Stay or Leave, In or Out, Come or Go, Remains of the Day, Entry or Brexit

You would never guess that there are only 2 choices on the ballot paper. It’s all about sex and relationships, and the air is very thick and heavy with it all. The whole of the world is watching the great relationship wobble.

Ins and outs, comings and goings. Entry and exit. It’s sex and births you are voting for. Inns and outs, Ins and oust. There was no room at the Inn, Mary was ousted from the Inn, jesus was born instable. The instability in the air is rife.

Why is the LEAVE vote colour coded RED. Regular blue voters have turned RED. VOTE L, Vote Labour, Vote LEAVE. The Labour party dominates the LEFT, as the Leavers would want us to have LEFT. A woman labours to oust the baby from her body.

L for LEFT. R for Remain. Left and Right. The RIghts want to Remain. We don’t have a right to remain, the EU may kick us out after all this messing around.

Remains are what is left over. The fragments of shattering a relationship. The remnants. The crumbs.

But if RED is for LEAVE, then surely GREEN should be for STAY ? But no, Green is for GO. Should RED be for STOP ? Stopping and starting, hot and cold. It matches the weather.

STAY seems to be BLUE, But REMAIN is red.

REM is Rapid eye movement. It is also the twin of ROM, Romulus and Remus competing for Rome. ROM won. Are your eyes moving rapidly across this multitude of choices, when really there are only two ?

YES or NO. (Please see No Vote).

The film Remains of The Day is filmed near Bath. It is about a relationship that never was. The British aren’t very good at entering into equal closely bonded relationships. They prefer the master slave thing. The film was released on Bonfire night, 5/11, celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the establishment that rules over us and takesover the rest of the world at every oportunity.

The world and the country is divided. Britannia and the Romans divide and conquer us yet again.

Will Britannia leave EU, Will she leave you ?

Divorce is on the cards. If Brittannia leaves, then there is a messy divorce operation to go through. If Britannia stays, will EU ever quite trust Britannia again, like a relationship that continues after one party has had an affair. Has Britannia ever considered that the EU might want to leave Britannia as a result of all this messing around ?

I don’t vote, I am a No Voter. I just notice that the air is affecting us all. Everyone is in a state of indecision and instability to match the state of the air. The BBC broadcasts to the world across the air waves. No wonder the weather is heavy and thick and unstable to go with it. (Though it was gloriously hot and summery leading up to the Queen’s official birthday… the Royals always appear before a vote just so we know what we are really voting for).

It has already been decided. It is written in the planets somewhere. The Royals and the Romans (the US Senate and The Pope) seem to be pro-STAY. They make the decisions. We just vote (doesn’t matter what for as long as you do it) to give the Monarchy a mandate to make the decisions for us. The Euro referendum is just one manifestation of what is going on everywhere.

I notice my own life is full of staying and leaving decisions, and the Pain of Separation that goes with the splitting apart.

Thus, my own vote in my own life is to STAY, I am currently experiencing too much pain of separation. Yet at times when I feel I am too crowded and controlled, and have lost my self, I know I need to leave for a while.

American Independence Day looms on 4th July, independence being the glorious goal of being apart and separated and split from others. I am not sure it is that great.

The vote is on 23rd June, the day before St John’s Day, and the Order of The Bath. That’s my home city of Bath, and I wonder if the air is heavier here.

St John is the baptist, baptism of water, and the rebirth of Britannia (or Birthannia) as a separate entity would need a baptism of water.

Many people have already voted by new advance methods of post and internet, it is not surprising the bookies can predict the result. There is money to be made on this. Profit from prophesy. Though if I wanted to make good money these days, I would set up a company to run elections, there are so many of them, I think all our taxes are being siphoned off into the voting industry. And probably most of people’s minds similarly siphoned off too.

As I look at my own life, I see I have picked up the airwaves, perfectly synchronised with the referendum and the buildup that is almost as dense as the build up to Xmas. I see that I have been forced to focus on the deeper meaning of a close relationship, its value, when it is right to stay, and the non negotiable limits that might cause me to leave. I also notice that like the EU, it is not always my choice whether to stay or leave. My close “in bed” relationships are with my parents, my children and my lover.

It takes two to tango, to say YES, to form and keep a relationship. It takes only one to SAY NO, and to cause a separation, a split. I don’t want any beaurocracy, either London or Brussels, ruling over me. So I don’t vote.

I look back on my life, and see a constant play between the desire to merge with another (as with the mother baby bond, or a lover), and the desire to hold onto my self. I seem to need both.

Everything out there is a mirror of what is within. The real vote and the real change is within yourself and within your own power. The airwaves are about the relationships around you, not about Brussels vs London. There is no right or wrong answer, there is only the choice that you find yourself in at the moment on your own journey.

(See also : No Vote, Polling Nation, Don’t Knows, Majority Rule, The Eyes and The Nose, The Reds and The Blues, Opinion Poll Control. Building the Arc, Romans Remain, Mary Queen of Scots)

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10 Responses to Stay or Leave, In or Out, Come or Go, Remains of the Day, Entry or Brexit

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The real mystery is…..why are we having a referendum? All the political parties are for staying in and they are the ones who initiate these sort of things. There were no calls for it in the mainstream press or the so called alternate media on the internet. So,who called for it and most importantly,why?

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes ! But the only question the voters are told to ask is should we stay or go? (that makes them feel intelligent, that they can research the two options).
      Maybe it is to create a big wobble of insecurity and instability.
      I am told (can’t avoid it unfortunately) that there will now be another Scottish referendum !
      Maybe if Scotland leave the UK, then the UK will have to have another referendum to see how they now feel without the Scottish ? By then we will no longer be UK, we will be EW or WE for England and Wales. US WE EU and THEM.
      Life for the majority seems to have become back to back voting schemes. It makes people feel they can “have their say”, “listened to”. An illusion of power, whilst actually disabling people’s power.
      Lots of people seem to be frightened and are thinking of emigrating. Others are now victorious. Some are angry with people that didnt vote or voted differently to themselves.
      Some people believe that over half the population voted to leave, when it is probably less than a third.
      I am told that the Don’t Know campaign polled about a third of registered voters, despite absolutely zero marketing or advertising.
      Large numbers of people including me, immigrants, people born and bred here with the wrong passport, are not registered to vote and don’t even feature on the Don’t Know statistics.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The trouble is;silence is construed as consent. I think it’s some legal nicety recently attached to existence.But if you didn’t have the vote you could not be assenting! That’s why women should never have taken the vote…’s just a trap.I have an awful feeling that men will never shake it loose until women do.Imagine- campaigning in the street with a badly printed banner DISENFRANCHISEMENT NOW no votes for women. Guaranteed to go down a storm but not recommended for those with a lively sense of survival.I await the call to arms,Scraypes.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou, first person I have heard say that women made a mistake taking the vote ! I was starting to doubt my own sanity.

      I heard that non voters in the Scottish vote were added into the YES ( or was it the NO) by default.
      Lots of liberated executive educated women obediently vote because suffragettes died to save us, like jesus did ! maybe get a thing round your neck of a dead suffragette.
      I think they died to give us the CHOICE of whether or not to vote. To see if we can work it out and resist the temptation.
      The whole feminist movement got twisted so women could have all the worst aspects of men, like voting, being CEO, whereas it should be that women’s work, such as mothering, is equally valued !
      Gay movement going the same way! Why do gay men want to be like heterosexuals and get married, one of the worst aspects of heterosexuality !
      I agree, I think we will probably reverse out of this, and therefore women will have to ditch the vote first. I only know one other woman who doesnt vote. I get treated almost like a criminal for not voting, tempting to keep it secret to avoid a witch hunt on me.
      Or maybe we will role reverse out of it ?
      Have you noticed all the women climbing into top political positions ? Scandinavia leads the way, coincidentally Denmark is home of the first monarchy.

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        And thank you,you’re the first person to understand it! It IS politically unacceptable and a witch-huntable offence. You can only get away with it when you are on top of your game,full of love and charm and fluid as water. Yes of course women get offered the worst aspects of men and gays the worst aspects of gender roles. All roles are just acting,the only thing is to just BE. I had a strange dream- I came into a clearing and there was a woman warding off some kind of attack. I started to help her and she moved towards a hut . I said wait I don’t know what’s going on,what’s happening. She just looked at me and moved away. It was the look that said everything,what I did was my affair ,none of her’s. Our survival was up to me,so I continued batting off the malevolent energy. I didn’t know what I was doing but it worked. Then it faded away. Yes all those women are getting those top jobs in the man’s world to trick them out of their real power which is immense in the women’s world. The men running the show want all the power and hate women for having something they can never have- the power of creation. They will destroy the world if they can’t have it all themselves. On that cheery note I’ll bid you a fond farewell! Scraypes.

      • suliwebster says:

        Well you are one man that gets it. I have also had the privilege of meeting a man in real life (no internet) who has said to me something almost exactly like your dream. It took me quite a long time to work out his meaning.
        “What we each do is our own affair”.
        As soon as we enter into any agreement or conditions or possession or rules or arrangements or future-proofing, or do another’s bidding, it all goes off key.
        I frequently find that the surreal times when I have no idea what I am doing leads to things working out as they should. These are the times when I am most stepped out of the mad media controlled world, most surrendered to spirit I think.
        I think men are angry with women because deep down they ask why did their mother allow someone to enter in utero, and steal their womb ? It is similar to maybe being angry with your mother if you were a victim of thalidomide. It is a long journey to forgiveness.
        The survival rate of females is higher, and they live longer, despite the monthly blood sacrifices. To me that is another thing that shows men have had damage done to them.


  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I think men are only angry with women when their dinners are late or their shirts are not ironed! All this war of the sexes stuff is artificially created by those whose interests lie in dividing people in order to use them. The Frankfurt School’s cultural marxism was/is a good example of this.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, division of the sexes is definitely a great way to control everyone. The younger it starts the better. Maybe we are all subliminally angry at being divided, and take it out on whoever we are told to take it out on, or whoever is nearest ? (it is always the fault of someone “different” )

  4. suliwebster says:

    Confirmation that this is about relationships… I am told the vote outcome is 48% 52% split. This matches the girl boy birth rate. Girls are born to their own sex, the world of women and the womb, they STAY women for life. Boys are born to their opposite sex, and at some point have to LEAVE the world of womb and women to become a man.
    Similarly the food halva is not half half sesame SEED (male) and Honey (female), as the name HALVA implies. It is 52% 48%. Anywhere you see this ratio, it is about the male female divide.

  5. suliwebster says:

    More confirmation of Brexit being about relationships…
    In a recent copy of the “i” newspaper, I saw a small arcticle (Freudian spelling slip) on Brexit and how it has affected relationship breakdowns. People visiting marriage counsellors are quoting Brexit (Breaks it) as a cause.

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