Carbon Currency

There are lots of different forms of currencies in the world, like water, electricity, blood and money. All things that flow. It seems that carbon is a currency that has been around a long time without us even realising that it is being traded. Carbon currency seems to be so widely traded that it even includes those that live in the sky. I would say that carbon is an inter-planetary currency. The universal currency. Someone here on Earth is trading carbon with someone up in the sky. And we humans are the producers, the slaves and slave drivers that keep making carbon here on our slave planet slave plantation.

In 1776, James Watt invented the steam engine. This was the advent of fossil fuel burning. Coal could then be burnt at a fast and furious rate to power mills, factories, then trains, and eventually cars. The steam engine is an external combustion engine, the car engine is an internal version. They both COMBUST, in other words “burn”. The invention allowed the industrial revolution to get off its dependence on siting itself by unpredictable natural water resources like rivers, and industry became mobile, any time anywhere, ALWAYS ON, just as long as you got a big hoard of coal to burn.

Industry is another word for “work”. If you are industrious you are working hard. Let’s get more industrial, let’s have more work ! Keep running around in your car ! Keep working hard, doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, just keep at it. The faster the better.

Anyone following US history will notice that 1776 was also the start date of American Freemasonry, same date as the steam engine was invented. Here is another 1776….

In 1776, Adam Smith published ” The Wealth of Nations”. Adam Smith is still revered, his head is on the British twenty pound note because he created better factory production methods resulting in an increase of “quantity of work”. Better slavery, well done Adam. Notice the importance of more “work”, rather than more products or more efficiency. It is the amount of work that matters, the amount of industry, doesn’t matter what we make, just keep up the combustion. Faster and faster! More and more work ! The twenty pound note is a symbol of money as currency, or even paper as currency. That’s a neat coincidence, because more work equates to more money.,

Fossil fuel burning and “free market” global trade were kick started at the same time. 1776. What a coincidence! The technology to set up factories anywhere, and to transport goods anywhere, coincides with setting up global free trade market structures to allow it, and perhaps more importantly, to encourage it. So that good financial profit could be made from greater quantity of work. And all the worlds profiteers would jump to it, following the free trade incentive schemes to generate MORE WORK. MORE TRANSPORT. MORE INDUSTRY. MORE and MORE.

I think an incentive scheme is an incendiary scheme or incendiary device like a combustion engine. It burns more and more, consumes more and more, and as a result, we get more and more output. More carbon into the atmosphere.

Endless fossil fuel burning is causing what is known as “global warming”. I have no idea what the truth of this is, except that hot air is obviously being sent skywards, and that we are powering the glow ball Sun in the sky. But you don’t need any expertise or scientific training to notice that mining seriously damages the Earth, and that cars, factories and trains seriously damage the Earth, and the whole lot frequently kills people and animals in “accidents”.

A very interesting observation is that the financial markets and global warming patterns go hand in hand. (See book ref below). The only dip in global warming growth was during the financial crisis. Otherwise the money increases in parallel with the global warming. Big money is made by burning fossil fuels big time. No matter what the apparent huge cost of these monstrous fossil fuel burning machines, they curiously seem to generate money.

The steam engine burns coal. Coal is carbon, buried deep in the Earth, where it should be left alone. Coal is extracted from the earth by invasive mining and the job to do it is practically slave labour. The process of mining it brings the carbon up to ground level. The process of burning it releases carbon up to the sky.

In two steps, the carbon has transferred from deep in the Earth to high in the Sky.

Why ? Why is it so imperative that carbon is raided from Earth and transported to the Sky ? Why are all the structures set up to do this, even though it makes no sense whatsoever ?

Global trade makes sure we are constantly burning fossil fuels for no good reason. Global trade makes no sense. The same amount of ginger biscuits are exported from Britain as imported. It creates more work. Goods from abroad are cheaper than ones down the road. A bottle of wine from Australia costs five quid, I couldn’t even post an empty bottle for that price, it would probably cost me a twenty pound note. It is not economically viable unless the market is twisted to make it so. The market is twisted to make things “free” that are not really free. Things like people’s work, things like mined coal, things like setting up new factories with bank loans.

People have been indoctrinated with “Economies of Scale”. This justifies why everything is the wrong price. It explains why things made miles away are cheaper than the same thing nearby. This idea of Economies of Scale stops us looking any deeper, and helps us to enjoy cheap prices without questioning. It helps us to buy more, and fuel more global trade. I am mighty sick of Economies of Scale.

The twenty pound note reminds us that things are cheap because of Economies of Scale. The twenty pound note reminds us that we are ruled by money, and cheap is always good, and Free is even better.

The Economy of Scale is really about trading on a bigger scale. Making the economy a world scale economy, a universal economy.

The end goal is putting more carbon into the sky. Why ?

All the crazy international trade means goods being transported, burning more and more and more fossil fuels. The output is a gas containing carbon, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Once carbon is converted from solid to gas, it can be transported to the sky by rising upwards. The planets can then harvest the carbon for their energy source. Humans are transported goods too, when they get transported as tourists, or commuting, or on business trips, it all burns and releases carbon.

The year 1776 symbolises exploiting Mother Earth to feed the Sky program. The universal trade is carbon. The currency is carbon. Universal trade is trading with the glow ball in the sky. Carbon is energy, and it feeds the stuff in the sky. Money is just an Earthly currency to manipulate the carbon currency.

Trees and plants take in carbon and store it. They reduce the atmospheric carbon and capture it back into the depths of Mother Earth. Mother Earth needs the carbon. If the Earth is carbon depleted, she is going to get colder and lose her energy. Not to mention all the holes from the mining and drilling. We will become more and more dependent on the Sun, and the Earth and its natural energy will deplete.

The trees and plants are being chopped down more and more, so that the balance is more in favour of the Sky, not the Earth. The less plants there are acting for the Earth, the more carbon stays in the air and feeds the sky. The more industry, the more machines, the faster and faster we all go, the more carbon feeds the sky. We need to leave the carbon in the ground and only take what we need through the plants. We need to have enough plants to absorb the carbon we give out.

Humans breathe out carbon. We are urged to eat more carbs, and to do more exercise to increase the amount of carbon we suck up through our carbon food, and breathe out in carbon oxides form. Humans are little mobile work factories breathing carbon outputs, and that is the right amount to keep things in balance with the plants. (Please see U R What You Eat).

Fossils are bones. Even car.bon looks like car.bone. The bones of the carrier, the one who carries us is our Mother Earth, we are all her children. Coal is the bones of Mother Earth, oil is her blood, No wonder so many people are getting bone problems to go with the bone depletion of the Earth.

The idea behind steam engines and other similar machines is that we become liberated and freed from nature. Man can conquer Nature and control it. Man can even live on a planet in the sky, he is so clever ! It’s not working, is it ? Maybe there is another way, one that might be worth a try, to go back to Nature and work gently with her flow. Nature, if left alone, works well.

Someone somewhere is getting a reward or a threat to continue this carbon exchange with the sky, someone who is directing things on Earth. I would like to know what the exchange rate is… What is the sky paying back in exchange, and who on Earth are they paying to be our director.

Ironically, paper currency, such as money and legal documents, is made from chopping down trees. The paper industry promotes planetary carbon flow, whilst depeleting the carbon flow back to Earth due to less trees.

We have a natural cycle with the Plants of Mother Earth. We are being persuaded to abandon that in favour of a relationship with the Planets run by the very dubious Sky controllers, by feeding our carbon currents to the Planets and the Sun, probably via the Moon.

We don’t need the machines, the cars, or factories, but we do need the trees and the plants. Planets or plants, where should the carbon go ? Who do you want to give your carbon output to ? Who do you want to fuel and give power to ? the natural Earth or the man made stuff in the Sky ?

The Big Green movement won’t be any better. It will just be yet more industry with a new logo. It is surely a joke that we give away too much energy to the sun with all our over work and over use of machines, over industriousness, and then we build yet more machines from yet more mining to capture a tiny bit of that energy back through solar energy ? Why don’t we just give less away in the first place by doing less ? Or give it back to Mother Earth and stop mining her and harming her ?

I started this post with the expression “Slave Planet”. “Save The Planet” is starting to take on new meaning. It’s part of the Big Green Industry hype. We are being urged to save the planets in the sky, or maybe even save towards supporting a new planet that will take off from Earth. We are not being urged to turn towards loving the Earth and stopping the harm. Mother Earth was once called simply Earth, then Planet Earth, and now it seems we are The Planet. Both Mother and soil are being wiped out.

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The Bank of England Twenty Pound Note states : “The division of labour in pin manufacturing: (and the great increase in the quantity of work that results)”

Book: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. (about climate change).
Book: The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell (about Northern England mining communities)

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1 Response to Carbon Currency

  1. suliwebster says:

    A few updates on other ways to release carbon to the sky….

    Sexual energy… We are constantly told that sex can burn off the calories at high speed. Eat more carbs, as much as you like it seems if you have lots of sex, because you can “burn” it off and never get fat.

    Dung… and manure. Most of our carbon waste that goes out through our lower body outputs is in the manure, not the urine. This carbon can be delivered back to the Earth to keep it healthy. Or it can be burnt as dung for fuel. Anything burnt small scale by hand collecting it for personal needs is going to be ok. It is when it reaches the greed of commercial and industrial scales that the Earth suffers. Watch out for any industrial scale Big Green Dung burning projects.

    Fermentation… This is a process required to make alcohol from sugar. The process releasee CO2. The slavery of sugar, and the carbon released in its manufacture and transportation adds to the carbon donated to the sky. Fermentation is also part of the process used to make bread.

    Carbon is in bones, hence “carbon dating” of ancient bones. We usually cremate our dead these days, cemeteries are too full. (see Creme and Cement). The bones do not actually burn, and are ground down to ash, but never mind, the amount of carbon generated by the cremation process is equivalent to a 500 mile car trip. Crematoriums are power stations, and they are powering the sky at the expense of the Earth, same as all the other power stations.

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