Do you like driving your car ? Driving gives a feeling of power over something, it gives you more power than you have just by yourself with your own two feet. It enables you to achieve so much MORE. You can get about so much FASTER. You can go so much FURTHER.

Driving is an everyday activity in the Western World. We have become drivers. I think the mentality required to drive a car is the same as the mentality to drive slaves. The power goes to our heads. And it doesn’t matter if people die in the driving process, they are expendable for the greater good ( Please see Is It Worth It?).

A group of slaves is known as a DROVE. They are shackled together by hands and feet and DRIVEN from town to town by a slave DRIVER, as if they are cattle. They are chattel, they are owned goods.

Do you DRIVE a car ? I do. A car is owned goods, chattel. It is handy having this machine that is like an animal, working hard for your benefit. But so much better than an animal or human chattel because you don’t have to feed or clothe it or worry about animal rights or human rights if it dies or if you treat it badly. And you can sell it on, just like a slave, except it is conveniently not human, inhuman, so there is no cruelty involved.

Brilliant. We can all be cruelty free drivers ! You can kick your car about and order your car about because it is not human! We can have the powerful feeling of driving slaves, whilst being free of slavery! Who invented this clever idea, it solves everything, to carry on having that same slave driving power but with no more cruelty.

We don’t see the slavery behind the modern car, because we have abolished slavery from view. Much slavery goes into making the car, and also mining of Mother Earth, as well as running the car to have it at your constant disposal, and then the disposal of it when no longer wanted. Just as slaves are made by the slave labour of their slave mother, and disposed of by their owner when no longer wanted.

Driving is seen as a modern day luxury, a great achievement of the Western way of life, just as slave ownership was a luxury in the slave day hey day. Driving enables you to achieve more of your own goals because you have more power than you should. And you deserve all that power, don’t you, because you have the money to pay for it. I think in pursuing our own goals so doggedly, we are scoring own goals, goals against our fellow humans who are our kindred spirits, and against the Earth.

If you have more power than you really should, then it must have come from somewhere and someone else. Though obviously that would be someone that doesn’t deserve to have their own power, perhaps someone sub-human or inhuman, because otherwise we would have to admit we had stolen something or we were being cruel.

So there we go, problem number one is that driving a car is using slavery remotely. It is cruel.

In American slave day times, a slave is sometimes promoted to be a slave driver, and he whips his fellow slaves into action. The driver is himself driven by another slave driver above him, and he must do as he is told and inflict cruelty on his fellow slaves.

What, or who, is driving you to get in your car and drive faster and further than you can go with just your own two feet ? Are you following all those instructions on the road signs and doing as your SatNav tells you to do ? We think we are “free”, well lots of people tell me how free it is to drive a car. How can you be free when you are an enslaver of others ? How can you be free when someone is driving you ?

So there is problem number two, that we think we are DRIVING, but actually we are being DRIVEN too. We are not free if we are driving droves of others, we are not free if we are being driven in our droves… have you seen how people arrive (maybe by car) in their droves at big events? …almost as if they are shackled together, squashed in like slaves in a ship.

Slave owners were people of high status in society. Just as car owners are today. Cars and slaves both mean you are powerful and rich, and sexy too, it seems to be some sort of aphrodisiac all that power. It is amazing how even relatively poor people in England can now become drivers, and we are being led by a chain around our wrist or ankle, led to become DRIVERS. I think in the UK we are being set up to be an entire nation of drivers, the middlemen of the world, maybe we already are. Another version of a DRIVER is a MANAGER, in the age of MAN Age, the corporations are structured like slave driving hierarchies.

So there is problem number three, DRIVING (and MANaging) is admired and revered as something good to aspire to, a worthy cause to be rewarded and praised.

But what I really want to emphasise in this post, is the STATE OF MIND it puts us in to be a driver, to be in control, to be superior. To focus single mindedly, blinkered, on your own journey at the expense of others, and at the expense of the Earth.

Welcome to the Roman state of mind… the ability to use slaves and exploit others without noticing the harm you cause, having a blind spot, in fact you think you are entitled to pursue your own journey regardless, and convince yourself that others are consenting or at best being rewarded for their subversion to your whims, maybe you are kindly creating nice jobs for others? Surely we are all entitled to a nice life and our simple pleasures ?

I am going to suggest that this state of mind of being a DRIVER is the very same State of Mind that enables paedophilia to occur, and it is a normal state throughout our Western Romanised culture. It doesn’t mean all drivers are paedophiles, but the culture allows paedophilia behaviour to flourish, and we are all play our part towards making up the culture we live in.

Famous celebrity people are frequently very DRIVEN to succeed, and it often turns out that they were abused in some way as a child, maybe they were whipped and driven as a slave, maybe driven to work harder and harder because what they did was never good enough, maybe they were pushed by school and parenting programs to drive them faster and further. (My children’s school proudly tells me how it “pushes” my kids for me). It’s enough to DRIVE you over the edge, or round the bend, or up the wall, or drive you insane. And indeed droves of overly driven children are now being driven to these demented states of mind.

We are taught about the Blind Spot when we learn to drive a car. The Blind Spot means you can’t see who is behind you driving you, so conveniently you think you are the one in control. You can’t see off to the side, so you think you are not being cruel. You just look straight ahead. (See Face The Front). Maybe you would be whipped if you didn’t. The Blind Spot is inside our heads, it stops us from KNOWING what we are doing and what is being done to us.

The mind seems to enjoy and feed off having more power than it would otherwise have, it enjoys harnessing the power of something else, other people’s labour, and undermining Mother Earth. You can feel a sense of getting high on it, euphoria. I reckon God is a DRIVER. We get accustomed to being a DRIVER, in the driving seat. We can achieve so much more when we have slaves to help us, but none of us really want any guilt to go with it (please see Pleading Guilty).

Road rage is a common problem, cars make people angrier than usual, they feel they have a right to shout and yell at anyone blocking their path, or maybe someone going too slow in front of them who needs to be PUSHED to go faster. It is the equivalent of using a whip on a slave. It is the DRIVING mentality. It is also the mentality of a child abuser that wants to take out their anger on a child.

Machines are the modern day equivalent of slaves. The slavery and damage and destruction is hidden from our view, because we want our power, but we don’t want to be guilty of doing anything wrong. We want to pretend we are nice and good people, just entitled to enjoy life.

At whose expense are we enjoying life and experiencing artificial increased levels of power over others and the Earth?

Following on from a comment on the previous post, the next stage along is that we will have robots. Robots are machines that emulate humans, maybe even look like humans too ! Brilliant, we can have cruelty free slaves, and they can be driven just like slaves. They behave better than slaves, and there is no guilt problem, just like cars. But what is that doing to our mindset that we get used to treating something that looks exactly like a human as a slave ? It is maintaining and promoting the Roman state of mind.

Stepford Wives are robot wives, they behave perfectly but look human, and they are probably cheaper too, more economic, more Eco. And you can see that the next stage will be to get the robot slaves to reproduce exact copies of themselves, so there is no need to buy a new one when they get knackered.

We are coming full circle to having slaves again, it is just that this time round the same old time loop we will be told it’s ok because they are not really human, they just look human. They are sub-human, inhuman, so no need to worry, so much easier to believe the marketing hype than change your mindset. We will believe what we are told because we like the power, but we don’t want to be cruel.

I think Africans were, and probably still are, considered sub-human, but I think the slavery is switching to Asia, where they make all the machines and spare parts for us. Asians are more obedient, and there are one billion Chinese people manufactured by human labour (women labouring in birth) that have been deliberately soul destroyed over the centuries, and are now desperate for servile jobs. Isn’t it great we can have all this luxury and power without cruelty ? And this time round, nearly everyone in Britain will be able to afford their own slave or two, just as they can now afford their own car or two.

The internet is another version of the car and promotes the same slavery mentality. And nearly everyone in Britain can afford their own computer or two. The internet gives us a feeling of great power and superiority, far more than we should have. You can drive things and order things remotely with just a click of your fingers, just PUSH a button. Clicking your fingers is a way of ordering someone else about, or summoning a servant. Touch the POWER ON button and you have the world at your fingertips. The internet is a great DRIVING force for global change, and it is leading us all into a blinkered blind spot Roman mindset big time. There seems to be a fine line between humans, robots, slaves, and machines, and how we treat them all. I would suggest that any use of machines is encouraging the Roman State of Mind to persist in our culture.

Writing this post has enabled me to understand how the folks that lived in the days of unabolished visible slavery were able to continue to perpetuate the horrors of slavery, because it is exactly what we are now doing in modern times. All it takes is to be in the Roman State of mind, and have a Blind Spot. We can legally abolish the cars, and the paedophilia, the wars and the slavery, but nothing will change unless we individually take charge of our own mindsets and make the change within.

The Abolition of Slave Trade Act was in 1807. The first wheeled car powered by an internal combustion engine, was built in 1807. There we go. From whips to wheels in the same year. And when cars are abolished, some new driving force, maybe a Roman robot, will turn up to satisfy our Roman state of mind. Power goes to our heads, and it’s addictive.

I think there is another sort of power that we have within that we have forgotten about, one that really does not involve any cruelty. It is the power of our bond with our Mother Earth, and our bond to each other and the plants and the animals as kindred spirits. And it is the power to SAY NO.

I started this post saying that DRIVING enables us to go FAST and FAR and achieve MORE. So really we need to accept the opposite to make a change. Go slower, do little, and achieve less.

(See also earlier related posts: Pleading Guilty, The Old Welsh Road, William’s Slave Pen, Silver Spoon, Slave Labour Party, White Goods, Is It Worth It?, It’s What We Do, Devices, Solar Saviour, Saviour Within, Program Me, Romans Remain, The Roman Carrot, Do As You’re Told Days, Matter Under Mind, Crowd Scenes, Face The Front, Square Eyes, Place Your Bets, Be Positive).

Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northrup

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10 Responses to Driving

  1. Claire says:

    Thank you very much for this article. It made me think. At first I disagreed because only humans can be slaves.
    Then I looked at my son’s room. My son has a ps3, a ps4, a telly, a desk top, a i-pad mini and an apple phone. He commands his computer from an executive swivel chair that’s draped in old sheets with a cushion and a cloth for his head. The chair is so big that it will not fit through his bedroom door. It would do a Roman proud.
    Like a Roman, he gets very angry if the computer does not do as he wants immediately. He also has a lap-top. The screen and the keyboard were becoming detached and he did smash the screen. It was not worth repairing it as it was cheaper to get a new one.
    I got a desk top on the strict understanding that I will not replace it and that he treats it properly. He now thumps the desk if the computer is playing up. The desk is 2nd hand so I’m not too fussed about that. I kept his lap top as a reminder of how to treat a computer.
    While waiting for his new computer he did use my lap top. The letter ‘p’ is now missing and the numbers and most of the lower row of letters don’t work. It’s a touch screen so I can use the screen keyboard. He can have a lap top when he knows how to treat one.
    All what’s missing is the sandals and toga and the Roman name like Caligula or Nero and my son would be a proper little Roman.
    The cat does have a Roman name, Pompeya, and she behaves like a Roman. When she went to be sterilised she would not tolerate the vet’s assistant and attacked her. Sometimes I let her run in the stairwell, but I had to stop because she got in front of downstairs door, and with her fur all fluffed out and hissing was stopping the neighbour and his 2 dogs from getting in their flat.
    Anyway, my son is not exceptional, on YouTube there are loads of people breaking tellies and computers because something went wrong.
    Now people from this part of the world would find it difficult to be without machines to help out. And life gets more and more mechanised. And people are needed less and less.
    Even life partners are going to be replaced by robots. I reckon that one day childhood will be done away with and people will step out of a machine fully adult but genderless. It’s like a death cult, where only the ones in charge will have genders and children. Maybe some children will be made for the ones in charge to abuse.
    I don’t drive because it’s expensive and I like to look around when I’m going somewhere, not just straight ahead. Also cars and other machines do need a fair bit of looking after. That makes me think that people are also slaves to their machines, spending a long time with them like tellies and mobile phones. Buying special products to look after them. Even washing machines get Calgon. So it is a sort of 2 way traffic. I suppose it’s like that so that people will form more of a relationship with their machines then each other.
    Sorry to be so wordy. Thanks for the article. I have read all your articles and agree with most of what you say. I follow your site so I might comment again.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your comment Claire, and for sharing your personal experiences. Yes I think that people are slave to their machines too, like in a relationship. Maybe a love hate relationship ? It is very needy and very dependent. All the sense of touch is being diverted to machines, which help you stay in touch, touch screens. So we lose the joy of sensuality. What you say about your son (and indeed the general teenage population) would be classified as domestic violence if the machine was a human.

      I think you have hit the nail on the head about relationships with machines. And something I hadnt thought of before, the idea that reproduction will eventually bypass the child stage. And as you say, children as well as women will then be farmed animals or pets to be abused or sacrificed, as we now do with our farm animals.

      Like you (well I am guessing from the tone of your comment), I find I am in this situation of knowing and seeing the truth of it, but then finding that the way out of the lifestyle we have created is like moving a mountain, one slow clump of soil at a time, especially when you see the younger generation hooked on it all. I am finding that it gets easier as you set it in motion and it gathers momentum. My car is now earmarked for selling up in the next month or so, and I will be carless. One small step. It feels great !

  2. Noo says:

    I was injured earlier this year – not in a car, but as a result of the injury I haven’t been able to drive a car for quite a while. So I’ve rediscovered the joy of walking. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to walk as a means of getting from one place to another, not just for exercise or relaxation. Getting from one place to another on foot is also relaxing and is good exercise. It often takes me less time to get from one side of town to the other on foot than in the car because I don’t have to sit in traffic queues. I also don’t have to pay money to leave my car in a carpark. If I have to go further than I can walk, I take the bus, which is a bit like having some time to myself, to just sit and muse. People keep saying to me, “I bet you can’t wait until you can start driving again”, but I’m not really sure any more that I want to. It’s a bit like stepping off the whirling fairground ride and not feeling giddy any more, and not wanting to get back on.

    • suliwebster says:

      It is interesting how sometimes life changes hit us by surprise, without a conscious decision to make a change, the change is forced upon us. And maybe your injury is a blessing in disguise that has allowed you a very valuable experience. It is my belief that all injuries and illnesses are somehow invited in by our inner spirit in order for us to experience something we need to know or learn.
      Walking is also great for stopping and relating to people and animals and indeed anything that crosses your path. I think that walking is the correct pace of life for humans.
      There is no walking rage like there is road rage. People who are walking are much more peaceful, unless of course you are stuck walking on a fumey, dangerous noisy road full of cars.
      In summer, you can go barefoot and earth, touch Mother nature with the sole soul of your feet.
      People used to manage without cars.

  3. Claire says:

    Here’s some synchronicity or maybe irony. Today I cleaned my son’s room and I found a drawing of a Roman he’d done. Thanks for your reply. There’s indeed much to think of. Good luck with selling your car.
    I gave up using the microwave. It gave me gut-ache. I feel better now.That’s the start of my being more natural.

    • suliwebster says:

      Romans are worshipped at school too, as people who we should be proud of, who did so much for our country !
      Glad your microwave has gone.
      Glad to hear my writing is giving food for thought, that’s the way I like it, and real change only happens when people make personal changes based on assessment of their own life, not just by blindly following movements or instructions.

  4. paul says:

    hmm https://twitter.com/clif_high/with_replies
    clif ‏@clif_high 16 hrs16 hours ago

    Ack! ok, so data shows ‘unknown big something’ going to ‘splat/splash/crash’ onto ‘A4’ roadway b4 end of Dec. Vids apparently coming!
    7 retweets 14 likes
    Michael Butler ‏@mbutler101 14 hrs14 hours ago

    @clif_high FYI, A4 is also on the Economist 2015 cover…purportedly Queen Elizabeth’s Land Rover license plate # A444RYV

  5. paul says:

    sorry – nothing was posting earlier – but then later they appeared

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