The Highway Manager

“Your money or your life ” says the Highway Manager. If you want to move, you have to pay. Or else…! It’s modern day highway robbery, and there is a modern day Highway Man to go with it.

We are being taxed on moving. The Highway Man attacks and demands. The Highway Manager issues a tax demand.

All our movements are directed along designated lines and through gates or checkpoints.

Modern highways are roads, canals, railways, plane routes. We are banned from all the land inbetween, it is all privately owned, and fenced off, especially in England. We are restricted to lines of movement to connect up one place to another.

In England, the Highway Manager for roads is the “Highways Authority”, the canal Highway Manager is the “Canal and River Trust”. And the railway Highway Manager is “Railtrack”. I guess the airways manager is Air Traffic Control, and is set to become the global Highway Manager of the world.

Down on the canal near Bath, you have to pay a license fee for your boat to be allowed on the waterways. It’s the same idea as paying an annual tax for your car license. You have paid so you are allowed to move. If you haven’t paid up, you will get a demand for a fine “Your money or your life”. If you have no money, then it is your life that will be taken by imprisonment, harrassment, or in the good old days, hanging. These days it is your boat and your home that is taken. So people prefer a bit of security, and they pay their license up front to the Highway Man as a deal to be left alone.

You can see how licenses came to be. Now the Highway Man has nearly everyone paying up front, in advance, for immunity from further demands. Maybe life is not exciting enough for him, and he wants MORE. In addition to paying a license, you can now be taxed or fined for some extra things. Like being still for too long in the wrong place. Or going too fast in the wrong place. All extra taxes. Sometimes if you still want a peaceful life, you can pay some sort of extra fee up front so you are exempt from the Highway Man attacking you. It’s like an extra license that you flash at the Highway Man to show you have immunity. A resident’s parking permit, for example. Or winter mooring spot on the canal. It allows you to do things that are normally against the rules. It is like an official backhander to the Highway Man.

I have an ongoing joke on the canal about MOOR RULES means MOOR TAXES, because the Canal Highway Manager is forever coming up with more rules about mooring and its counterpart moving, and with all the new rules come more opportunities for fining people, and more opportunities for raking in extra taxes for license money for people to be exempt from the new rules. Because it is so profitable, the Highway Man continues with his methods.

Just like on the roads. The Highwayman makes good money from his High Ways, so he carries on with his ways. Nowadays, people believe there is no Highway Man, (despite the high number of wayside cameras), Which just goes to show how many people are paying exemption taxes up front, without realising why.

Canal boats are built for canals. Cars are built for roads. Canals and roads are both man made highways that require maintenance. They have us really, the highways all cost money to maintain, and so we are told to Pay. We are restricted to moving only on Highway Managed routes, and our freedom of movement is controlled, policed, and is not free at all. It’s quite expensive. You have to pay.

So in order to get the money to pay, we have to NOT MOVE. Get a job. Be sedentary. Stand still. Jobs are mostly available in towns and cities. Or these days, on the internet city sites, great isn’t it to be able to work on the move from your computer ? Do you move much when you sit at a computer ? I don’t. The internet is another Highway Managed highway.

I am reading a book about the history of the Gypsies and I am struck by how they inter-relate with cities and towns… ….unlike other sorts of nomads, such as Australian aborigines, who seem to live 100% in harmony with nature. The gypsies are a “masterless” people, they do not come under any Higher Management, they are out of control. And this is what makes them so unwanted by the authorities. Not only that, gypsies are being “masterless” right under the noses of the “owned” and static people.

The Gypsies seem to need to trade, to sell their wares, and their services. Why do they need to integrate into towns, why do they need money ? I am beginning to think it is rooted in the need to pay the Highway Man. Over the years, the authorities have persecuted the gypsies in an attempt to eliminate or control them, including genocides, stealing their children and educating them to absorb them into static living, and capturing them as slaves. Yet still gypsies exist. So how about controlling their low way of life as a means to eliminate them ? It is the gypsy low way of life that is the problem to the authorities. It is out of control of the Higher Management. Maybe the Highway Man came into being to tax and control the nomadic way of being. It’s much more subtle than genocide.

Gypsy movements are made difficult by banishing them from certain places. By making more and more land owned and impassable. By putting up more boundaries and borders to be patrolled at checkpoints. By creating designated routes through an area, that only people with licenses or permits can pass through. Bizarrely I find that Gypsies of Europe in old times used to carry a form of passport… usually issued by the Pope. These were papers that gave them the Pope’s authority to pass safely through a country or city or town without harm. A sort of exemption from mistreatment, a permit to be “free”. And maybe that permit came at a price. Maybe the gypsies have always been subjected to the controls of the Highway Man. Maybe the gypsies have always been taxed for moving.

You pay rent if you stay still, you pay rent if you move. There is no escape from the parenting pay-renting taxes. Highways are designated for moving, and they are taxed. Other places, cities, towns, housing, are designated for sedentary static living, whereby you become a member of the static State. City sites and towns all began as a single standing still standing stone. (It is the Bank Manager that controls the standing still, but that’s another story)

A form of torture is to make someone stand still. Another form of torture is to make someone march incessantly and pointlessly. Gypsies are either forced to stand still or they are moved on by the Highway Man at a time and speed that is not of their own choosing, in a direction they don’t want to go.

So you can see there are controlled managed sites to stand still, and controlled managed routes to move. It is called a network. A transport network. All the hubs are connected by all the lines.

Aerial views of London’s Heathrow Airport look like an electronic circuit board to me. Circuit boards have terminals that you attach wires to. Airports have terminals. Humans are being managed and mastered as part of a global electric circuit of current, which is being manipulated by the Highway Manager. Everytime we move, we are shifting human electricity around, but we are not moving of our own free will. It is restrictied, mastered, and managed.

Maybe the gypsies are creating some annoying short circuits.

The internet is a collection of hubs and lines. It runs on electronic circuit boards, just like airports. It is the Internet Highway. E-roads of the mind. Eroding our roaming. “Where do you want to go today?” asks Microsoft, allowing us the illusion of free travel in exchange for a hefty license fee, up front. The Highway Man can be really polite and friendly if you are all nicely paid up.

The internet is the Highway of the mind. It is managed by a global Highway Manager, the ultimate master of all. All other types of highway travel are training us for the total mind control that the internet will have over us, if it continues its takeover, and we continue to let it.

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Book: “The Gypsies” by Angus Fraser


Short film: “Off The Cut” (about the effects of the canal Highway Manager near Bath, full version will be available online soon)

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