Keep Up To Date

Facts and truth change on a daily basis. Keep up ! Are you up-to-date ? Have you read the latest ? It’s hard work keeping up, but it keeps us all busy at a faster and faster pace.

If you don’t keep up, you are out of date, out of fashion, stupid.

News is new, not old. It’s up-to-date. An update is issued at least daily. Read all about it, get the latest news.

Wikipedia is constantly edited. It’s supposed to be an encyclopedia of facts, but the facts change daily. It’s the equivalent of the Orwellian “speakwrite” where government ministry employees are given news or fact items, and instructed to rewrite them, to make sure they are up-to-date.

Information is a fashion of the times, fashioned by the creative hands of the media controllers.
If you are out-of-date you are stupid. Old people are out-of-date. Young people are up-to-date.

To be fit for 21st century purpose, you must keep up-to date.
Keep up, get the latest computer so you can keep up. Get the upgrade software, don’t get left behind ! Keep fit so you can keep up.

Out-of-date people are outdated, like a Sell By date or a Use By date. Read the label, it’s out of date, chuck it out.

Is your kitchen or bathroom outdated ? Is your wardrobe of clothes outdated ? Chuck it out, keep up-to-date. What about your body ? Is it old and out-of-date ? Then get some new up-to-date body parts.

Have you had the latest vaccinations ? Are they up-to-date ?

Do you know the latest weather forecast ? It’s updated by the minute, so it is always up-to-date ! Knowing the weather is essential for future planning.

Have you seen the latest film, read the latest book, been on the latest holiday, eaten the latest food ? Why not ? Can’t you keep up ? Why don’t you join in ?

Everything must look right for the date that we are at. It is like a film set. How can we distinguish one date from another if there aren’t all these differences across time ?

We are all stuck in a time warp of thinking, our thoughts fed to us by the times, and The Times newspaper. We are told that our time is the best time, the cleverest. People in the past were stupid, now we know better. We have so much QUANTITY of information, of being informed, formed by what we are fed, that it must be better. We are informed by the media who control the uniformed thoughts and information of the day. You are allowed a few choices of thinking, red team or blue team, blue shirt or white shirt, just to give you the feeling you think for yourself.

The King James Bible is fully up-to-date. Cameron’s first act of power was to distribute it free to all schools. Even the Bible is being edited as we go.

Kids are trained at school to keep up with the class. Pay attention ! keep up ! Those that can’t or won’t keep up are despised, they’re holding back the progress of the others, they are stupid.

Children are more up-to-date than their parents, Children are the future ! Parents try to keep up with their children. The balance of power in the family and society is given to the young. The children are becoming the leaders, indoctrinated by the schools and the media who are up-to-date. That is why we send them to school, parents cannot teach kids the latest information. Your child’s future depends on being up-to-date.

Once this is in place, it is easy to develop the teen culture and feed them almost anything. The children will be led away into the culture club by State control.

You might expect History to be a fixed story, events that have already happened. But no, history too, is edited to keep it up-to-date. As Orwell said, history is merely an agreement amongst us of what happened before. Even the original dates can be edited to make sure they are up-to-date.

The invention of the Kindle allows novels to be edited and updated centrally, maybe even on a daily basis. Similarly, the internet is being built as a reservoir of all information. It’s great the way we can turn to the internet to get the best and most up-to-date info ! Up-to-date is always best ! Once everything is online, it can all be edited continuously. We won’t even notice the changes, they will be smooth and seamless.

Can you see how history is presented to us like a film to view the unsavoury past and believe we are in a better time now. And the future will therefore be even better ! Keep up, it’s getting better all the time !

Modern people are modem people. They are always connected to the latest news and the latest new gadget. Always on. Always up-to-date. Cool, fashionable, fit for purpose, looking good, looking right. How else do you fit into society if you cannot hold a conversation about the latest up-to-date stuff ? How can you get a job ?

Keeping up-to-date is part of the human race towards the future that never arrives. But we are already here, and there is no need to race.

There is no date on real knowledge and truth. Truth proves itself by transcending time and place.

(See also earlier related posts : Save The Date, Time and Place, Time Tunnel, Time Lord, Timelessness, Universe Cities, Follow Instructions, Place Your Bets, Go Back, Program Me, Forecasting, BBC Wildlife Programming, and others I have forgotten about)

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

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4 Responses to Keep Up To Date

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! I am sad you say you are soon going to stop writing these posts 😦

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou for your compliments. It is going to take me longer than I thought to wrap up the blog, I still have a backlog of notebooks to write up. A big reason for me to get off the internet is that I think the internet is fundamentally evil, possibly the biggest tool there is to the destruction of humanity, and human kindred spirit. I want to act out what I am preaching, instead of just talking about it.

  2. Leo says:

    The Knights Templar And The Pharaohs – The Controllers Agenda Exposed? 😮

    (worth reading…just sharing).

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Leo.
      I have written a post about The Knights Templar of Bath, and other similar ones around that time. Like the author of that article, I have come to see that the saviour is within (See The Saviour Within).
      Glastonbury is twinned with Lalibela in Ethiopia where the Ark of the Covenant is supposed to be. Glastonbury was in the Olympic Opening Ceremony (see Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual).
      I am always perturbed that religious stories have a trio of man woman and son, (Mary Joseph and Jesus) and miss out any daughter symbology. (See Jesus the Jewess, Nuclear Family, Mary Line).
      “Amen” to me is the word amenorrhoea, meaning an absence of menstrual blood. I think the monthly bleeding of women is key to the control and destruction of humanity and the Earth. (Pavlov’s Women, Monthly Contract, Blood Sacrifice).

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