Honey Moon Period

A honeymoon is so called because it is the period between two full moons. I think we are in some sort of national honeymoon in England at the moment.

Have you noticed that the weather is unseasonally hot and dry ? It certainly is where I am around the area of Bath, Somerset, UK. Did you notice when this started ? I think it started on the Full Moon of early April, and I think it may last til the Full Moon of May, when it will rain again. We shall see…

This has happened before, and that is why I think it may happen again. When Royal Baby George was born on the Full Moon of Pi Day (Monday 22nd July, or 22/7), I awoke to the first rain for a month. There had been a whole honey moon period of unusually hot dry weather, as if we were living in Spain or France, not England ! It lasted from one Full Moon to the next.

If this pattern repeats before the coming Royal birth, it will be clear confirmation to me of how the rain is controlled. I have no idea why this ritual is performed, maybe it is because the people are generally happier in good weather, and grateful. “We are so lucky”, “we deserve it after all the rain” etc etc, and large masses of people in good spirits and mood will affect everything, including the Royal Birth.

Kate/Catherine retired from public engagements shortly before the April Full Moon, in preparation for her private pubic engagement, when the baby will turn and engage its head ready to emerge through the pubic arch. So she is on a sort of honeymoon, a break from normal life.

A moon period is the regulation of women by the Moon, a Moon month. Women run on moon periods as their regular cycle, just like the tides of the sea to which women are related. The cycle of women is from one full moon to the next, and there are 13 moons in a year, not 12 like the calendar months we are trained to obey. No wonder women get hysterical, when they are always trying to run to sun time, and they are made to bleed every month.

Unless of course, the woman is pregnant ! Then there is a welcome relief from the monthly bleed. A sort of honeymoon, really, when things are temporarily improved in exchange for the production of a baby.

The recent solar eclipse at the New Moon in March demonstrated the power of the Sky controllers, though it was a low key event, not well advertised, just like the “low key” visit of the Royals to Bath the following week. The day of the eclipse was eerily quiet and dark, and nature seemed to me to be going silent. The effect of an eclipse is like a temporary power cut to the Earth, the Energy lines are switched OFF, and nature feels it. When the Earth came back to life, the delayed dawn chorus was tremendous. I don’t know how many people noticed the curious coincidence that the moon and the sun are the same size, showing how they are designed to fit, showing how much the sky show is controlled.

The solar eclipse was a “key” event, keys lock or unlock things. They open and close doorways and access to places, time and things. The power to the Earth was temporarily locked, turned off. And for a rare moment, it was the Sun that was visible as a crescent, not the Moon.

The power over the rain is also the power over the reins, and the power over the reign. The Royals reign over us, and the Royals control the rain. Or at least their minders behind the scenes do. The minders control the Royals who control us.

The Royals are horsey people, look what happens when you get to hold the reins…

The reins on a horse are connected to a nasty bit in the horse’s mouth, how would you like that if you had a bit in your mouth? When the rider tugs the reins, the horse has to stop. When the rider pulls left, the horse goes left. When the rider pulls to the right, the horse goes right. If the horse fails to obey, it gets its mouth tugged some more, so it soon learns…., maybe women were trained to bleed in the same sort of way (See Pavlov’s Women). Smile, smile a nice big horsey smile with your mouth pulled up at the corners. Show how much you like being reined over, reigned over and rained over.

The reins on a horse are part of its bridle, bridle wear. It is the newly bridled bride that goes on honeymoon. The Royal brood mares are bridled just like the horses. The Royal brood mares are reined over too. They each have their rider, or handler, or maybe a jockey or jock, maybe a whole team of people around each one. They are race horses designed to win the human race. The Royal Brood Mares are stabled and paddocked, or maybe padlocked by keys. A low key perhaps, would be a key to the LO part of the vagina, LOVE, which is the vulva. And a HIGH KEY would perhaps be a key to the high part of the vagina, the HIVE, where the next Queen Bee is bred. It’s like a modern day chastity belt.

The point is that it is all CONTROLLED. Rain is controlled like a tap. Royal Babies are controlled, maybe they are controlled by taps too, they are certainly controlled by keys, and a tap is a sort of key to open and close a channel for water.

The Honey Moon Period seems to be a Sunny Moon Period. All is mysteriously sunny. The honey is to fatten up the Queen Bee. Or is it the Queen to Be. I wonder what they are feeding to Kate in the last month of pregnancy to prepare her for delivery ?

Rain falls in showers. April is known as the month of showers in England. A baby has a baby shower to welcome the baby into the world. A sort of baptism, which makes me think of baptist, and baps and tits, and how the true baptism should actually be the joining of the baby to the breast where the milk of nurturing life comes out like a fountain.

The baby lives for 9 months inside the warm safe bath of its mother’s womb. Bath time is over when the plug in the womb comes out and is expelled through the vagina in what is called a “show”, heralding the birth of the baby, and the changeover from a submergence in the bath to an emergence to a shower environment.

You always take the Bath first. That’s the Order of the Bath. People say the best way to get clean is a long soak in the bath followed by a rinse in the shower. Modern green politics tell us to skip the Bath, it’s not eco friendly, and this matches with the way things are going to make all women wombless, and have all babies manufactured in labs.

I seem to remember some unusually good weather around the London Olympics too, and its very HIGH KEY opening and closing ceremonies.

You can bet on the new baby’s name, just like you can bet on the horses, and just like you can bet on the weather, and elections too. Maybe betting is like some sort of vote, whereby you feel you have a little bit of control, or maybe it is just another way of sucking us in to consent to it all, and join in with the casting. Royal Babies, horse races, weather and elections are all fore cast, like spells and spellings, upon us. Spells that we can somehow break if we choose, the first step being to realise you are under a spell !

Any comments on first hand observations of weather patterns from the rest of the country and the world during this honey moon period, would be very interesting. Maybe I will revisit this page after the honey moon period ends, to record the weather pattern for Bath.

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Book: Who Built The Moon by Chris Knight and Alan Butler

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One Response to Honey Moon Period

  1. suliwebster says:

    For the record, the weather pattern around Bath has been mostly dry for the last honey moon period. Today is the last day before the full moon, and we have had the most rain in a month, torrential rain during night and today interspersed with hot dry “spells”.
    The only other rain in Bath that I have recorded is
    …some rain in night 16/4, and 24/4
    …some afternoon rain 25/4
    …some evening rain 27/4
    Normally this is a wet time of year and gardeners are complaining. The ground has been hard and dry. Going out without a coat has become the norm from one full moon to the next. Has the spell now been broken and changed to a new spell ?

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