Harry Hawk and Hen

There is a type of Hawk called a Hen Harrier, and it seems to match the Royal threesome. William is the Hawk. Kate is the polygamous Hen. Harry is the Harrier.

But that is not how this post started out ! (I will come onto the Royal connection later). It started with my anger at the voyeurism in our society and how acceptable it has become to spy and pry, or maybe even prey on others. Have we all become Birds of Prey ?

Anyone can now buy equipment to spy on the breeding of birds, and lots of good “nature loving” people with spare cash are doing just that. If you don’t have the cash, you can watch the show online, because lots of good “bird loving” charities are spying and prying too.

To spy on birds at home, you set them up with a square house in the tree in your garden, and install a miniscule webcam, so small they don’t notice, the mistaken idea is that they behave exactly as they would if noone is watching. But anything that is watched eventually changes to suit its audience. The hidden camera relays the film to a device on your TV or computer which you can watch live, or save for later viewing. It’s a bit like CCTV cameras, and we have a lot of those in Orwellian England.

The same people that spy on birds complain about being spied on. Do you agree with spying and prying, or not ? I think it’s INVASIVE, and I don’t like it. But invasion is a normal acceptable part of our culture in the form of war and sex as well as spy cameras. Unfortunately I find that I am participating.

In our culture, people think primarily of their own satisfaction and whether or not they invade any animal or human in the process of getting that satisfaction is by the by. It’s so cute to watch the birds isn’t it ? Or maybe the educational value justifies the invasion ?

The spy equipment that is so easily bought at a simple Click of the button, could equally well be installed anywhere. I am sure the paedophiles find it very useful. It reminds me that there used to be a notice on the wall in the female changing rooms at Bath Swimming pool telling us that CCTV cameras were installed for our safety, and I wondered who was watching the footage.

The Hawk and Owl Trust have a nesting box in Bath on top of the tallest church spire (which is not the Abbey, but the Catholic Church of St Johns). They have installed a webcam. The peregrine falcons are filmed in their inner private sanctuary 24/7, round the clock. And the film is available to view online to anyone who wants to watch it from the comfort of their own home.

The poor birds’ existence is similar to the life in TVs Big Brother program, except the birds do not volunteer, the filming is secret. On TVs Big Brother, humans volunteer to be shut in a square house together, and be filmed 24/7 by installed cameras, with highlights being relayed to anyone who wants to watch. Big Brother has shown humans mating. For some reason, breeding programmes seem to get higher viewing numbers.

And there are plenty of breeding programmes to try and encourage breeding of rare species of birds to improve their numbers.

“Watch the Birdie !” is what a photographer says to people when he is capturing them on camera. Maybe a bridie is a sort of birdie ? Before the bride gets married, she has a HEN party. (please see Bridle and Groom). There are plenty of breeding programmes to get greater numbers of brides, often run by the Church.

A “Bird” is another name for an attractive young breeding age female human being, and I wonder whether any cameras have been inserted in her nesting box without her knowing ? It would be really interesting to spy on the fetal development wouldn’t it? The routine scans taken in pregnancy do just that with no concern of any side effects on the baby. Maybe the fetus is being trained for being always ON CAMERA.

It would be quite easy with all the operations and cervical smear tests they are doing on women to stick something in to the womb, something very small that you can’t feel. Or maybe something coil shaped, an IUD coil, that you agree to have in there permanently. Cameras these days are micro, easily inserted in bodies, we know that because the National Health Service use them to operate on us. It is called keyhole surgery, and peeping through keyholes is an invasive form of spying and prying. The dctors fix people up, and save lives, getting people back to work in no time, with the help of these micro cameras, so obviously any nasty side effects of camera culture are deemed worth it. It would not be difficult to leave a camera in the body.

The woman’s outer nest is her home, maybe in her bedroom and you could disguise the micro camera in, let’s say, a modern day light bulb. We all have to upgrade our light bulbs to comply with EU regulations. They are made in Asia somewhere at the other end of a slave supply chain, noone over here knows what’s in them.

Then there is an outer outer nest, which is our Mother Earth, the whole world. Are we being pried and spied on from the sky ? Well there are Google Earth satellites up there, but I do not think this is something new, it is just something that we are starting to realise.

We live in voyeuristic times. We live in a world where people relate to each other through screens.

If we humans are being filmed, if our breeding and nesting is being filmed, who is watching the film ?

Is there a culture of beings up in the sky that is even more remote from Mother Nature than we are, that likes to watch a species that are closer to nature ? Is there a culture that treats us as a lower species ? These beings up in the sky are disconnected from Mother Earth. They never touch the ground, they have lost their Mother Earth, and are probably severed from their Father Spirit too. They will be easy to control and manipulate, and they will be drawn to anything that is closer to nature than they are. By some standards, human beings on Earth are close to nature. (See Universe Cities).

I think the stars in the sky have something to do with this….

You see, Jesus was born in a sort of nesting box, a stable, born onto the hay, and everyone seems to know the details of the story, as if it was watched, relayed live, or recorded for posterity, maybe even filmed.

The hymn goes like this…

“The stars in the bright sky
Look down where he lay
The Little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay”.

Why did the stars “look”? Are they cameras ? I think there was one particular big star hanging around, an especially big camera for an especially important birth. But maybe all the stars were focussed on Bethlehem that night, I don’t know.

And after the hymn is sung, we say “Let us prey.” The hymn is the hymen that is broken during the virgin birth, or in the case of a non virgin, it is broken during mating. These are all the programmes that get high viewing figures, the breeding programmes. And the breeding programmes themselves seem to be breeding there are so many of them, including the Sex Ed Breeding programmes in schools.


But back to the Hawks and the Royals….

HOHO says Santa. The Hawk and Owl Trust are an H and an O.

I came across the Hawk and Owl Trust whilst puzzling over the abbreviation of the name Henry to Harry. A very strange shortening of a name, and a popular Royal King name. Henry sounds more like a Hen than a man’s name. Hens are female birds, known for their breeding prowess. Known for producing eggs. Maybe the Royal Henries of this world like a lot of hens, they like to bird watch, and they like to mate.

The Hen Harrier Hawk is POLYGAMOUS with roughly three females to one male, which is known as polyGYNY (multiple vaGYNas). It seems to me that the Royal Threesome practice polyANDRY, (multiple ANDRoid cocks to one hen). By my reckoning, George is of the Harry line, and the new baby is of the William line.

The Hen Harrier Hawk is a protected species and a “persecuted” species. The Bird of Prey is being preyed upon. The Hen Harrier thrives on the Orkney (or is it Hawkney?) Islands off Scotland, where there are no Humans of Prey.

The Humans of Prey are the landowners who like to shoot grouse for a game, multiple grouse, lots of grouse, lots of game, polygame. Birds who are there for sport are called “GAME”, even though they did not volunteer to participate in being slaughtered. Just like the prying and spying, it is a game for the sportsmen, and a miserable existence for the birds. “She’s game !” means a female is up for having sex, a game bird, go on be a sport !

Shooting and capturing is what you do in war. It’s what you do in grouse hunting. It’s what you do with a camera. You target your audience, you point and shoot the camera, and you capture people or birds on film. Stars in the sky don’t usually move, and spy satellites do, that is how you tell them apart. “Shooting” stars move very quickly, are they shooting film ?

The Hen Harrier preys on the grouse and ruins the sport for the Humans of Prey that like to shoot the grouse. So the Humans of Prey prey on the Hen Harriers to kill them, to make sure they have enough grouse for their fun game. That is why the Hen Harrier requires protection from persecution.

Methinks the Hen Harrier has protection from prosecution too…

In November 2007, Prince Harry was questioned by the police under suspicion of shooting two Hen Harriers on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Some bird lovers nearby were admiring the birds in the sky when they heard shots and watched them fall. Needless to say, Henry Harry got off Scot Free. It is in Scotland where the Hen Harriers are free from persecution. There is a £5000 fine for killing a Hen Harrier. But no fine for killing grouse because that’s just a game.

I don’t know why Henry Harry would want to shoot Hen Harriers. It seems a bit self destructive to me. Maybe he needs to think a bit more before he acts.

William, as I have described before, is the new actor for the role of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. It is as if these roles come round again from time to time like yet another version of the same old film. It is as of the Royals are being spied and pried on, always on film, like the falcons, born into a world of always being watched. One of Ra’s prominent symbols is the Hawk, and William’s first public on-camera appearance after George’s birth was with a Hawk on his arm on the island of Anglessy. This particular Hawk was a Harris Hawk, or maybe it is Harry’s Hawk, maybe emphasising that the baby was Harry’s.

Both Diana’s sons are pilots. They are two cocks. They sit in the cock pit to fly, and they have a Hen to share. Harry also has some other hens in keeping with the polygyny of his species. There is a much revered military plane named the Hawker Harrier Jump Jet, “jumping” being a slang word for mating. Planes are man made birds, and military planes are man made Birds of Prey. Man wants to fly, I don’t know why.

I get lured into watching the Royal show, and it is the breeding that is most interesting. It is no different from the prying on birds in nesting boxes. The Royals maybe preying on us, but maybe we are just as bad preying on the Royals, celebs, and any other being, human or otherwise. The celebrities in show, in screen, are known as “stars”. The stars in the sky watch us, we watch tue stars on screen. In the same way that the Hen Harrier is preyed upon, even though it is a Bird of Prey itself. Bird charities protect birds from being killed, but are quite happy to spy and pry on them. And the Royals have the same existence. The Royals have a protection ring too, but they are spied and pried on.


And now the impending Royal Birth, and the expectant Royal Hen, which is another Breeding Programme being heavily filmed, and beamed around the world to anyone who wants to watch from the comfort of their own home….

Have you seen the pictures of the cameras lined up outside St Mary’s Hospital where Kate is due ? (Why does she not opt for a home birth?) Cameras taking photos of cameras taking photos of an empty doorway. They look like a barrage of big black heavy machine guns, ready to fire and shoot to kill. No wonder the baby is overdue. Surely all that watching is affecting things ?

The very strange thing is that the Peregrine Falcon in the Bath nesting box has laid four eggs, as Hen birds do. They are expected to start hatching around 1st to 3rd May, and that is the sort of date I expect for the Royal Birth. (please see Honey Moon Period).

According to Hawk and Owl Trust, in 2012, only one pair of Hen Harriers in the whole of the UK attempted to breed. I think this pair was Kate and Harry. The Hen and Harry. The Royal Baby George was conceived in 2012, and I think he is Harry’s son.

Birds like church spires which are phallic man made objects, and often topped with Gold Cocks. It’s an appropriate place for a nesting box for a hen and her eggs. Brides get married in church, often heavily photographed. The Royal Threesome have recently visited Bath Abbey. The nesting box is not on the Abbey, but on the tallest spire in Bath, that of the Roman Catholic St John’s by the river. You would think birds would like trees better, but the Churches are always attractively taller than trees. On the Hawk and Owl Trust website, the story of the Bath falcon has an advert next to it saying it is sponsored by “Viking”, a reminder that Harry the redhead is of Viking origin, and this is connected to Bath. (please see The Vikings and Alf).

It is one of the most fascinating spectacles to watch animals breed and birth, but it seems to me to be an invasion. It is not right what we are doing, and it will only rebound on us eventually so that we feel it. Whatever we do to animals is done unto us. Do you agree with prying and spying or not ?

The Royals are preying on my mind again, I can’t seem to shake them off at the moment. Are they feeding off me, or am I feeding off them ? It’s getting confusing.

If you watch something like a hawk, it means you watch it intently, ready to pounce. Eyes like a hawk. Do you ever feel you are being watched, closely watched ? Do you ever closely watch something, and is it invasive ? A hawk stalks its prey, as cameras stalk people and birds. And men stalk human females of breeding age, now a prosecutable offence (unless you are exempt from prosecution).

Watching someone or something will always affect it. The camera is not unfelt. (Please see Wedding Photographer). Eventually the peregrines on the Church will start to behave differently in response to the presence of the camera.

The Latin name for the Hen Harrier species is “Circus”. We have The Circus in Bath too, a Freemasonic design to the same dimensions as Stonehenge. I think both are an energy connection to whatever is up in the sky, and churches are definitely used to feed the sky. It is a reminder that everything is going round in circles. We are watching them watching us watching them etc etc. It is a reminder that WE are perpetuating anything we don’t like, and we have the power to drop out of it, and we don’t need to wait for someone else to end the very strange cycle that we are in, a cycle that includes war, paedophlia and slavery.

I think the camera is a weapon of war, war against humanity, war against Mother Earth, and against our shared spirit. The camera has a lens which focuses energy on a single point, enough to start a fire. Film allows artificially large numbers of people to watch the same thing, focussing artficially large amounts of energy. People are watching for entertainment and education purposes, they are detached from the effects they are creating on the objects of their entertainment. We all do this sometimes, and it is not so very different from the detachment that paedophiles have from the victims they watch on film.

Preying is a nasty form of invasion, prying and spying. Praying, on the other hand, is capable of healing someone remotely. You don’t need a camera to pray for someone, you just hold them in your mind’s eye and focus. Praying has a very different intent to preying. Praying holds in mind the wellbeing of the person or thing you are focussing on. Preying primarily holds in mind the wellbeing of yourself at the expense of whatever is being watched.

As a consequence of writing this post, I found myself praying for Kate last night, instead of preying on her. I prayed that she can find her humanity, her spirit, amongst all the pressure of being so constantly watched, with me included in the preying audience. I think the Royals are far more spied upon than me.

http://upp.hawkandowl.org/projectsnews/ (about the Bath eggs)
http://hawkandowl.org/species/birds-of-prey-a-z/hen-harrier/ (about the Hen Harrier species)

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Film : The Truman Show (about a man called Truman who is filmed by hidden cameras 24/7, all controlled from the Moon.)

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4 Responses to Harry Hawk and Hen

  1. suliwebster says:

    Apologies to those on the email list for the multiple attempts to post this post. This version is now the full article. For some reason, a dash line in the post was causing it to terminate.

  2. Christine b says:

    I’m glad you mention The Truman Show. More and more my mind comes back to this film. To the point that I wonder about the “planet” we call earth. Or is it really an artificial Eden under a dome. We have been lied to about so many things. Imagine the trouble they go to with “space exploration” allowing us to think its easy to leave. I think we are trapped spiritually and physically. I gave recently discovered such groups as “Flat earthers” and “concave earthers” who seem to agree.

    • suliwebster says:

      I dont watch films any more, that was one of the last ones I watched just after arriving in conspiracy world actually. It haunts me because of its closeness to what seems to be true. The difference between us and the film is perhaps that we are ALL Trumans. Which means that we are all playing mirrors and acting parts to each other.
      The good news is that I find by slowly tweaking and changing things in my life, I find I can move further away from the fake stuff, not escape it, but just have less of it. In doing so, I participate a little bit less in the cruelty we all join in with inflicting. (mostly unwittingly).
      I am sure we are on the “inside”. In some ways that means we are safe, but in other ways it means we are in prison, or penns, or pounds, or domes.
      I wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t for the wars paedophilia and slavery that continue unabated.
      The Eden Project in Corn(er)wall comes to mind. All the plants are saved in DOMES. There is a giant bee sculpture there too. Gardens are a sort of prison, with fences, walls and gates. I no longer have one, and regard the entire planet as my garden, gypsy style. Romans were big on gardens, and there is a wheelbarrow in Monopoly.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I have just overheard that in Bath from time to time, a hawk is deliberately introduced to control the seagull population. (I guess “commoners” are the “seagulls”). The now retired MP for Bath spent much time pursuing the seagull problem of inland Bath, attracting criticism for it being so unimportant. Tourists feed the seagulls, and there is endless excess in Bath for them to feed off too. They cause destruction on the rooftops of the precious Georgian buildings, especially with their bird poo.
    Maybe Bath needs a better class of bird ? Maybe the Hawks should be installed more often to drive out the pesky seagulls ?

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