Just A Little Prick

“Just a little prick, it won’t hurt a bit !” That’s what the doctor or nurse always says. A little prick is an injection of a needle or pin like thing into your body, either to stuff some poison into you, usually a vaccine, or to steal something from you, for example, your blood.

I think Adam’s first tool was probably a syringe, and it was separate from his body.

And then over time, the syringe design was improved upon, and the syringe tool became part of the male anatomy, genetically coded into the male sex, and the syringe got bigger and bigger until eventually it was quite a big prick. And the great thing was that the body was programmed to keep manufacturing the poison in little red sacs, so there was always an available supply on tap, ready to inject, at any opportunity.

Are things going full circle ? Though the more I write this blog, the more I see that time is a trick and everything is happening all at once. The Adam and Eve story is playing out now, it’s just a more modern version.

Women these days are finding a new way to have children that does not involve a big prick. Modern woman is going for just a little prick. Women are using syringes to get pregnant. It is unfortunate that women still believe they need poison injected to create a baby, but that’s how we have been indoctrinated.

I don’t know how this little prick thing began this time round, but I notice that lesbian women reproduce by getting some male friend to load up the syringe for them.

Then there is IVF treatment for infertile couples which involves doctors and labs and little pricks.

Then there are women that pay money to go to clinics for an appointment with a loaded syringe, because they don’t want or don’t have a man to do the job.

So maybe the story of Adam and Eve was something along the lines of playing Doctors and Nurses. Doctor Adam will fix your reproduction problem for you. Eve was the nurturer, and nurturing is what we always thought nurses were for, though nowadays, I think that nurses are too busy with administering drugs and pricks to do much nurturing any more.

Maybe Eve was no longer able to reproduce due to some chemical changes in the Garden of Eden which affected her self-reproductive ability, some chemtrails perhaps, or some poisoned water. Or maybe she was just tempted to have the designer baby that Dr Adam offered her.

So Adam doctored Eve. He took out his little syringe from his black doctor’s case, and filled it with some AM (Anti-Mullerian, anti-woman) poison and told Eve it might work, or she might need another go if it didn’t. And then he said “Lie down on your back. Open wide. Relax. It’s just a little prick, it won’t hurt a bit”. And she opened her legs and let it in.

And a little hole was made in the hymen, and the poison went in, and Eve was no longer a virgin. And then Eve started reproducing boy babies. (Please see I Want One).

Women routinely let in cervical smear test instruments today. We have all got used to that as part of being a woman, it keeps you healthy ! It’s administered, adaministered, by doctors, and it indoctrinates us. It indoctrinates our body, and our mind. Letting in pricks is good for you.

A newborn baby is pricked within minutes of birth, with a vitamin K prick in the heel. Just a little prick. It’s essential for the baby’s good health, and essential for the general training of everyone to accept pricks as good. The first little prick is followed by an intensive vaccine prick programme in the first few months of life.

Vaccines are considered good for your health, and also for the health of the whole population. It seems that male pricks are considered good for you, and good for the whole population too, male pricks are considered essential for the population to grow. If you don’t take the prick of the vaccine, you are witch hunted because you are supposedly putting others at risk. In fact you are putting the vaccine program at risk, because the spread of the poison amongst the population will not be successful unless about 80 to 90% agree to it. I think it is the same with the male prick program. They need the coverage for it to succeed, and succeed it has. We now have a birth rate of 52% boys.

So if Eve started producing boy babies with Adam’s first tool, what will we get on the next upgrade of the tool ?

Well, I think we may get another new agenda gender. A neutral gender. The lesbians who use the DIY method will not be affected by the upgrade, but I think that the administering of poison from the little pricks at the lab is going to start producing a new YY breed. (Boys are currently genetically coded XY and girls XX).

And I can’t help but notice that multiple births are on the increase, especially with Doctoring intervention.

The thing is with eggs produced by Eve, one egg per month, 9 months incubation, it’s all too damn slow. We need a more industrial sort of process like a factory method, to speed it all up, mass produce the workers, and get them fit for purpose straight from birth in standard government “care” centres.

The great thing is with male seeds is that there are millions of them ! Perfect for factory mass reproduction. The industrial age is about to spread to human beings themsleves. We will be made in factories.

The British twenty pound note is proud to announce that Adam Smith is responsible for “the division of labour in pin manufacturing(and the great increase in quantity of work that results)”. A pin is a little prick. A “smith” is someone who makes things, like a shoesmith makes shoes, a goldsmith makes gold or things out of gold, and an AdamSmith makes Adams or things out of Adams.

The X Factor is the magic indefinable quality about someone that draws you in, an almost chemical attraction (and now reduced to a TV game show). I would say it is the Eve factor. On the other hand, the Y Factor is the very opposite, it is the Robot factor, the Adam factor. So it is appropriate that a factorY, factory, will used to make YY babies.

Maybe a few more cycles round the loop, and they will upgrade us to ZZ. We are so willing to cooperate.

The story of Sleeping Beauty is that she pricks herself on a spinning wheel with a little prick. Something to do with Adam no doubt, and a nice bit of bedtime reading for kids. Then Sleeping Beauty falls asleep for 100 years. The joke is that a handsome prince with a big prick wakes her up ! We say that people “wake up” when they realise what is going on in the world, that it is all a big trick. But of course we could so easily just be pricked again with an even bigger prick, and go off to sleep again.

It seems to me that it won’t be long before you can just buy some AM poison off the internet or over the counter from a local Pharma, no clinic required, and maybe you already can. And then like a heroine addict, you just self inject. Go on Eve be a heroine, and shoot up. Shoot up to shoot yourself.

Self injection is getting more mainstream under the auspices of government health care and Pharma corporations, with a growing list of diseases that require emergency self injections, for example, peanut allergy. Self injection is no longer just the stuff of illegal drug users. Injections are so routine in the West that all medical staff seem to be trained to administer them. Self injectors usually carry a loaded syringe around with them disguised as a PEN.

A pin is a little prick, and a pen is a bigger prick. The PEN IS mightier than the sword, and so the penis was named.

A curious coincidence is that you learn how to inject by practising on an orange. The sacred chakra of the womb is the orange chakra, and men have this missing. I have written before about the orange fruit symbolising Eve and her womb. All those that learn to inject are subliminally and symbolically injecting poison into the womb of creation. The womb is the target, and we are cooperating in genetically modifying ourselves.

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