St John’s Water

St John’s Day is 24th June, 24/6, a neat number. This year it coincided neatly with the referendum result. Too much of a coincidence for me. The referendum was designed to damage us and spilt us up, causing fear, hate, and conflict. Divide and conquer. St John’s is symbolic of water and healing. Take your pick as to where you put your attention and energy.

St John is a healing herb and a Day, and a Masonic Order in the watery City of Bath.

There is a choice between love and hate, which is symbolised by St John.

Hate has a cause.
Hate is self-defence caused by fear. It is putting up blocks and walls, and pre-emptive strikes against those you fear. Self D fences.
Politics whip up hate. Hate is a crime against love. Hate crime.
Hate blocks love.

Love just is. Love is always.
Love flows automatically unless it is blocked or damned up, in this age of damning damage.
Let it flow.
The flow of love is the flow of life.

Love flows like water, love heals like water. Blocked water stagnates and changes form. It is damned by Damnation.
Love flows and love flowers.

St John’s churches are always found near water (like Mary churches). St John is the baptist, baptising babies in a bath of water.

I think John means JOIN. To join a baby to the breast and feed it with the flow of milk is the true baptism for the flow of life to continue. Joning the baps and tits, both being euphemisms for breasts. To cut the umbilical cord prematurely is to divide and conquer, causing a floundering panicking isolated disconnected baby, full of fear from birth. Blocks of panic and damage already programming the newborn mind.

The cutting of the umbilical cord is like the biblical beheading of St John by cutting his spinal cord. It cuts off the essential joining, the flow of life, the supply.

To bathe a baby in water is to remind it of its source, where it came from, the watery place inside the womb that is its past life. Where it was joined in pure love to its mother through the umbilical cord, an unconditional supply of food and nurture and love.

St John’s Wort is a healing herb with amber coloured flowers that is in flower on St John’s Day. Wort is like worter or water, or wart. Somehow wartime seems to be an abuse of the word water, and the current wartime is the war on the water current. The wort flowers and the worter flows.

St John’s Wort is known by many names : Heal All, Grace of God, Warrior’s Wound, Amber, Touch and Heal, and Herb of St John. It’s Latin name is Hypericum perforatum, which reminds me of a perforated hymen. It’s good for schizophrenia, so would be good treatment for a country following a personality splitting referendum. It’s good for varicose veins, a blood flow problem frequently brought on by pregnancy. It cures mania, especially referendum mania, protects against hydrophobia (fear of water). It is an antidote to Snake Bite, would be useful in the Garden of Eden after Adam A Dam, does he dam the flow of water ?

Maybe St John’s Wort is simply a good way of healing our flow, unblocking the way of love. I think all healing herbs are about tapping into forgotten memory. Once upon a time, we had pure love. The memory exists somewhere.

The red pigment from the crushed amber coloured flowers of St John’s Wort is said to signify the blood of St John after his beheading. It is like cutting off the giant head of the placenta. The placenta is the point at which the cord attaches to the mother.

At the other end of the cord is the navel, the solar plexus, a very much underrated part of our body. The beheading is the divide, the damage, the unjoining, the unJohn, John is no more, joining is no more. We are disjointed.

The cutting of the umbilical is the first cut, the first division. It is the ribbon cutting ceremony so favoured by Royalty. The solar plexus stores the memory of the cut and the accompanying pain and panic. It also stores the memory of the flow of love, the pure love that was there before. We can access both memories. Our memories can be activated by triggers, the herb activates the memory of love. Modern day media activates the pain and panic and fear.

St John’s Day is in the sun sign of cancer, symbolised by 69, the crab, the mother shielding her baby in the womb. Cancer symbolises the joining of the baby to its home of pure love.

The City of Bath is where the Order of The Bath began. Every year on St John’s Day, there is a Masonic procession from the site of the ancient Temple of Diana in Twerton to the Abbey. The volcano of Bath and the natural Hot Springs reminds me of the pure flow of love supplying from the mother through the placenta to the baby. Bath is a sort of play centre, placenta, and I think it draws people in. But unfortunately the supply is very much blocked by the Roman Georgian gluttony and greed, endless buildings of walls, and modern Roman ticks replace the pure unblocked flow of love.

Bath Abbey is where the Monarchy began in 978. The Queen is Sovereign of the Order, and Prince Charles is Grandmaster. But of course we are each sovereign and master over our own self. The political elections make us forget that we have our own power. It is stored in the memory of pure love in our solar plexus.

Love and hate are both emotions. I think that the modern religion of “Mind Body Spirit” is missing out on emotions. E-motions. Mind Body Spirit map to Fire Earth Air. But as usual, someone forgot to add in the fourth element of water. Water is highly electromagnetic and I think this is our flow or block of emotions. Electromagnetic motions are highly sensitive. The emotions have been whipped up by the media for the referendum. It’s easy, you just provide triggers to trigger the memory of everyone’s earliest panic of cutting and severance.

I have never liked the word “yellow”, nor the primary colour yellow we are taught about in school. I think the word and colour of “amber” are much nicer, and maybe the solar plexus chakra is not yellow, but more amber coloured, like the flower of St John’s Wort.

St John’s Wort is known as “Heal All”. Love and water are the great flows and flowers of life. Our bodies are mostly water, we come from water in our past life in the womb. Love and water both heal. Emotions are water. If the water is in perfect harmony then it is the flow and the flower of love. All we have to do is remove the blocks that are in the mind, and allow the love in our body to flow.

The referendum is over, and we are back to exactly the same choice we always have. Choose love or hate. Flower like the wort, flow like the water. Heal all. Love all.

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8 Responses to St John’s Water

  1. veritopian says:

    Prophetic words… Great post.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    You’re so right about divisions being caused by the referendum. An acquaintance of mine who is outside the system to a great extent was very angry at the result.The only people who want out are racists or morons,he said.I told him that we very probably won’t leave the EU anyway and all the racism talk was just propaganda to get votes.I left him to his visions of blood stained streets,he’d actually become quite hateful fearing the imagined tide of hate!

    • suliwebster says:

      Whatever the outcome, everyone’s minds have been reprogrammed by the event, before during and after. We have a new mind set.
      I too have “detached” from a friend who is now frightened by the TV programming. I just can’t spend too much time around that fear energy, it rubs off on me like pollen on a bee!
      If Scotland now vote to leave the UK, then surely England will need another vote because we might have a different outcome if we no longer have Scotland as our ally.
      Will we need a revote for a new PM ?
      It is focussing constant attention on polling, going to opposite poles. Pole shifting. Shifting poles. And probably collecting pollen for the Queen Bee.
      Obviously a cross in the box once every 5 years is not enough deposits to keep the Queen going. Maybe she is dying and needs more pollen than usual ?
      There is so much human energy harnessed for this vote, that there must be opportunity to transmute the energy to love for those that wish it.

  3. I voted to leave a union that is irresponsibly profligate with taxpayers’ money. Britain has always been generous to refugees but suspicious of economic migrants. We are a small island surrounded by even smaller islands – hence the British Isles. There is a limit to our resources, though our hospitality has ever been limitless.

    Those who preach racial intolerance are few – and I have never encountered any, but I have met many who worry that we are fast reaching a tipping point that may plunge us into the same kind of chaos that has engulfed the Middle East. At the turn of the millennium, no one could have predicted the senseless destruction of so much of the world’s historical heritage, or the mindless attacks upon entire communities resulting in wholesale carnage in the name of religion.

    The EU has given carte blanche to the gravy-train riders; the hordes of faceless politicians and their civil servants who travel first class, without hindrance or personal expense across Europe to Brussels and Luxembourg. Failed politicians they may be in their own countries – like Neil Kinnock – but they can amass wealth beyond their wildest dreams – as has Tony Blair in his pseudo role of Middle-East Peace Envoy. Of course, some get found out and bite the dust, but by and large, it’s a good life if you can get away with it – and for the commissioners, like Neil Kinnock, it is one without fear of ever losing your job, as once appointed, the tenure is permanent – no re-election or further selection; the job is for life – or until you choose to retire.

    The EU is ripe for change or a deep overhaul at the very least. Brexit may give a much needed jolt in the right direction.

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree this is triggering a massive shake up. Above all else, people are asking questions, and throwing out complacency. It feels like BREXIT may mean breaks it. Maybe the entire EU will break up, as well as the UK. Who knows.
      Chris Patten is the one I always quote… after losing his seat in Bath, he was then promoted to governor of Hong Kong, and is now chair or something of the BBC, plus big cheese at Oxford Uni, and governor of Prior Park Roman Catholic College (Vatican seat in Bath), presiding over paedophilia at the BBC and in Bath, maybe Hong Kong and Oxford as well. These are the biggest spongers of all, surely ? They probably occupy more boat and plane travel time (at taxpayers expense) than any immigrants.
      They sell their souls for the good life.
      Funny you mention Kinnock, as he will probably be making an appearance in my next post. It is to do with another union, the one with Denmark. Just looked up Kinnock’s son and apparently he is now a Welsh MP, but maybe you know that from being in Wales. He is also married to the recently ousted Danish prime minister.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    All in all a lovely post. I like Maureen’s reply as well. It’s easy to forget that beneath the raucous blare of the media,most people,ordinary extraordinary people are quite sane, loving and intelligent.

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