The narcissus is a yellow flower commonly known as the daffodil. The daffodil is used as a symbol of cancer, and other forms of marking people for death. I am going to explore the idea that the underlying cause of cancer is narcissism. And that narcissism is the death mark of the world.

Narcissism is the love of self above all others, in particular valuing your EXTERNAL APPEARANCE. It seems to me that our entire Western Society is run on narcissistc principles. Me Me Me. If you are all about me, people praise you. Look at her ! Look at him ! Hasn’t he done well for himself! You are idolised. Even helping others is designed to get praise and look good on the outside. Children are trained at school to work towards self promotion, and self adoration. They are encouraged to achieve more for themselves, and to look right on the outside. And they must always turn up for school looking good, looking smart.

Narcissism involves a lot of symbolic looking in the mirror to check your appearance. Look at Me. Our world is full of glass, cameras, everything beholden to the almighty God of LOOKING good. It is VISION that is our primary beholder and measurement of beauty. VISION through the LOOKING glass.

There is a legend of a very beautiful man called Narcissus, who spent his time gazing adoringly at his own beautiful reflection in the mirror of a lake. When he died, a daffodil took form in his place. The primary symbolism of a daffodil is NARCISSISM. The primary method of admiring a daffodil is through VISION, not smell, nor touch, nor taste. The daffodil is all about good looks.

Someone narcissistic is probably good at blowing their own trumpet. The centre of a daffodil is a trumpet. A trumpet is loud and brassy, and golden coloured, it says Look at Me.

A daffodil is a yellow six pointed Star of David. There are blue, green and red Stars of David for other things too, all associated with Israel, otherwise known as Sion, the Sun or Son. (See Hex Allen Key).

The word “David” is linked to “daffodil” through the country of Wales. In Wales, the name David is Daffyd. Daffodil is the national flower or symbol of Wales, and the patron saint allocated to Wales is St David. On the West coast of Wales lies St David’s City. “Once in Royal David’s City” is a Christmas carol sung to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Does the daffodil mark the birth of the Christ Crystal world we now live in? The crystal glass that shows us how beautiful we are. Masses of crystal, Chryst masses. Glass is everywhere, loads of it. The glass, the camera, the lens, the vision of it all. We are hooked on glass screens as the ultimate measurement of visual beauty, as if beauty is only visual. VISION is VI-SION. 6-SION. The daffodil is SIX pointed, and SION is of Israel. SION means sun, the Son is born. The sun is yellow, daffodil coloured, and it represents vision. Look at me !

Vision is looking at the future. All great leaders seem to be “visionary”, and it seems that God was visionary too when he created everything. God created a future made of glass.

The daffodil is a “must have” garden flower in England, and is planted all over highways and public spaces and parks too, in large clusters. The daffodils herald the coming of spring, maybe with trumpets, when the Sun or Son returns to the North, and Easter with its corresponding resurrection of Christ the Son is coming. The daffodil seems to say to us that The Sun is coming soon ! Spring is on its way !

The annual movement of the Sun can be depicted by the shape of a Star of David overlaid on the globe. This is a yellow star because it is to do with the sun. The uppermost horizontal line of the star depicts the Northern limit of the sun’s movement, and this is the Tropic of Cancer. (See Acts of God).

Or is it the Hot Topic of Cancer ? the topic that everyone talks about all the time. The topic of Cancer seems to be announcing something just like the daffodil does. Cancer is planted in clusters everywhere just like the daffs. Daffodil bulbs divide and multiply, just like cancer cells. The yellow Star of David is the daffodil which is the movement of the Sun, its death and rebirth, its resurrection. The sun is narcissistic. And we worship the Sun, as we worship Narcissism. Everyone knows that too much Sun worship gives you skin cancer.

Narcissus was someone’s son, or was it sun ? Does the sun look in the mirror, does the sun reflect off something else, and say “Look at me!” Look how beautiful I am. Look how big and hot and powerful and attractive I am. Look how much I can suck up your worshipping energy to feed my beauty….

It seem to me the Sun has a mirror, and the mirror is the Moon, always there for the Sun to admire itself. The Moon reflects back to the Sun. The Moon is a lens which is glass, a sort of MONOcle, and a lens will reflect as well as allow passage of light.

The Moon is the Mother of the Sun, and like many earthly Mothers, the Moon will keep the dark side of the behind-the-scenes work hidden from her son, who can go onto greater glory, and always have a Mother mirror reflecting back at him that he is good and great and beautiful, no matter how ugly his deeds really are. A mirror has a dark side too, so you can’t see through it, and it always reflects.

The daffodil has a history of use as a death marker, just as trees that are to be chopped down are marked with a swab of paint. For example… The Jews of WW2 were made to wear identifying armbands marked with a logo of the yellow 6 pointed star of David, and the word “JUDE”. Marie Curie Cancer Care uses a daffodil as its symbol, their website is full of people dressed as daffodils having fun promoting and funding “terminal illness”.

Talking of WW2 reminds me that narcissism is like narzissism, or Nazism. It was Nazism that marked the yellow Star of David on the Jews. Marked for death. It is narcissism that marks the world we inhabit. We are marked by the Yellow six pointed star, we are hexed. The Yellow Star of David is branded by the Sun on the entire world we live in, as if we are collectively a branded Jew in WW2. Nationalism is another version of Narcissism, or is it Nazionalism ? Whole countries are whipped up into nationalistic narcissistic fervour.

So what is going on in our world that marks it for death ? I say it is narcissum, so much narcissism that it has become sickeningly normal, making us sick.

The glass or mirror or whatever else you lovingly gaze at, maybe the adorned walls of your house, or the TV, or the internet, or the beautiful boundary of your garden, is reflecting back at you that you are good and beautiful. If you see the reflection, then all is well. If you see beyond, you see the truth, and all is not well at all. The truth is ugly.

Behind the wall, or glass or mirror, or your garden fence, lies a cruel world, a world where great harm is peretuated every day. The harm is to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, black people, white people, animals. She is mined, raped, drilled, poisoned and tortured constantly.

But hey, we get all these modern luxuries and high standard of living as a result, we never had it so good ! Narcissism today is not just about the body beautiful, but about beautiful homes, possessions, cars, towns, cities, countries, holidays, food, etc etc. It is seemingly endless how much of this we can stack up in our desire to be ever more lovely, and never satisfied.

If you are narcissistic, you will not be very interested in giving up harming. Because it means you will have to stop self serving, and start to think of how you got to be so beautiful with all your toys and luxuries, or even just the happiness of your nice life. What is your life built on behind the scenes? What is on the dark side of your mirror, like the dark side of the Moon? It is so much easier to just gaze at the reflection. If you are narcissistic you will believe that you don’t cause any harm, you wouldn’t do that would you, beautiful people don’t harm.

Keeping yourself busy gazing at the reflection is a great way to avoid the truth. The reflection says that all is good. The reflection says that the highest priority is to keep up, and aspire to your own beauty. If you see something you want to change to better yourself, to keep yourself and your life beautiful, then go ahead and get it. Sod the harm caused to anyone or anything else. Because you are more important.

We are so accustomed to narcissism that we make endless excuses to justify having what we want at the expense of others. I want a car. I want a computer. A birthday party, a cream cake. How is that car made, who is it made by, how about the roads that are needed to run cars on, the deaths caused by cars. The camera images tell you you are beautiful if you have a car, they tell you roads are beautiful, so is driving, you have made it in life like the other beautiful people. It is all very glamourous, and you wouldn’t harm anyone would you ?

Or maybe you don’t go for glamour, but you have and do certain things for your own convenience, because you “need” it, or to make yourself feel better, or to LOOK good, to keep up appearances, to keep up with the narcissism around you.

The reflection in the mirror tells us that slave traded goods are fair trade. All is well, the mirror says so. And you are beautiful if you are a fair trade person, because the mirror says you are fair, and you wouldn’t knowingly harm anyone would you ?

Best not to know ! Then you can’t “knowingly” harm. Just carry on and look at the reflection.

The mirror tells us that charities are good and beautiful. If you see a tiny glimpse of harm in the world that makes you feel sick and ugly, you can donate and become beautiful once more. You can donate to charity, or church or government, and it is a sort of penance to absolve guilt, or to get someone else to take the ugly blame.

The mirror is a liar. But it claims to tell the truth. And the lies of the mirror are more palatable than looking at the truth through and beyond the glass. I think the Sun has blinded us with its bright light, and limited our vision, so we do not have to see the truth beyond the glass.

It doesn’t take much to look beyond the mirror, behind the lens, behind the scenes or seens, to see exactly how the rich and splendid society that we live in is so cruelly created and maintained and grown ever bigger. But noone wants to admit their part in the harm. (See Pleading Guilty). You wouldn’t harm anyone knowingly would you? There is always a mirror popping up everywhere for us all to gaze into to absolve ourselves of any guilt, to make sure we don’t connect ourselves with the harm. Often that mirror is everyone else around us who is doing the same.

Look at Me ! Look at Us !

I am feeling increasingly sick at the narcissism of the world around me, even though I see I am part of that narcissism. Are we all subliminally “sickened” by the harm in the world that we all partake in ?

The mirror is in our mind. On one side of the mirror is our conscious mind, pretty small it is, and below or behind the mirror is the deep dark lake of the subconscious wherein lies the truth.

People are full of ideas of their own self improvement, no matter what the unseen cost to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. If you can pay for the harm with money, it is deemed “fair”. If the mirror says you are good, then you have a permit to carry on harming. All is ok if you look good.

Of course the truth filters into us somehow, deep down we all know it. We consume products made from harm every day, cars, computers and sugar (see Silver Spoon). People’s motivation to give up sugar is entirely for their own health promotion, not for any concern at the harm caused in growing it and transporting it to the mouth. Sugar is a plant, and I would argue it is healthy to eat. What is not healthy is the harm done to get it to you. Not the harm to you, the harm to others. The harm caused along the way is surely imprinted on the sugar somehow, as all particles keep records and memories. The truth of the story of the sugar is stored in the sugar. So when you eat the sugar, you eat the truth of it too. And now the truth is in your body, making you sick.

With all our products, we are consuming, creating, and perpetuating more and more harm to the world. That harm grows inside us, like a cancer.

Everyone with a computer is still practising some form of mirror gazing. Me included… though the view I see beyond the mirror clearly says I should just get off the internet completely. The internet harms, the internet is ugly. Even if large amounts of so-called “good” is done amongst the harm, it is not worth it.

The Green movement is a fantastic new worldwide charity that is going to allow everyone to carry on as before with “Green” products. It is a green mirror, it will make you feel beautiful, and it lies. Maybe daffodils will start to turn green to match.

The entire world is being converted to Great Western Ways, SION, VISION, Sun worship, narcissism, mirrors and screens. We are all LOOKING at the glass. And it is a death warrant for our Mother Earth.

Even now, I am inclined to write something like “If you want to stop cancer, then stop harming”, but isn’t that somewhat narcissistic ? Do I believe that the only way people will stop harming is if they think there is something in it for them ? How well trained I am.

Love is not made to be reflected back to love only yourself. Love is meant to radiate outwards freely to all around. The Sun seems to have replaced love as the radiating authority of the world. And the glass has blocked the flow of love by constantly returning it to the sender.

Now to return to the country of Wales, and its involvement in the Narcissism. Because the word “Narwal” keeps coming to mind. Wales is always the poor relation in the United Kingdom, and has no place on the coat of arms. English George defeated the Welsh dragon and now Wales has a narcissistic daffodil label of death instead. The Prince of Wales is heir or air to the throne of England, and I am sure the intention is to subsume Wales to become The West of England. It seems to me that there is some annoying fiery spirit or remnant of resistance in Wales that must be stamped out by the ruling powers. Something pre-history, something before the looking glass began. Could it be something to do with a whale? The Narwal is a whale, sometimes called NarWhale.

“Whale” has morphed to “Wale” and soon will morph to “Wall”. A glass wall. Maybe the wall is the Western Wailing Wall of Davids city, where we wail with sickness and we practise destruction of Whales and Wales via international Whaling. More walls, less whales. The Narwal is a rare species of whale, almost, but not quite mythological, because it still just about exists. The male narwal has a mysterious single long tusk that is actually an upper tooth, and it is known as the Unicorn of the Sea. The symbol of the United Kingdom shows the Lion controlling the chained Unicorn. Maybe that is where the symbol of Wales got to ? (See The Lion and The Unicorn).

The Narwal lives in the Arctic. The Arctic is beyond the mark of the yellow Star of David, and the experience of the Sun is very different there. In one of our years, the Narwal experiences a single day and a single night, each lasting 6 of our months. Do you think the Narwal exists at a slower speed ? I do. The Narwal’s Latin name is Monodon Monoceros. A moonly sort of name.

One day the Whales and the Welsh will be gone, the Arctic too, destroyed by our narcissism, and we will have no trace of what we once had. We will be sicker and our world will be uglier and this will be so normal we won’t even notice. We won’t know the Narwal ever existed because our memory will get overwritten by a replacement memory delivered to us through the lying mirror and the culture of looking at glass.

Narcotic narcissus. It is the poppy that is supposed to be narcotic, methinks the narcissus is too. The Narcissus is a psychotic narcotic affecting the mind. Narcissism is now classed as a personality disorder, and it’s taking over the mind of the world. The glass is taking over the world too.

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2 Responses to Narcissus

  1. suliwebster says:

    The Sun has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it’s official ! NPD sufferers believe that the world revolves around them…

  2. suliwebster says:

    Narcissus bulbs grow towards the light, just as the Narcissus flower faces the light. Maybe it’s a sort of light bulb.

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