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I am mighty bored of hearing about how the poorest people in Britain are to blame for any economic crisis. They are called “Benefit scroungers” and frequently appear in the News. If only they were stopped, Britain would be Great again like it used to be, blah blah blah.

The Queen is probably the biggest benefits scrounger of all. She too appears frequently in the News showing off all her benefits and her vast numbers of State funded children, grand children, her huge State funded houses etc. All the Royals are on benefits, the government gives them loads of handouts, and arranges various laws so they pick up even more freebies indirectly, such as the Estate of anyone who dies without a will, and the free services of a Government minister to collect Duchy taxes.

We are all on benefits of some sort, because we all belong to a club. I belong to the club called Great Britain, and I am sure there are other similar clubs all around the world. I was signed up to the Club at birth by my proud and loving parents, and I did the same to my own kids. All clubs offer benefits to its members, otherwise noone would bother to join.

Benefits are built into our culture. You join the Club, you pay your subs, you serve the Club, and you remember that the survival and well being of the Club is paramount. And in return for your subs and hard work and loyalty, you get benefits.

All corporations offer its employees a “benefits package”. It is a little trick to make you more tied into the Club that is your employer. You may get a car, or a pension, or discount on goods, holiday pay, sick pay, a staff Xmas party, as well as your wages. Or maybe a Free Lunch, except Free lunches are never really free are they ? The more that your life depends on the club, the more likely you will stay and serve it, and help it be powerful.

The Club of Great Britain offers pension and sick pay, and health care, and free education to all its members. You also have the benefit of being eligible to apply for a passport to temporarily leave the premises of the Club. The British Club is universally respected and powerful, and your passport allows you to visit other similar Clubs around the world.

It is like an insurance policy. People like belonging to these things as a sort of lifetime guarantee on your life. You are the product that is insured. If something goes wrong, you know the Club will sort you out. Clubs look after their members. Where would you be without the Club ? It’s good to belong, isn’t it ?

The method used to provoke anger towards lowly benefits scroungers is that they are not considered proper Club members. It is considered that they have not done enough good service or paid enough subs to warrant what they get given back. The fact that they maybe starving is irrelevant. Scroungers don’t deserve the benefits, and we are always led to think “How did these scroungers get into the Club?”

So you see that the benefits are not a generosity, or a kindness from the government, or even from one set of people to another. It is all about whether or not you are in the Club. Cries are made to expel those from the Club that do not serve it well, especially the hated “immigrants”. The mainstream media uses “benefit scroungers” to promote and reinforce Club mentality amongst its members. Clubs are EXCLUSIVE, you have to be a member to get the benefits. The Welfare State is just the Benefit Department of a very big and powerful Club. It is an illusion that we are part of a caring society. People join the Club for their own benefits, their own lifetime guarantee, and their own safety net.

A benefice of a Church is the payment “in kind” that a vicar or clergy receives that is not money, in return for good services. He may get housing or land as well as wages. It’s very kind of the Church. Churches are clubs too, members pay in subs, and do good services. In return, the Church family will take care of them when they need it, that’s the deal, that’s the benefits. Churches are sometimes known as United Benefice, for example The United Benefice of Mounts Bay, which is interesting…

…because “Ben” is a Word that means “mountain” in Scotland, such as Ben Nevis. It is also a Hebrew name. Big Ben is a tower, another sort of mountain, a man-made one. Ben is very male.

“Bene” means “well, in the RIGHT way”.
“Ben” in Hebrew means “son of the RIGHT hand”.

Ben does not mean left, nor female.

It seems that Ben is about the left brain ruling Lion of Britain. So it is not surprising that we have a Bene Fits Culture, it fits well and right with Britain. You will notice the words MY RIGHT (in French as “MON DROIT” for some Frankish reason) on the British Coat of Arms which is on the passport.

Anyway, back to the benefits scroungers that are much maligned by the media. The Benefits system in Britain is changing. Because there are so many different benefits and it is confusing, so a new UNIVERSAL benefit has been introduced to solve the peceived problem. It won’t solve anything, but it will advance the Agenda of the Club.

I have written much about the words Universal, Universe and Universities and their link to The Pope and his master GOD in the sky. And now we have a Universal Benefit, which is sounding very like the United Benefice of the Church. If it is a Universal Benefit, then there must be a Universal Club to go with it. I am sure everyone will get hooked into it somehow, so we all stay in the Club, the Club which is expanding to a Universal scale.

Universal Benefit It is not called “Benefit”, though, oh no, the word “benefit” means you are a scrounger.

The new Universal Benefit is called “Universal Credit”. It means you have credit.

Have you heard a lot of people lately, saying “The Universe will provide”? Is it being drummed into us that we are to benefit from the sky ? Is the Universal Club something to do with the rulers in the sky, God’s Kingdom ?

There are lots of benefits that people get that they do not seem to realise are benefits. All pensioners are “On Benefits”, for example, probably bigger benefits than poor people bringing up kids. Another new word sneaking in is “credit”. We have “tax credits” which are handouts to people who work, but still can’t afford the stupidly high financial costs of living in Britain in a proper Club like manner. “Credit” seems to be a new form of money, positive money. You get credits for serving the Club. To get tax credits, you have to prove how good a club member you are. I get them, and one box I tick is to send my child to get the benefit of free education.

In the Club of Britain, everyone benefits from cheap imported goods made from slavery abroad, and we wouldn’t want to lose that and pay a proper price for things would we, or even make things ourselves ? You see how we are all benefitting ? Nice life in this Club, good standard of living eh ?

Then there is University Benefit. British children are being encouraged to go onto University benefit big time, and the sums of money involved are getting enormous. The schools have trained the kids to be on benefits all their lives from age 4, by being in the benefit system of freebie education. The parents are happy to send them to school, so all parents are claiming benefits too. University Benefit was once called a grant, and is now called a loan. If you leave school and go to University, you effectively go on benefits, government handouts to those that deserve it, those that get the grades. Maybe that is the Universal Debt system to match the Universal Credit system. Both are benefits of the Club to which you belong, it doesn’t matter which way round it is, you are locked into a relationship with the Club. And your mind is infected by Benefits Culture.

It seems to me that the world is going to be unified and united by Universal things. We are being herded into ONE BIG UNIVERSAL CLUB. The Universal Benefit, and the University Benefit and the United Beneficiary of the Church are paving the way towards a United Universal Roman Catholic Benefice of the World. The ultimate beneficiary is GOD, the Big Benificiary. Big Ben points upwards towards the biggest benefit scrounger of all.

Do you want to leave the Club ? Do you find yourself tied in by the kindly Benefits in kind? I do. It is hard to wean myself off all these support systems because I am used to the Club providing, and I am used to serving and propping up and behaving correctly in the very same Club. I find my mind is predominantly tuned into belonging to this strange man-made Club structure, when actually I belong to Mother Earth and Father Spirit. People often say they are looking to belong somewhere, and I think the membership of man-made Clubs with benefits is filling a void left by severing us from our natural belonging.

If you are on benefits in kind, any that I have described here, and you want to carry on getting them, you behave as a good Club member should. That’s the deal. If you want to quit the Club, you have to quit the benefits too, and that is the hard bit, that’s the bit that noone wants to do, so much easier to just blame the very poor, or the very rich, or the government, or anyone but yourself. If you are claiming any benefits, then you have just as much relationship to the Club as if you are paying taxes. But if you quit the Club, or even reduce your relationship with it, that is less power to the Club. The Club will die without its members.

Perhaps one of the biggest ties is the future benefits. The pension that you have paid into your whole life, which finally allows you to stop working for money, and live off govenment benefits til you die. It’s a pretty big carrot to keep us all in the Club.

Benefits of this sort are no good for any of us, including the Queen who probably has absolutely no single minute of her life which is her own. The more benefits you get, and the more you are promised, the bigger your tie to this horrible and exclusive Club that perpetuates evil. And the harder it is to leave.

The same old dilemma crops up again. I am comfortable, I have everything I need. Does this matter more to me than all the wars, paedophilia, and slavery and other cruelty going on in my name ? Do I care enough about ending the cruelty to make changes to my own life (other than voting or donating), or do I prefer to just CARRY ON CLUBBING… until we are all clubbed to death.

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One Response to Benefits Culture Club

  1. suliwebster says:

    A quote from Utopia by Thomas More (now a saint) seems to confirm this post. The book is 500 years old, nothing much changes over time.
    “Every king is a sort of fountain, from which a constant shower of benefits or injuries rains down upon the whole population”.

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