White Foods

I was exploring along the Devon coast last year, and getting more frustrated by the food that was on offer. Although it was the season for bounties of fresh fruit and vegetables and their glorious colours, everything I came across seemed to be WHITE.

The area was packaged for tourists, mostly white tourists. (like me). And it seems that white food feeds white tourists. To make us whiter perhaps….

Why would anyone want to make us whiter ?

White foods are things like pastries, bread, pasta, chips, battered cod, ice cream, cream cakes, sugar. Western civilised food really. I am sure you can think of others.

Veal is prized white meat. It is made white by taking calves away from their mothers, keeping them indoors in cages, and feeding them powdered formula milk. Like sugar and flour, there is a lot of processing and cruelty to produce the prized white product.

White human babies are taken away from their mothers, kept indoors and fed formula milk. A little bit like the veal calves. That is the normal way we do things in the West, and it is not considered at all cruel. I would say it produces the prized white race, just like veal. The Royals treat their babies this way, and the masses want to copy. No wonder it is considered ok to do the same to baby cows.

Cod is the favourite British fish. It is known for its pure white flakes. Due to overfishing of Atlantic cod, cod became farmed in pens, and artificially fattened on man supplied formula feeding programmes, which makes them even fatter than the wild cod. The cod are made nice and white by starving them for days before market. The white food fetches a better price, so it is highly prized and highly priced.

There seems to be a pattern of cruelty required to produce white foods.

You can see that white people like to eat white foods. White people don’t mind partaking in lots of cruelty to eat their white foods. We have become very used to it over many generations. Humans are very adaptable. If you can’t change something, you might as well enjoy it eh ? A little bit of what you fancy does you no harm eh ? (Never mind the harm done to get it to your plate). And everyone else is doing it anyway, it must be ok (Please see It’s What We Do).

At the same time as white human people are consuming white food, white people are being WHITENED, to make them white flesh and white skin. Are white people themselves prized white food for another race ?

It seems to me that there is a predator who is above us in the food chain. A predator who has herded us into pens, and is fattening us up with formula feeding, and whitening us for prized white human food. Who is making us nice and white for market ? What sort of farm animal are we ?

When I spend more time outside, winter or summer, I start to develop an increasing brown skin that lasts throughout winter. It is as if I am very slowly mutating towards some brown skin heritage, even though I was born fair skinned, kept indoors and taken away from my mother by cots, prams, nurseries and schools, and fed white foods from probably quite soon after birth starting with cows milk, according to the prevailing cultural rules of the time.

Could it be that white skin has developed as a reaction to our government controlled environment over many generations ? Could it be that white skin has been bred into us by indoor domestic living, separation from mothers, and increasingly white food consumption ? Could it be that white skin is related to an increasing separation from nature ? Could it be that we were once black ?

The Nazi supremacy race is the Aryan race. They are white skinned, fair haired and blue eyed. They are supreme food for someone. Prized food.

Haha, we look at the cows, and the calves and the cod and we think they are stupid and unknowing about their fate, happy in their domestic farmed state, oblivious. We think we are top of the food chain, when we are actually just a cog in the middle. What we do unto others is done unto us, that is how things work. We think cows, calves and cod are inferior, we are entitled to eat them. Some other race is saying just that about us. The mindset that we are in allows us to be cruel because it is being done to us. (This is how paedophilia develops too, please see Holy See Over Bath)

Why do we eat white foods, I wonder ? I like them, I don’t think I could exist without them, my body seems perfectly adapted to eat them, or maybe I am just addicted. If I have too much white food, I feel sick of it, and I crave more fresh food direct from plants. If I don’t get enough white food, I start to get faint and dizzy and headachy.

It seems to me that there is a correlation between what you eat and how close your exsitence is to Mother Nature. You can become closer to nature by eating things that are closer to nature.

Refined processed rich white people eat refined processed rich white food. It’s “comfort” food. I don’t know why it is comfort food, maybe because it replaced the comfort of your mother from a very early age, and you got used to it as your “mummy”, a sort of mummy dummy, instead of having a half decent relationship with your birth mother and then being weaned onto Mother Earth.

White humans are much further away from Mother Nature than Black humans. When black humans join in with the White human ways, they slowly start to whiten, and sicken. It takes many many generations for obvious change to occur. White is Western society, and black people that become Western slowly start to whiten.

I don’t eat grass directly, though I eat far more green leaves than I used to. Luckily there are machines called cows to eat the grass for me, and convert it to rich white foods. The cow is closer to nature than me. Milk is sold by advertising happy cows at one with nature, so when we drink cows milk we are programmed to think we have a direct relationship with nature, which is not the case.

There seems to be a procession of stages in fixing something permanently into the human food supply chain. First a food like cod fish is caught from the wild just for eating by the families of those that catch it and live by the sea. Then trade sneaks in and upsets the balance of nature. Now the fishermen go out and catch more than they need so they can sell some too. Eventually, the cod is caught only for trade. And finally, 1000 years later, all the cod is gone, and the last few cod are “saved” to breed and farm in captivity, no-one can catch wild cod any more because there is none. And the food itself has subtly changed to farmed food, a richer whiter more engineered product, maybe people can’t even stomach the wild ones any more, they have got used to the processed ones. Once a food supply animal is domesticated in captivity, their genes are engineered for better products, a process known as “eugenics” or “genetic modification”, or “advanced”.

We white ones in the West are used to eating farmed white foods. Our stomachs adapt, we are born adapted, and we are trained from birth. There is a gap between us and Mother Nature that we require other species to sort out for us. We are too “advanced” to eat grass.

The trouble is if we really did get our food direct from the Earth, then there is no money to be made, no product, no profit, no trade and no economy with which to control the population. So someone has to intervene to create trade. Someone has to create a complicated process, get us hooked on the end product, get us unable to eat the raw materials, and then, hey presto, we have to trade.

I would say the rich white processed refined food is the most advanced and most separated from the Earth by the most intervening stages. Sometimes the white food is coloured in by artificial colours and fancy packaging, just to add some extra processing stages that are not even part of the edible food.

Man is said to be the most advanced species. To advance is what you do in war and invasion. Each advanced species is a predator on a less advanced species. Predate is pre date, before a date. The pre-dated prey were there before the predator, otherwise how did the predator survive ? The predator evolves and advances to prey on less advanced less evolved species. The less advanced species is one that hasn’t wanted to change so fast, if at all. The less advanced species is closer to nature. The advanced one is the greedy one that wants to rise up the food chain. The advanced species DEPENDS on the lesser species, not the other way round! Hence the drive to farm animals. Farming is the fear that your supply of predated-on species might run out.

Predating is a way of getting someone or something else to do your work for you. It is also a way of maintaining a distant relationship with nature. The more predatory we become, the more removed from the Earth we become, and the weaker our relationship with Mother Earth.

So it seems there is a race that is a predator on us, in particular on the prize super white humans, their milk and babies. I doubt they can deal with the unrefined black food. White people have to process black people (through slavery) to serve the higher race, just as cows process grass for us. This higher race is whiter, more advanced, more evolved than the white humans on Earth.

A higher race that is highly separated from Mother Earth is surely in the sky somewhere ? And by my reckoning they were once on Mother Earth, and got tempted or stolen to go to live in the sky. We share ancestry. Maybe they are “Homo Superior” (as David Bowie sings), a more advanced species.

The sky is where we feed all our energy to via rituals at the Earth Energy nodes (Churches, stadiums, Olympics, football matches, disasters, wars, elections, etc).

I am imagining the higher race in the sky. They must be in a pretty sorry state. They may even be made and born in labs. I don’t think the higher race will ever go outdoors, they will live in spaceship style containers. They probably have big heads, big minds, but their body and spirit will be weak. Their skin will be whiter than white, maybe translucent. They will need an energy supply from Earth in order to survive and power their satellite, or spaceship home. They will however be very technologically “advanced”, and I now see why UFOs exist, and why we get crop circles… they come from a higher intelligence source in the sky.

You can see how our white run world on Earth is training and recruiting and maybe stealing people for the higher race. We get sucked away from nature step by step towards spaceship life as desirable. And we are encouraged to hand over our kids to state care. (Please see Universe Cities).

Wherever you are in the food chain, you consume what is below you, and supply what is above you. You are tempted by your controlled mind to advance to a higher position, but actually your body and spirit are drawn to your roots through attraction to whatever is below you in the chain. I am convinced that we all yearn to be closer to nature, and this is our way home, “back to nature”.

The higher race that in some way consumes us, actually wants to be closer to Mother Earth too. Everyone does, but we get tempted the other way. We get tempted to advance and evolve at the expense of cruelty to others, to ourselves and to the Earth. And we don’t want to know about the cruelty, because we need our creature comforts. I think we have actually evolved to NEED the comforts as an addiction. The comforts that come at the cost of cruelty. The comforts that come at the cost of other creatures.

The Annunaki are said to have come down from the sky, and raped female earthlings many moons ago creating a hybrid race. Raping is another form of consuming, another form of food. It creates a predatory relationship between two beings, whereby one gets a taste of the other, it creates an intimacy which brings the more advanced one closer to the nature of the more natural one. Raping and eating are both forms of wanting to taste the other being and everything that it represents. Raping and eating are wanting to have something you haven’t got, but you desperately think you need. If you are a superior race, you think you are entitled to rape or eat the inferior race because you see your survival as higher priority than theirs.

The sky beings want a taste of Earth, they need it to survive, but they need it packaged in a form that is edible to their advanced bodies.

And maybe the reason the sky beings visit Earth to rape and pillage (as they believe they are entitled to) is to re-SEED the cycle. Just like we plant seeds for farmed crops every year. If they don’t reseed the cycle from time to time, then maybe the prized white humans start to revert to nature, just like genetically modified plants eventually do.

I am seeing that Annunaki is not so very different from Ashkenazi, a type of Jew that clearly has something to do with the Nazis. Ash is white. As white as ash. Ashen faced with fear.

I do not know if the sky beings actually eat white people as food, but they sure need the energy supply created from our endless mass rituals. These rituals are conjured up by the white leaders on the planet, and the mass energy output feeds the sky. (see Moon Eye Money). It has done for many millenia including the ancient ceremonies at standing stone circles, which are just another version of modern day rituals.

We all contribute to this food whitening mindset, chain and cycle by consuming the white foods. And I would say that the more advanced you are, the more imprisoned you are, the more fearful and ashen faced you are.

I have an inkling that if there is a superior race in the sky, then there must be an “inferior” race somewhere else that is powering our version of Earth, perhaps it is “through the wombhole” and out the South Pole. (I will leave that story for another day).

We are all children of Mother Earth. The whole multi layered set up that we are in is horrible and cruel. Those beings in the sky are our very sick and severed relatives. I think they need our help to join us again, to come back to live on Earth and get grounded again. I intensely dislike the mass rituals, but I can now see that the underlying reason that people are drawn to partake could be to do with feeding those needy beings in the sky. Unfortunately this feeds the addiction. If we really want to change things, then we need to slow down their whitened food supply, and slow down our own whitened food consumption so that all in the chain SLOWLY get weaned off it.

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Book : Cod by Mark Kurlansky

Blog: One Ball Media by Matthew Delooze (lots of excellent articles about Earth Energy being harnessed at nodes) http://www.oneballmedia.com

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6 Responses to White Foods

  1. Noo says:

    Just to go off at a bit of a tangent on the white foods thing … White foods apparently promote candida (yeast) overgrowth and most of them are the most processed things we can eat – white flour – bread and other baked stuff, dairy products, sugar. Candida overgrowth usually shows up initially as thrush (usually presenting as a white film, or spots, or blobs) although left to invade our systems for long enough it can erupt into a long list of symptoms, from joint pain through memory loss to – according to Italian ‘alternative’ oncologist Tullio Simoncini – cancers. He is the author of a book called ‘Cancer is a fungus’ and maintains that when cancer lumps are operated on and removed they usually show up as white.

    • suliwebster says:

      Not a tangent at all NooNoo. Very interesting that white foods lead to white coloured diseases. I think candida can be treated with Boron, which I mentioned in “Silver Spoon”. We are boron depleted. Boron is extracted from the refined white sugar, which we eat because of its taste. If we ate the sugar direct from the plant, we would get the boron I think, and perhaps more importantly, we would not require slavery to do so.
      I notice that candida is like candy or candied, meaning refined white sugar.
      Maybe the opposite to white thrush spots is the black/brown spots of freckles and moles on the skin, I wonder if this is a sign of reversion towards black skin? We are always told to be alarmed about moles as a sign of cancer, and hospitals want to know about any mole that grows ! Why is that ?

  2. Christine b says:

    Flour, milk, potatoe, heroine, cocaine……all have addictive effects on the brain. They stimulate the same receptors. Part if our comfortable prisons. All create a type if “foggy brain” syndrome of different degrees. Try cutting out wheat, it will be all you think about and you will be quite cranky for a while but your head will be clear.

    • suliwebster says:

      I am cutting down on wheat and other white foods. I find a gradual weaning easier and more permanent than a complete boycott. I have made so many other life changes it is difficult to pinpoint which ones have improved my mind body and spirit health, maybe they all have. More importantly, the mass production processes and global trade and transportation are damaging the health of the whole world.
      I also wonder if it is the amount and frequency of foods that we consume, rather than what we consume. Many things like salt are healthy (for us and the Earth) in small doses, and harmful if over (or under) consumed. The dosage is not the governments decision with their labelling programs ! We need to self-regulate by tuning in to our own bodies, and each person will be different, and the dosage changes at different times of life, and times of day too. So many skills we have lost….

  3. Christine b says:

    PS I miss Matt Delooze. I hope he is well.

    • suliwebster says:

      Me too Christine. If he has left the internet then maybe that is a good thing, and maybe he is spreading his influence directly, and not through the second rate method of spider web controlled screens. I have started going through some of his older posts that I had not previously read.

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