Solar Saviour

Here He comes, it’s Christ the Saviour again. The second coming of Christ. God’s one and only Sun is revisiting the Earth in the form of solar panels. Solar is going to save us, The Son and The Sun are going to save us, and save the planet too. It sounds too good to be true.

There is no need to change anything about your life apart from a simple switch over to solar power (which will cost a bit more money, but hey it’s worth it to save the planet). In fact you can not only carry on consuming as before, you can increase your use of electrcity, because solar is “renewable”. You can use whatever machines (toys) you fancy, safe in the knowledge that Mother Earth is not being harmed, not only that, she is being saved by your heroic actions. Solar is harmless ! Brilliant ! It’s a bright and brilliant solution, the future is sunny and bright, and full of Sun and Sons.

“Renewable” energy means it goes on forever and never runs out, no matter how much you use. It is surely a dream come true for Westerners that they can use as much as they like without damaging anything, without it costing The Earth. Have your cake and eat it too ! An answer to all our prayers, our prayers that plead with God not to take our powered toys (cars, ipads, phones etc) away from us.

“Renewable” means the Sun Son is being renewed. Christ the Sun is being re-branded as Solar. It’s a new program, a new form of mind programming. Too many people are getting wise to the old Christ religion. It’s a bit like the marketing brands when they claim the product is “new improved”.

Solar is the saviour who is going to save us. It’s the same old con trick, repackaged. Our souls will not be saved, because our souls will not need to be changed to make the simple switch to solar. Our souls can carry on in the same greedy toy loving over-consuming way.

Schools have been busy indoctrinating kids into caring about the planet, and the kids of today are told that they will be the generation that has to act, because their parent’s generation have left the planet in such a mess. They have been trained to aspire to be saviours. Saving the olanet is going to be via the internet and working for global corporations, the new caring Green Eco corporations. Good corporations. It’s going to be different this time. Sign up to solar ! A whole new money-making mind-spinning religious industry seems to be springing up to take us forward into the Second Coming of Christ.

It’s the one and only Universal religion. Worship the sky. Worship the Sun. It is nothing new, is it? Face the East, where the Sun rises, and where the solar panels are made in the Eastern cultures of slave labour factory continent of Asia.

Solar panels are ugly, square, glaring, metallic, glass screens. SQUARE SCREENS, have we not got enough of them ? Anyway, it doesn’t matter how ugly they are as long as they save the planet. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Carry on consuming, we have “free” electricity. You can install your own solar panels. Once you have invested thousands of pounds or dollars up front, you can get your money’s worth by consuming endless amounts “for free”. Maybe the government will even pay you as part of a scam scheme to get the solar wave off the ground and up into the sky. Solar will encourage us to use yet more machines endlessly switched on, ALWAYS ON, like broadband.

The Earth is going to be electrified. The Big Brother Switch On. The Big Switch On, just like the Christmas lights. It really will be Christmas every day. Unlimited electric light, unlimited toys, all day, all year round.

“Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day”, sing the pop band Wizard. Well it will be…. New toys and solar power every day. Christ is coming again, and this time he is going to stay all day every day.

Solar panels are manufactured by slave factory labour to make them mass produced and cheap. The sun’s energy is not really free and renewable unless you agree that slaves are free and renewable. (renewable by breeding). Do you think we should carry on with free and renewwable slaves.

The solar panels, and all the kit that goes with them, are made from dubious materials, materials that have been mined from Mother Earth, from non renewable materials by damaging and invading and stealing from the Earth. And where does it all end up when people upgrade their kit, or it breaks down and needs replacing ? In the landfill sites with all the redundant washing machines and fridge freezers and computers

Solar farms are taking over as more profitable than growing crops to eat. Swathes of rural England are being blacked out by giant electric glass screens, solar panes of glass. The Sahara desert is a target for solar profiteering, eliminating any remaining nomadic tribes.

They are farming our souls. Our souls are the crops, our demonised Romanised souls that worship tye Universal Sky, not Mother Earth. Our souls are cultivated by culture, then harvested when we die. The most desirable soul for Satan is the most sun worshipping crop. Worship the earth instead and you become inedible.

One day we will find that we cannot eat electricity. In the same way that we cannot eat money, yet Westerners panic at the thought of how to survive without money, ….or without electricity. We are addicted to both. Will it take until we have chopped down the last tree, and posioned the last river until we realise it is The Earth that provides our material needs ?

Seoul in Korea is one place where solar panels are mass produced. Our souls farmed to produce solar. The choice is one or the other, our journey of the soul is hampered by our love of all things solar.

All major religions worship the Sun and the Son. Solar power will unite us as one universal religion. The solar worship or warship is taking over the entire Earth, and our Mother Earth is about to be wrapped in photovoltaic black glass and metal rectangular paving slabs. The solar worship is adorning all the roof tops and rapidly spreading over the land.

We have been led to believe that we can get all our energy from the Sun, when really it is all sourced from the Earth. (See Moon Eye Money). Humans as the willing participants in feeding the sky program. And then the Sun heats us up, over heats us, glares at us, blinds us, do you get hot and bothered in The Sun, do you get lethargic, do you ever seek the cool of the shade under a nice protective tree ? Maybe the energy from the Earth alone would sustain us well, if only we bothered to find out.

We are insulating ourselves from the Earth (our natural mother) and the Air (our natural father), severing our connection to the elements, and to each other, not least of all to the slaves abroad that supply the equipment.

Solar is part of the Big Green Eco program to takeover the world and unify it under Universe Worship. But solar is not green, it is YELLOW. And solar panels are BLACK, like tarmac. (Yellow and black sounds like the bees are back).

We will be fed on farmed food and pharmed drugs.
We will be watered by Gods rain and chemical clouds.
We will be energised and electrified by farmed solar power.

We will be disconnected from Earth and Air

We are being set up to become totally dependenet on Sky resources, and to look skyward for all our needs. You don’t need to be religious to be led into this belief.

The Sky program is fed by the carbon burning program, eat more carbs, transport everything miles around the globe, including solar panels. Phone masts, churches, stadiums, all extract from the Earth and feed the sky. (See Moon Eye Money and Carbon Currency). But maybe the sky can be fed better by electricity….

,…maybe the solar panels will extract from the Earth and feed the sky too. But noone will mention that bit because we all have to believe that the sky provides for us, not the other way around….

…You see, solar panels have an interesting feature on days when it is not very sunny. They can drain the very appliances they are connected to, the very appliances they are supposed to charge up. The charge goes in reverse, and the solar panel gets charged up by the appliance, for example a battery. (There are factory made devices to prevent this reverse charge, but they may one day be phased out once we have got accustomed to solar panels). If the solar panel is Earthed, as they all should be, surely the solar panel is capable of extracting from the Earth and feeding the Sun ? The panels are all set up to face The Sun of course, which is exactly what the Moon currently does. (See Moon Eye Money). And I guess if solar panels can one day feed the sky program directly, then maybe the Moon will be phased out.

But we are told that solar panels do not extract from the Earth, silly me ! That is the whole point of them, unlike the dirty fuels of coal and gas, good clean solar does not extract. Believe what you want to believe, how valuable are your toys to you, how much harm are they worth ? Do they cost the Earth ?

Solar panels are now available as walk on, stick on panels to put on roofs. So maybe pavements and roads can be made of them next. It’s an Eco Green version of Tarmac, except that solar panels are black just like tarmac, not green at all.

Solar panels are now available as see through glass, which means that our windows become screens which extract energy from the Sun before filtering the modified view through the glass. Since it is a screen, we might as well turn it into a TV screen showing a film, something more interesting than the scene outside. (See Square Eyes). And so inside our glass and steel Eco buildings, we will soon have a new glass ceiling, because new Eco build houses will stop bothering with tiles in the roof, and just have solar panelled glass roofs. The sky show will be relayed through the electrically connected ceiling, a glass ceiling which is a screen show.

It seems that Christ, Chryst, the glass crystal in the sky is about to get closer to our heads. The ceiling is closing in on us. We already have some sort of glass ceiling in the sky, and it is coming down, sent down, the second coming down of Christ the Crystal. Closing in on us, making us feel all cosy and comfortable and safe in our comfortable prisons. (See Sent Down)

Mother Earth will be sealed into a black gridlined box. With our cooperation. And God’s Sky program will win. And all because we didn’t want to give up our toys and our comfortable prisons.

Now if you have invested in solar power for your home, you will start to find that trees are annoying. Because they blot out the sun, and ruin your “free” energy. Your solar panels do not make financial economic (Eco) sense if there are trees around. So we will cut down the trees for economic Eco reasons. The trees absorb the carbon, so less trees means more carbon goes to the sky (Carbon Currency). The great thing will be that the Sun will get hotter as more trees are removed, and then we will get more profit from the solar panels, and we will have yet more “free” energy to power our isolated cells that we live in.

The cost to Mother earth is immense. She will be blackened, steeled, glazed over and electrified. The Sun will become too bright and we will be driven indoors, where luckily we will have everything we need supplied through our solar panels and sourced by the free sky energy. We will be comfortably imprisoned, and we can look at screens forever more.

Doh re me fa so la te doh….. the sound of music sounds suspiciously solar. And you can see the SUN and the SON in the words SOUNd, SUNg and SONg. Solar powered tea, solar powered dough, solar powered rays, solar powered Me. Soon we will be wearing solar powered hats on our head to power ourselves, because we will all be electrified. And when the sun is not sunny, we humans will be powering the sky with reverse solar power. Just like we willingly give away our power to all the Big Brother machines and governments, when they make out they are giving us the power. It is all upside down. We power the Sun and the Son (Big Brother), and we extract from the Earth to do so.

The musical notes “so” and “la” correspond to G and A, “GA” being the symbol for the US state of Georgia. Solar engineering is part of George Engineering.

If like me, you don’t like the sound of the Eco Green Universal World, then the alternative way is always simple. Reverse the solar worship. Revere the Earth instead. Quit the toys and the machines, internet included. Find your way back, we were once Earth worshippers, we can get back (albeit very slowly), we just got led astray.

In the interests of honesty, I would like to confess that I have recently bought a small solar panel to power all my home “off-grid” electric needs, which are small by Western standards. That is how I became aware of more details of the solar industry. I have very mixed feelings about what I have done, and wonder why I cannot just quit my addiction to electricity at a stroke. I hope to one day wean myself off electricity (and gas and petrol) altogether and get all my power direct from what is freely given up to us by our Mother Earth.

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28 Responses to Solar Saviour

  1. paul says:

    also connected
    So what happens when your entire city becomes one giant WiFi signal?

    Telecom giant Virgin Media has been given the green light to begin doing just that. Coverage will be enabled by “discreet street furniture” and the “UK’s first Smart Pavement.”

    The pilot will begin with a focus on the center of the town of Chesham, UK where all 21,000 residents and businesses can use the network. The Chiltern District Council has joined forces and is touting the increased connectivity at massively increased speeds up to 166Mbps – 7X the average in the UK.

    Virgin Media’s press release cites one very happy local business owner who sees potential:

    Martin Parkes, local business owner and spokesperson for The Better Chesham Group, said: “It’s great that our customers have access to Virgin Media’s public Wi-Fi both in and outside our salon. We’re a very unique high street with many independent shops so we don’t have the IT infrastructure that big chains benefit from. This will hugely help levelling the playing field and will hopefully bring more people to Chesham too.”

    The company has high hopes that this will not be contained to one test city; rather, they make it clear that their mission is much wider in scope:

    Virgin Media is building better digital infrastructure by re-drawing the UK WiFi map. It is the first in a series of initiatives to deliver better out-of-home connectivity. It is not just about extending the company’s ultrafast network to more homes and upgrading speeds to Vivid 200Mbps but being the defacto provider of trusted connectivity both in the home and out of the home.

    Gregor McNeil, Managing Director of Consumer at Virgin Media said: “Not only is this the first time we’ve built metropolitan WiFi directly from our street cabinets, it is also the UK’s first deployment of a WiFi connected pavement. It is literally public WiFi under your feet. We want to build more networks like this across the UK and encourage more forward thinking councils just like Chesham to get in touch.” (additional emphasis added)

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul as always you are very good at linking up the work of different bloggers to give a more solid bigger picture.
      The opportunities for people to get Earthed via their sole and soul, are being steadily eroded as we are plugged into something else instead. When all our frequencies have altered, it will be easy for them to scoop us up pied piper style into a spaceship leaving the Earth. I think it is Richard Branson of Virgin involved in that too.
      What is clear is that it is all being marketed as something beneficial to us, to improve our lives.
      I notice that the mission to “electrify” the railways is adding electricity everywhere, often very close to rivers, where railways often run, rivers being electromagnetic.
      I maintain that the only viable course of action is to wean ourselves off all this crap and reconnect with the Earth. And in doing so, our example will spread to others who can choose to follow suit if they wish. It seems so very slow, only because we are accustomed to instant. But every long journey starts with one small step.

    • suliwebster says:

      It has been said to me that the changes I make in my life are just a mere drop in the ocean, as if they are pointless, why bother ? I think that if just one person is doing something slightly different, against the mainstream flow, it shows that there is another possibility, and undermines the mainstream programming. Not only that, I find it almost unbearable to keep on contributing so much to the horrors and cruelty of the world program.

  2. paul says:

    also connected
    The Lunar Wave, as Caught on Film by Crrow777

    A man going by the name of Crrow777 has filmed some astonishing footage of the moon (see embedded video above). He caught something which he dubbed the “lunar wave” going across the surface of the moon, from bottom to top as it appeared on his camera. This lunar wave has the appearance of a line that moves across a computer screen during a reset. It looks digital, electronic or holographic. Yet, how could that possibly be true if the moon were just a natural satellite of Earth, made from rock?

    Of course, many skeptics and naysayers have criticized his findings and claimed the lunar wave must be a result of his recording equipment, and not local to the moon itself. However, as Crrow shows in the video, by adjusting various layers, colors and lighting, you can see that the wave actually occurred on or above the moon’s surface, and has nothing to do with his camera. The implications are staggering. I conclude from this that the lunar wave is showing us at least 2 possibilities (and maybe more):

    – the moon’s true surface is being cloaked by some kind of advanced holographic technology, to hide things below, probably bases, structures and evidence of extraterrestrial life on the lunar surface; or

    – the moon itself is holographic. It has no solid physical existence, but is rather a projection of light, a hologram made to look 3-dimensional.

    • suliwebster says:

      The Moon looks extremely disc like to me. If it wasn’t for what I KNEW as fact because I had been TOLD at school and on the tele etc etc… Accepted fact is that it is a sphere, when all our senses scream out otherwise.
      I also have a feeling that the “New” Moon could be a time when they literally put a new one in place. We would be none the wiser would we ? Like a replacement light bulb, or a new program. “Full” moon is maximum power.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Paul will take a proper look later, at first glance those two moons look like female breasts.
        I remember observing the full moon recently (October I think it was) three nights running, with other witnesses. Because it was perfectly framed by the position of the canal, I was able to observe and compare the completely different movements each night. There was no smooth organic pattern to the change, it seemed almost comically random, amateurish, like a tired sleepy nightwatchman was operating the controls. The English weather patterns seem to be similarly operated. Or maybe unoperated… as if the controllers have walked out, and there are no staff at the controls any more.

    • suliwebster says:

      I am not sure about this tech saviour from the keshe foundation. Someone else told me about this, and I am sceptical of anything being handed out for free by experts to ignorant masses, and billed as a saviour. It won’t save us, because we won’t change within. And yes maybe Keshe is the Second Son, Christ again.
      If they are eradicating the Moon, in line with eradicating motherhood, there maybe other major sky changes going on in the Sky program.

      • paul says:

        i was thinking (or more importantly feeling) that the new sun keshe talks about is a replacement for the current sun as its losing its power – anyway we only need the ‘free’ energy to increase the slavery devices

      • suliwebster says:

        There is definitely some sort of replacement religion going on, that will suck everyone in, maybe Mary will be coloured Green this time round the loop. Every religion needs a son, it seems.


      • suliwebster says:

        The way in which people respond to “free energy, this way, roll up !” is like greedy vultures. Though Kesche himself maybe well-meaning, and genuinely believe that he can parent the world better, I dont know.

      • paul says:

        Keshe Saying he is the Messiah and our Creator! (BTW Keshe’s name in Gematria=666)

    • suliwebster says:

      Good to know there are plenty of people seeing through the Keshe control of the masses. The saviour can only be from within. Anything masquerading as an external saviour is to be questioned, I think .

  3. paul says:

    interesting film title choice for james bond

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes. Skyfall time. Bond films are almost like the new Shakespeare, telling us what the latest directives are, directives from on high !
      I remember reading the Asterix The Gaul books. The gauls were opposed to the Romans. The only thing the gauls feared in those books, was the sky falling in on their heads. Well if the sky is made of glass, it would be shattering glass upon us. Or maybe it is just closing in on us. I think the sky program will go away if we stop paying attention to it, stop worshipping it, stop watching it.

  4. paul says:

    yep maybe there is a firmamement –

    when our eldest was first ill, when wifi was installed in her school about 7 years ago, i did point out some of the health problems (backed up by some scientists) – the main message I got back at the time was why dont you go live in a cave – I have started to think and feel that would be much better – away from all the gadgets – always have felt better away from built up areas and cities

    • suliwebster says:

      I am starting to come to the same conclusion about caves too! Neanderthals lived in caves and are portrayed as savage and stupid and ugly, I bet they weren’t ! I spent 5 days recently living in the woods, to start with I missed the sun, then I started to really like the peace, and the constancy of the temperature, without suddenly going hot or cold according to what the sky program was doing. I felt enclosed, safe, provided for, in Mother nature’s arms. Caves have a constant temp of around 11 degrees. You only need a light fire to lift the damp, and provide a heart(h). My next thing to learn will be to make fire without matches !
      Also, i think we would revert to approx 25 hour time cycles (i.e. slower pace) if we are shielded from the Sun and other God and man-made interference.
      The cave or cavern of a woman is the womb, so we all come from a cave of sorts.
      Even knowing all this, it is still hard to wean myself off it all ! Addicted.

  5. paul says:

    always felt drawn to Sherwood for a number of reasons – not as many trees as there used to be though

    • suliwebster says:

      I am back in the woods again for a while! The autumn colours are so beautful, a feast for the eyes, and I notice that God’s Sky delivered rainbow colours are actually quite insipid, almost off-tone, by comparison .

  6. suliwebster says:

    I have just noticed that we are getting a new “solar system”. It will be made of solar panels and be the next upgrade of Sun/Son worship. You can join in by buying solar panel systems. Which sounds a bit like solar system planets. It’s God’s sky program.

    God Save The Planet.

    God said Let there be light.

    • suliwebster says:

      It seems to be all crumbling as fewer people believe in it. Maybe things only exist because we believe in them.
      I think the new “space age” is probably the space of the internet, web space, my space etc. Even more enslaving and controlled.


      • paul says:

        i reckon its related to the 100th monkey idea.

        the controllers need a certain percentage to strongly believe in something, maybe 10%, and then it becomes reality (due to the strong thoughts)

        e.g. we must defeat the nasty germans, russians, iraqi’s, made up terrorists etc…

        but maybe the mind control is losing its effect – and the truth and all the lies are revealed

        gotta ratchet up the response, fluoride, wifi ( (, chemtrails, digital tv etc….

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes ! Think you are right about the 100th monkey idea, and “strong thought” like a strong signal on your phone.
        But as the controllers lose control of one belief system, they simply herd people into a new belief space, like the solar-wifi space. That buys them time for another 40 years until we realise that is crap too.
        Belief space does not have to be called a “religion”. As long as the controllers have central control over the belief, doesnt matter what it is really.
        I have finally got the willpower to get off the internet (like giving up drugs or alcohol), and I intend to unhook myself (like a fish caught on line) over the next year. I think it is the only way.. to Be the Change you want to see in the world. There are far better ways to communicate and learn, ones that cause no harm, we just need to find them again.

      • paul says:

        good luck – i have cut down on the online research a bit also

      • suliwebster says:

        That’s good to hear, Paul.


  7. suliwebster says:

    I am near a solar farm at the moment, It is owned by “Foresight” which reminds me of 4 eyes, or glassed vision. It is “operated by ET Solutions”. This is how the new spaceship/planet will power itself.
    There must be thousands of panels. The whole thing is ringed by a big security fence, and has CCTV cameras all round. Friendly rural countryside, back to nature stuff eh ?

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