Long To Rain Over Us

If you live in England, you will probably be sick of all the rain this summer. England has a reputation for lots of rain. Could it be something to do with the reign, the Royal reign, and the Royal reins of power that rule over us ?

The Queen reigns over us, and we seem hell bent on saving the Queen that does all the reigning. Even if you think you are not a Royalist, I am guessing that you probably have a few coins or notes saved somewhere in your purse or pocket with the Queen’s Head firmly stamped upon them (or the equivalent ruler in your country if you live elsewhere).

The British National Anthem finishes on a worshipful note…

“Long to Reign Over Us,
God Save Our Queen.”

It seems to be some sort of rain dance. And I would say a money dance too, what with the Queen heading up the money that is to be saved. Save the Queen, Save the Water, Save the Money. The City of London has a reputation as being the finance capital of the world, it is a State within a state with its own private laws. The money and the rain are so very English. Money reigns over us and so does the rain. The movement of money is a form of currency, and so is the movement of water that forms the rain, currents of water.

God has something to do with the rain and the reign too, no surprise there. Maybe the new universal currency will have God’s Head stamped on it. What will he look like, I wonder ? The Queen is HEAD of the Church of England, and the Church worships God. You can see the connection through her head, she is head of state, head of church, head of the money. Long may she reign, and of course God needs her to reign to support his raining sky program. (Or a new king will do when the time is right).

So, how does God do it ? How does he make this rain ? He must have a scientific skyentific method….

The answer dawned on me last year, when I witnessed two British men complete a crossing of the Atlantic, by rowing boat, “unassisted”….

An “unassisted” crossing means they had no support boat. It took 2 months and you can’t take 2 months supply of water in a small boat, so how did they manage for water ? They were surrounded by vast amounts of water, but it’s all undrinkable salty sea water. So they had a scientific method to desalinate the water. And it seems to me that this is the same method that God uses to make the rain.

You can desalinate salty water by using heat to evaporate water into steam and collect it on a piece of GLASS which is positioned above the water. The hot steam rises upwards until it reaches the cooler glass, which cools it back to water by condensation. The water then runs off the glass into a handy collection container. The salt is left behind because it does not rise with the evaporating water. In Atlantic Crossing speak, this desalination is known as “recycling” water. It’s part of the water cycle.

We are taught at school how the “natural” water cycle works to form clouds. The hot sun (Sun of God) causes water from the sea to rise into clouds, clouds then go over the land, blown by the prevailing Winds or is it Windsor, and the rain falls. The glass collection method is not mentioned at school, but there must be some sort of glass type ceiling in the sky to cool the steam so that it turns back to water and falls down upon us as “rain”. It seems that God is a good obedient recycler, and have you noticed how we are told we must recycle more to save the planet? (Please see More Rubbish).

In the Age of Steam, clouds were generated from steam engines that look exactly like the clouds that we believe are “natural”. Steam engines are another thing that England has a reputation for, and another method to make clouds in the sky.

I would guess that everyone reading this blog will know about chemtrail made clouds, and it is my opinion that ALL clouds are man-made or God-made by a variety of skyentific methods

God rains over us with his Acts of God weather patterns. We are taught at school that we need the rain, and I remember this hymn from my school days school daze….

“We plough the seeds and scatter
the good seed on the land”

It’s a hymn about the Harvest, that’s nice. The “good” God seed is the male. The land is Mother Earth. Maybe the female land is dry because God’s son Sun dried it up by evaporating all the water. So that is why it needs God’s intervention in the form of water, the water that was stolen by God and his Sun in the first place. He kindly returns some of the stolen water back to Mother Earth, whilst taking all the credit for being the original source. The hymn continues….

“And it is fed and watered
By God’s Almighty hand”.

Thanks be to God. We have God to thank for all this. God’s rain and reign is saving us and Mother Earth from being dried out, saving us from that nasty drought and famine like they have in Africa. For some reason, God saves Europeans and the Queen, but not Africans. The rest of the hymn thanks God for providing all our basic needs, but it seems to me that it is our Mother Earth that meets our material needs, and we are being deliberately programmed to believe it all comes from the sky.

We are led to believe that rain is essential for our water needs. Rain can only be supplied by God, the Almighty. In the UK, most reservoirs for water corporations are affected by the amount of rain, and most people rely on water corporations for their water. We are, nearly all of us, set up with life support systems that depend on God, whether you are religious or not.

The truth is that most water is sea water or ground water. Most of the world’s fresh water that is not in polar ice packs is ground water. Beautiful fresh clean water springs up naturally from the ground without need for rain, and simple boreholes and wells can be made to tap this plentiful underground water.

We sing to praise God’s rain and reign, and we sing to ask God to Save the Queen too, so she can rain and reign. More reign. Are we asking for all this rain and reign, or what ?

Modern clouds are made from chemtrail spraying, I have watched enough of them being made to know. Old fashioned clouds are made by desalination methods. Some clouds are made by factories and steam engines. I suspect that chemtrails are proving the most efficient way of sucking in water, storing it as cloud, and squirting it out again at specified times and places, preferably with a few chemical additives thrown in.

I think that whole sky program is some sort of giant glass screen or crystal Christal ball, a glass ceiling. Behind the glass is Christ, the Sun, God’s one and only Son. It seems like a system designed specifically for desalination of the sea.

Isn’t it curious that we need both water and salt for life, and they are both readily available in the sea, but we can’t intake it, unless we separate out the two ? And isn’t it curious how God can perform this miracle of rain that makes him look so essential for life, when really we could get lovely water from the ground if only the springs were not all owned and fenced off, and the water was not bottled, piped, chemically treated (nice treat for us), and sold.

Water and Earth are the female elements (Fire and Air are the male). It seems to me that the false male God, like the Tories (See War Tory Party), is hijacking the water. The rain controls us big time in England, influencing what we do, affecting our moods, affecting what we wear, how hot or cold we are. The constant rain and clouds, and the changing weather have us spending much of our time and energy dealing with the daily weather variables. Or being driven indoors to escape the driving rain. God’s driving us with his water recycling control program, and we worship the program to help it continue. I think he maybe driving us up the wall towards his glass ceiling.

The amniotic fluid that holds you in the womb is salinated water similar to the concentration levels of the salt in the sea. We come from the sea, it was where we spent our previous life in the womb before birth. Our mother is the source of water, not Our Father. I would say we need to find our way back to sourcing water from our mother, and that water should always be free, and never sold.

God’s almighty desalination plant keeps us dependent on his water systems of cloud and rain. It is always the rain that causes the problems, either too much of it causing flood, or too little causing drought, both of which cause death and destruction. It is easy to conclude that “There’s nothing you can do about it”. As if the rain patterns are completely unrelated to the way in which humans behave, and just some random Act of God.

I say otherwise. I say that the things in the sky will get more and more bizarre, and prod us more and more until we finally wake up to our own power to remedy the evils of the world. The chemtrails tell us that we can have no peace, no exemption, nowhere to hide. We can only find true peace when all of us are at peace, when the world’s slavery, wars and paedophilia have ceased. I live my life with the belief that a world of No Harm is possible, albeit a long way off from where we are now at.

The rain strikes England because the money and the reign are centred in England. And maybe the cooling glass spends most of its time carefully positioned over England, and maybe the prevailing Winds(ors) are set up to head towards England too. To me the message comes out as:


Set her free from her prison and her locked safe. Give her back her head. She is human too. Stop saving the money. Stop hoarding it, stop using it as currency that is interchangeable with water. Stop saving the banks. Stop hoarding and selling the water.

I used to welcome the rain and say it was “good for the garden”. Good God for the garden. Good God doing his bit for recycling and saving the planet. (Please see George Engineering). Good God is deemed essential for the Garden of Eden, clever trick… it seems to me he ruined it and we let him. It seems to me it is only the artificially planted crops that need the rain, the Roman promoted agriculture, the plants that are human controlled, or the plants that are saved and imprisoned in fancy pots like the Queen.

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2 Responses to Long To Rain Over Us

  1. suliwebster says:

    A quote from Utopia by Thomas More (now a saint) seems to confirm this post. The book is 500 years old, nothing much changes over time.
    “Every king is a sort of fountain, from which a constant shower of benefits or injuries rains down upon the whole population”

  2. suliwebster says:

    Prince died on 21st April, the Queen’s 90th birthday (her real birthday). Long Live the Queen, yet all the celebs die young.
    Prince is perhaps best known for his Purple Rain album. He has spoken out about chemtrails. And the purple rain could easily be a description of the effects of chemtrails.
    Newspapers report that we still don’t know why Prince died. Yet in the same breath they say that album sales soared 16000 % since he died. Celebrity deaths are profitable, and may also give the celeb a way of getting off stage. I wouldn’t want to be a celeb, or a Royal.
    Early reports say he died of flu. That’s the airways, breathing. Maybe he inhaled the purple rain.
    It’s all very Royal with Prince and The Queen.

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