Electric Fence

A full front page newspaper advert caught my eye recently. It was full frontal in your face and hard to avoid. The ad is for a wristband that you wear which can be scanned to pay for things. Like the new “Contactless” debit cards. The advert used the word “beauty” and I am sure they will be tarting up the wristbands before long to look like fancy desirable jewellry, just like watches already are. (Please see Wrist Brands).

The wrist band is called “bpay”. No need to take cash with you, no need for a plastic credit/debit card ! Fantastic ! What an advance ! It’s quick and easy to pay for things. Scan and go.

People are already paying for things with their mobile devices, and some things no longer accept cash as payment (for example, at least one tube station in London, and the Council bike hire scheme in Bath can only be paid for with electronics).

You can see the way things are going. Firstly, all payment is to be electronic. Secondly, the payment device is becoming increasingly smaller, and increasingly snuggled into your body.

Soon it will be smuggled into our body in some microchip or vaccine injectable form, or maybe a pill, one which we will willingly submit to, and sign our kids up to as well.

If electronics becomes the only way to access things, we are being given a stark choice. Upgrade to the microchip, or take your chances in the wild. If you go wild, you will of course find that you have been brought up to have virtually no skills to survive, and additionally you will face the police of the Empire doing their best to stamp you out. (Or that is certainly what it seems , we don’t really know til we try it though).

You can see how MONEY, as we know it, is just an interim stage. Money is a gatekeeper. Your ability to pay affects what you can and can’t access. Our minds have been trained to everything having a gateway that is policed by money, and in particular the amount of money we have attached to our name.

Money has trained our minds, just listen to the average conversation, and it is all about what you can get and how much it costs.

At the moment, the new bpay band seems to be simply about paying for things with “money” by DEBITing your account with some numbers. But this too is just an interim stage. Here are some other developments that are leading up to the grand finale…

Before long, we will get our earnings paid this way too, our wrist bands will be CREDITed. The numbers will go up, you will get topped up just like a battery.

Our passport details will be added to our wristbands (in exchange for some DEBITing of your numbers). There is already some sort of Google Apple pill you can swallow that remembers your computer passwords by implanting them in your DNA code. Passwords and Passports are both things that enable you to pass through a gate of sorts, and access something.

Any club or scheme or special deal that you belong to, like free airmiles, Nectar points, free coffee loyalty cards, utility bills etc etc, (there are hundreds of them aren’t there ? and people seem to revolve their whole lives around these deals) can be added to your wristband. So all you have to do is flash your wristband across the scanner.

People already have no idea what is going on with their money, and cannot keep track of all the deals they are involved in, it all just happens automatically via their bank account. Easy eh ? No need to keep track, the computer does it all for you ! Are you running your life, or does your bank account run your life for you ?

The new band will all be automatic, so that you have no need to know what is going on. But you will be told by a machine if you are denied permission or access, and you will be told if your funds are getting low and you need to top yourself up. In which case, you go and plug yourself into a job, so that you can get credits.

In schools, kids are being fingerprinted so that their access to classrooms and food can be controlled. This is happening at a secondary school in Bath, where I live. It saves having security codes on all the doors, or kids losing their money or their plastic food payment card. Parents at most schools can now monitor their kids whereabouts online, because even if there is no fingerprinting, a register is taken 5 or 6 times a day at each different room they are supposed to be in.

There is no money credited or debited to get in and out of each classroom, but now we are dealing with a different means to access something…

We have permissions. Do you have permission to get in ? Do you qualify ? Do you have the right grades, have you signed up ? Are you the right age, or sex ? Are you on the list of people allowed in, or on the list of people to be excluded ?

Schools operate like prisons, and as well as kids having permission to get into the classroom they are supposed to be in next, they will be in trouble if they are not there. This is compulsory attendance at a particular time and place.

The whereabouts of the kids and the prisoners are all monitored. If they are not where they should be, an alert will go off. It will be quite easy to track them down, because our whole world is going to be divided off into compartments, and the system will know at which gate it last clocked you.

Phew, that will be a lot of building won’t it ? To build lots of rooms and doors ? Well I think not, because there is already a GPS system which detects exactly where you are, provided you carry a mobile device.The rooms and doors/gates are going to be virtual. You won’t be able to see them.

But if you try and cross a line where you are not allowed to go, maybe there will be a nasty beepy noise like when you walk out of a shop with something that is still electronically tagged. Or maybe, this is the best bit… the microchip built into your body can administer some pain !

You see that wristbands will be no good after a while, because people will take them off, or swap them, especially kids who don’t want to go to lessons. So it will be much more effective if the mobile device is built into you. You can never lose it, and it can be set with your own personal configuration !

All our wristbands will have individual settings, of course, because we are all individual. But you can see how we are being controlled like lab rats.

The thing with lab rats is that they can be trained through carrot and stick methods to run through specific rat runs. Why not do the same with Humans ? It would be great for controlling criminals to keep us all safe. And great for controlling kids to make sure they get the benefit of free education. It will be great for getting into festivals and catching planes too. Surely it’s worth it ?

You just set some gates to be open and pleasurable, and other gates to administer an electric shock. And before long the human rats are trained to run in the prescribed routes.

Cattle are controlled in this way too. The farmers just put up a flimsy, barely visible electric fence. And they use an electric cattle prod. Prod Prod, product.

Over time, we will forget we existed any other way, and newborns will be born and brought up to this way of life. The old ones with memory of something else will eventually die out. And the Grand Finale is that the gates will be controlled so that we are all the same.

We will be kept in separate herds that each have no knowledge of other herds, and NEVER cross paths. We will be moved along in a line, going only forward, never backwards. We will forget that there was ever any other way to move around other than going forward in a line at exactly the same pace as the others in our group.

One invisible gate will open ahead, and the herd will go through. When the last one is through, prod prod, the gate behind will shut, and the next one ahead will open. Eventually this will become so smooth an operation, it will appear continuous. Maybe they will even invent a device in the sky that gives us a helpful clue when to next move, so that we can move before we get prodded. A bit like the Sun tells us at what stage of the day we are at, when to get up, when to sleep.

If you go along with it all perfectly, you experience no pain.

And that is exactly how TIME works. There is still a way out of linear one way street time, and I will hopefully deal with that in another post. There is always a way back if you seek it.

So I would say that there are other herds of people in parallel times that we have become unaware of through the use of electric fences that divide us into separate times.

We must have all swallowed a chip or pill before. Well, not us, our ancestors did, and we just got born into it.

If there are other herds of people trapped in linear one way time, it means there may be people living freely, wildly, who did not swallow the chip. People who are living in vast time and place spaces without any of this control. People who we cannot see because we have been trained into a linear time dimension.

It seems to me that the effects of the pill wear off, and after a while we revert to nature. So there is a need to constantly reinforce the electric fence. This is done with education and vaccines, daily pharma medication, the media and the Church, and the daily drugs in the food. The idea that we revert to nature explains why we sometimes get glimpses of something else, another way of life. Sometimes we see through the fence, or maybe when we are really sick it is because we went right up to the invisible fence and maybe even tried to get over it and got zapped.

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2 Responses to Electric Fence

  1. Elena says:

    Suli – It’s all very Borg like, and made me think of their iconic threat. “We are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.” Assimilated, as in taken in, absorbed, integrated. It seems we’re being ingested and digested by something we can’t even comprehend. We are after all basically energy units, and it would seem the gods are hungry.
    I noticed also the new Windows 10 comes complete with an Artificial Intelligence named Cortana, which they hope users will “get to know and trust”.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, it does seem like that Elena. We are certainly being manipulated as if we are energy units, and nothing more.
      “integrated” is an interesting word that matches how it feels. Also like interrogated, grated great, gated, integrated circuitry.
      “resistance” is also an electrical term for a device that slows down the current. Which means any resistance will reduce the power.
      Personally I prefer to work out how to get out of the Gods circuitry altogether, not go with it, not resist, just get out of the game.
      We are seen by the psychpathic gods as energy units, just as we see cows as food units. But I think there is more to us, and more to cows than just energy units. If we were just energy units, we would not care about paedophilia, wars and slavery, they would just be like board game events.
      I think they can only gobble us up if we are on the right frequency level, same as we have to prepare food before eating so that we can tolerate it.
      We are on the right frequency level for them to eat because we are like them, close to their frequency. They want to raise our frequency, we can lower theirs by making their available food (us) a lower frequency. (lower frequency is slower, closer to Mother Earth).
      The hardest thing is that we are born and raised to serve and feed these psychopathic gods. The more we serve them the more we become like them.
      I often consider option B, stop resisting and just get swept along with it all, but I cant bear the cruelty. I can only tolerate the worlds cruelty if I blank out large parts of myself and pretend for a while, as I am well trained to do.
      I wrote about The Swede Borg, a while back, and I also notice that Scandinavia is Scanned In Aviation. Getting us all to fly is speeding things up, raising us up, getting higher and faster, and barcoded like packaged food products. (I have just been to Scanned In Avia, partaking and contributing to the AIR industry, and can vouch for its leading the way in world scanning).

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