Santa Nick

I find myself swept along into Christmas yet again. Why is it so difficult to get out of Xmas ? It is only when you try to get out of it that you realise how hard that is, and why people find it easier just to go along with it and ENJOY it, because being happy for Xmas is a very big part of joining in, joyning in, enjoining with the game.

I have been reducing Christmas to something smaller and smaller, year after year. This year I have got to the point where I want to quit Christmas altogether, but it is as tricky as leaving an abusive marriage.

It seems to me that we are all married to Christmas, to Santa Satan, in some way. Maybe we are Brides of Christ. We have made some vows, and we are stuck with them TIL DEATH US DO PART. And just like being in a bad marriage, you cannot admit it is bad, you have to pretend to everyone including yourself that it is all good and happy. Because as soon as you see the truth, it becomes intolerable to continue, and then you realise in despair the enormity of the task to get out of it.

Ah well, if you can’t beat them, join them ! Go on join in, enjoy it, you know you want to really !

I only have to turn up at ONE party this year, not even on Xmas Day. I am dreading it, because I will have to ACT all day long. I will have to be happy and enjoy it, and get into the festive spirit. If I don’t play my part, then I will be spoiling the carefully planned script for everyone else. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. I am going for the sake of other people, that’s very nice of me, I don’t want to let them down. And that reminds me that soldiers continue to fight and kill in wars for the sake of their fellow men, not even for King and country. It is something to do with keeping the team spirit going, regardless of what horrors the team is working on.

I have been trying to be more honest about what I think this year, but people either look at me as if I am some miserable scrooge ruining the best time of year for everyone else with my attitude… “It doesn’t take much effort to join in and smile does it?” ….or they feel sorry for me because I have not got a proper family Xmas organised on THE BIG DAY. I can see it in their eyes. So I can’t relate to anyone at this time of year unless I lie a lot and pretend, and play my part in this SHOW.

Even people who don’t like the establishment and are wised up to Satanic rituals seem to like to take a break from truth for Xmas, get drunk, be gluttons, watch TV, and invite Santa into their kids bedrooms.

A little reminder that even slaves were given Xmas Day off, and special food, so they looked forward to it for months ahead as the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR. Just like your wedding day is the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And this is maybe why African slaves of the Southern US states came to be ardent Christians. They worship their annual day off, given to them in the name of Christ, the same Christ that enslaves them the other 364 days.

You can’t avoid Xmas, because every human being in the Western world talks about it for weeks, even months, ahead. Everywhere you go, Xmas beams and blasts out at you. It crushes my spirit, and destroys my soul. It saps my energy, and makes me feel imprisoned, not myself. It sucks me into its whirlpool of energy, and I lose my true path. It seems to feed off me, consume me, just like my devices do (Please see Devices). If I am feeling drained by it all, then where is my energy going to ? Who is tapping it ?

I get to a certain point in December every year, YEAR AFTER YEAR, where my life is put on hold until after Xmas. Xmas is so dominating that this is the effect on everyone. I did not realise quite how powerful this hold is until I desired to get out of it completely. It’s best to play the game isn’t it, rather than face the truth. The truth is hard to bear.

I would estimate about 5 or maybe 10 per cent of my annual energy is going towards fuelling Xmas, and this is probably lower than the average person’s contribution. I am diverted for about a month or so every year, if I include time to recover and reset myself, and get back to my own true path afterwards. How do I get out of this ? Is it possible to get out of it without losing my relationships with my loved ones, and indeed my relationship with most of the human race.

Maybe I could escape to somewhere remote, but even then I would know that the reason I had done so was to split off from my usual life in order to avoid Xmas, thus the advent of Xmas theme would still be hanging in the air. And then I would return to my life, only for the Xmas ordeal to rear its ugly head again 10 or 11 months later.

People like me are being branded sick. There was a program on BBC Radio One about people who were UNABLE to join in and enjoy Xmas. People like me. It was portrayed as if these people had something wrong with them, a mental illness or personality disorder. Maybe there will be some drugs available soon to fix people like me, just as there are drugs to make you happy if you get depressed by this cruel world we partake in. We must be HAPPY. We must ENJOY it. We must learn to LOVE Big Brother. JOIN IN !

I keep wishing “IT” were all over, as if it is some ordeal that I am stuck with. Which reminds me of the horror of the violent marriage I was once in. Xmas is a bit like marital rape. When “IT” is over, you can forget it, get on with your life, and you get a reprieve, ….until it happens again. And maybe this is the same repeating pattern that an abused child experiences. A repeating loop that you can’t seem to exit from.

Calling Christmas X Mass is a great way of making it sound like Sexmass, you just put another word in front in the autocue, and the TV presenter reads out obediently…. for example “Santa’s X Mass”. All good family fun. For all the family to join in, especially kids. Kids don’t let your parents down, they have set all this up for you ! For you to enjoy and have fun.

A little girl I saw today was wearing a Xmas jumper saying “I LOVE SANTA”. Santa is Satan, and he is a rapist and a paedophile. Santa Nic, St Nicholas, Satanic. Christmas jumpers are made for us by Santa’s elves, Satan’s soulless slaves. They are soulless because the intention of Satan is to split us all off from our spirit, so we become empty vessels, willing to do the bidding of anyone that has the controls and issues instructions. Just like we all become at Xmas, following the instructions. (See Do As You Are Told Days).

It’s lovely seeing pictures of all these little girls isn’t it?…. well groomed girls, pretty girls, good girls, gazing adoringly at Santa, draped all over his knees and around his neck, being so so good, so they can get all the lovely Xmas presents. As long as they behave all year round. Xmas is the reward time for good girls that please Santa. Girls that really love Santa. Sometimes girls wear nice twirly sexy Santa skirts too. I think that will please Santa.

The pinnacle of the Christian Calendar is Christmas, just like the pinnacle of a Christian marriage is sex. (Please see Popule Copule). And it seems to me that Eve has married Satan. I don’t know why or how, but she did, and I think we have to help her get out of it. Eve is the victim of an abusive marriage of domestic violence. This is demonstrated by our customs on the day of Xmas EVE. Santa comes on Xmas EVE. Eve lays out goodies, whiskey, carrot and mince pies, for Santa to encourage him to visit her kids in their own bedrooms at night, and to show her kids that she approves of Santa’s visit. On Eve’s night. Eve is so diminished by her oppressive marriage to Santa Satan, she cannot get out of the Satanic marriage any more easily than I can get out of Xmas. And even worse, she gives her kids to Satan too. She even makes sure her kids get really excited about Santa Satan’s bedroom visit well in advance, as does everyone else in our sick world. There is a joyous countdown to the magic night of Satan’s visit, Eve’s night, and kids are encouraged to go to bed early, and to sleep alone to prepare for this amazing thing that their mother has endorsed.

We fuel Xmas with our energy, willingly, joyfully, happily. We co-operate. Xmas needs a lot of energy, because this is the time of year to re-birth and renew the Son and the Sun. This is the rising up of the phallus energy. Maybe it is also the phoenix penix energy, rising again from the ashes of the fire that is the Sun. Christ is made in God’s image, and they both have a phallus. There is nothing quite like paedophilia to demonstrate the horror of how phallus energy is used the world over. And Xmas is how we perpetuate it, YEAR AFTER YEAR. We give our energy to the Xmas ceremony, which then allows the evil cycle to repeat. (Please see Matthew Delooze’s excellent articles on the Christmas Ritual).

The Christian calendar is a repeat loop of time. It is made up by the Roman Catholics to focus our energy on what is required to perpetuate the cycle. Once we are all programmed into the repeat cycle, it just sort of continues automatically like a stuck vinyl record. Maybe one of those awful Xmas records that is replayed ad nauseum. The repeating record is child abuse. It never stops because we just keep repeating the same old routines like stuck records. The victims of child abuse get a reprieve, and then it happens again. How do we get out of this seemingly endless repeat loop ?

The horrible effigy of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross is a great idol to worship if you want to be a victim. I am sure this has been set up carefully by the Roman Catholics. It encourages us all to self sacrifice. This is so ingrained in our culture that it is no longer necessary to be Christian to be self sacrificial. Especially for women, because women must be encouraged to sacrifice their childrento Satan. (Men are encouraged to self sacrifice their life as soldiers in war, but I will write about that another time).

Jesus Christ died to save us from sin, and to allow us to continue sinning and be instantly forgiven. Jesus Christ is good, obviously being the Son of Good. So women can copy Jesus Christ and be good and let their soul die whilst they are raped to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their marriage. This fits in nicely with being good girls for Santa in order to get the nice slave made toys. See how we are all programmed to this repeat loop from very young. Women are trained to sacrifice their children too, so their children please and pleasure Satan, and their children are trained to be self sacrificing like the Catholic Jesus effigy. It is all for the greater good of this Santa Nick and his sex agenda. Take off your stockings and be good, and you will get toys.

In keeping with Christian practise, the sin is instantly forgiven by the good victim. And then forgotten until it happens again. It’s the only way to continue in this horrible repeat loop, to do your best to FORGET inbetween. If you forgive, then you just turn a blind eye to the evil that you cannot deal with, and in the process you become this self sacrificing victim like your idol Jesus Christ. And you never break out of the repeat loop. But we can all tell ourselves we are good for carrying on joining in with this self sacrifice of ourselves and of all the children in the world. And eventually over time, we learn to enjoy IT and love IT. Satan is best pleased when we enjoy things of our own free will, by our own consent.

This self sacrificing victim is not the true jesus, it is the Roman Catholic distortion.

It seems to me that when a child (or adult) is repeatedly raped, they learn to split off a part of themselves in order to survive. The body carries on acting, whilst the spirit goes elsewhere. Rape is a Roman activity. The jesus part of us is the pure soul or spirit. When rape occurs, the jesus part is killed off. The more our spirit is killed off by our ACTING to survive, the more our jesus dies within us all. The jesus energy died to save us. True jesus energy cannot tolerate sin, and is killed off by it. The more often this happens, the more detached we become from jesus and our true spirit or soul, the more we are split off from our self, the more controllable and willing we become. And the harder it becomes to break out of the endless repeat loop.

So it seems we are all in this situation of being married to Satan Santa, which is the very same Roman energy that murdered Jesus in Bible stories. We are so under the spell of it, so weakened by it, so used to it, that we do not even realise we are being abused, and worst of all, we do not realise we are encouraging our collective children, all the world’s children, to be trained to participate too.

It seems to me that the Servants or Brides of Satan (that’s us), must renew our vows every year, and repeat the ritual, donating our energy to the purposes of Christ, The Sun, Satan, the Romans, the Catholics. And in the process we kill off our jesus energy, our saviour within.

It seems to me that nearly all the male energy that we have as spirit form is being harnessed, misdirected, into abusive sexual Satanic phallus physical force and invasion into another’s body to have power over another. Our spirit is destroyed in the name of Christ to feed Satan and Santa. (Please see Ab Use of Sex).

I still don’t know how to leave this cruel marriage to Satan I find myself in, and whether or not I will manage to leave before “IT” happens again next year. And could it be that every Christian style marriage is somehow modelled on this more generic one that we all have with Satan ? Happy marriages are somehow like Happy Christmases. And the best Christmases and weddings are both WHITE. Like the sugar that makes the icing on the cake (Please see Silver Spoon).

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Matthew Delooze, oneballmedia – …and his other posts on Christmas and on New Year.
(Santa Nick helps girls to pay money as a dowry to get married, that’s nice (nic) of him).

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4 Responses to Santa Nick

  1. riad says:

    “sully quote”I only have to turn up at ONE party this year, not even on Xmas Day. I am dreading it, because I will have to ACT all day long. I will have to be happy and enjoy it, and get into the festive spirit. If I don’t play my part, then I will be spoiling the carefully planned script for everyone else. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. I am going for the sake of other people, that’s very nice of me, I don’t want to let them down. And that reminds me that soldiers continue to fight and kill in wars for the sake of their fellow men, not even for King and country. “sully end quote”

    to be frank comparing your enjoyment to any genuine soldier who believed they died for the right cause is down right laughable.

    atleast some Soldiers saves Lifes , usually not without taking Lifes in the process..

    who are you saving?

    im sorry to say that you are fooling yourself with that line of thinking. if you cant spare on day of a effort to nulify the christmas sprit and its hold on you then maybe your heart just don t want to be free suly. my suggestion from my own infantile position is that you dont participate next year. its not that hard. your making it harder than it is becuse you want to have an valid excuse for joining in.

    a good start is stop joining parties on chirstmas day… sure the lead up to chirstmas is all pertaining witin our society and we cannot fully detach unless we go and live in the Wood,having said thar, if we cant be arsed to make an effort to not join in on christmas eve and day then we dont want it. theres no if and buts in my opinion…

    i was once told by Matthew delooze that outside forces of good can easily read our hearts and we can never fool our hearts nor them.

    you can do it sully,,regardless if you are /were a secret society member. everyone is entitled to truth if they have a good heart and yearns to be free.

    best wishes and all the best to you on your journey sully

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou for your comment, riad.

      It is a strange coincidence what you suggest about Xmas participation, I have come to the same conclusion since writing this post. My one day of Xmas activity in 2015 was a family gathering of 5, and NOT on Xmas Day. I dropped out of Xmas Day 2015 completely. I have been a single mother a long time, and had alternate years of having my children with me on Xmas Day and not. On the years when I don’t have them, we have a postponed Xmas. The postponed Xmas is noticeably a lot lot less pressurised. I like my family gathering for a meal, and I am working on shifting it out of Xmas completely, so we literally just gather together for a meal, it could be any time, couldn’t it, and it could be more often than once a year. Why should we link family gatherings to government specified dates ?

      I understand your point about the soldiers, and their motivation. Though I think wars in general take more lives than they ever save. First hand accounts that I have read about WW1 and WW2 show me that soldiers in the depths of battle are predominantly motivated by loyalty to their fellow soldiers, even though their reason for enlisting was very different.

      I don’t think I am directly saving anyone. My chosen path is not heroic, and I cannot measure the effects on others of the changes I make to my life. The only way I can see to reduce the world cruelty is to reduce my participation. We are trained to have our achievements measured by obvious results, but all I can do is TRUST that my path is reducing my part in the harm in the world.

      All the best on your journey too, riad…

      • riad says:

        hi sully. hope your doing ok in these end Days..

        being a single mom and having the weight of your Children upon you is not easy by any means in regards to the chirstmas issue. it adds Another layer of difficulties of breaking trough. the sickness of the serpent holds no boundaries. you raise a good Point with the following sentence of yours …

        ” Why should we link family gatherings to government specified dates”

        as you know we create our reality on a collective level, in small Groups and individually with all those levels intermingling with eachother. As you are aware of the christmas agenda it should by itself nullify or atleast weaken the ritual as it pertains to you individually and perhaps even extend its weakened effects upon your Children as you are thier caretaker/lifegiver, if not i hope the grace of the universe recognise your efforts. a family dinner (without any toppings of christmas ingreidents)in conjuction to these rituals shouldnt be a concern if we intend to not join in the ritual . Again i acknowledge your efforts sully and i symphatise with you.

        personally i despise wars, and i carry ill sentiments to Soldiers who sign up to war. the only exception is when a man is standing in the line of fire and have to defend himself or his fellow men in the face of a direct threat, being told by goverment ofiicals that there is a threat.. like american soldiers were told to invade Iraq on false premisses ..and then proceed by signing on for that reason is not valid in my books nor will it ever.

        i also see your Point about Soldiers and acknowldge that aswell.

        best of luck to you and your family sully.


      • suliwebster says:

        Hello riad,
        Yes, having children sucks you into a lot of things. If you dont behave correctly as a parent, you can have your kids removed from you by force. (Lack of Xmas participation, and lack of TV were two things framing me as a bad mother in Court). It is like walking a tightrope.
        My slow easing my way out of Xmas is slowly having knock on effects on people around me. Even my mother has cut down on the over indulgence and the stress of making it a perfect fairy tale day !
        Lots of people hate Xmas, but, as you say, taking steps to get out of it is quite another matter to just talking about it. Actions speak much louder than words.

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