The Rise of VAT

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and is otherwise known as Consumption Tax. It is a tax on our Consumption which is on the rise.

Obviously anything labelled VAT is linked to the Vatican. VAT is on the rise, so is the Vatican, so is Consumption. Consumption is another name for the disease Tuberculosis, most commonly known as TB. TB is on the rise, particularly in cattle, or maybe human chattel too, and also badgers. The ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair, TB, is a world famous Catholic who is against the rise in VAT, or are we talking about the rise of the Vatican ? Since leaving office, TB has supported VAT rises and has been hanging out with the Pope and frequently visiting Jerusalem. If you convert to Catholicism as TB did, then you convert to Consumption, and to VAT tax rises.

VAT is a tax on consumer goods and services, specifically ones that have Value Added, and are not basic or essential materials. It is sometimes known as a tax on luxury items or services. It is popular in the corporate country states of Europe, and is on the rise. I would suggest that the European control centre is the Vatican.

The Vatican is obsessed with badge(r)s and money, in fact this is what it makes. The Vatican’s industries are listed as “printing, production of coins, medals, postage stamps, mosaics, staff uniforms, financial services”.

In the UK, VAT began in 1973, shortly after decimalisation when the old monetary system was decimated. Everyone was nicely confused about the value of the new British currency that changed from the Roman L.s.d (pounds, shillings and pence) system to the pounds and new pence system overnight. VAT began at a neat decimal 10% and is now 20%. Double it !

Coincidentally, 10% is the tax that Church goers, Catholic and otherwise, pay to the Church. It is called a tithe. But it is basically a tax on going to Church. Another sort of VAT tax if you want to be a consumer of Church Services.

In France, about 50% of total corporate State income is from VAT. Wow, that’s a big incentive to encourage Consumption !

In Croatia, the Roman Catholic Church receives significant state funding. Are the VAT collections from EU member states being diverted to the Vatican ? Surely not….

In Denmark, VAT is a neat uniform flat rate of 25% on everything. Luxury or no luxury. Neat uniforms remind me of badged people who badger others, officers, police, army, Vatican swiss guards, Vatican cardinals. People with labels who we are told we can trust, and who have the authority to tell us what to do.

In the UK, the Monarch is The Queen. She is Head of the Church and Head of State. Isn’t that a neat way to get a good percentage of all the taxes to the Church ? The Vatican is a Monarchy structure too, with the Pope being the presiding monarch who is Head of Church and Head of State. The money is raked in for the Church. The Head of all Churches is the Vatican. Can you see what is happening as the taxes are sucked up from the ordinary people via the Consumption tax and through the member States (any state that has Roman Catholics in it will do) into the Church coffers, and into the Head of all States and Head of all Churches.

The UK monarchy gets e-state taxes too, from the lands that it owns and taxes, no differemt from the Land Lords of the Middle Ages. If anyone dies without a will, everything by default reverts to the Monarch and thereby the Church. Head of State equals Head of Church equals head of all estate.

The amount of VAT tax collected by a State depends on several things being tinkered with. Firstly, the rate at which the tax is set. Secondly, whether it applies to all goods and services. Thirdly, how much an average individual consumes, and finally the size of the population. These are all things that are being actively tinkered with to raise yet more tax for the King and the Queen and the heads of State, and ultimately the head primate of the world which seems to be the Pope. Additionally, the VAT tax can be rolled out to more and more countries.

So you can see how the over consumption got to be. We are all massively over consuming and encouraged to do so by the government. It’s addictive, it’s like a drug habit, and once we are hooked, it’s hard to kick the habit. Never mind the government will help us out with benefits and health care for our disease of Consumption, and provide jobs so we can earn money ro pay for our habit. We are in the culture of Consumption, the disease Consumption is due to a bacteria which is the very thing that grows a culture.

Consumption is the common name for the disease of Tuberculosis or TB. Tubercle Bacillus is the Latin Name. It does seem to be a disease of our society. The governments and the Vatican are profiteering from this disease. A feature of the disease of Consumption is that it “consumes” the individual.

Maybe our over consumption is consuming us, our individuality being consumed by the uniformity of the State, and ultimately following Denmark as a “uniform” tax, taking a uniform quarter of every monetary exchange.

The disease of Consumption targets mostly the lungs, our breathing, our air. Our flow, our chi. That is probably because we are so busy stuffing things down our gut that we don’t have time to switch our throat over to air time. Our intuitive gut feel is stifled by the amount we consume. We are blocked by our Consumption.

TB is affecting badgers in the UK, and badgers must be culled. Part of the debate over culling badgers is a suggestion that we should not waste the dead badgers, and instead eat them. Consume the consumption ridden badgers, and thereby increase Consumption.

France’s income is half VAT, and maybe Pope Francis’ (France Is) income is half VAT too, the Vat Tin Can, raking in all sorts of taxes from around his Catholic world. Have you noticed how much luxury and wealth is hoarded by the Vatican state ? The Pope stands to benefit from over Consumption. The Pope’s contribution to increasing Consumption is to encourage more population and consummation by copulation. (Please see Popule Copule). The more the population, the more the taxes there are to rake in.

A “vat” is a vessel, usually a storage vessel filled with liquid. Money is a liquid, a currency. Vat, Tin, Can, all receptacles for hoarding and collecting the money. And if it is hoarded in a massive Vatican reservoir, then it is interfering and blocking the natural flow of life.

Catholics comprise 1.2 billion people worldwide, half of all Christians. It’s almost as big as the 1.3 billion population of China. If all Catholics pay a tithe to the Vatican, then the Vatican State, while apparently very tiny, is actually as big as China. In China there are 12 million Catholics, and the number is on the rise, along with the Vatican tithes. You can see how the Vatican will want to takeover China.

Since 2012, China has undergone tax reforms, and now has VAT tax. This is 27% of China’s income. VAT has been installed in China, just as the Vatican has.

In the UK, which is the country I am familiar with, VAT is collected from the ordinary consumer and bubbled up to the Head of State, this is how it is done……

…companies are encouraged to register for VAT so they don’t have to pay VAT. It is compulsory to register in companies over a certain size. If you are VAT registered, you pay VAT to your suppliers, but you also collect it from your customers, thus making a VAT profit which is fed up to the government. Companies are merely unpaid tax collectors for the government, that is the whole point of them. Sometimes companies employ accountants to sort out the tax collecting work. It is irrelevant what your business appears to be, the main purpose is that you are busi collecting taxes. The Monarch has come along way from the days when he used to employ his own tax collectors with his own money.

….The only people that collect VAT and don’t pay it are the government.

….The only people that pay VAT and don’t collect it are the ordinary folk who don’t have a business to put it through.

….So you can see that the VAT goes from the ordinary folk through a chain of supply up to the government. And most businesses are adding value to things by buying in supplies and selling enhanced and increasingly complex goods that noone really needs.

…..The temptation is to avoid VAT by becoming VAT registered, surely this is the best thing to do ! Indeed it is probably the only way most UK businesses can actually survive. But by doing this, you are doing a deal with the devil. In order to save yourself VAT, you have agreed to become an unpaid tax collector to fuel the Monarchy, the Church and the Roman Empire.

….There is a way to avoid VAT, at least in the UK. You can avoid buying luxury VAT-rated items. (Though here I am sitting in a cafe as I write, eating in is VAT rated, take away is VAT free).

Luxury sounds like Luxor in Egypt, Egypt being an ancient Empire with luxury goods, slaves, etc etc just like the Romans really. In late 2015, Egypt announced the introduction of VAT tax, approved by the IMF. VAT is spreading around the world like a disease. Consumption is spreading too.

TB, Tony Blair promised no rise in VAT tax as it was a stealth tax, hidden. And affected the poor the most as consumption represents a higher proportion of their spending. The VAT rate did not rise while he was in power, yet the VAT represented a higher proportion of the government income during that time. It seems that Consumption was at some sort of peak during the ten year reign of TB. And maybe TB was in power to promote over Consumption. Maybe the tax on the poor was effective because the poor were so happy to have a Red colour coded slave driver in power. Maybe the mood of the poor people was lifted, and maybe that helped them get addicted to Consumerism. At the same time, more benefits (known as Tax Credits) were issued to enable higher Consumption.

TB is well known for his Catholic faith, and work with the Pope. The Pope has labelled himself as the Pope of the Poor. The VAT tax is the tax that hits the poorest the hardest. You can see why the Pope likes the poor, and why he would like more of them, and would like them to consume more and consummate more. The disease of Consumption is commonly linked with poverty, and immigrants who are herded like chattel and cattle into concentrated camps. He likes them too, I would say he especially likes their vulnerability to be programmed and hooked on VAT and Consumption, and their desperation for money to fund it.

By 2010, three years after TB’s resignation, London was known as the TB capital of Europe. See what TB has done for Britain. And maybe TB’s current mission is to spread VAT and Consumption to the Middle East in his new role as the Office of the Quartet Representative.

Is the Church tithe a sort of VAT tax ? What does the Church provide that you can’t get for yourself within nature? The Church adds value and complexifies the essentials of life. It is a profit making tax collecting intermediary providing services and goods, like training on how to get to heaven, how to obey God, home visits when sick (even doctors don’t do that any more), a venue for a social club, a purpose in life. That’s 10% Vatican tax please.

All VAT rising VAT raising countries are destined to be the shoppers of the world, the over consuming Roman masters and slave drivers. They won’t see the slavery behind the goods, that will happen in other countries, countries designated as slave worker countries. The Roman Emperor of the world is the Pope. The Roman invasion never went away.

But anyway, taxes themselves are a red herring. We could do with getting out of money completely eventually. If things are not bought or sold or owned or traded, then there is no tax. Possession is nine tenths of the law.

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  1. suliwebster says:

    In France, Tony Blair was known as “le blaireau”. It’s French for badger.

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