Slave Labour Party

It seems the slaves have a political party to represent them in parliament. That’s nice. The Labour Party of Britain depends on slavery for its survival, it fights for the rights of slaves and improvement of their conditions. If the Labour Party attempted to abolish slavery, it would risk bringing about its own demise.

I have been comparing the working conditions of modern day Britain with the slavery conditions in the Southern States of the USA in the mid 19th century, less than 200 years ago. Just to see how far we have come.

In the old days in the USA, there were some curious traditions surrounding slavery that gave the slaves a break, and allowed them to be paid ! Wow, not so bad being a slave after all eh ? This looks to me like a trick to manipulate the minds of slaves into greater acceptance of their situation.

The first trick was to give them a few days off at Christmas. Does that sound familiar ? Some slave masters stipulated 2 or 3 days, others got as many as 5 days ! Depends which slave master you were lucky enough to be working for. A big party was organised at the mansion with lots of lovely food and dancing. (Though obviously the slaves were needed to prepare the food). Food was provided of a quantity and quality that was never experienced by the slaves the other 364 days of the year. It was something to look forward to every year, to crave this joyous break in the routine when you could relax and feast and forget your normal existence.

The contrast with the normal slave life of endless whipping and hard work, with little food and sleep, was enormous. The slaves had huge beaming smiles on their faces as they temporarily tasted something vaguely close to freedom. Curiously, the women and girls liked to get out RED ribbons for the occasion, just like RED ribbons are associated with British Christmas time today, and Santa wears mostly RED.

RED is the colour code of The Labour Party. RED is the colour of oxygenated blood setting out through the arteries of your body to make your body work for you…. Or maybe make your body work hard for someone else. RED is the colour of spilled blood, the blood that striped the backs of slaves when they were whipped.

But for a few days each year at Christmas, in the name of the white Christ who saves us, thanks be to God, RED was the colour of rest, joy, relaxation, good food. You can see how even the time off was orchestrated and controlled by the slavemasters, who could easily cancel it at a whim. Does that sound familiar ? You can also see how easily the minds of slaves would be conditioned to associate Christ with all things good, and being saved, and how easily they could be converted to worship Christianity.

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day !

The second trick I notice is that the US slaves were generally given Sundays “off”. Day of Rest. In the name of Christ again, coincidentally. This Christ guy seems to have even more power than the slavemasters, don’t you think? He tells slavemasters to be temporarily nice to slaves, and the slavemasters obey Christ ! Surely Christ must be good !

Though what is not noticed is that Christ does not extend his power to stop slavery altogether. HoHo, says Santa.

On the Sunday off, slaves would often still work, but they could get paid for it, because officially it was a day off. It reminds me of how UK workers today sometimes get paid double the rate on Bank Holidays, their official day off. I doubt the slaves got very much, but obviously anything was more than their usual pay of nothing. It allowed them to treat themsleves to something nice. Something they could save up to buy, like maybe a piece of meat to eat, or a spoon, or a red ribbon for Christmas. Does that sound familiar too ?

So nowadays we have the Slave Labour Party of Great Britain campaigning for workers’ rights. Things like better pay. Things like more holidays. Things like days off on Sundays and now Saturdays off too. Things like pensions, education for programming workers’ children, childcare, healthcare for tampering with workers bodies and getting them back to work again a.s.a.p. Things like slave trade unions. Things like Labour Day, which I am pretty sure was introduced by the Labour Party as an extra Bank Holiday ! Another day off !

Labour Day is celebrated in a surprisingly large number of countries, including China, Thailand, Brazil, and it is called “Workers Day” in South Africa. It is chosen as the closest Monday to 1st May, MayDay, 1/5. MayDay is the Illuminati’s favourite day of the year for their hideous and cruel Satanic rituals. Good date for the next Royal Baby to be born, perhaps….

There are two types of labour. The labour of slaves, and the labour of a pregnant woman giving birth to produce more slaves, replacement slaves.

Slaves were encouraged to get married and breed. That was the next trick. Isn’t that nice of the slave masters ? To allow you to love. Slavery is not so bad after all really. A baby born to a slave is the property of the slave master, just as we apply the same rules of ownership to our domestic pets today. The slavemaster aquires a new slave for free by getting his own slaves to make one.

Does that sound familiar ? The modern working classes of Britain are allowed, indeed encouraged, to love, marry, and breed. And when a child is born, it is straight away signed over to ownership of the State, by means of registering the birth.

Reproducing slaves in-house is a bit like a slave labor.atory, or a slave factory. To produce new slaves as the end product. Re-production. The products, fruits of labour, can then be put to good use by the owning slavemaster, or sold for good profit to another slavemaster. It makes good business sense, and it works just the same way as breeding and selling domestic animals in the UK today.

In the US, the spelling of labour is cast slightly differently, as “labor”. You may notice that the Tory Party is part of the slavery too. The slave LABOR.a.TORY. (for non UK readers, the Tory party is the Conservative Party and generally deemed to be opposite to the Labour Party). No surprise that the Tories are pro-slavery. The Tories are the party of slavemasters, the land-owning gentry, campaigning for slavemaster rights. They are colour coded BLUE.

The TORY party are on the right of LABORaTORY, and the LABOUR party on the left, which neatly matches their political positions.

It seems the Labour Party and the Tory Party are both united in wanting to perpetuate slavery. The only thing to debate is the conditions that keep the slaves and slavemasters bonded to each other, and there is for sure a huge amount of energy, money and general distraction pouring into that RED herring.

Now that slaves are allowed to vote, I guess it was inevitable that a party would arise to soak up their votes. The LABOUR party does not represent the slaves, it represents their LABOUR. The labour is essential for the slavemasters and the slavemaster State to prosper and grow. That’s nice, nice to be able to contribute. The sheer number of slaves against the much smaller number of slavemasters has also forced a change, so that workers are now so hopeful of becoming mini-slavemasters themselves that they vote for the slavemaster party. Well, I guess elections might appear rigged if there wasn’t a close contest, and a level playing field makes things much fairer, and more exciting too !

The slavemasters are bonded as much as the slaves, all forlornly attached to HOPE. The slaves hope for their Christmas to look forward to, a taste of freedom, it keeps them going year after year. The slavemasters hope for a day when they feel their empire is sufficiently large enough to protect them from whatever it is they fear…

Slavery is forced work and it is now known as the “workforce”. The word WORK has replaced the word SLAVE, because SLAVE has been abolished.

Haven’t we come a long way ?

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Book: 12 Years A Slave, by Solomon Northup

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