Tree Fi

Terrific or terrifying, or maybe electrifying ? You decide….

We have had Sci-Fi, science fiction, God’s Sky program to train our minds to accept and welcome the future that science has pre-created for us.

We have had Hi-Fi, high fidelity, the sound transmission of the music industry, altering our ears to be tuned to the annoying noise of 440Hz, instead of 432Hz.

We have had WiFi, wireless Fi (what is Fi ?), so that we are always switched on and plugged in, no longer any need for switches or plugs.

Now it is time for Tree Fi…

Richard Branson has set up a Virgin Earth Prize, he is offerering a reward of $25 million to whoever can come up with a device to suck the excess carbon out of the atmosphere, thereby solving the climate change crisis.

Maybe I should tell him that Mother Earth has already invented such a device and it is called a TREE. A tree sucks the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and gives us back oxygen for us to breathe. Perfect.

I suspect that “A TREE” is the wrong answer, because the idea is to make big profits out of the new device, and to create a cultural climate whereby we continue to destroy the Earth whilst believing ourselves to be Good and Eco and Green. Before long, it will be accepted fact that chopping down trees is good for the environment. It seems to me that trees are getting in the way of GOING GREEN, trees are obstacles to the progress of the BIG GREEN agenda.

I would guess that the answer Branson wants, the one that will win the prize, is “E TREE”. An Electric tree. An Environmentally friendly Eco Energy Electronic sort of E-tree, that is man made (in slave factories of course). And it is going to solve climate change for us ! Big Brother Branson to the rescue !

An e-tree will be taller than natural trees, just like those other man made things that are taller… church spires, phone masts, twin towers and solar towers, all electrified and reaching up to heaven, whilst connected by metal conductors to earth. All things to be worshipped, bigger and better than any of those messy dirty dangerous things that Mother Earth makes.

An e-tree will suck the carbon out of the air, a regulated controlled amount. If they get it right, they can slowly starve the plants and the real trees of their carbon food, and the natural plant world will die, whilst the new e-tree becomes the invasive species that takes over.

The new e-tree will be planted in electric cities electri city, so that people can be carbon neutral, and erase their guilt about over consumption, and carry on consuming more than ever before. e-trees will be better than real trees, no annoying falling leaves, no tree preservation orders to worry about, and they can switch on nice synthetic autumn coloured lights in October, and silvery ones at Xmas, except the colours will be slightly off-tone to affront our senses and alter our frequencies, just as the hifi music industry blasts us with the wrong sound frequency. Richard Branson is big in the music industry too.

The e-tree will capture carbon and feed the power of the carbon elsewhere. Maybe up to the sky for the spaceship that Branson is working on. I guess the e-tree will balance out any Eco unfriendly problems caused by his spaceships and planes. It doesn’t matter how evil you are in the Big Eco world, as long as you can convince people that you have offset it somewhere else with Good. Branson can spew out tons of carbon in space, and have a charitable balancing “Plant an e-tree” program back on Earth.

Or maybe the e-tree will feed the underground tunnel network, through its “roots”, or “routers”, electric cables feeding carbon generated electricity into the ground. The underground tunnel network is far bigger than most people realise, it is well hidden from view.

It’s going to be brilliant, this new e-tree world.

We can roll out the mass manufacture of e-trees in Chinese factories, and supply them to cities around the world. It all makes good Economical Eco sense. Because Big Eco is really about Economic growth, not ecology at all. We will have to chop down trees of course to build the essential Eco factories, and we might need to chop down more trees for Eco solar farms to run the factories, and to make space for airports (Eco airports of course) to transport the e-trees around the world.

And especially we will need to chop down trees to make way for Eco cities and spaceship launchpads too.

The Earth Prize is being billed as Big Eco and Big Green, when really such a device will just erase guilt and allow everyone to carry on disturbing the balance of nature, not least of all Richard Branson himself, with all his planes and spaceships and WiFi and SciFi and HiFi.

The real trees will get in the way of the e-trees because the e-trees will be Eco friendly solar powered. And anything solar powered requires the natural trees out of the way. The damn things block the Sun.

In the city of Bath near where I live, they are “electrifying” the railway. Probably elsewhere too. That included a lot of tree chopping. A well known joke in England is how the trains can’t run on time in the Autumn, due to “leaves on the line”. Imagine if we have e-trees instead, with unlimited electricity and wifi, and NO LEAVES to cause problems.

Branson is big on trains too.

Climate Change is about changing our cultural climate. We are switching over to Tree Fi, the Big Switch over, ready for a new spaceship style world, completely severed from nature. Branson is also big on Spaceships (which incidentally, won’t have much space, though maybe a bit more space than trains and planes do). Do you really want to stay on board to find out what is coming next ? Or do you want to get off and get Earthed ? Your choice.

Electric (power or fuel) and wifi (communication and information) seem to be blending, becoming one into one terrific electrifying tree fying climatic climax. Power to the People, we are told, but methinks it is Power to the Pope and to the Paedophiles. When Pope Francis was selected, lightening struck the Vatican as if the Vatican was a tree. Maybe its time for Richard Branson and The Pope to team up on Green issues.

Tree Fi is the merger of electricity, wifi, and carbon into one whole new energy program. It seems that electricity and wifi are becoming one. (See Solar Saviour). We will all have an electric wife at our disposal, always on, always available, always clearing up the mess we make from over consumption, …so much better than a human version.

I always find it interesting how the modern replacements for nature emulate nature. And so I conclude that anything that Tree Fi claims to do, NATURE CAN ALREADY DO.

If e-trees allow remote communication via the internet, then I would say that natural trees already have that power. I am coming to believe that via ROOTS, the roots of trees, our shared roots in our ancestry, our shared roots to the Earth, and through our own root chakras too. Trees can Earth us, take us into the arms of Mother Nature, just as Tree Fi will take us deeper into the arms of Big Brother.

Trees capture carbon and generate oxygen that powers humans. The new e-tree will generate another sort of power, electricity, which will power robots.

Nature’s trees keep us cool in summer, and warm in winter. In fact they are perfect at balancing out the extremes of the behaviour of the Sun. Trees are older and wiser than humans, they outlive humans, they know more than we do because they have lived so much longer.

That is why the Plant-a-Tree Eco program wants to chop down old trees in exchange for planting new ones, mass produced in nurseries. It’s the Big Eco way of balancing the books, not the Mother Earth way of balancing nature.

The finalists for the Virgin Earth Prize have now been listed, and a quick scroll down shows me at least one of them makes “artificial” trees.

The Earth is not a Virgin of course, she has been invaded and raped over and over again. She has been prised prized open like an oyster, and her prized pearl removed. The “Virgin Earth Prize” is a phrase carefully designed to sound like the prize that is a virgin bride, (as the Royals require), or maybe a virgin child that paedophiles prefer. It is a reminder that a virgin is still prized, and that virgins are still sold for a good price on the electrified internet (See Centre for Missing and Exploited Children) This is in keeping with the Branson brand of sexual innuendo, and that should be enough to warn us off.

So you can see that Branson is now big in the Big Green Industry, whilst carrying on promoting mass consumerism and selling endless harmful devices.

Whilst writing this post, I wondered if there already was an e-tree somewhere, so I did a quick internet search, please see the link below, it is called “eTree” and it is in Israel. This e-tree is not at all Green, there is no colour green to be seen. Am I going colour blind ? Or is it like the Wizard of Oz story, where everything in the City of Oz looks Green, because all the citizens go around permanently wearing green tinted glasses.

The internet is deemed to be the source of all knowledge, though it is not. And methinks the new Israeli eTree is the new Tree of Knowledge in the centre of the Garden of Eden. It provides wifi and electricity. We are all Adams and Eves, it is all happening now. Are we going to plant loads of these eTrees, are we going to carry on with our thirst for Apples, wifi and electricity ?

Maybe one day soon we will be able to pick an apple off the eTree and eat it ! Then we will be connected, implanted with a programmable chip.

Only when the last tree has died, the last fish gone etc etc, will we realise we cannot eat or breathe electricty…. Which will leave the Roman robots in charge, or anyone willing to sign themselves over to electricity as a life support system.

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15 Responses to Tree Fi

  1. Claire says:

    Thank you for an interesting article. That e-tree is ugly. It would be bad to eat any fruit that was on it. I can’t imagine any birds wanting to nest in it, but they would mess all over the solar panels.

    Wi-fi is a trade mark phrase that means IEEE802.11x. It’s wireless local area network products (WLAN) based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards. Hope that’s useful for you.

    Do you remember Richard Branson’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a balloon? It kept going wrong and the rescues were expensive. He certainly does have his fingers in a lot of pies. I think he also wanted to buy Northern Rock when it went wrong. For all I know he might well have bought it by now.

    He also dresses up as a woman stewardess and goes on his Virgin planes. I don’t know why he does that. Everybody says his trains are rubbish. I hope his space effort is better. It’s going to be called Virgin Galactic. I think space is fake and that nobody has gone beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Space is just good for sci-fi, which I enjoy reading and watching, but I know it’s fake.

    Hope you’re keeping well. If I don’t talk before the holiday season, I hope you have a fun holiday time.

    • suliwebster says:

      Good point about the birds, maybe they will need to be culled because they will be “pests” upsetting our energy supply.
      Virgin Galactic could be Virgin Gal. A girl. Well all ships are female. GAL is Prince George’s initials which fits with George Engineering.
      My view of space is that it is inner space, not outer space, we are inside the womb of a giantess. The South Pole is the cervix. Everything in space is very small, but magnified, or maybe reflected images, not big and scary at all. We are safe inside the womb, except that the womb has been invaded, just like cunts and countries are invaded. (There are some old posts about this, Through the Wombhole, and ones around that time, and maybe another one about Galileo, forget which ones exactly). Once I started seeing it this way, everything makes total sense and there are no strange anomalies any more.

      • Claire says:

        Virgin Galactic is quite something. I looked at the web page. It’s all about exploring and there’s even going to be a Virgin Galactic Scholarship. This will give the student a huge advantage over others.

        Galactic to me sounds like milk. Space is full of the stuff, like the Milky Way and Galaxies. It also makes me think of chocolate like “Galaxy” and “Milky Way”. Space is a creamy place for me. Milk is white and I suspect that space is a whitewash job.

        Also, as you say, there’s gal in galactic and only females produce milk. And spaceships, like sea ships, are female.

        I’ve read all your articles but I can’t remember them all. I do think the Earth is round. This is because if you put 2 sticks of equal lengths at different places at the same time, the shadows are different because of curvature.

        This doesn’t mean that the whole truth about Earth is known. It could well be in a sort of womb, and I reckon it can be left, like at the South Pole. That Earth has been invaded is for sure, but by what or who, I don’t know.

        There are mysteries like alien mutilations and black-eyed children that point to other beings. The Earth is a big experiment, but the details are unclear.

      • suliwebster says:

        Maybe they are trying to make space look like the nurturer, the provider of life sustaining milk ?
        Nestle the chocolate makers are responsible for switching African mothers over to using powder milk provided by BigBrother… it is what I call astronaut food, in powder form and with exact prescribed dosages.

        That’s amazing you have read all my posts Claire! I am very flattered but trying not to be because its the ego kicking in. I can’t remember them all either and I write them.


      • suliwebster says:

        That’s very interesting about the milkiness and the chocolate bars. Mars bars too. Chocolate bar advertising is always very sexual.
        Lactate, also laxative. GA is the two letter code for the state of Georgia. Gorging georging on chocolate bars.

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Claire, I am reading a book about Celts, and it mentions the “Gallican” Church of the Gauls, a little bit Galactic methinks. The Roman Catholics defeat the Gauls, and convert Gallican to Galactican.
        If you mix up Catholic Celtic Gaelic, you get Galactic.
        Gaelics, Galaxy, quite similar.

  2. paul says:

    “…I’ve read all your articles but I can’t remember them all. I do think the Earth is round. This is because if you put 2 sticks of equal lengths at different places at the same time, the shadows are different because of curvature….”

    maybe the sun is just in a slightly different place – as it circles overhead in the earths sky (not in space)

    you shouldn’t be able to see the isle of man from blackpool if the earth was a globe – but on certain days you can

    the term globalist has come to take on a whole new meaning

    • suliwebster says:

      I am wondering of we could make the Sun rise in the West due to power of thought… The Sun travels westwards, the Great Western Way of life. Are we getting a bit dizzy with always spinning the same way round ?

  3. Claire says:

    Hello Suli, hope you are fine.

    Thank you for thinking of me. I live in Spain and in there’s an area called Galicia up north. I live in the south, so it’s a long way from me. I think most of the milk is produced there.

    All I ever see is that space is a hoax. Mars is really an island near the Artic circle where Nasa test their stuff. Also on Mars there is a rat, an eagle and a bobcat. There might be some other wildlife, but I can’t remember it all.

    On Pluto, an outline of the Disney dog of the same name can be seen. All the Nebulas and other stuff are coloured in by Nasa otherwise it would look just like a headlight seen from a distance.

    I remember when I was young and I saw a picture of the first planet not of the Solar system. If it hadn’t had a caption, I would’ve thought it was a mouldy orange taken with coloured light while somebody smoked a cigar.

    I think they’ve been at it a long time with faking space. People never went to the Moon and most space stuff is really filmed underwater at the Nasa pool.

    I could go on with all the evidence of space being fake, but it would get boring and as far as I know you probably know this.

    As for the Celts I know very little about them. Their art work was very intricate and beautiful.

    I do know about the Romans because as you say, my son is one. He insisted my boyfriend and me get a better telly so now we have a Samsung curve telly. The picture looks better than reality.

    Keep well.

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Claire,
      Maybe the real agenda of NASA is to create the space illusion ? Seems like it.
      It probably was an orange in that photo, its incredible what we fall for if things are INTERPRETED for us.
      Are TVs curved these days ? Like the curvature of the Earth, or a curved window looking out of a spaceship ?

      Maybe the spaceships that I keep going on about are actually physically located underground or in military buildings somewhere. People inside them wouldn’t know the difference if they had screens everywhere showing them what they believed was a view out the window. And they could press buttons all day long for their job or their leisure thereby creating weather or planetary moods for the rest of us.
      Maybe the Earth is a sort of spaceship that we live inside too. The sky is like a TV program on a screen. One big giant central control screen.

      I am wondering what it is that you feared might happen if you didn’t provide your son with a better tele, sounds like you didn’t really want to, and he is wielding some power somehow. I think that standing up to the “elite” is a (long) journey that starts with ourselves and our own family (I can’t even influence my teenagers to stop using aerosol sprays so how can I complain about chemtrails ?).

      I am sure space is a hoax and they control the whole lot of it, which then controls us. But I don’t know everything far from it, and all those details you mentioned are new to me.

      Gaia is the new name for the living Earth, coined by James Lovelock, an ex NASA scientist. Gaia is a bit like Galicia. Or Gailic.


  4. paul says:

    more on trees

    big silicon ones – passed of as table mountains

    What if I told you mountains were not mountains, volcanoes were not volcanoes, deserts were not deserts, and canyons were not canyons?

    You would laugh……..but bear with me.

    I said in my Edge documentary, and even in this weeks FERO episode, mainstream Geology is an elite cover up, and it needs a massive re-look at from a completely blank “Flat Earth Cosmological” canvas.

    This week, Людин Рɣси created this amazing documentary – for me the most groundbreaking work of the year so far. I implore you to put this on your must see list, and if you know this website, I don’t say this lightly. I also wanted to do a blog instead of a video as I don’t want to dilute in any way this masterpiece.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks paul, will take a look.
      After writing my recent post Soular Plexus, I noticed that “geology” is a word a bit like jealousy, if you spell them gealousy or jeology, and gaol is similar too. There is certainly a new replacement geology being wheeled in like a change of scenery on a stage. Actually it is like they are reconstructing the entire planet. jealousy is a result of cutting off our connection to love, and maybe geolousy is a result of cutting our connection to Mother Earth.
      Silicon is often part of the rebuild, isnt it ? Silicin breast implants, silicon chips.
      There has been another recent tree slaughtering in Bath, this time to build the new Bath Quays (keys) and lots of restaurants and shops to go with it. Maybe some wifi pavemenhts thrown in too.

  5. paul says:

    More on Forests

    The highly popular and controversial “There Are No Forests” video brought me to the material below, presented by Dr. Suzanne Simard, forest ecology expert at the University of British Columbia. Trees in a forest are interconnected by a vast underground fungal network — the original “internet of the Earth.” Professor Simard tells us that by way of this network, trees communicate with other, no matter how far away they are:

    • suliwebster says:

      Trees seem to hold the ancient wisdom, and some are very old. The druids like trees and worship in groves, maybe they tap into the knowledge and communication network of the trees.

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