The Sex Therapy Trade

There is a new profession called “sex therapist”. It seems to be part of the alternative health industry, and a very financially healthy industry that is turning out to be. Sex therapy is sexual healing, healing people that have been sexually damaged (usually by paedophilia) and restoring them to what is deemed a healthy sexuality and ability to have a healthy sex life. It’s incredible how often we are told these words together…


I wonder why. Is our life program about sex ? Are we sent down here for a sex life sentence ? How do we get out of prison ?

But maybe the sex therapy profession is not so “new”.

Some professional sex therapists go so far as to have sex with paying clients, albeit “healing” sex. Have we come full circle ? Are we back to the world’s oldest profession of prostitution ? Is “sex therapy” a new form of The Sex Trade, a professional trade, one which is acceptable to all strata of society, but only affordable by the rich ?

If you can’t afford a sex therapist, then maybe you can get your own wife as a cheaper deal.

There is a current debate in the media about priests and popes needing wives to stop them being paedophiles. To plug it all up, plug up the evil tide of paedophilia, by fulfilling the essential needs of mankind. Is the role of the wife to prevent paedophilia ? Is the wife a sort of long term, permanent contract, sex therapist ?

Sex is a service industry. A cervice industry, a cervical industry. And its coming full cervicle, full circle, full cervice. Does she come with full cervice history ? Marriage is part of the sex trade, with a service contract made in a Church service with the cer.vicar.

In London, there is a new therapy for excecutive working women. Given by men. It is a massage, followed by clitoral stimulation to orgasm. It’s a quick professional fix for busy professional women. The sex trade works with the sexes reversed too. And it’s increasingly above board, at boardroom level, normalised, acceptable, led along by the most “successful” high achievers.

Sex therapy seems to an inevitable next step in the counselling industry. Counselling heals people by talking to them in exchange for payment. As words were once used to program evil into people, often as helpless impressionable children, so the same method of spoken words can be used to re-program people and flush the evil out. The same method that abuses, can also heal, that’s nice. The same method that abuses can also be used to re-program a different type of control, not so nice. It depends on who is in charge of the counselling industry.

After a while, it becomes clear that bodily damage and violation can potentially be healed by bodily cure, such as massage. And then the next step is that sexual damage can be healed by sexual cure.

Children are already being sent for counselling, for their own good. It seems to be only a matter of time before children will be sent for sex therapy by good caring parents. If wives are already subliminally programmed to have sex for preventative reasons, then maybe parents that are keen to do the right thing will send their kids for sex therapy as a paedophile prevention measure. After all, it’s got professional status, and it’s healthy, maybe even vital for a healthy sex life. Children can have sex-ed at school, and sexual health good practice sessions in “health centres” (new name for hospitals). Schools are for invading your mind “for your own good”, hospitals are for invading your body “for your own good”.

Soon we will all be so programmed into active healthy sex lives from young, that we will all give consent to almost anything with almost anyone. Then rape will be eliminated as a crime, because everyone will consent in the knowledge that sex is universally healthy, like your 5-a-day food portions. We all want what is healthy and good for us, don’t we ? And particularly what is healthy and good for our children. Or if you prefer to be the sort of caring person who helps others, you can consent to sex because you want to service and heal someone else. Instead of the rapists, we will have the.rapists. Everyone consents, at all ages and stages, and sex crime is eliminated.

I am not exactly sure where this sex therapy is leading us, but with all the paedophilia in the world, there is sure a big demand for healing sexual damage. Anything that has a big demand can be turned into profit by supplying a big supply. It’s good business, and the business will need a big supply of sexually damaged people.

It seems that sex is being made clinical, something that happens in a clinical room, maybe a health centre. Or maybe sex has always been clinical…

Maybe sex has been dressed up as love, Hollywood romance (Roman tic), glamourous, fun, sporty, good exercise, feel good. And now it is dressed up as healing. And maybe above all else, it has been marketed as ESSENTIAL. You know, like that “must have” shirt you are supposed to buy, or a washing machine. After centuries of repetition, we actually believe sex is essential. Sex is taught in school biology lessons as “Facts of Life”. Sex is a true fact, not a lie of fiction, no-one made it up.

I am increasingly of the opinion that invasive sex is not necessary, not essential, and it is the root cause of the world’s problems. (The violation of the root chakra). It is the act of sex itself that needs to heal and change. Not changing people to fit and conform to the sex program. Making people fit for purpose is not my idea of healing.

Our first sexual experience is our own birth, travelling down the sex passage to the outer world. Usually under the control of a hospital. Unless of course, you count the sexual experiences when you are in utero, when the supposedly safe nest of the womb is invaded by a large prick spraying chemicals over you. It seems to me we are all sexually damaged goods in some way. That is going to create a big demand for sexual healing, and therefore an opportunity for further programming to reinforce the sex program. Sex in pregnancy is now considered “healthy” for mother and baby. I think the sex program is constantly stepping up a gear.

The Battle of The Sexes…
It seems to me that the original battle is between opposing sexes. It still plays out today. It is the oldest battle. The battle of Sex. War and Invasion is Whore and Invasion. Invading cunts and installing sperm is like invading cuntries and installing banks. The women are whores, the men are invaders. And each subliminally hates the opposing team and themselves for their co-creation, and perpetuation of the war. The man is programmed to “need” to invade, and to “provide” the essential seed. The woman is programmed to “need” the seed, and to “service” the essential need of the man. The orgasm gives a quick fix escape from the war, like an addictive drug. All the media and music and parental programming tells us how to do it, how to get in the mood, how to enjoy it, when, where, etc etc. And now the Pope and the Priests are going to be doing it too. It’s deemed essential for healing, it’s deemed essential to prevent harm.

Sex is war. Sex is violent and violating. Violence begets more violence. Sex perpetutaes more sex.

Sensual Healing…
I write a lot about the harm of the internet and the world of TOUCH SCREEN. What we lack is touch skin, sensuality. Warming, not warring or whoring. This is something that probably every Western baby is deprived of. I think the vital energy we need for healing and health is the lost touch. The lost senses. Skin is our biggest body organ, and we can use it to touch our Mother Earth anytime, and each other. The body never lies, and I think that all memories are held as messages within the body cells. Through touch, we can give and receive the messages and recall the memories. We can massage the message and the memory and restore and harmonise the body cells. Western childhood is deprived of touch and sensuality. The baring of our naked body and soul against another, the sharing of our energies with another, and the sensuality of healing touch where it is safe and trusted.

The damage starts from birth and before, and can be healed from birth and before. By sensuality, not sex. The first war of our life is the one with our mother as she battles against her own senses and the messages of her baby to obey the good and right instructions of the world around her and create her child fit for purpose. Or vice versa, she battles against the instructions around her to tend to her own senses and the messages from her baby.

Look around you and see how increasingly untouchy, unsensual, insensitive, and clinical the mothering (or “parenting”) program has become. Whilst at the same time, the sex program steps up to fill the gap of deprivation.

This reminds me of a book title I once heard of: “The Woman Who Slept With Men To Take The War Out of Them”. Servicing men. Service men. I hope she just massaged them, or literally went to sleep next to them, because sleeping naked next to another in a sensual non-sexual way is very healing and healthy. (Though considered socially unacceptable between mother and baby).

I am all for healing the horrors of paedophilia, and maybe sex therapy has its place on that path, as do other alternative therapies. But surely there is a method that doesn’t create more paedophilia, that doesn’t involve payment, that doesn’t encourage a perpetual supply of damaged victims to fuel the sex trade industry, and that doesn’t fuel sex itself. Surely there is a way that stops the paedophilia continuing, instead of just the charitable and profitable aim of fixing up the damage, again and again and again, over and over and over again.

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12 Responses to The Sex Therapy Trade

  1. RV says:

    “Vagina Monologues” – Illuminati Porn Goes International

  2. Claire says:

    Another interesting piece. I always thought sex therapy was for people with gender identification problems or for people who cannot achieve orgasm. I thought it was something for pampered rich women.

    I thought that victims of paedophilia went to regular psychotherapists (psycho the rapist) not to sex therapists. There is obviously more to them than I was aware.

    Nowadays everything is normal about sex except the baby (end result of sex). Paedophilia is to be renamed minor attracted and is on its way to being normalised, which is horrid. That only leaves beastiality and necrophilia.

    Just the other day there was a lurid tale of a girl morgue worker getting herself pregnant with a dead man. I didn’t read it so I can’t go into details.

    • suliwebster says:

      I thought the same til a counsellor friend told me about sex therapists. I am sure there are plenty of well meaning people involved too.
      A famous sex therapist is Pamela Stephenson. Her husband Billy Connolly was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.
      Interesting phrase “girls get themsleves pregnant”. It doesn’t need a man. We have been heavily programmed to believe it does. Humans don’t need invasive sex to reproduce, or syringes, as far as I can see.
      Your comment also shows that “normal” does not mean something is good. We are programmed to believe that normal is right, and we should all aspire to normal.
      Look up the wikipedia page for “paraphilia”. Another new definition that makes paedophilia just another sex preference. Eric Gill was a paraphiliac, he also did the dodgy sexual sculpture over the entrance to BBC HQ in London. I think he devised their font (typeface) too. It is all hidden in plain view.
      Still two more sexualities to normalise then, hadn’t thought of those. Obviously Jimmy Savile is paving the way, also David Cameron with his part in pig raping ceremonies at Oxford Uni.

      • Claire says:

        Yes, there obviously are genuine sex therapists that help people.

        I looked up Eric Gill, what a vile perv.

        There’s quite a way to go to normalising paedophilia. I’ve read articles where paedophiles are portrayed sympathetically, but the comments were anything but sympathetic. Lock them all up forever was about the most sympathetic.

        Beastiality and necrophilia sometimes feature in comedy. Usually it’s in jokes. Some more extreme porn has beastiality in it. I think most people think of it as something that shepherds in remote locations do.

        I read your piece about not needing a man to get pregnant. I thought it was very good and I have discussed it in other places. It was well received. After all some snakes and lizards can do parthogenosis. Male bees, wasps and ants don’t have fathers.

        When I think about David Cameron and his antics, I feel sick. This ‘man’ is driving the country to poverty and despair, he wants to start a war and have people die for him, but he’s just a pig fucker. It really is hideous.

        The first commenter mentions ‘The Vagina Monologues’, there is also ‘The Penis Monologues’. I read the same piece, but I only go to that site for entertainment purposes.

        Certainly your sex therapy article makes me think of porn and plastic surgery such as breast enhancement and buttock inserts. It sort of ties in with transhumans and robots. The human race really is moving further and further away from nature.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, still a way to go, it is easier to make the changes over several generations. At the moment, there are plenty of people around who still think paedophilia horrific. Once people thought this way about homosexuality (not judging homosexuals, but just showing how attitudes can reverese over generations), either for better or for worse depending on your viewpoint.

        You always hone in on the transhuman aspect Claire ! I hadn’t heard of buttock implants. But it reminds me of a recent conversation with an old acquaintance who had just had a brand new ankle fitted. Apparently to fix his arthritis. I noted how happy he was to have had X rays and surgery and appointments with surgeons as well as his new ankle, as if they were all free gifts.

        I do think that transhumanism is where it is going. The spaceship program will be populated by a newly engineered population, more robotic than the current one, oh happy slaves ! We have cooperated in developing all the parts, and providing bodies to experiment on. I am increasingly thinking that the entire population of Earth will be abandoned as the “spaceship” blasts off, leaving a gaping hole in its wake. Whether you are an upgrader or not, we are out-of-date goods, cast-offs.


    • suliwebster says:

      More thoughts !
      Are we steadily and stealthily being reclassified by sexual preference instead of our X or Y chromosome that we were born with ?
      Job application forms and things like housing benefit application forms sometimes ask what is your sexual preference, maybe it will soon be so normal that it will be compulsory on passports. Children will have to decide from age 9. This is rapidly turning into a consumer choice. Maybe it always was ? And the law of economics says that supply must meet consumer demand.
      There is always the NO option, “None of the above”. No category, nothing.


    • suliwebster says:

      Further thoughts on gender identification and achieving orgasm as desirable norms to be achieved. People with “problems” are to be fixed and normalised…
      Maybe genders are not so clear cut, why do we need to wear identifying dress codes and hair styles, and be labelled M or F ? Babies used to be dressed as girls until age 7 in about the 18th century, then boys were “breeched” into breeches, nowadays they are dressed in colour codes from birth. If we are that different then why do we need all these layers of artificial identity to emphasise it ?
      Maybe orgasm is just another form of escape from the horrors of our comfortable prison, to numb the pain, like alcohol or sugar. A quick euphoric fix that solves nothing, then you are back where you were before ? Maybe orgasm is potentially addictive too, so addictive that paedophiles put their next fix above all else, just like heroin addicts.


      • Claire says:

        It is interesting how people dress gender specific. Women tend to wear trousers much more than they did in the past.

        I read a remark once that said that a 6 year old girl could be taken to a fancy dress party as a cowboy, but that a 6 year old boy could not be taken dressed as a fairy. It seems that male sexual identity is much weaker than female identity.

        This gender problem gets more complicated by the day, what with transgenders and bi-sexuals. Before it was straights with some (discreet) gays, but now it’s anything and everything. And if you criticize it, you get shot down in flames. Like if you point out how many people are disappointed in their sex change operation you’re evil and anti-freedom. So much for free speech.

        There definately is something going with all this gender business.

      • suliwebster says:

        Sex is the main agenda gender. Maybe sex change. All change.
        I think you are right about the male gender being less secure, or secured. More likely to revert to female perhaps ? I don’t think female could mutate to male, because woman came first.

  3. Claire says:

    Hello again, thank you for your reply.

    I do mention transhumanism a lot because it’s something that seems to follow me about. Like only the other day the telly was on and it was some guy with a chip injected into this hand. He booked into hotels online. When he got to the hotel he passed his with the chip over a reader and everything was done and some guy just handed him a key to his room. It was so modern that not even my son had heard of it. I think this chip was going to be used for other things, so it was quite sinister.

    Then I saw something about a sort of net that’s going to be used for broken bones. The limb that’s broken gets the net on it and it’s plugged in. It makes the bones heal 40% faster. Maybe your friend with the replacement ankle had something like that.

    I’ve seen people have little balls inserted under their skin for art and others having little metal bits put on their noses so their glasses stay on, even pincenez. Transhumanism just follows me about, though I am totally uninterested in having it for me.

    I am surprised you’ve never heard of buttock implants. A few years ago it was in the news about a fake doctor who was doing buttock implants for $700. He was injecting cement and Polyfilla. He got caught.

    If you want to see some buttock implants, look at Nicki Minaj. She sings ‘Anaconda’, maybe you’ve seen that. There was a YouTube that proclaimed her to be a robot, it was very entertaining. Looking at Nicki Minaj, I think she’s about 95% plastic. This is not to disrespect her, but she’s done a lot to get famous.

    I think there are very few women who want to become men. As there are more women than men born, it seems that if the human race would revert to just women. I really like those articles you wrote about that, it all made sense.

    It will be a sad say when you pack in writing, I often think about what you wrote, I don’t agree with all you say, but it always leaves me thoughtful.

    • suliwebster says:

      Curious how having so much plastic makes you a celeb ? Maybe we are entering some sort of cartoon world.
      Maybe everyone has a different sort of “expertise” that is nothing to do with their mainline job. I would say paedophiliia follows me around, maybe like transhumanism follows you. If we all have different expertise areas, then together we will have a whole picture of things.
      I spent a lot of my childhood wishing I had been born a boy, boys seemed to get a much better deal and be less controlled. That all changed for me when I became a mother.
      I too will be sad when I stop online writing, but it will open new doors I am sure. Thankyou for your kind words, and I am glad I have given food for thought.

      Also just thought of an expression Womb Service, or womb cervice, something delivered by room service in hotels around the world. Therapy rooms look a bit like hotel rooms, with a bed and a chair and a washbasin. In fact everything seems to be converging to look like hotel rooms.


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