Crowd Scenes

Have you seen a crowd recently ? The crowds are certainly set up to be seen. Crowds always attract a good media turnout don’t they ? It’s good for your social status to see and be seen in a crowd. I was there ! It helps to shape your identity if you find you have an identity crisis. The answer to “Who Am I” is quickly solved by joining a crowd.

I am often told these days that the world or the country is too crowded, there are too many people and this is the source of all our problems. These people that speak with great authority and conviction are people who read papers and watch TV. They are from all political persuasions and backgrounds, and it seems that this is one thing the crowd is suspiciously unanimous about. If they are unanimous, they have been trained. These people do not offer themselves or their loved ones up for elimination but at the same time they seem convinced that population reduction is essential for other groups of people who are not them. Polish people, old people, poor people, useless people, people that do not pay their way with money, for example.

It is not unanimous, because I for one disagree. What has the world come to that people who consider themselves kind want to eliminate their fellow kindred spirits, or at the very least, send them back to where they came from. The belief in overcrowding is rapidly becoming ingrained into our culture, and totally acceptable. Kill off others so that the rest of us can survive. The Cull Cult.

There is no overcrowding problem. There is an illusion of overcrowding being created so we will all agree to the cull. (not “kill”, that’s not a nice word, “cull” is a justified killing). You can tell it is being pushed everywhere because so many well-read well-watched people are talking about it in the same way. Badgers are being culled just to get us used to it. It’s considered “humane”, worth it, to sacrifice one unwanted group for another’s well being.

There is loads of space on the planet, and in the UK. (Please see Population Problem) The vast majority is hogged and fenced off by a very few rich landowners, such as the Church, the Crown and the National Trust. The rest of us are squashed up, penned in, to the remaining spaces, which are connected by roads and railways where we are herded into narrow lines, or planes where we are herded into crowded bullet shape objects.

The problem is the squashing up of the majority into a relatively small number of time and place combinations.

If you rarely or never see vast empty spaces, your mind will easily believe that crowded spaces are the norm. If you regularly travel on line roads, line trains, or buses, that all get congested, you will see crowds, as people are herded into one thin line of space to travel from A to B.

If you watch TV and read papers as your reliable window on the world, you will see that the world is made up of endless crowds.

Film directors can create many crowd scenes quite easily from a handful of people by dressing them in different costumes for different events, by getting the camera angle right, by creating the right background noise. Crowd scenes can be overemphasised by repeating them. It makes the crowds seem bigger and more common than they really are.

Are you sick of events ? I am. What’s On this weekend ? Marathons, festivals, sports matches etc etc… What are you going to ? Are you going to be part of a crowd ? Announced events are like film directors creating crowd scenes. Everyone turns up ALL AT ONCE to create a crowd. At the same time and the same place. Meanwhile somewhere else, a residential suburb maybe, is temporarily like a ghost town, but noone notices the empty abandoned places, because they are all out at the events.

New housing blocks are being frantically built. They look like student housing blocks, usually about 5 storeys high, and they house lots of people cheaply for great profit. Students are a good example of crowd scenes. They nearly all have two homes, their university block, and their family home. When the students are in town in term time, everything is overcrowded. In the holidays, try wandering around a university campus. It is almost spookily derelict. Meanwhile other residential areas are affected by a population increase in holiday time when students go home to their family location.

Who directs the show? Who determines this mass movement of people from place to place at fixed times ? Who directs this film we are in ?

Similarly, school start time and pick up time creates a crowd scene. All the roads and streets are congested anywhere vaguely near a school at school rush hour. Commuter rush hour has the same effect.

City centres are often ghost towns when you go to them outside the hours that you are required for the crowd scenes. Not Saturday then! I was recently in the centre of Birmingham, England’s second city, about 9am on a Sunday morning. It was almost deserted, as if everyone had been told to evacuate, and I was the only one that somehow had not got the message !

Where are the crowds when they are not where you normally see them ? They have gone to create a crowd scene somewhere else of course ! If your life is mostly orientated around crowd scenes, you will always see and think crowds, and believe yourself to be one of the crowd. That’s nice isn’t it, nice to belong to a good crowd of people. What are we doing next ? Where is the place to be ?

The media can promote or pull the plug on a place by making it fashionable. Spanish resorts for holidays, for example. Frantic set building work then goes on in Spanish resorts to build tye scenery and accommodation for the ever increasing crowds. Until the media switches to somewhere else. Then the Spanish resorts lie derelict while everyone rushes to the new place, directed by the media.

Cornwall is overridden with holiday homes and second homes. In winter months, many villages have over half their homes empty. (There aren’t enough houses for the crowds, we must build more !). In season, they are overcrowded. The holiday seasons are controlled by the crowd scene film director, who dictates that families can only go away during school holiday times. When they are all away on holiday, the inland villages and towns become ghost towns instead, but noone is there to notice. By definition, most people are at the crowd scenes. Anywhere non crowded has low attendance, and low attention. Certainly the TV and newspapers will not be reporting on things that have no crowds. Media people are sent out to report on big events.

You can probably see by now that the reason we need more housing is to accommodate the different events and crowd scenes, not to accommodate more people. For all these crowd scenes require people to be temporarily housed, whilst there are other places lying empty where the crowds are temporarily not.

A similar thing happens within houses where for some reason, a different room is required for each family crowd scene. A room to gather in to eat. Then when it is TV time, a different room to herd into to watch TV. Then yet another room for sleeping in, while most of the time, rooms are unused. The whole house is often empty all day while everyone is crowding out the workplace or school, which then becomes empty at night when everyone returns at the same time on the crowded roads and trains and buses back to the houses. It is not just more housing we need, we need more buildings too for all the different types of crowd scenes.

And we need more transport to get from one crowd scene to another !

People are darting around everywhere according to the Director’s directions of where they should be, at work, at school, on holiday, at church, on a course, at the cinema, at the pub, or at a must-go-to event (see Do As You’re Told Days). Or locked up in their safe houses at night. They are darting around like busy flies. The faster everyone races around to keep up with the crowds, and pack more and more events into their lives, the greater the illusion of overcrowding.

It’s infectious. People love organising their own events, birthday parties, Christmas, weddings, stag nights, get togethers etc etc. They all need announcing. You need a TIME, and you need a PLACE, and some sort of attractive reason for people to turn up. Then people need to put it in their diary, and hey presto, they have a script ! Just like a film director would give you if you were in a crowd scene.

Kids are coached and trained at school to follow timetables, just like coaches and trains. Schools are very squashed and crowded places, except when they are deserted at night and in holiday time and weekends. A timetable is an announcement of large numbers of events at particular time and place combinations which you must turn up to to create a crowd. UK secondary schools issue every child with a thick diary, called a “planner”, so they can plan everything and get used to living in their own individual tailored diary land. By the time they leave school, they have no idea how to live without a script that tells them what to do next, albeit a very individual script that forms their identity.

Life has become a film script, rolled out ahead of us whereby we all turn up at the right time and place for the required crowd scenes. We believe it to be our own plan because we each have our own individual diary. (I no longer have one). We are so busy following the Director’s direction that we cannot notice anything else that crosses our path that is actually of far more use to us. Just like ordinary life gets in the way of a film crew in the street that seems to always have complete priority over anything else.

Coincidentally, a film crew in the street is always an exciting announced event that attracts a big crowd.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and although large amounts of the UK and the planet is fenced off and policed, there are still ways to avoid the timetables which tell you the particular time/place combination for some crowd event. And then you can do everything in your own space and place and your own time and see how different life feels. Scary perhaps ? Can people cope without a diary, without events, without a planned future, without being told what to do, without a crowd ?

Noone needs eliminating, and we are not overcrowded. We just need to spread out a bit in time and place, slow down, and consume less, especially consume less media. We might have to get used to a quieter life and smaller numbers of people around. Scary stuff. Maybe you would prefer some overcrowding and an overcrowded diary to cling onto ?

There is a new sort of crowd forming, one big one world crowd. We are being trained towards it. It’s called the internet, and it’s a trap. It’s designed to collect everyone together in one crowded place at one crowded time. ALL AT ONCE. A web and a net. The ultimate crowd scene is electronic, and the director is very evil.

A famous poem suddenly springs to mind as I write… “I wandered lonely as a cloud…. And all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils”. Notice the “i cloud” in there. Daffodil is St David’s, David’s star, the 6 pointed yellow star the Jews were marked with in WW2, marked for elimination. The poem is by William Wordsworth, or WW. Is history repeating itself ? Are we caught up in WW3, without even realising it ? Or shall we call it WWW ? The web is world wide, designed to catch the whole world.

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