Radiation Chambers

You can now be diagnosed with cancer from a simple blood test. It’s a fantastic modern advance from the old methods of having to take cut off pieces of your body for tests. Progress.

A simple blood test.

If you pass the test, then your blood is ok. If you fail the test, there is something wrong with your blood, and you need “treatment”. What a treat. Treat me please !

A simple blood sample.

In World War Two, the Nazi doctors went around collecting blood samples from suspected Jews and Gypsies, and anyone else who might have the wrong sort of blood. Anyone who might breed and perpetuate their filthy bloodline. Those with the wrong sort of blood had to be sterilised or eliminated.

Cancer means growth. The wrong sort of blood must not be allowed to breed and multiply and grow and spread. People divide and multiply like body cells. It is breeding and it is growth.

All around me I am hearing stories of previously healthy people being diagnosed with cancer out of the blue. Then within weeks of the “treatment”, they are wheelchair bound, or dead. Or sometimes they have their womb ripped out or their breasts ripped out.

Before the diagnosis, they were healthy people. They didn’t even know they were ill until they were told. The treatment disables or kills them. It is not the cancer that kills. It is cancer treatment. However, everyone has been tricked into believing it is cancer that kills, and hospitals that heal. What would you do if you were told you had cancer ?

Trick or Treat ? Trick me and Treat me.

The modern hospital contains a radiation chamber, a World War 3 version of a concentration camp gas chamber. More up-to-date, more advanced. Those with the wrong sort of blood are being herded towards the hospitals of their own free will. It makes me wonder whether Jews and gypsies were similarly persuaded to go to concentration camps for “their own good”, some nice “treatment” to make them better, improve them, get rid of the nasty thing they carry in their body. “Welcome to Aushwitz”. Hospital gates look like concentration camp gates, and the inmates all wear striped pjamas. I am told that when the jews went into the gas chambers, they thought they were going to have a shower. But they were ethnically “cleansed” instead.

Cleansing the blood.

World War 3 is happening around us. The same world war themes are playing out amongst us in modern day psychological warfare. It’s far more advanced than for WW2. It’s progress. People all believe they are helping others, or that they are accepting treatment to make themselves well again. But everyone is divided into different compartments and nobody sees the whole picture. The hospitals are major contributers to the noise of the ambulance sirens sounding like a constant war zone. Hospitals were originally invented for war casualties. If we have more and more hospitals, then it equates to more and more war against humans, our bodies and our spirits under constant attack. The medical experiments of the WW2 Nazi doctors are nothing compared to what is going on in hospitals today. And hospitals are growing in a cancerous sort of way.

But back to the blood… A simple blood test. Why is cancer now defined by the make up of your blood ? That is very handy for the eugenicists. Could it be that the blood is being tested for certain bloodlines, not cancer at all ? Certain bloodlines that are marked for elimination or sterilisation. The eugenics of the Nazis continues, and I don’t think it ever stopped. It is all funded by our taxes which pay for the National Health Service.

The scientists in the hospital labs know nothing about the cases of the patients whose bodies they are testing. They know nothing about what their results are used for. They just test the labelled sample and enter the data into the computer believing they are doing a useful job. It is so easy to separate all the people involved so that noone realises the true overall picture.

I am noticing that hospitals are a bit like shops. If you don’t go into a shop, you are not led into temptation to buy anything you don’t really need or want, a nice “treat” to make you feel better. It’s harder to resist once you are over the threshold. Similarly, if you don’t go to the doctor, you are not tempted into the land of tests and treatments, a not so nice “treat” to make you feel better. It is just as difficult to resist medical treatment when you are threatened with months to live by someone who acts like they know what they are talking about. Psychological marketing tactics exist in the health industry just as they do in the shopping industry.

We are all cooperating. It is all by consent. But we are being tricked into doing so.

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7 Responses to Radiation Chambers

  1. Life is like that too and we have to live one day at a time. My late husband used to tell his patients; the impossible we do every day; miracles take a little longer.

    • suliwebster says:

      Totally with you Maureen. I learnt the hard way to live one day at a time. It seems to take trauma to do that. Now I am no longer in the trauma, I still prefer to live one day at a time. Everything seems to work so much better that way.
      I always tell my kids that patients are patient ! You can get a quick fix for something but real healing takes time.

  2. g r costello says:

    totally so simple cannaboids ++++++++++ love =energy=positive=water flowering o ur live livvving flowering boson blossoms =higs boson witch flows frew marys natraul water ===loving lifffffe

  3. Noo says:

    A very thought-provoking post. I’ve almost lost count of the people I’ve known who have died during or not long after chemo”therapy”. It’s an aggressive, frightening “treat”ment that I could never agree to if I was faced with that choice. I have no faith that it would cure me of anything and I’ve seen first-hand how it destroys quality of life within a short space of time. The first time someone close to me received chemo, nearly 30 years ago, I remember being shocked at the fact that the nurses wore hazmat gear whilst setting up the IV and how they said that one spilled drop on the skin could cause necrosis, and yet they were putting this stuff into his veins and sending it coursing round his body and expecting it to benefit him! He only lasted a matter of weeks after that, after being reduced to a wasted shadow of himself from the side-effects of the chemo and dying of a hospital-acquired infection he couldn’t fight off because his immune system was by then non-existent.

    I couldn’t agree more with your comparison of hospitals and shops. I loathe the pressure of being sold to and I stay out of both as much as possible.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks noonoo.
      therapy therapist is the.rapist. A rapier like device piercing and entering. Like the drip feed into the veins. Veins being the venus, the love, the flow of life.
      Also SHOP is not that different from HOSP. Or even HOPS for the SHOPaholics. It is all addictive like alcohol, and therefore controlling.
      Your comment also shows me that nursing is increasingly about warfare tactics, and less and less about nurturing, love and maybe above all else, the healing power of touch.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Care has been turned into a weapon. When Freud surveyed the crowd waiting to greet him in America,he turned to Jung and said,” They don’t realize we are bringing them the plague.” The rapist is quite accurate,therapist is not.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, very profound. The word “care” or ” caring” these days fills me with horror. If you are a “caring” person, you are considered good like god. All these words that get twisted and along the way. “safe”, “protection”, “god” and “love” are some others. The word “care” is big in the Green Eco movement. Green people care. It is almost competitive isn’t it, this caring business ?

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