His Seminal Work

People who are well known scientists and academics sometimes have a “seminal work” which is their most influential work. It is defined as “strongly influencing later developments” and “having possibilities of future development”. Darwin has a seminal work, and so does God.

Seminal fluid is God’s Seminal Work, His most influential work. The fluid that flows, strongly and fluently in flow, from a man into the womb of woman, and contains the seed of man. And it works ! Great scientific achievement God ! Well done God in your ivory academic tower in the sky. Man (not woman) was made in God’s image. His seminal fluid gives roughly 50% possibilities of the future development of a baby boy. The seeds planted by the seminal work of the semen strongly influence later developments.

God’s seminal work gives rise to two opposing sexes. By my reckoning, we did not have two opposing sexes before God created His Seminal Work.

Of course the Pope will want to support anything God comes up with, and maybe this is why you can go to a “seminary” to study and be influenced by the seminal work of God with a view to becoming a minister to administer His Seminal Work. A seminary is somewhere you study the work of God. Traditionally, Church ministers were men, but curiously women now want to administer the seminal stuff too. At a seminar.y you will get a seminar on the subject of Y, which is the strongly influential male Y chromosome in the seminal fluid. Y means Him in the sky. The Y chromosome is the development of the Seminal Work.

Students go to seminars, which are like a lecture, but smaller. At the seminar, you sit and allow yourself to be influenced by someone at the front, maybe someone academic who has written a seminal work. But the real purpose of Universities is to separate youngsters from their families, and set them up in a highly charged sexual environment with large numbers of sexually well educated 18-21 year olds of opposing sexes where they can all behave seminally at night when not in their seminars by day. Copy the Royals, a University is a sex farm, a stud farm, for meeting your opposing half, just like Kate and Wills. And I wonder how many parents send their kids “off to Uni” with this very purpose at the back of their mind.

God’s Right Hand…
SeminaR is the Right hand version of seminaL, which is left. We have two halves, semi.na.RIGHT, and semi.na.LEFT. It seems to me that the SEMINAL is to influence and mess up the body, the female, to inflow into the womb and the egg. And the SEMINAR is to influence the mind and mess up the male spirit. (Please see Matter Under Mind and Match Made in Heaven). The more seminars and seminaries we have, the better educated we are at perpetuating the Seminal Work of God. The Pope is God’s Right Hand man on Earth, and religions are about mind control. The Pope is big on influencing the mind to think that inseminating is the thing to do according to God. (See Popule Copule).

Semi Naked…
This is usually associated with revealing too much of your naked body in a way that is sexually inviting. Being naked, or at least seminaked, is a requirement to administer the seminal fluid. We seem to have lost the ability to be naked in a way that is not seminal, and nakedness is generally associated with sex in our sexed up Western culture.

The Pope, the Sky, and the Universe…
The Universe is in the sky where God lives, he is at the centre of the Universe, and you can see that Universities are just part of the same old one world religion, one word religion, that worships the sky and sci.ence. Universe is uni verse, one verse, or is it one word ? The Pope is at the centre of all things Universal. You too can be Universal if you join in with this semi-na work. Universal is when we all get to be one whole again. But what sort of one whole will that be ? Who is setting the tone for that one verse ? One God, One Sky, One Universe, brave new world, One World Government, New World Order…..

Papal Bull…
There is nothing quite like a bull to symbolise insemination. The big bully bull inseminates the cow. The Pope issues Bulls, which are orders in what to do, instructions from God, inseminating our minds. Only the Pope is allowed to transmit God’s seminal work, and seminar word, and everyone else takes it from the Pope or his ministers. The Pope is strongly influencing later developments with his Bulls. As I write this post, I start to wonder if the Pope’s declared celibacy is a cover up… strictly speaking he may be celibate, and never enter an adult woman, but could it be that his seminal seed is MANually collected and subsequently adminstered elsewhere as part of some future development ?

Artificial Insemination…
The word “inseminate” is usually tied or coupled (copuled) to the word “artificial”. Artificial means it is not from Mother Nature. Insemination is not natural, it is artificial. It is not from a woman. There is another type of “A.I.”, called Artificial Intelligence and this is used to control minds. I would say that ALL intelligence is artificial, ALL insemination is artificial. The seminar intellect mind has taken over the male spirit just as the seminal fluid has taken over the female body.

Adam is symbolised as a man and he therefore has seminal works as part of his anatomy. The Garden of Eden story is about irreversibly doing something wrong that will strongly influence later developments. The something wrong is Original Sin. Delivering the seminal fluid to the universe. It started with Adam, designed by God, God’s seminal work. Adam is the apple, and the apple has poison in it. The poison is in the pips of the apple, just as the poison is in the seeds of Adam and in every man born ever since. (See Poison Apple and Just a Little Prick)

Seminal Works Not Working….
All men have seminal works, unless their seminal works stop working, which I hear maybe getting increasingly common. None of these man made machines seem to work these days do they? Everything seems to be breaking down, Out of Order, needing fixing. Never mind, the Scientists and the Universities will always come up with a way forward to help our future development, we don’t have to sort it out ourselves. Our future development will be saved if we worship Universities and Science.

Semi Nation…
We have become half a nation, two opposing halves that are wanting to make things whole once more. Half half, men and women. We are encouraged to be one whole by copulating, which is sometimes known as the sacred union.

Sac Red Union..
The seminal fluid comes out of red sacs called testes, and I hear there are a lot of tests at universities, probably because they are clever. It is all an artificial artifice of God. God is clever and He has cleaved us in two for His purposes. Clever people are students and the result of the testes and the tests is to cleave or be clever. Every university seems to have a Student Union, which is a body to represent the cause of students, and you can see that the cause of students is to have the sacred union of sex at the stud farm of the University. Santa has red sacks too, so does the Royal Mail (Male).

Semantics is the study of the meaning of language. I would say the STUD.Y of semantics is the very opposite of how I work with language on this blog. You can see from the word semantics it is something to do with influencing us in a seminal or seminary way. The strict semantics lock us in to a mindset that interprets language according to His Seminal Works. By breaking away from the usual language rules, it becomes easy to read between the lines, see through the words, and see or hear the truth hidden in plain view within the language. All language seems to lead back to the same old story, which is forever bubbling up demanding to be heard. The story is always about sex and the womb hole. Semen is the evil poison introduced into the Garden of Eden. You can even see the forked tongue of the venomous serpent in the shape of the letter “Y”. Why did we do it? Why do we still carry on doing it ? Our minds are inseminated with poison too. His Seminar Works.

Cement (or Sement) is a man made mortar for building man made things like walls and houses. It has similar properties to semen. Semen poisons women, and cement poisons the Earth. Semen is used to construct a man, by destructing or destroying a woman. Cement is used to construct buildings and pavements by destructing or destroying Mother Earth. A mortar board is used to mix cement. Mort is French for death, and a MORTuary is where dead bodies are kept. A mortar board is also the name of the headwear of a university student when their degree is completed, when they have done their studding, studying. The mortar board hat looks like the cement mixing version. It is a square upon a circle, the squaring of the circle, which is the takeover of the female womb by turning round wombs to square scientific baby making laboratories. The mortar board, cement and semen mean spell out death and destruction.

Origin of Man…
Darwin’s seminal work is about MANkind, not woman. One description of seminal work is “highly original”. A seminal work is about origins, and it is high up. Man and semen originated from on high, from God. Semen originated from on High. Original means new, not seen before. It also means our source. And MANkind has kindly provided some sauce. A new sort of sauce, not seen before, so that we forget that our source is the womb. The new sauce is the seminal fluid, and it goes on the egg.

There is a place near me in Wiltshire called Semington. Almost Semination, I think. It is on the canal, which is the carnal birth canal. There is a pub inSemington called the Somerset Arms, which is curious because Semington is not in the county of Somerset. Somerset is the county of Apples, so here we have a symbol of Adam and his apple, next to the birth canal in a place lablled Semen. It is Somerset House in London which records all births, marriages and deaths in the UK. Somerset House has kept records of the results of the Seminal Work of God. And maybe the setting of the sun and the setting of the summer as Summer sets in September, is when the semen sets hard like the cement, and it reconstructs the egg. Well that would lead to a birth date of the summer solstice, Prince William’s birthday. He sure has KING written all over him, The Sun God, Son God, God’s one and only Son.

Future developments…
If we continue to eat the poison apple, we will cooperate in bringing about the future developments that are heading our way. We will have square babies made in square labs, cemented semented in by mortar boards, and we will be barely able to tell the difference between a birth lab and a death lab (mortuary). There is a new seminal work out now called The Universe. I don’t know who has the credit for designing this one, maybe it is God again, maybe not. The Universe is designed to join us back together again, so we are no longer two halves, so we become ONE, that’s nice. The Universe is worshipped in New Age worship, and heralds a new neu neutral gender once more. It will be square and Roman and laboratorial, and probably involve yet another layer of looking glass. Will the next seminal work come as a fluid to be swallowed ? For our own good, of course. Or maybe it will come as some pips or pipes or pills. The seminal work will always be accompanied by seminar work to educate us and tell us what to do, you don’t have to go to church to hear it, it’s everywhere.

Semen and Menses…
I notice that SEMEN is a simple anagram of MENSE. “Se” is an old word for seed. Men-se, or se-men. The seed of men. It seems to me that God’s Seminal Work includes the bleeding of women as part of his grand plan to influence future developments, to weaken and undermine the strength of the womb and the mother. Have we not had enough of swallowing the poison and the subsequent blood coming out of the mouth ? When will work out how to say NO to God’s Seminal Work ?

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4 Responses to His Seminal Work

  1. vivienne offord says:

    This is really good work. I have been thinking along these lines for a while after reading ‘the chemical war on women’ online which is all about the way semen controls women. Unbelievable the amount of stuff in semen designed to destroy the woman’s immune system whilst sedating her and giving her a serotonin boost so she’s addicted to the poison. Also chilling is the description of how, under the male influence, the placenta aggressively invades the uterus which, if left unchecked by the female, will develop into a very aggressive cancer.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your comment, Vivienne, I was not aware of anyone else noticing this Anti Mullerian destructive force, and it gives me more confidence that I am on the right track ! It is not easy to write about due to the acceptability of heterosexual invasive sex equating to love in our world. I can also see it is a very difficult idea for a man to come to terms with. I have no wish to offend any men, nor eliminate them, nor create further wars between the sexes.

      Much of this blog has posts with related themes, such as The Missionary Position, I Want One, please ask if you would like help finding any. I see it as my main mission, the root of everything.

      The “aggressive cancer” you mention sounds like a baby boy. Cancer is another way of describing the growth of a baby in utero. Cancer is a growth whereby cells divide and multiply. A benign (be nine or B9) cancer must therefore be a baby girl. I associate the number 9 with woman.
      I just looked up vitamin B9 and it is folic acid, helps with growing babies. Women wanting to conceive are told to take lots of it these days (I never did), so I am guessing that pharmaceutical B9 will help with conceiving boys, and particularly aggressive ones. I know at least 2 where this is the case. Sounds like Phallic acid.

      Boys are trained for purpose, to have aggressive invasive sex. If you look at it objectively, there is nothing gentle (genital) about heterosexual adult sex, it is a violent activity (See Cervical Sex). Or maybe violate violet, which is the crown chakra of the crowing cock, it goes to your head, gives you a hedonistic high.

      For some time I have been thinking along the lines of AM spray (semen) as similar to crop spraying or fertiliser (fertility), which alters the environment or ecology of the womb. So that the original egg is altered, mutated, by enviromental factors. The world in which we live perfectly mirrors this, and the chemtrails in the sky are equivalent to semen crop spraying us.

    • suliwebster says:

      Spinach is a good natural source of B9, see my latest post on King Henry, where spinach is used to fatten hens… to breed a boy perhaps ? Maybe B9 is not as benign as we are led to believe. Spinach is also eaten by the cartoon character Pop Eye (Pope, Poppy fields), to give him strength for all his aggressive fighting, popping eyes out. His sidekick is Desperate DAN… Desperate DNA, disparate DNA. (disparate meaning “poles apart”).

    • suliwebster says:

      Also SE-MEN and MEN-SE are simple anagrams. Two word parts in reverse order.
      And sedate is seed date or seed ate. Seduce is seed juice. “se” is an old word for seed. Sedate rape comes to mind.

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