Arc Building

In my home town of Bath, there is an Arc being built. Maybe God told Noah to build it. ARC was founded by Prince Philip, so he must be Noah. Prince Philip is better known for presiding over the animals through the World Wildlife Fund, and it looks like WWF will supply the animals for the Arc.

The Royals seem to be flooding to Bath, it is an appropriately watery place dor floods. Because it is my home town, it has captured my attention. But maybe the Royals are flooding to everywhere for all I know.

ARC is “Alliance of Religions and Conservation”. It was founded in 1986 with the purpose to bring all religions together (that’s nice isn’t it ?) under some sort of green conservationist agenda. It’s got some big names. The World Bank are on board to help with the money. The BBC World Service are on board with the broadcasting. The World Wildlife Fund are on board to supply the animals, two by two.

The ARC building is at 6 Gay Street, Bath. It is situated on the axis of the Queen Key street layout. Gay Street joins up The Circus, (which is the round handle of the Queen key), to Queen Square, (the square key part). To turn the key is to turn a circle into a square, the squaring of the circle. Maybe the ARC will be square. The Circus is the same dimensions as Stonehenge. Queen Square contains an obelisk labelled with Queen Elizabeth (The Arc founder’s wife). The area is crawling with Royals. George Street and Charlotte Street are adjacent to Queen Square too. The current Royal Family seem to be named after the streets of the Bath Keys. (Please see the Golden Circus and the Bath Keys).

Since I wrote The Bath Keys, the local press have used the phrase “The Bath Quays” to describe the new quays to be built, at GREEN Park. More destructive construction, aaagh ! The new quays are needed for the new Ark of course ! The new Green Ark at Green Park. The new quays are to be sited along the axis of power of the King Key.

ARC is very Green. It advises all the world’s religions on how to cooperate in a green conservationist way. All under one umbrella, the ARC umbrella, an umbrella to keep out the water as any well built ark should do. ARC tells religions how they can change and adapt themselves to the one and only Green agenda. The Arc is ambitious, it wants power. Noah did his sums before he began to build the Arc….

“Between them the faiths reach out to every village and town, have the trust of more people than any other international group, and their followers number at least two thirds of the world’s population”.

“The 11 faiths in ARC own seven percent of the habitable surface of the planet, and if they invested together, would be the third largest identifiable block of holders of stocks and shares.”

The wife of the ARC builder owns quite a lot too.

Being “green” seems to include owning stocks and shares, and parts of the land. It is now dine in a green way, and we are all being trained to see exactly the same things as before, but now through green tinted glasse. ARC demonstrate their caring green credentials by things like having organic milk in their offices, and they probably do a good job putting out the recycling in colour coded bins.

To make a monarchy, it seems you need a MOON, an ARC and a KEY. We have all three here at the ARC Building in Bath. The Circus in Bath is a perfect circle, the Full Moon. The Monarchy of England began in Bath with the first coronation at Bath Abbey, it seems appropriate that any re-birth or re-creation should manifest in re-Bath too.

The ARC started in Assisi. Assisi was chosen because Saint Francis of Assisi is the Catholic saint of Ecology, a bona fide saint to preside over the Green ECO movement. The Catholics obviously have to be a major part of any world religious program, so no surprise that the Pope is on board. The ARC building began long before Pope Francis chose the name Francis for exactly the same saintly ECO reason. Queen Square is dominated by The Francis Hotel, which has been there since before the nearby ARC Building. (Please see The Queen and The Pope).

The animals come in “two by two”. That’s like making a square. 2 x 2 = 4. Things are being squared. It’s the masonic way.

Symbolically, the Ark animals represent the DNA pairs that form a human being. The ARC is a human body that is being built to house the new being, the new King to be born. To be birthed or launched at Bath, which is now twinned with Bethlehem. The new King will father the next Homo species upgrade. Each DNA pair is made from up of one from our mother and one from our father. Just like the Ark animals come in male/female pairs. And that is why we have bits of animals in our make up, like the reptilian brain, the pony tail, the lion mane, the pig skin, the hippo campus, the dog collar to take instructions from God.

The “Alliance” and the “Axis of Power” are two terms used in World War Two. Now we are in World War Three, there is always a war of some sort. The war is an Eco war. I would say the Eco Green movement has become a war against Mother Earth in order to build this new planet they keep going on about. (Please see George Engineering). Even the word “terrorist” comes from terre, the French word meaning Earth. A War on Terror is a War on Earth.

Windsor Castle seems to be a regular meeting place for ARC business. It hosted an event for ARC in honour of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, held in the Banqueting Hall. So clearly the Queen’s long reign of power is relevant to Ark building business. The event was called “Celebration of Creation”. Things are getting very Biblical, and you can see how heavily the ARC organisation is linked to the Monarchy. It’s hard to imagine anything more unfriendly to the Earth than a grandiose ostentatious banquet with all its finery and jewellery, fancy dresses, servants, and slaughtered wildlife on the table to eat, symbolising the status and power of the elite. It’s a symbol of perpetuating the master slave relationship hierarchy, and the gluttony and greed that kills off the Earth and its inhabitants. It’s the British and Roman Empire at their peak of horror.

At one Windsor Castle party, the blurb says they “aimed to shape the behaviour and attitudes of the faithful for generations to come”. You can see the power motive behind that, it is centralised social control.

Religions, Royals and Greens are all merging into one God-like authority. The ARC is about “creating a more sustainable planet”, a God-like creating. Green Eco is becoming a religion, a global one, bigger than all previous religions, headed up by the British Royal Family, the MONARCHY. And the Pope.

ARC projects and “programmes” include solar panels and tree planting, standard Green madness. Solar panels are for Sun worship (the Son is the New King as described in the Bible). I am wondering if the Monarchy will be upgraded to the Solarchy or Solar key. (See Solar Saviour). Tree planting programmes means cutting down the old trees and planting weak dependent nursery bred saplings, whereas all we need to do is to stop chopping down the wise old trees, and then they reseed themselves as they need to. The tree planting programmes mimic what is slowly being done to humans, seeding genetically uniform weak young ones in nurseries, and killing off the wise and old prematurely.

The Bible is the Ark of the Covenant, I think it is a set of instructions of what to do. Prince Philip has been told by God to build the ARC. Prince Philip follows instructions just like everyone else. The ARC will be ready for the elite to jump ship with all their animal DNA pairs. The Bible is now going Green.

DNA is a set of coded instructions from God. It tells us how to form our cells, green eyes or blue eyes, boy or girl, etc etc. Religions provide instructions on what to do. The ARC is setting itself up to be a uniform set of DNA instructions. A global Bible to dispense throughout every religion.

We are told that the impending flood will be caused by the ARC TIC, and we are all trained to believe the forecasts. Tick Tock, there is a Roman style clock countdown to the ARC. It’s urgent, act now ! Do something before it is too late ! Lucky we are in safe hands with Prince Philip building us a new home eh ? A green ECO home.

The corporate Green Eco Movement seems to be about building a new ship. One that supports oppulent lifestyles of the elite and God’s plan. It is driven by fear of losing the lifestyle that sustains you. It is driven by the desire to profit. You can profit from prophet. By laying out a forecast, you can create a fear which sends everyone scuttling the same way. Head towards the GREEN. Now ! I said NOW ! Urgent. Go. God says Go Green. The Green light says GO.

When I look at the Royals and the Pope as a useful mirror for how I lead my own life, I see that we don’t need a new planet, we don’t need to DO something. We just need to love the Earth we already have, and do a lot lot less. It is the endless building, constructing, and doing that is causing the destruction and the harm. And the endless panic about the prophesied future (which I too am susceptible to) that creates the fear that makes profit.

In England, we seem to be trained to believe that we rule the world, and we must keep on making up schemes to solve all the world’s problems by controlling everyone and every animal and every bit of land. And constantly constructing new buildings and new inventions and new SCHEMES. And telling the rest of the world what to do, as if we have the authority of God. All this is considered noble and heroic and praiseworthy, and part of executing God’s good plan, God’s plan seems to be about executing Mother Earth, so he can build a new better one. It is the same heroic driving force that launches wars that is now building the ARC.

Coincidentally, Prince Philip did his Royal Navy training at HMS ARTHUR, a land based “ship” in Corsham, a few miles from Bath. He has experience of commanding ships, warships, and issuing instructions. His wife is head of the Church and the State, and she is an empty vessel, and he is probably her handler who issues instructions.

Jumping ship seems to be a feature of the modern world. Two people have recently spoken to me about how they think their relationship is about to go under, to sink. Like a ship. So they are quietly building a new solo life to jump ship to when it does. In the process they are diverting their energy to the new build, almost ensuring the old ship really does sink from lack of love and attention. Our seas are full of wrecked ships, our land is full of dumped waste. We live in a throwaway society that promotes constant new build, bigger and better, for the future. Noah’s ARC in Bath seems to be part of that same process, to build the new, save the few, and leave a trail of destruction in its wake for someone else to clean up.

The future is created by what we do towards it. Where we decide to head, the path we choose. You can follow central instructions or listen to your self. I would say we are all contributing to new ARC building, monARCy building, by our fear of the future, and our willingness to jump ship and be saved by Noah or some other external saviour. ARC wants all the obedient faithful on board, following instructions from central control.

I say we just need to place our faith in Mother Earth, love and attend her, and all her inhabitants, and have faith she will recover and heal and provide all our needs. She is stronger and healthier than we are led to believe. No building nor plans nor planets nor schemes required. No ego or money or profit required either. No control over others. No transportation of animals. No genetic selection. No hierarchy, or higher arc key.

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21 Responses to Arc Building

  1. PAUL says:
    “It’s a great book, full of stories which illustrate the philosophies being described.

    My own experience of being shaken out of a long-term depressed state by earth energy in a split second while walking down Paseo De Roxas, in Makati, the Philippines in 1988, makes it easy for me to follow the belief of the American Indians (and other pagan, primitive and gnostic people) that Mother Earth is a living being, as written throughout the book.

    I have often returned to the spot where this experience occurred”

    • suliwebster says:

      I was just about to reply that the editor of the Tap blog had similar experience when I realised it was him that posted it ! I am glad he has reposting it, it’s a very important thing this Earth Energy, one we are constantly distracted from.
      I think David Icke had some similar experience in South America which changed his views dramatically in a moment.

  2. Nixon scraypes says:

    Hello suli,scraypes back on line,I’m on the tablets now and I feel so good! I have to say though, I’m right off my greens. The faiths have the trust of two thirds of the population ho ho-thats what they’re after,isn’t it? In an unguarded moment I subscribed to some local !! wildlife charity,only to discover their patron is a Rothschild! Needless to say,I cancelled tout suit.The local tip,sorry recycling centre, got really green a few years ago and got a big new electric sign board with a computer controlled,gasp,greenometer to tell us how much had been recycled to the latest second. It stopped working within weeks and still remains alone and palely loitering today.I discovered that as long ago as1945,the UN decided to de industrialize western Europe,nice of them to tell us eh? I’m sure that’s the only reason we heard about the “environment”. Fondest regards,Nixon scraypes

    • suliwebster says:

      Well good to hear from you again, though I can no longer hold you up as a great leader that led the way off the internet ! It is still my intention to leave at some point, but I want to “finish” what I have started with this blog, rather than abandon it, and that may take me a while.
      My parents take tablets with their meals, and are thinking of buying tablets for their office. Five a day for optimum health I guess.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Hello again,this environment stuff makes me feel a little green around the gills.Now l’ve got a tablet I might feel better,well at least I can go on line again.A while ago the local tip put up a big electric computer controlled sign board to show us the up to the minute statistics for how much was being recycled.Of course it broke down in a couple of weeks. As soon as something becomes”environmental” it ceases to be environmental I’m sure no one would have heard of the word if the UN hadn’t decided to de-industrialise Britain in 1945.I can’t buy electrical things at the tip anymore and very little is salvaged for sale now we have green awareness .Things used to be reused now they are recycled that is put on a bike and shoved off out of sight. This is the only blog I visit since I went off line and came back on,thanks for the company,see you soon Nixon scraypes

    • suliwebster says:

      Sorry for delay in your comments appearing. You’d been gone so long, wordpress put you through the approval system. Maybe you have been reinstated now.

  4. Claire says:

    Hello Suli,

    Is all this also to do with prince William along with David Beckham and some other guy doing an anti-rhino horn ad? It appears on satellite telly in English regardless of what language the channel is in. It makes it sound like people regularly pop out and buy rhino horns. The 3some appear in a football stadium with rhinos walking about in it.

    Considering that prince William has done hunting it strikes me as 2-faced. In a seperate ad, Richard Branson tells people not to tuck into a bowl of shark-fin soup. The whole thing is bizzare as it smacks of rich people telling everybody else to do as they are told.

    I am well aware that rhino horn hunting and shark fin soup do horrible things to these animals. I don’t need a bunch of rich blokes to tell me. I am surprised they didn’t mention human fetuses, as I believe they also get used in lots of things and horrible things have also befallen them.

    The royals are often depicted jumping off boats so it must have some significance.

    Hope this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      Well it does sound related Claire. More saving the animals.
      And William’s Dad and Prince Philip’s son, is Prince of Whales, will he be saved like the Whales ?
      Surely the rhinos should be in the wild, not in a football stadium. Maybe it is good training for squashing into an ark. And why are the Royals becoming so politicised these days ? Preparing to publicly rule the country again maybe, instead of ruling through a false facade of democracy.

      Is rhino horn an aphrodisiac or something ? Sounds like a chinese medicine.

      The Royals launch ships too, it is one of their specialities, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Cutting the rib bone. (See the post Adam and Eve, which I notice mentions RIB Boats made by a company called ARC).


    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Claire, found something in a book I am reading, to do with transhumanism your favourite topic.
      “Transhumance” is the practice of moving cattle from summer highlands to winter lowlands nearer the humans. I got it in the context of Scottish drovers, where droving was once the main lifestyle. It maybe to do with creating humans out of animal DNA, as the animals are moved towards the humans, trans-human. Very Ark like, and appropriately in that big seat of hidden power in Scotland. (Duke of Edinburgh !).
      Bloodletting of cattle was also a common practice, and cattle blood was part of the human diet. Like some sort of blood transfusion. It still is in our diet in the form of black pudding. This matches the bloodletting of humans in menstrual blood, war, and blood donation programmes.
      Makes me wonder if women were originally bled to feed men. Men-strual blood always sounds like men to me. MEN stru ATE. ???
      Drovers were always male.
      (The book is called Small Steps With Heavy Hooves)

      • Claire says:

        Hello Suli

        Thank you for thinking of me and transhumanism. I have indeed been keeping up to date on developments in the robot world.

        There are robots in Japan that help in old age homes. They can pick people up, even though the robots are small. There are also this kind of robot in old age homes in Italy. Both Italy and Japan have big senior populations and few people to help them, so enter the robots. The seniors sometimes get attached to these robots like they would people. Some wonder if this is good. In Japan this is not a problem as they believe everything has a life, even inanimate objects. In the West this is more of a problem because of stories like ‘I, Robot’.

        I asked my Mum, who’s 87 and bedridden.if she would like one. She said ‘yes, if it was kind and gentle.’ I don’t think there’ll be such robots in the UK as the elderly are polished off by the Lcp or whatever has replaced it.

        The transhumance you mention is to do with cattle, sheep, that sort of thing. It’s an impressive sight. In the Pyrenees it was sheep, going to the higher summer pastures and back down again for winter.

        The word transhumance in this case is from French transhumer and Spanish transhumus, to change the earth. I suppose it is changing the earth for the animals.

        At the moment transgender people feature a lot in the news. They are also like transhumanism, because they go from one gender to the other. I think part of the reason they’re in the news is to get people used to others changing radically. There are also transpecies people, like the woman in Norway who thinks she’s really a cat. They can get tattoos and operations to make themselves look more like the animal they identify with. There’s an ex-bank manager who identifies with being a dragon and he’s had scale tatoos and lumps added to make himself more dragon-like. He’s also had his nose removed and his eyes tinted a dragon shade in quest for dragonhood. I do wonder about the mentality of the people who do the operations like that.

        Back to the transhumance. Wouldn’t the trouble begin when the men are away from the women? All those jokes about shepherds and the sheep probably do have some truth in them. I wonder if a really long time ago if this bestiality didn’t result in a pregnancy, hence centaurs, minotaurs and Pan who was 1/2 human and 1/2 goat.

        This was stopped and these beings (centaurs etc) couldn’t reproduce as they are hybrids and died out. Now people are starting to wonder if the sex robots are spoiling man/woman relations. In Japan lots of blokes prefer their sex robot or doll to a real woman because they are less demanding.

        There are even child sex dolls for paedophiles. I think it’s meant to stop them from abusing a real child, but it is horrible.

        There is a lot of blood letting, maybe it really is men’s tru(e) ate.

        As for dna, aren’t there signs that human dna has been tampered with? I can never really work it out. Were humans much better ages ago? Did they degenerate? Did a parasite change some of them? Did aliens arrive and mess up the humans? Are humans just an experiment? Has it gone wrong? Did the bad guys take it over from the good guys? Did God go bad or rogue?

        Apparently it will be much better when the human race will be transhuman. We’ll all be healthier and happier in mechanical bodies. Then we can all be post-human, which is really scary.

      • suliwebster says:

        That’s all very interesting. My head goes into a spin with it. It seems to me that we are already some sort of robot. Maybe the Japanese are right in that anything can be inhabited by spirit and become kind and kindred. And maybe everything else is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is kindness love comapssion, as we are all kindred spirits to each other, only separated by our different form. Which means that the intent of evil force is about breaking that bond of kindness.

        The upgrade to transhumans is like improving the farmed stock to be more productive and resilient to disease, and is most likely designed to make us less kind to each other, and more obedient and useful to the higher controller.

        The sex robot is training people to have the mentality that they can be cruel, and concentrate on their own self gratification at the expense of others, the core problem behind paedophile behaviour. The sex doll for paedophiles is surely reinforcing their mentality. Similarly, kids in schools are given baby dolls to practise being a parent to, to put them off parenting, training minds to think of a baby as a demanding robot or doll, not something you relate to with mutual love and bonding. Babies are given teddies to cuddle as a replacement for a mother. I think they are called “transition objects”. Also rubber dummies to stuff in their mouth.

        I think you are right about the centaurs etc. They are the products of what is probably rape. Much cross breeding experiments went on in the Shetlands, once known as Zetland. (Scotland again). But if a human baby is the product of rape, I would still want to be kind to it.

        Yes, it seems that the women are doing a service, cervice, to the world, by servicing the men, as I wrote about in Sex Therapy Trade. And if men are apart from their women, or women are not providing good cervice, then other things potentially happen, such as men turning to animals, or their children for sexual gratification. Or whatever is available. Homosexuality is rife in male boarding schools, and male prisons, where there are no women to provide sex. This is why women get blamed when men have affairs (remember Victoria Beckham when she stayed behind in England, her fault that he had an affair).

        Humanism sounds a bit like transhumanism. It is a scientific sort of religion that says we have no spirit (opposite of Japanese thinking).

        Though nowadays, many women are becoming very man like.

        Is man/woman sex designed to prevent all these other things and keep stability in the human world ? Is every human a hybrid of robot and Eve ? I think so (See Scrambled Eggs).

        I think Adam was a Roman robot. Maybe Eve was Japanese and saw a spirit in him. Maybe Eve wanted to plug Adam’s sexual desire so that he was diverted from the children. Maybe that is how it began. Maybe she offered herself to protect her children. (Like Harry Potter’s mother came between him and evil and that is how he got his power. The mother is the shield, if the mother is not the shield, then we are all fucked).


  5. Claire says:

    Hello Suli

    After your comment I did a spot more research into the ad. It’s for WildAid which aims at ending the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime. This strikes me as odd as whose lifetime? Somebody the age of prince William’s granny has a lot less life left than the latest baby born.

    The ad is from 2014 and it features prince William, David Beckham and Yao Ming who used to play for the Houston Rockets. The rhinos are in a stadium (Wembley) because all the rhinos left in the wild would fit in a stadium with room to spare. They are only cgi rhinos because the 3some walk with them and prince William pats one on the behind to get it to move. Obviously he wouldn’t do that to a real rhino as they are savage creatures. You can see the ad on YouTube.

    There certainly are a lot of arks about. A guy in Holland built one, it’s a beautiful thing. It looks just like the one out of the Bible. It’s got carved wooden animals on board. He’s taking it to Brazil for the Olympics, another sports connection. I think he’s hoping to help people in places like Africa but I can’t remember in what capacity.

    Then there’s Kenneth Ham and his ark in Kentucky (I think). I think he’s going to use it as a sort of attraction to put over creationism. He causes a lot of problems because of tax breaks. America is full of people like that.

    As for the ARC in your article, since when have the Abrahamic religions cared about nature? They just exploit it.

    As for the royals jumping on/off ships, could it be something to do with maritime law? If a flag has gold trim then it means it’s maritime law and not normal law. Maritime law is weird. Loads of strange things happen in ships out at sea, like lots of people go missing off cruises and some paedos take children on boats and abuse them out at sea, but land law does not apply.

    Hope this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      All very interesting Claire.
      “Ending illegal wildlife” jumps out at me. Is it about making sure we are all in captivity ? Animals and humans, all captured in an arc of monarchy. No more wild life. No more willed life. No more wilderness. Bewildered ? You will never be wildered ever again, because you will always be told what to do.
      That also fits in with my idea of William being in charge of penning us in (William’s Slave Pen, and Cull The Queen, I think). The animals in the ark are penned in. Yet we are taught as children how romantic and lovely this is !
      A Chinese man involved ! I am reading Wild Swans (about China) at the moment and am struck by the similarities between China and UK, and how China is more advanced than us and always has been, with their paper and emperors way before we had them. They are a seriously captive people. Captivated by ruling icons and propaganda campaigns.
      Living on a boat makes me very aware of maritime law. No wonder the authorities want to stamp out boat living. The Trust that rules the Canals is trying to convert water law to land law, but they can’t. They act like they are a government, not a maintenance service. They even think they own the water itself, but I think they only own the banks. Murders are very frequent at sea, due to lack of jurisdiction. Also on planes. No jurisdiction in airspace.

      In the UK, there are land based “ships”, such as the one that Prince Philip trained at, in Corsham. They therefore operate under maritime law. Armies have their own laws too, martial law, hence court martial. It also sounds like marital law, which is probably the underlying theme anyway. There are so many ring-fenced exceptions to the common law that ordinary people digently abide by. The City of London is an exception, the Vatican and Washington DC, and probably the Royal Palaces too.


  6. Claire says:

    Hello Suli

    You’re more aware than I am, I never spotted the illegal wildlife connection to making everything under control. I focused more on the lifetime aspect of it.

    Here is an example of it in action. My boyfriend likes to watch nature programs and Discovery channel and stuff like that. Most of it features sharks, lions and crocodiles. It’s usually gruesome and bloody. Once he was watching a programme about a man in Mozambique who lived in a run down house with some other people. He said that they used to be part of a tribe that was in the jungle. The government wanted the jungle with animals only in it so him and his tribe was moved out of the jungle. He was most depressed about it and the others looked bored.

    I don’t know if it was the government’s idea or if the government was told to do this by some other powers. That was not mentioned.

    The arc you mention that has it’s headquarters in Bath reminds me of when the church used to get land off land owners in exchange for a place in Heaven. Now they are going to control all that’s on that land under a banner of secularism. Scary.

    I wonder where the atheists fit in? China has enforced atheism, but many people are atheist by choice especially in the Western world. People can’t be blamed as religion has caused many problems in the world. I keep hearing about solid Christian values, but when I think of Christianity I think of all the mass child graves found on religious land in Ireland and Canada, of smallpox infected blankets and paedophile priests and Magdalene laundries.I believe in God but not religion, it brings out the worst in people.

    Have you noticed how there are Chinese people all over the world? They are just about everywhere, some in rural areas, I’ve never heard of Chinese people rebelling against their own government except in Tianmen Square. That was a sorry little tale.

    I don’t think people will be squashed into an ark as there will be very few people left. Look at the Georgia guide stones. Also look at how nato keeps trying to provoke Russia into a war. Also chemtrailing and vaccines and ways to keep the population down.

    If people started disobeying now, the world could be a much better, much kinder place.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, “kind” is the important word. I witness kind acts between kindred spirits every day. That is all it takes ! We can all do that, now, without the need for governments to police it or create a rule telling us to Be Kind or else…

      The Chinese worshipped Mao. People in Britain worship Cameron, or the Queen, or the new J.C. Or David Beckham or David Bowie. There are atheist Gods too. A religion is just something that makes up rules and is worshipped, preferably with a brand name face to focus your love on.

      That TV programme shows how viewers are mind programmed to accept a form of ethnic cleansing in the name of “nature”, a worthy sacrifice decided by central control. (Also see my post BBC Wildlife Programming, the wildlife programs have an agenda).

      Since I last wrote, I have noticed some more ark and rhino things… The Rhinocerous sounds like a dinosaur name, rinosaurus maybe. It looks like one too. The dinosaurs were the biggest ruling empire of the world. So it is important that their DNA (DiNAsaur) is saved for the ruling classes.

      I came across a leaflet about Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. It’s near Bristol, not far from Bath. It advertises that they have lions tigers giraffes elephants and rhinos ! Clearly five very important ark animals. There are edicational displays on creation and evolution. Which seem to be merging. It is one of those Family Fun Day places. Families are like zoo and farm animals, they are farmed ( bred) and zoo’d (held captive). But hey, it’s all FUN.

      • Claire says:

        Hello Suli

        Tv programmes do let you know what’s going on. My boyfriend is away so I’ve only watched it twice for mtv. I know that’s bad, it’s full of terrible subliminal messages, but I do like singing and dancing. And I like to be up to date with it.

        There have been no further ark stories. The only ark-related thing I’ve noticed is that the sea is higher this year. Well, the ark is going to need something to float on.

        This higher sea is bad for business here as there is less beach for the tourists. Also I noticed a lot of the big houses are up for sale. It seems like some of the wealth is moving out. I wonder if Spain will have yet more empty property.

        Lots of people are kind, even if they’re in a difficult situation. Others worry about being taken advantage of or not having enough for themselves. It’s a complicated world.

      • suliwebster says:

        I notice a lot of people in England buying “property” in Eastern Europe. Maybe it has shifted from Spain. The motive is always profit. And the ultimate aim is to have a good life for free or cheap, which is considered a justified entitlement but is actually profiting from others lower down the ranks, and depends on a hierarchy. Maybe it is time to destroy another area and community and enslave another people to feed the rich standard of living. And to bring some more countries in line and on board the central control cabal hierarchy.


  7. paul says:

    human farming – the story of your enslavement

    We can only be kept in the cages we do not see

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, too right ! We don’t realise the cage is even there ! Except nagging little glimpses occasionally. Anyone displaying any sign of seeing the cage, or depression, has to see a doctor and be medicated out of it !

  8. Claire says:

    Hello Suli

    It’s very risky buying property in Spain. There was loads of property built and foreigners bought some of it only to be told it was illegal. That meant years of legal wrangling and some people had their home demolished. Also the authorities here can say a buyer didn’t pay enough for their property and make them pay more, that up to property bought 4 years previous.

    People have lost all their money and have gone back to the UK broke. And that’s not mentioning all the problems doing business here. It’s not only foreigners, some Spanish got caught up in all this.

    Now with the threat of the brexit, many UK nationals have left. But they are not the only ones, Dutch, German, French and others are leaving. Many Spanish have gone to work abroad. The only group that has shown an increase are the Chinese. I haven’t noticed them locally, in fact, for the time of year, it feels empty here.

    I have noticed Russians, but they must be of a more modest means as they were buying clothes at the cheap Chinese shop. Those Chinese have been here since before I was. Usually the Russians here are very wealthy.

    But you’re right. People do take advantage of others, Look at London, full of expensive, empty property with homeless spikes outside of it. Just for billionaires to launder money. I think the property is going to rot, just like all the houses here, yet people are homeless.

    It must be the central control cabal hierachy doing business as usual. They are already global.

    • suliwebster says:

      I always maintain that there are plenty of homes to go round for all. It is stopped by politics and greed.
      Buying property is akin to playing Monopoly, and I think there is something fundamentally wrong with ownership of land (parts of Mother Earth). People want to profit from property, but get upset if their gamble goes the other way. I dont know many people who own property without calculating its value and profitable reward.
      You can see from what is happening in Spain how the top level decisions, and even just a “threat” of Brexit, influence everyday lives, like they just pressed a button at central control centre to zap the rats to go somewhere new.


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