I look around me in despair at the number of powered devices I seem to have. Each is made of slave made factory parts, each needs maintenance, and replacement parts. Some need regular servicing to keep them in good working order. Some need a qualified certified technician to fix and maintain them. All need some sort of fuel to power them. They all come with instructions on how to install and use them. They all need somewhere to go, to be docked or installed or fitted or parked.

Engines, phones, computers, electric lights, gas cooker, domestic batteries, shower, hot water, water pumps, boiler, solar panel etc etc. Not to mention all the complicated circuitry around my home of cold water pipes, hot water pipes, electric wiring, gas pipe, radiator pipes. And the nasty harmful fuels of gas, diesel, electricity. Powered devices give off harmful smells, bad noises, and unharmonious frequencies, all creating bad atmosphere. I have given up radio, Tv, music players, wifi, fridges and washing machines, but I still have lots of devices. And when they have broken beyond repair they get dumped, piled up high in landfill sites.

I am fed up with them all. They are all overly complicated. They consume me and they consume my time and energy. Which is odd, because until very recently, I thought I was the consumer, consuming the devices.

If I am not spending my time and energy sorting them out, finding somewhere to put them, building some cupboard for them, fixing them when they go wrong, etc etc, then I am using my time and energy to go to work to get money to pay for the cost of them, the cost of buying them, the cost of maintaining them, fixing them, paying technicians, and the spare factory made parts, and the cost of the fuel for them, not to mention the VAT tax to the government. It seems to add up to quite a lot, even without considering the cost to the Earth.

It’s all the reverse of what we are told. We are told that devices help us and save us, that our devices make our lives simpler, and they do the work for us. But really we are being drained of power by our powered devices. And so is the Earth.

I am addicted to devices, born into a world of devices, yet deep down I know they are not needed. There is so much time and energy and destruction directed towards the wrong things. I hope I will wean myself off them all one day, but it is turning out to be a long slow plod. I want to know what life is like without them.

The only power I really need is to power me. (and maybe some wood to light a fire).

If I wasn’t so busy using my time and energy to power all of my devices then maybe I would be very energetic and powerful myself with loads of spare time on my hands.

From time to time I hear news of technology breakthroughs that will give us all unlimited free energy ! The sort of energy that we all want to power our devices, technical sort of energy. As if that will solve all the world’s problems. Free energy won’t solve the greed and fear we carry within. It will just enable bigger profit margins, and power yet more environmental destruction, and encourage yet more devices. Yet more devices to consume all our energy.

I now live “off-grid” on a boat, which is very different from living in a grid connected house. I still have lots of devices. The power supplies are not piped into my home, instead I have my own little resident mini power stations for everything. And I go out to fetch supplies. With house living, you don’t see the horror of the power stations unless you happen to live next to one, you just get a monthly bill. On my boat, I can witness the ridiculous over complexity of all the devices, because I can see exactly what is involved in, say, having a hot shower.

And I ask myself, all that complexity, all that effort, all that destruction, just so I can have hot water sprayed over my head. It’s really not worth it, there has to be a better way to wash. (We could all bathe in the natural Hot Springs of Bath if they hadn’t built a city over the top to plug it up). Showers are being pushed as an environmentally friendly green thing to do, but it is just yet another powered device to drain away our power and destroy the Earth.

How many more of these powered devices will we have before we decide we have enough ?

In Solar Saviour, I wrote about about how solar panels can use Earth to power the Sun, the reverse of what it says on the label… and it seems that all devices are operating in reverse of what we are led to believe. The powered devices are taking away our natural power, and that of the Earth, making us tired and weak.

It seems to me that the only true green path is NO powered devices. All powered devices are damaging to us and the Earth. By my reckoning the Sun is a powered device too.

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4 Responses to Devices

  1. Christine b says:

    Hello! Have you heard if the “degrowth” movement. I don’t think it stands a chance but at least it is a place to connect with like minds who agree that current addiction to economic growth, which even if “green” is never sustainable. You are correct that it is about living simply yet there are things we cannot seem to get away from. I have read that a stationary bicycle generator can power a house for a day with one hour of riding. Good exercise too!
    In canada, we have a large supply of used goods. It somewhat comforts me to know that I am reusing something and also in buying older appliances, they may be less efficient but they last a lot longer and can usually be fixed due to being simpler technology. I have yet to scrub my own clothes clean.

    • suliwebster says:

      Will check it out, Christine. Hope it’s not a GROWING movement though, that always seems to alter any good intent ! I always think that my job will be done if my blog degrows, not grows.
      Yes it is very difficult to reverse the growth, and shrink instead. The only way for me is slowly, one small step at a time. To start with, all we slow down is the RATE of growth, just grow at a slower speed. The world economy never shrinks, a recession just means the RATE of growth has slowed.
      I am not sure what point I am at, but I know I am slowing down my own personal footprint, and eventually that may lead to shrinking instead of growing.
      I happily wash my own clothes, (funny how little you need to wash them when you don’t have a machine to encourage more washing!) but there are probably other things I feel I can’t do without that you have long ago given up. It is pointless to try and measure against each other, only against ourself.
      I totally agree that older appliances are better made, and have less built in obsolescence.
      I am pretty sure that the world will not be saved by any man made device, and neither will we.

  2. Claire says:

    It’s difficult to imagine a life without devices. I love my washing machine. I would love a dish washer but this flat was without one. In fact I spend a lot of time washing things like dishes, clothes, myself and the flat. I do spend a fair bit of time cleaning devices, especially the telly as the cat likes to try and get the people on it. She leaves paw prints all over the screen.

    Having said that I can understand what this article is driving at. Obviously I am not ready to give up my devices. What really gets me thinking is robots. Slaves are frequently mentioned on this site but robots never. Many things are made by them such as cars and computers. Robots are efficient and don’t want paying. Nobody cares how they are treated.

    In places where there are factories rather than have workers rights, workforces are replaced by robots.

    Now transhumanism is a subject that I often read about where humans are merged with robots. This is considered a good thing because the robot body is much better than the human body as it doesn’t get sick or old. Also it’s easy to mend when it goes wrong.

    What really bothers me is who will be in charge of these transhumans? What if a chip is put in and the transhuman can be made to do stuff from a distance? What if they are made to do things that they would never have done had they stayed human?

    I have read that relations of an intimate nature will be common with robots in the future. Already such robots are available. They look very real.

    I have no idea what will happen about reproduction because I have never heard of a robot having a baby. In fact that seems to be about the one thing they don’t do. Mind one yes, have one, no.

    It would be interesting to read your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree Claire, it is very hard to give up our devices that we have become accustomed to. But I think it is a real way to repair the damage and repay Mother Earth. It has an impact on your own life, on the people that are remotely exploited, on the Earth, and on anyone that crosses your path. Every drop in the ocean has a ripple effect.

      I think we are heading for lab made babies. (I think it is my post Wombless Women that first talks about that). Instead of round wombs, we will have square rooms. it is about severing the bond between mother and baby, in tandem with severing the bond between Mother Earth and us. Babies are already “saved” at earlier and earlier stages of premature birth, it is only a matter of time before the entire reproduction process will be done in a hospital, and people will go to collect their pre-ordered baby from the hospital as if they are shopping.
      Once the lab process becomes normalised, and all those with living memory of the wombed women have died out, then they will start embedding the square room labour ward into the robots. It is part of the Roman Masonic process of Squaring the Circle.
      Women’s sexual organs and breasts will probably just be sex toys, Roman style, possibly bred like farmed animals.

      You can already book into a clinic, select your preferred baby charcteristics, and pay for a sperm implant. Legal in the UK. They just have to join up all the separate technologies into one smooth process… they probably are in secret somewhere, secret tech being about 40 years ahead of public tech. It is the job of politics to prepare us to accept these secret technologies when they emerge.

      On the other hand, there are plenty of people feeling things have gone too far, and trying to go back to old more natural ways, instead of racing forwards to high tech futures. It feels like we are becoming more polarised. One of the reasons I write this blog is to clarify the inevitable outcome of following certain paths, so that I can avoid those paths and seek a better way. The paths of horror always look like they are good.

      It is funny that we say we “love” our devices, and chocolate etc etc. (I say it too). If we love devices, it shows how we have lost the meaning of love, and maybe “love” now usually means to own, to possess, to consume.

      I am pretty sure we already all have chips inside us, possibly from geneitic inheritance or maybe from vaccinations or electric waves mutating our embedded code. The new microchip that is coming towards us at the moment is just an upgrade. In some sense, we are already robots, but I think over time, we start to revert, the effects wear off, as they do with cross bred genetically modified plants. That is why they need to upgrade, and this upgrade will be bigger and better than the last one. Take it or leave it, every daily action is either taking it or leaving it.

      My post George Engineering is about how people live in spaceships in the sky, I think they are far more mutated and robotic than us. More “advanced”, higher “intelligence”….Enough to make me want to go backwards towards cave living.

      Romans are robotic, to me they symbolise the ultimate in robotic horror, and the ensuing wars paedophilia and slavery we are all caught up in. I write a lot about them ! (Bank Robber Bees, Romans Remain, etc etc).

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