Eye Shoot

We are taught that our senses are for RECEIVING information, and maybe energy too, into our body. But it seems to me that senses can work both ways, and we can also TRANSMIT through our senses.

The eye transmits and receives radiation, in the form of high frequency light waves.

Do you know that feeling when someone is looking intently at you, and you turn and see that they are? Do you ever look at someone and then they look up because they feel your look upon them ?

You can feel a “penetrating stare”. You can “shoot a glance”, at someone. You can “look into each others eyes”. You can feel someone’s eyes “boring a hole in your head”. People have “piercing” eyes. You can “look right through” someone. “That look she gave me”. A look of “daggers”, maybe. You can “throw” a look, like throwing a spear. “If looks could kill”. His eyes “beamed” at me. He “winked”, like an interruption in a beam of light.

Eyes with intent send out a beam of something, a signal, which is picked up by the receiver. It can be kind, or menacing. You can send out love or hate with your eyes, and maybe you can heal or kill too. I am sure you can send out mixed messages too, with a false acted layer of love masking an intent of hate.

I think the transmission probably works by the eye taking in light rays, and reflecting them out again towards its exact point of focus, to exactly where the eyes are trained, like a gun is trained on someone or something.

Focussing light beams through a lens can be powerful enough to start a fire. (See Moon Eye Money).

You can lock eyes with another, which creates a great intensity of love or hate. Lock and look are similar words, and a look with intent locks you onto the receiver and opens up a connection.

Your eyes are like two internet screens, you can receive, and you can CLICK or press RETURN, or ENTER to send. Like wifi, the transmitted beam is invisible to our eyes, yet we still seem to know that we have received a look.

Stars look down on us. “The stars in the bright sky LOOK down where He lay” goes the Christmas carol. We look up to the sky. You look up information, and you look down your Nose, like the stars look down their nose at us. Starry staring stars stare at us, and we YES back with our eyes, looking up at the stars, our masters. A Star is an aster like a m.aster. By looking back to the star, we say YES. Did you look at that shoooting star ? Stars twinkle and wink at us. What are they doing to us, I wonder ?

Stars of stage and screen beam out at us, the audience, but they are far more controlled than us by the millions of pairs of eyes that are cast back upon them.

It is rude to stare in so many cultures. And we are told not to LOOK at the Sun because it will make us blind with its penetrating beams, and ruin our sense of vision. The Sun is the symbol of daytime vision which dominates our lives.

Eyes are the sense of YES (Please see The Eyes and the Nose). You avert your eyes to say NO, you avert your eyes to avoid engagement, to avoid the power of the locking together of eyes, and the agreement to engage in battle or love. In some cultures, the woman’s look at a man is taken as a YES.

Couples sit opposite each other at a Roman.tic meal, and lock eyes as a prelude to coupling copulation. At the alter, they lock eyes and agree the deal. They YES with their eyes. That is the signal.

You can cast your eyes around you. What are you casting, what are you forming with your eyes ? Are you moulding something ? What are you be witching with your eye casting ?

If you are being watched by being witched with another’s eyes, your behaviour automatically changes. Which is why nothing captured on film is ever “real” or “natural”. You have been cast into a role for the watching eyes. You know if you are being watched, don’t you ? You feel it. And your behaviour subtly alters to respond to the audience.

You can read things about another person by locking eyes with them. So much can be exchanged in a momentary mutual glance. The truth cannot be hidden. The open eye is a pathway into your hidden and private information, like allowing someone access to your personal computer, or an open window into your house.

You open your eyes to see, and you open your eyes to be seen into. It is a baring of the soul, an agreement to share.

The North American Indians do not like being captured on film, because it captures their soul. And maybe that is why the American Museum in Bath has an exhibition of lots of photos of them for visitors to rudely stare at. Because the Museum represents white male supremacy, and the capturing of the Indian soul.

Cameras shoot things, guns shoot. Eyes shoot too. We all carry guns, two of them, in the form of our eyes. Shooting is an invasive and often unwanted intrusion. IN TRUE SION, Sion being the Sun that illuminates and allows our sense of daytime Vision.

Use your eyes wisely, to harm or to heal or to avert, they have more power than we have been led to believe. We live in an overly Yessing culture, and I think we live in an overly VISION orientated culture too.

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5 Responses to Eye Shoot

  1. dognamedblue says:

    secret service are taught when following someone to look at their feet rather than at their head as they know all about this
    the work of Rupert Sheldrake Phd would be of interest on this subject
    “Dogs who know when their owners are coming home” one of many titles on the subject
    to do with the electro-magnetic frequency waves we give of

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks dnb.
      There is a book called The Field by Lynne McTaggart about similar stuff, and surprise surprise, the CIA always get involved when they hear of any new discoveries.
      I also notice that babies get distressed when they get too many people just looking at them for too long, especially strangers or maybe it is people that have horrible stuff hidden inside that the baby can read? Fear, perhaps…

      • suliwebster says:

        I just checked in my book The Field, and she cites Rupert Sheldrake’s work. Thought the name sounded familiar. I think there may be overlap with Alan Turing’s work on morphenogenesis too. I will look out for his books…

  2. Noo says:

    That’s interesting about the Secret Service. I haven’t read Rupert Sheldrake’s book but he has some good talks on YouTube.

    I hope I’m not taking the topic off at too much of a tangent, but that sense of being stared at is very powerful and unmistakeable. It’s quite unnerving when you feel it when there’s actually nobody visibly there! Many years ago I went to visit my sister in a house she’d just moved into. I couldn’t shake that feeling of being stared at, particularly when I was alone in a room, even the bathroom. After a while I mentioned it to my sister, who shrugged it off and said she hadn’t noticed anything, but it did unnerve her a bit when we saw the cat sitting in the middle of the room, staring intently into empty space and growling softly at some unseen threat! Some time after this, my sister told me that her two children (boy and girl, aged about 5 and 7 at that time) had stopped sleeping through the night in their own rooms and started – independently of each other – bringing their duvets through and bedding themselves down on the carpet in her bedroom every night. My niece used to say she would wake up with the idea that there was a man standing in her room. This went on nightly for six years until they moved out of the house! I visited them on and off while they were there – even house-sat on a couple of occasions – and never shook the being-stared-at feeling, although it was never again as strong as on my first visit. I even once or twice caught myself silently and sternly telling the “watcher” to go away and stop bothering people, if I became particularly aware of it. I forgot about it after my sister and her family moved out of the house, until some years later I found myself living nearby. There had been several occupants of my sister’s old house since she moved, and the current family were in the process of moving out. The main reason, I found out, was that the family’s two teenage daughters felt so uncomfortable in the house that they didn’t like being left alone there even for a short while. I sometimes wonder who/what the “watcher” was. The house was fairly new – certainly no classic “haunted house” atmosphere, no known history of odd happenings, and whatever it was didn’t seem to affect any of the other houses round about. But when I think back on it, I can still sense that “every hair on the back of my neck standing up” feeling the first time I was alone in a room in that house. I was standing at the basin in the bathroom washing my hands, my back to the door, and the feeling was so intense that I actually turned round to look behind me!

    • suliwebster says:

      All going off at tangents is welcome, Noonoo.
      Maybe the house was built on a site where something happened before? Maybe some old trees were chopped down, slaughtered, or someone was killed or harmed there. The happenings of other times are always stored at the place they happened in some sort of memory, like the body holds scars of past events.
      I find many houses have a bad air (“miasma”) about them which seriously affects inhabitants and visitors. Living in one seriously impacts your life. I think it can be put right, cleared, by a certain type of energy dowser, though I do not know if this merely shifts the problem elsewhere. These houses are often ok by superficial measurements (look pretty in photos etc).
      A friend of mine lives in such a house, I had a nightmare about it a few days before she moved in, and I blame it for the collapse in our relationship.
      I lived in one for 10 years, (not as bad as your sisters) everyone said how nice it was, and I said that is because all my energy is battling the bad energy to make it ok for us to live here, and I am exhausted making it nice. It was a relief when I was finally able to find a way to move out.
      It seems to be one of the problems of our fixed state of abodes. Moving on is not simple in the Western world, and we generally fail to link happenings and sickness to specific places. I now live on a boat, frequntly moving, and I can detect changes in energy of a place, just by moving twenty yards.
      There’s something about cats. They tune into energy lines, and I always feel they can see other times, transit across times. Maybe that is why witches keep cats, a sort of handy tool to alert them, like a canary in a coal mine.

      Wouldn’t the world be different if people routinely shared experiences like yours Noonoo, instead of our topics of conversation (and our actions too) being dictated by TV, newspapers etc. We would all be so much wiser to the truth. I guess with the TV, people are locking their eyes in engagement with the TV.

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