Soular Plexus

It is common practice to CUT the umbilical cord at birth. The first experience of the new born baby is severance from its mother, from its supply line, from its source of unconditional love. Our welcome to the world is soul destroying.

The solar plexus is centred on the navel of our body. It is the source of an ancient wound, the mother of all wounds, the memory of the original soul attack. It needs healing.

In some cultures the umbilical is left untampered with until it is no longer needed, until it has stopped pulsating its love, until it withers and dies off. No trauma, no shock. Until we can return to this way of doing things, we are left to deal with a world of people that have been traumatised at birth. Deliberately so. Severing mother and baby is a bloody brilliant way of creating slaves.

Making slaves…
The US government, in their MKUltra program, has found that the best slaves are created by first giving intensive one-to-one love for some time, creating an attachment, a bond, a full flow of endless giving. Then the love is suddenly taken away. Severed. Cut. Shattered. Broken. The trainee slave is left floudering in shock with an open wound of attachment but with nothing at the other end, the flow of love suddenly stopped dead. The large emotional wound can then be manipulated, so that the trainee slave behaves lovingly to a new attachment, this time it is a slave master, a handler. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start this slave training at birth ?

Pain of Separation…
The modern world is packed with the trauma of separation of loved ones and the accompanying anger, pain and vulnerability. Heartbreak is normal, and I would say it is down to the sudden stopping of the flow of love. Premature separation while the love is still in full flow. The first time your heart breaks is that first cut at birth. Birth in the modern world leaves both mother and baby in some sort of post traumatic stress disorder. Their love broken. Could it be that everday heartbreak stems back to the very first cut ? Where on your body do you feel the pain ?

The Art of Suffering…
Suffering is part of our daily life, we seem to have turned it into an art form to worship. Look at Jesus suffering on the cross. Look at the suffragettes. Jesus is the baby of Mary, what happened to the umbilical ? The umbiblical birth was attended by the three Kings (KKK, or Klu Klux Klan), did they bring a pair of scissors along with their medical potions? Look at body art, body piercings, tatoos. They are there to be looked at. Look at my pain, look at my suffering, is this the only way I can tell people of my pain and suffering. Look at the pain I have suffered for my art, to tell you the message. The message is in the pain, and the message of the messiah is pain. Some people get their navel pierced, what is their message ? We carry on suffering until we hear the message.

Original Love…
Our first lover, our first intimate relationship, is with our mother. It is through our mother that we first learn what love is. It seems to me that this sets a blueprint for what we believe to be love. If your first experience is that love ends in cuttung searing pain, that is what you expect love to be. In the womb, you have a supply of food and the rhythm of the pulse of your mother to keep time. Unconditional Love. The soular plexus is the site of the original union, the origin of love, and the site of the cut.

Broken Heart…
The baby in the womb feels the flow of love through the umbilical, heartbeats in harmony, in rhythm, in perfect tune and in perfect time. Can you imagine what that is like for a newborn baby to have that cut off, after 9 months, what seems like a lifetime. Panic, shock, trauma. Similarly, what affect is this having on the mother, to have her love cut off so brutally ? Just when mother and baby are at their most vulnerable.

Pain of Love…
Does this lead to fear ? Fear of love, fear of the pain that is expected at some point. It can lead to fear of entering into love, fear of giving or receiving love, fear of opening up, for the more you open up to love, the bigger the wound will be. It can lead to a desire to “own” and control love, own your own personal love giver, always there always on for you, like a wife or wifi. It can lead to envy of love, and a desire to shatter the love of others. Do we all have an assocaition of love with pain and suffering ? What does this do to our precious soul ?

Navel Centre…
The solar plexus is the navel, it is where we centre our body, and navigate our way through life. The body is a ship of sorts, a vessel, an ark. It has all our resources, because it is the way back to the memory of the womb. The womb gives us everything we need. It gives us love and nourishment. All we have to do is retrace the memory and we will be guided. Naval is the way of the sea, and that is where we came from, living in the holy waters of the womb. The Vikings were able to navigate without charts and without the screensaver backdrop of stars and moon and sun. I think they navigated by tuning into their navel centre, the soular plexus.

One and Only Sun…
The solar plexus is the yellow chakra. The colour of the sun. I think we all join as one in unconditional love through the power of the navel. The sun radiates out, as does love. The sun warms us and heals us. My one and only son did some drawings of people when he was an infant, just stick figures, but he somehow knew to draw the navel radiating energy outwards. Kids see things that adults do not, and maybe he was lucky because I was able to delay the cutting of his umbilical until after he was breast fed.

Belly dance…
There are campaigns against fat people, but maybe they are sticking out their bellies in an effort to reclaim love, yearning for it. When we hug someone intimately, we meet at the wound of original love. There are campaigns to flatten your stomach, and get thin, but maybe this is a desire to hide from love, withdraw, and never risk giving or receiving love ever again. Big Ben is an attempt to replace Big Belly, replace our soul mating and our soular love with Big Ben’s tune and Big Ben’s pulse. Parliament will love ya. Parliament will provide your nourishment and nurture.

Pregnant women are often glowing and radiant when they are in full bloom of pregnancy, nourished by their shared love with their baby. Pregnant women expand at the waist as their baby grows, to the point that the original wound at the navel seems to disappear. Maybe they are reliving a time when they were joined in love by their own umbilical supply.

Gut feelings…
We feel our emotions in our gut, where the soular plexus is. Our true feelings and instincts tell us what to do FROM GUT FEEL, gut instincts. It is our emotional centre and our centre of love. We get gut wrenching pain when we are emotionally disturbed, tummy upsets and indigestion. Despite the severance, we all have a memory of the unconditional love that was once there. Westerners often eat too much food, and maybe that is to fill the void from not enough love, the food of love that coincidentally fills you up in the same place. Eat more, drink more, blot out the pain.

Feeding tubes…
Hospitals like to stick feeding tubes into people, especially dying people. The tube is made of plastic and supplies a constant drip of liquid diet of controlled nutrition. It enters into the body through the navel. The original wound is opened and fed astronaut style packet food. There is no love, only plastic. And I would say it is another soul destroying act performed by hospitals, this time at the end of life as we leave the world.

Navigation Guide…
The word guide is simlar to gut and good and god. Could it be that our true god is actually the soular guide held in our own body? The navel guide shows us how to act from love, how to be in a place of unconditional love. But also the same guide will tell you the pain. The navel guide teaches us the way of love, and maybe the way of jesus is through the gut feel. Jesus lives at the soular plexus, the one and only soular plexus that unites us all through love. (not through One World Government, that is in the mind).

The chord…
The cord is attached at one end to the mother at the placenta, play centre, you see love is about play ! And the cord is a chord of music, harmony, perfect time. Playing a tune. It is the music of love that feeds our soul, and it is love that is the best food of life. Tune in, intuition.

Post Natal Depression…
The placenta is known as the “afterbirth” once it has been delivered out of the mother’s body. Post natal means “after birth”. Many many women suffer post natal depression, which affects their ability to love their baby, and indeed love anyone else. Could this depression be due to the sudden severance of unconditional love ? Is it the same sort of feeling experienced when any other relationship of love suddenly ends ?

I would suggset that phallic Big Ben and the phallus are a diversion, an exciting exiting distraction, from pure unconditional love. The love that we constantly seek to mend our original broken heart, is to be found at the belly and the desire is to reconnect it to the inside of the womb. The driving force that sends the penis inside the womb seems to want to reclaim that lost love, like a quick fix of something once lost, and briefly restored. It seems to me that the penis is the wrong part of the body to connect, maybe the penis is held up to us as some sort of replacement umbilical cord so that we are lured onto worshipping the phallus instead of pure love. As always, I question why is anything going that way up the vagina anyway ?…. Suppose it was just love that went into the womb, no physical objects, just pure love.

Yellowing word…
I don’t like the word “yellow”. I prefer the word “jaune” from the French, with its soft “j” sound, similar to the French word “jeune” meaning young, and “june”, the month of midsummer and the sun. The Italian for yellow is “gialo”, so similar in sound to the English word “jealous”. Or even “jailhouse” or “gaolhouse”. Could it be that the word “yellow” was once “jellow”? Paper yellows with old age, paper is the skin of a tree. Someone who has yellowing skin has “jaundice”.

Jaundice occurs in over half of newborn babies, described as “normal”. Jaundice is caused by a failure in liver function, whereby the bodily waste products have nowhere to go. Why could that be, has something been cut off ? “Any condition that disrupts the movement of bilrubin from the blood to the liver and out of the body may cause jaundice”. Can you see the word BILrubin is similar to umBILical ? The umbilical is a waste disposal line as well as a supply line. Treatment of newborns may include an intravenous blood transfusion, as usual through a fake plastic umbilical cord, maybe the hospital could just have left the umbilical attached, and had some love to go with the plastic and the blood. What is the betting that all jaundice sufferers had their umbilical severed prematurely at birth ? Bilrubin is a yellow colour, no surprise there. The LIVER is the matching organ to the LOVER, the heart. LOVE and LIVE are a pair.

We can jel and bond together with pure love, but jealousy is surely the anticipation of the Pain of Separation, the mother of all wounds, a feeling of pain and panic, shock and trauma, manifesting in your gut. Jealousy separates us, and kills off love. Even something quite small can trigger your memory of The Pain of Separation, first felt at birth. And it will probably trigger the feelings of pain and panic, trauma and shock. The loss of pure unconditional love. It is through my own recent experience of jealousy that I have found my way back and overcome my jealousy.

Through the Pain Barrier…
You can probably see that in order to trace back our history to the hystery of original love, there is a huge pain barrier to pass through. The Pain of Separation. We have to go back through that pain to find out what pure original unconditional love is. The memory lies there always ready to be invoked. Maybe people and events will cross your path to help you if you are ready to do it, as they have mine. Maybe you already have found the way. Maybe you were lucky and had a more loving welcome to the world.

Swan love…
Swans are known for pairing for life, maybe they are symbolic of a union of unconditional love. The mating dance of swans shows them puffing out their bellies to join to each other at the soul, a soul mating. During their mating dance, the silhouette of their long necks forms a perfect heart shape.

I feel sure that everything can be healed if we desire to do so, and maybe the soular plexus is a good place to start.

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6 Responses to Soular Plexus

  1. veritopian says:

    This is great… It sounds like having patience and waiting for the cord to wither is the natural and correct method. It’s the natural law, and we have to (re)discover it…
    Trauma indeed… I was jaundiced. So was Buddha.
    It perhaps signifies a period of jaundice in later life, but of the other kind:
    (2) “affected by bitterness, resentment, or cynicism.”
    I had that too, and so did Buddha… 🙂

    • suliwebster says:

      I think it is usually a big pile up of trauma that leads people to question everything that has been told you so far, and quest the truth. This also shows to me how the world will eventually right itself as more and more trauma piles up on everyone.
      I would also say that the stronger the bond of the umbilical, the deeper the wound when it is cut. The worst pain is suffered by those that have experienced the deepest love.

  2. Christine b says:

    In Chinese medicine, there is a meridian up the front of the body called the conception vessel. There is a point on the naval but it is never to be needled.

    • suliwebster says:

      thanks Christine, that seems to fit the story. The navel seems to be sacred in some sort of way. Needle and cord sounds like something to do with sewing.

  3. suliwebster says:

    The NHS says that babies who are “solely” breastfed are more like to develop prolongued jaundice. Solely is soul-ly. If the baby was simultaneously fed by breast and umbilical, which I think is the correct method, then the baby would not be “solely” breastfeed until the umbilical stopped pulsing, and all danger of jaundice had passed. The NHS seems to imply we should all bottle feed because that is what everyone assumes as the alternative method to breast feeding, they don’t mention that the umbilical is a feeding method for newborns.

  4. suliwebster says:

    The umbilical scissors (instrument of torture) are about 4 inches long with curved blades. Scissors remind me of the crossed swords symbol, and the curved blades remind me of candlewick trimming scissors. Cutting the cord that flames, the flame of love, the eternal flame of life.
    Cross swords are like cross words, the cross words that result if you are feeling jealous or jaundiced about something. The cross words that you take out on the nearest person that you love.
    The word “scissors” (I am going off scissors), is “ciseaux” in French. It sounds and looks like caesar. Or seizer. Or sizzler (fire and flames again, burning desire). The caesarian birth is a double whammy, double cut. It is all the Roman way, did the Romans invent scissors or did they just use a pair of crossed swords ?
    Scissors are part of the sewing kit that goes with needles and cord. Women usually need stitching up after a birth, afterbirth, even vaginal delivery. It is sadly all done by women upon women. What happened to the sisterhood, have we now got scissorhood instead ?

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