Save The Date

If time is disappearing, then someone will for sure step in and try to SAVE time. I keep seeing a poster everywhere saying SAVE THE DATE in big letters as if it is a SAVE THE WHALE campaign. I forget which date exactly because I didn’t save it.

To save a date, you need a diary, and I don’t have one. I can probably save a few memorable dates in my head, but by having a diary, you can save hundreds of them at a time. It’s far more efficient.

A diary is one of many time saving devices used to operate and control ourselves with. Children are issued with “planners” at school, a giant diary, so they can get used to operating in this way.

When you want to know what you are supposed to do tomorrow, you look at your diary, and see what has been saved for that date. Otherwise how do you know what to do, if you have no diary to tell you, and no saved dates.

If you have some dates in your diary that haven’t been saved, blank ones, FREE dates, then someone might insist that you save them for something. They need saving if they are not already saved. It seems to be quite virtuous to save lots of dates, and have your future well and truly booked up. It shows how popular and interesting you are, and how obedient you are to the great Time Lord.

With a diary, you can pack in lots and lots of things at high speed. Your life rolls out like a film script in front of you, a script that you have written, and in which you play the starring role.

The modern day version of a diary is built into your smartphone, which beeps at you when you are due to be somewhere, telling you what to do next.

Instead of saving dates, we could FREE them up instead. Set the dates free, set time free, let it go.

Another time saving device is a car. It gets you from A to B at high speed. This enables you to pack in even more things into one day or date !

A plane is high speed too. You can go further in one day than ever before, and you usually need to save the date of the day you are travelling. Planes rely on saved dates in order to function, I don’t know why.

Ready cooked meals save time, washing machines save time. All mod cons are about saving time. With all this time being saved, how come the Western world is racing round at high speed ? The more time you save, the more you can spend doing more things !

Maybe ALL machines are time saving. Noone invents a machine to make a process take longer, so they ? Machines are invented to be time efficient. They save the time of people in the Western world, at the expense of the time of the people that make the machines elsewhere. Time is not really saved, it is just moved about in accounts, like money.

Time is a currency like money, save it and spend it wisely. And definitely don’t waste it. Maximise your money, maximise your time.

Time is money, we are told. We know that because we are paid by the hour for our work. That shows us how valuable TIME is. And how we must strive to save time, like we must strive to save money. How can we exist without time and money ? Because we are paid by the hour to work, we are expected to pack more and more into that very same hour, so we are good value for money. How many dates have you saved for going to work to give your time away to someone else ?

If we did not have all these time saving devices, then we would be forced to slow down to a more natural version of time… We could do things in our own time, at our own pace.

It seems to me that time is RUNNING OUT. We are LOSING time. Do you ever feel that time has just whizzed by? Where did the time GO ? Does time ever seem to STAND STILL? Do you ever try and KILL time ? Why do you kill time, is it because you are inbetween appointments, is it because you have not saved enough dates, is it because you saved too much time with your time saving devices ?

Can you keep up with time? I can’t. Do you want to save it ? I don’t.

Huge efforts are being made to save time, it seems to me. But we could just let it go simply by not trying so hard to save it and spend it. If you don’t save it, then there is no need to kill it, it will go away by itself. Time will be set free, and so will we.

We can be timeless.

I say FREE THE DATE. Don’t put it in your diary.

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