outside the dome.
        I currently see the moon and sun movement as a sort of apple core shape, or helter skelter marble run spiral along the core of the dome we are in. With us on the inside of the apple peel. A screen or two in the right place makes sure we have daylight and night time.
        The yin yang reminds me of a tennis ball, which is I think a 3D version.

      • paul says:

        a slightly different view

        THIS CRAZY NOTION- the flat earth revolution

      • suliwebster says:

        All different views are interesting. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the government education propaganda is a lie, or a partial truth. Apparently Hilary Clinton recently said The Earth is round, The Sky is Blue, Vaccines work !!!!! Well the sky is usually a whiteout of chemtrails, and vaccines only work if the objective is to maim people.
        I think the purpose of the lie is to make us feel small and scared and unprotected, and to make the UNIVERSE seem big and all powerful, like God and the Pope and the Wizard of Oz.

      • paul says:

        he thinks that the ice re antactica is a barrier (prison wall) and over the other side are maybe many more earths – maybe they are not as controlled

      • paul says:

        my intuition picked up when i heard this in 2013

        Obama: ‘There’s No Time For A Meeting Of The Flat-Earth Society’

      • suliwebster says:

        Antarctica being a prison wall is compatible with my own view that we exist in a womb of a giantess. The prison wall ithe South Pole, the Southern Exit, Sex passage out intothe world of giants. Outer Earth. In the world of giants, there are other giantesses with other wombs. And Outer Earth itself is another womb of a super giantess. Etc etc. Except that the scale of it is all relative, and size itself is some sort of mind trickery. We only measure our size by its relationship to everything else around us. If all matter on Earth expanded simultaneously, we wouldnt notice.
        I think all the different womb worlds are related, and each will in some way be a copy. What you do in this world is replicated elsewhere. And vice versa. I dont know how many there are. But lets say there are 9. You then have 9 concurrent lives ! But you are trained to think you only have one ! It is a bit like the idea of twins, except that twins coexist in the same womb world.
        To me, going in (spirit form only) and out of the wombhole is a way to time travel, and travel to other worlds.
        With the Royal birth imminent, a major wombhole (South Pole) is about to open wide, perhaps the prison gate will temporarily be opened.

      • suliwebster says:

        Have you see the date of that Obama Flat Earth statement… Late June 2013, when Royal birth imminent ! There is no time for flat earth. I now think the earth is flat when the Royal womb is empty ! It is deflated, de FLAT ed.

  5. Noonoo says:

    Regarding circumcision, I used to know a midwife who worked for many years in the maternity section of a hospital. Part of her training was a theatre observation of the circumcision of a baby boy no more than a few days old. She never forgot it, said it was cruelty of the worst kind, and refused point blank on ethical grounds to assist or have anything to do with the procedure throughout her career in the hospital. She said her decision was accommodated because the hospital didn’t do that many circumcisions and there were always other midwives to assist, but she said that if there had been any compulsion she would have felt forced to leave. She said what was the point of the ‘baby-friendly hospital’ initiative (although that sounds like an oxymoron to me anyway) if a procedure like that could be allowed on a newborn.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou for that information NooNoo.
      Interesting that midwives are being sucked in to this, when their duty is ostensibly to the baby and the mother. By getting midwives to administer or condone it, they then get a mandate, a form of consent. In the same way that they get mothers to administer all sorts of horrors to their own children via the parenting program.
      They always make sure that the atrocities are committed by people who should be the carers, this way it gets accepted and respected and infiltrates easily into our cult(ure).
      It shows that we can also stop it by simply refusing to cooperate, as this good midwife did.

      But anyway, according to the radio, genital mutilation is something that foreign cultures do in Africa, not us developed civilised Westerners.

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