George Engineering

Well, it seems to me that a new planet or spaceship or rocket is being built or has been built, and maybe Richard Branson has something to do with it, and maybe the new planet is called George. Gorgeous George, it’s going to be fab !

And maybe the Geo engineering (including chemtrails), has something to do with engineering the new planet George. You know the usual story… how they are doing all this Geo George engineering stuff to Save the Planet. Earth is now called Planet or Geo, but maybe it is not Earth that is being engineered, but a new Geo Panet called George. Earth is being mined and slaughtered and sacrificed to engineer planet George. Earth is being slayed and layed, as George slays the Dragon. And George will steal the fire from the Earth and use it to power up his rocket to the Sky. Leaving the launchpad of Mother Earth in a sorry post launch state.

Geo sounds like G.O. GO. Green light is for GO, I think that is an international signal (apart from the NSPCC campaign to protect children from abuse, which is a GREEN SPOT logo meaning STOP, kids need to show the green light to a abusers to get them to STOP). George Geo Green Grow Go, Go, GO…. Wheeeeeee, up into the sky, what fun !

The layer of cloud created by chemtrails will probably support the new planet somehow. Maybe it will be a little cushion of mineral supplies, or maybe a communication cloud, or maybe it will be a screen so the inhabitants can’t see Earth below them, like when you go up high in a plane. And see that amazing cloudscape, all white and pure ! It feels like another planet up there doesn’t it ?

They will need a new race of people to populate the planet and run everything. People that can adapt to being always indoors. People that are robotic. People that want to be higher up the power chain.

The technology and the supplies are already in place.

Human embryos are stockpiled in the name of helping infertile couples.

Blood is stockpiled in the name of helping injured or sick people, particularly Type O Negative blood.

Technology to build whole new human beings is in place.

Humans are being trained to exsit almost entirely in offices, factories, housing, and endless hours in transport containers, especially planes. Humans are being trained to exist in small spaces and travel in linear lines from one node to another on their limited network believing themselves to be free.

Humans are being trained to live in a screen world.

Humans are being trained to eat astronaut style packet food.

The most successful humans will be selected ! Wow, what an honour !

Fuel is needed to power the new spaceship or planet, and that is why we here on Earth have been busy sending large amounts of carbon to the sky for the last 200 years or so. And we are all set to increase that dramatically with China and other countries about to belch out even more. The carbon generation is rolling out across the whole of Earth. The entre sky must be covered, it seems.

The carbon is already stockpiled in the atmosphere, and those left behind will continue to generate more to please the Gods in the sky, including the new God of the new planet. If we don’t please and appease God, we soon get punished, so we learn.

The campaign to “Save The Planet” is like a piggy bank. We are saving up to build and launch The Planet, the new planet of the future. But Earth is not a planet, it is our source of all our energy, our Mother. And all the planets in the sky are inside the womb of Mother Earth, and they feed off her and deplete her like parasites.

The planets that we see in the sky are globes or discs moving about, just like UFOs, except that planets have more predictable movements, which gives them a sort of God like authority over us.

The planets that already exist may be inhabited too, fuelled by our carbon donations that we rob from the Earth and feed to the sky. Donate more ! Exercise more, Do More, consume more, trade more….

Suppose that the existing planets are spaceships, then people would live on the inside, always indoors, as modern day humans are being trained to do. No telescope is going to spot the inhabitants behind their outer casing. The planets may have spaceships that go off on tour from time to time, and these maybe what we see as UFOs.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is saving the plants ready for lift off. They need plants to grow on the new planet, ones genetically modified for artificial indoor growing as many of our supermarket food plants are now grown. Have you noticed how many of the British supposedly indigenous herbs and plants are described as being brought to Britain by the Romans ? Well it looks to me like the same thing will be repeating when the new new Romans or Georgians head off to inhabit and settle on the new planet. And being Romans or Georgians, they will be taking their slaves too, and their armies and their orgy style lifestyle (which will include the children).

The illusion of the new planet will be that it is self-sufficient. There seems to be some work in progress for that too. The Venus Project, for example, builds hideous “self sufficient” “Eco” islands, that require lots of slavery and destruction to build, and require extraction from nature to maintain. They look very high tech and unearthly. They look like spaceships. These are practice runs for the new planet, and are part of the Geo engineering agenda.

The new planet will be fuelled by a carbon tax. A tax is a demand, a cut of the profit, a tithe to feed the King. It is an attack on the tax payers. We will have to keep paying the carbon taxes to fuel the planets, to FEED the planets, to feed the King. While the King basks in the glory of adulation from his people below him.

God Save the King. Save him on his own planet. Locked in like money is saved in a safe.

Is the human race a competition between plants and planets, competing for the carbon ? Who do you vote for, where are your donations going ?

The plants need the carbon, here on Earth. Otherwise Earth will eventually run out. We need to save the plants, not the planets, and we certainly don’t need any MORE planets to support, more planets to keep on taking more taxes. Carbon surpluses in the atmosphere are created by the balance sheet of carbon output vs carbon absorption. People and machines are spewing out too much carbon, and there are not enough trees and plants to absorb it back. A deliberate calculated imbalance to leave a good surplus in the sky.

And all because of greed and fear.

Unfortunately it seems we are all in a carbon chain of sorts. We are connected by shared Father spirit and shared Mother Earth to all those in the sky, as we are all connected to all humans and animals and plants, and indeed planets. In the same way, we are all related to the Queen and the Pope, whether you like it or not.

So those ones in the sky are our ancestors and our relatives, and we cannot ignore their plight. From time to time they appear in their UFOs, and maybe they steal some Earthly inhabitants, or they rape the Earthly females. Or maybe they leave messages as crop circles, because they want us to know they are there.

I am sure that those in the sky are even more over-consuming than anyone here on Earth, higher up the hierarchy higher.archy. And although they believe themselves to be self-sufficient, they are entirely sourced by the Earth as we all are. They have evolved and adapted to be very different from us, and so appear to be an alien race. They are very disconnected from Earth and the nurture and nature provided. And they are fed and supported through a very long complicated supply chain, even worse than what we have in England.

The hierarchy keeps growing fatter and therefore has to get higher to keep its horrible hierarchical shape. In order to continually grow, new layers of slaves need to brought in at the bottom, as everyone is encouraged to reach higher, reach for the sky. Its all about advancing and growing and invading. From time to time, a new planet needs to be launched for the overflow of higher people. It’s a bit like the immigrant problem, the ever growing higherarchy needs housing and feeding too. And we all collude in pushing things higher.

We keep worshipping the sky, and growing the higherarchy. We could go the other way if we cut down on the Sky worship, and revere the Earth instead. And gradually bring ourselves back down to Earth.

We are all chained together by the Carbon chain. I do not think we will cut off feeding the sky until every last one of our relatives and ancestors is brought safely back to Earth. It is as if Mother Earth is calling all her children to return, and she will insist that all are fed, until we are all brought safely home, just as she insists we keep feeding the other sort of immigrant, the lower slave level immigrant.

As I write, I am reminded of the “immigrant” newspaper headlines that people always recite to me, how immigrants arrive and use up all our resources and should be banned etc etc. Those that go to the sky are being lured there with a promise of a better world, and they are fleeing from a world that they can no longer tolerate. They want to be free of war and famine, and they have designed a way to do it using high tech, and they kid themselves they are independent. They will probably be exploited when they get there, and held in a constantly orbiting detention prison. And there are probably people already up there who no longer look or behave like Earthly people. (In the same way that Africans, aborigines etc see Westerners as alien mutants).

We can carry on feeding the sky, to give them a lifeline, but we don’t have to feed them more than can be spared. We don’t have to destroy the Earth to do it, because there is enough for all, if there is no greed. We don’t have to worship the Sky, as we are herded to do.

It seems to me that the way back to harmony and shared kindred spirit is to return to Mother Earth, and thereby collapse the hierarchy and the gross domestic product of carbon that feeds it.

Carbon is the element that most easily bonds in chains. It is atomic number six, the mark of sex and hex. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, 666, the mark of the beast. It is the second most present element (after oxygen) in the human body. I think the carbon chain connects us all by its matter. It is through carbon that we are all connected to each other, the plants, animals and the Earth. Our Mother Earth will not be happy til the carbons are all in their right place. The word carbon is from the word for “coal”. Coal black, black is negative, the female. The sickness of Mother Earth and the inhabitants is due to the serious misuse and control of carbon. No taxes, no high tech space ship, no grand design Eco project, no change of government, will solve it. Just slowly come back down to Earth, everyone, in your own time.

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The Man Who Fell To Earth. (David Bowie)

Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan

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