Scrambled Eggs

Eve’s eggs got scrambled by Adam’s intervention. It’s a bit like the game of Scrabble whereby all the letters get mixed up. You have EEEEE for Eve, then you scramble it up with AAAAA and you get a hybrid of maybe EEAAE or AEAAE.

And so a new hybrid being was born, lets call it “Homo”, by mixing up Adam and Eve. Maybe it’s an F1 hybrid like the plants and seeds you can buy at the garden centre. Maybe the human race is like a Formula One race of high speed cars busy spewing out carbon at high speed, racing noisily and pointlessly round and round a track.

Many people would like boys and men to behave as boys and men should do, and women and girls to behave as women and girls should do, and are alarmed that so many people these days are behaving outside of their allotted gender role. I think the explanation lies in the scrambled egg.

Your “sex” is determined by a tiny tiny portion of your genetic make up. This tiny part of you decides whether or not you have male or female sexual parts. Yet this tiny part of you is deemed to be the main feature of your body, and your life, and the Number one formula for allocating your category.

Is it a boy or a girl ? You can find out the sex before birth now, it seems to be an important factor in everyone’s mind. The first thing you are told when your child is born is its sex. It sets the category for life. You get colour coded blue or pink, and I would say your entire upbringing is primarily based around your sexual category, down to the clothes that you wear, and your hairstyle, and separate toilets.

So here is some simplified genetics…

Let’s say Adam has a set of genes labelled “Aaaaaa” (though really he has far far more than this) and Eve has genes labelled “Eeeeee”. The gene in CAPITALS being the sex determinant.

These are the sort of children that Adam and Eve could produce by the mixing up of their genes…

You may get a child “Aaaaaa”, pure Adam. Or “Eeeeee”, pure unadulterated Eve. Or you may get “Aeeaae”, half/half, but with the sex organs of a boy. Or “Eeeaaa”, half/half but with the sex organs of a girl.

Or you might get “Aeeeee”, it’s a boy !
Or you might get “Eaaaaa”, It’s a girl !

Can you see that there is a little problem with categorising babies primarily on their sexual characteristics? A boy may actually be mostly made of Eve, and a girl maybe mostly made of Adam. Yet their life paths are socially organised for them based on their genitals.

In some ways we are all the same, all children of a mother, and all made of Earthly matter. But in other ways we are all differently scrambled, and have our own unique scrambling patterns. We are all Genetically Modified code, and have been for ages.

(This is just your genetic programming you are born with, and there are other factors which affect your life too, including the altering of your genetics by environment, and how you are “trained”).

Homo means “male” or “same”. Adam has introduced the Homo Genes. You homogenise milk by shaking it all up and making the cream and milk mix together in one samey mixture. You scramble eggs by beating the yolk and white together before cooking, mixing them all up in one samey mixture. Homo Genise means to mix up and make all samey.

What are the Homo Genes ? I think Adam was created by God or Santa Satan or some other High in the Sky sort of being to steal and control. Adam was a Roman robot, designed to lead us astray. Adam is “Add AM”. It’s like an instruction for a recipe. Add AM to the egg and scramble. AM is Anti Mullerian Hormone, it comes ready mixed in semen, and it is added to destroy the female egg and take control by constructing something bigger and better instead.

The Homo Genes provide the attributes we tend to think of as male, but they are actually robotic and destructive, egotistical, hell bent on making machines and building towers, and man-aging others. Endless construction on the Earth seems to involve endless destruction. And Adam constructs his hybrid offspring by destroying parts of the Eve egg.

Hence some men seem to be very female, some women appear very male. I keep noticing things like women with very deep Adam apple male voices, for example. There are robotic women who seem very unearthy, and there are men who are very connected to Earth and who hate F1 racing cars. Then we get transsexuals who feel so wrongly categorised, based on one tiny little sex gene, that they want to alter their own mother-made physical body to change category.

We can always find plenty of examples of women and men behaving outside their primary gender category, and having physical attributes of the opposite sex. Because we are all scrambled.

It seems to me that physical matter is a female matter, and spirit is the role of the male. Body form should be female. The inhabiting fire and air of spirit should be male. And sex should be wiped off the agenda and the gender of Earthly beings.

We can no longer distinguish male from man. Adam is an imposter who has tried to create the male spirit guide in the bodily form of female Earthly matter. I do not know how this came about, whether as an experiment or some form of greed, but it happened and now look where we are. It was all a horrible mistake, but I think it can be put right if there is a will to do so. And perhaps a more important first step is to work out what the mistake was and still is.

If you don’t fully understand the truth of the mistake, you will get easily hoodwinked into someone else’s agenda (government, religion, charity, green movement or something) and their version of putting things right. They will probably give you a set of instructions as to what to do, a bit like a new recipe, maybe a new recipe for using (and abusing) eggs.

In the process of creating a male body form, we have lost our understanding of both spirit and matter. We see female and male as two opposing forms of physical matter that come together through the brutality of sexual invasion. And the forgotten and quiet male spirit is replaced by governments and religions and media that noisily invade our mind.

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2 Responses to Scrambled Eggs

  1. vivienne offord says:

    I actually think mind equates to the male and spirit to the female. There is a clue in the Tarot card The Lovers. The man looks at the woman and doesn’t seem to see the angel above, whereas the woman is staring at the angel. The man accesses the spiritual through the woman.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thats very interesting, thankyou. I notice that things are quite often inverted to cause confusion.
      I have recently been thinking along similar lines with sexual activity, and how the man can only get his charge through the woman, by feeding off her charge. That would mean that the “charge” I talk about is the female spirit.

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