The Inheritance of Paedophilia

I keep on hearing more and more first hand stories of child abuse, in particular sexual abuse. I wonder if it is far more common than anyone is prepared to admit. Many child victims do not regain their memory of it until they are in their thirties, forties or even later. Some never regain it. Some never speak of it, even if they can recall it. Some commit suicide, or have a nervous breakdown, when the memory finally bubbles up to the surface.

Where did child abuse originate from ? And how come it is so prevalent ?

It is handed down the generations. It seems to be a truth that all paedophiles have been sexually abused, although the reverse is not true, because many of those abused as children do not continue the line of abuse.

Thus all, or nearly all, paedophiles have inherited their behaviour through what was done to them.

I am going to suggest that once upon a time, paedophilia was normal and acceptable within our culture. Not only that, it was once the morally right thing to do. It is only recently that it has become unacceptable, and therefore it has now been driven underground, behind the scenes, taboo.

Nowadays we have a different collection of normal and acceptable things. They are all deemed GOOD FOR YOU. Like cutting the umbilical at birth (see Soular Plexus), getting your child vaccinated by a little prick, sending your child to school to be indoctrinated by the State, signing your baby over to the State at birth, circumcision in Western countries, female genital mutilation in African countries, sex education for 9 year olds in schools. Smacking and caning children is still widely believed to be good for them, and there are calls in England for schools to bring back the cane.

All these things that are good for your baby or child, are part of the “being a good parent” programme. You are doing your duty as a good parent by doing all these things. Otherwise you are a bad parent, like I am, negligent, neglecting your duty.

All these things make the child more controllable and submissive by the State or the tribe or the head of household. they turn a wild child into a good obedient child. In the same way, a wife is more controllable and better behaved if she is regularly beaten or raped into submission.

So it seems to me that once upon a time, the duty of a good father was to rape his children. As it was also his duty to control his wife in the same way. Regularly, like a regular dose of medicine, you don’t want the effects wearing off. The raping of the child would be called sex education, to control the child, but also to prepare the child for the adult life of sex ahead of it. Raping children must have been deemed a worthy and noble and honourable thing to do at some point in history.

The most worthy and noble and honourable people in our culture are people like the Pope and the senior members of parliament and Judges, and the Royal Family. There seems to be a lot of paedophilia lurking in these most traditional and ancient hand-me-down inheritance lines.

Paedophile means a lover of children, so raping children was once equated to love. It reminds me of the government propaganda advert for the MMR vaccine back in the 90’s. If you did not get the vaccine for your child it was the equivalent of leaving your baby alone with a lion to be eaten. A good hard hitting advertisement showing exactly what it takes to do your honourable parental duty, love your child and get that prick in your baby. Otherwise you are so negligent that you would leave your baby to be eaten by a lion, not very loving is it ? Our whole society goes on a witch hunt against the bad parents who don’t love their children according to the programmed culture of the day. It is a challenge to stick to your truth and go against the culture.

Are paedophiles very confused ? On the one hand they have very heavy programming and conditioning of their mind that says this is good for the child. On the other hand they must be seriously disturbed in their spirit by what they are doing.

The parenting program is packed with phrases like “It’s good for you”, “Cruel to be kind”, “Love Hurts”, “No pain no gain”. It is preparing children for a lifetime of invasion in some form or another, and being a controlled slave.

I suspect the origin of this hand me down paedophilia is the Romans….

Roman history is extensively taught in schools in Britain over and over again, and through TV, newspapers, any medium they can invade us through. You never hear much about what it was like as a child or baby in Roman Times. Or even a woman. I suspect they have edited out that bit to comply with the current cultural taboo on sexual abuse of children. But it seems to me they are working on lifting that taboo and making it more normal and acceptable again. And even the morally right thing to do. (See Age of Consent).

Beating is still considered Good for kids. Beating and pain is often part of adult sex games. Not all child abuse is “sexual” on the face of it. But when a child is told to strip and bend over to be beaten, that smacks of sexual power and perversion to me.

I must confess at this point that I have smacked my children on occasions, despite having a belief that it is wrong to do so. It was a knee jerk reaction on each occasion. This is a carry on from my own upbringing where it was considered the right thing to do to a naughty child. My parents no doubt carried it on from their upbringing. When I was tired and at the end of my tether I reverted to the ways of my upbringing. I was filled with remorse and apologised.

So I am in this way like a paedophile, in the way I have carried on my inherited behaviour. I trust that I have diluted it so much at this generation that it will maybe not even pass on to the next generation at all. But you can see the general pattern.

Similarly, a paedophile or abuser may get addicted to the control and power he has, and pass on a worse inheritance than the one he or she received.

Nowadays, sex education for kids is through the internet, high street shops, school education programming, books, TV, videos, magazines. You can even watch live sex on Big Brother on prime time TV. Before long it will be considered a parental duty to sex educate your child, and the government will issue homework sex education packs to every parent.

Our culture is becoming more Romanised by the day.

It seems to me that the locked up box of childhood memories must be opened and is being opened. It is a Pandora’s Box, and it will unleash chaos and breakdown of our society. That is scary for most people. But surely the chaos that accompanies the truth is preferable to the order that allows continuing hand me down paedophilia ? I am glad that people feel able to talk to me about their childhoods, I think it helps open the Pandora’s Box of the world just to simply be able to hear them out.

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The works of Alice Miller on her theories of “poisonous pedagogy”, and how hand me down child abuse produces the likes of Hitler and Stalin. The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, about the compulsion to repeat.

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12 Responses to The Inheritance of Paedophilia

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It all revolves around psychopaths. When I was a child I much preferred a clip round the ear to hours of bad atmosphere at home or detention at school. Smacking children is now illegal I think,all part of the agenda to destroy the family. A quick smack and it’s all over,calm down and carry on. Enter the psychopath and everything changes,he is a control freak,he lives inside his mind. When he administers a beating it’s for dominance and control,he can harm you much more with fist and words than any natural person,if he wants to he can destroy you. The psychopath societies bugger their children at about three to split their minds and create geniuses or Lolitas or god knows what. In fact anything they need to rule the world. This is what they call satanic abuse or MK Ultra . This is why it’s inherited….on purpose. It works,dosn’t it? Of course we have all been infected to some degree because they are rapists,gentle or violent and dominate society. I must stop now because the predictive function on this machine is driving me crazy, it alters my words and it takes ages put them right. It’s a bloody psychopath!

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree there are different types of “smacking”. A smack is not necessarily violent, but can be just a message that a boundary has been crossed. It is a lot more straightforward a message than a load of wordy explanations. An infant or baby responds to the physical, not to words. I often hear parents conversing with very young children using words that sound like a legal debate, aaaagh….

  2. Noo says:

    The smacking issue is such a tricky one. I don’t think there is any one right answer. I grew up with smack-happy parents and I can still feel the helpless rage and absolute hatred that welled up in me over being smacked. I wasn’t a child who misbehaved frequently and deliberately, so smacking frequently followed mistakes and unintended consequences rather than conscious misbehaviour or provocation. Knowing that adults were not supposed to hit each other, kids were not allowed to hit adults and were discouraged from hitting other kids, I used to feel outraged that anyone should claim the right to do that to me because they were an adult and I was a child. I also used to notice how a “quick clout” by a frustrated parent vented on an already upset child could quickly escalate into something that bordered on violence. As I grew up, I sometimes used to read the parenting columns in my mother’s magazines and it invariably recommended “trying to reason with the child”. I wondered if my mother actually read that, and if so why it didn’t occur to her to try it with us – she might have found out why whatever it was had happened in the first place, instead of just reacting. (I never pointed it out to her – she wasn’t the sort of parent who would have been happy to have that kind of suggestion from a child!) Many years later, someone I knew who had been physically abused as a child said to me, “When you think about it, smacking just teaches children that big people are allowed to hit little people and little people are not allowed to hit back”. I do think children should have to deal with the fact that certain behaviours have consequences, but I’m not convinced that smacking is the answer, certainly not for all children. I avoided it with my own, and in retrospect I’m not sorry.

    • suliwebster says:

      I don’t think smacking is necessary, either.
      I don’t like “reasoning” wih young children either, it starts to sound like a legal debate, usually one which the parent is guaranteed to win, being more knowledgeable and skilled at wordy maneouvres.
      I wonder if there is something that is more like a gentle tap or nudge that can indicate to the child when it has transgressed a boundary. Something that is felt through the skin, but is not violent nor scarring, nor scary. Just a message given with love. I think the best messages are through touch not words.
      We can’t make up a national rule about this though ! Because any rule will be misinterpreted in the wrong hands. It is better to act from the heart than from any set of instructions (either books or governments).
      I notice that men seem to be much more accepting about being smacked as a child than women. (see Nixon’s comment, for example).

  3. So many good and valid points made; they have given readers room for much thought.

  4. Malarkey says:

    Hi – I’ve posted at Merovee about Mary Magdalene and used some quotes from your blog – just to let you know.

    By the way maybe sex between an adult man and woman isn’t so bad?

    Maybe it’s – Fab sx


    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Malarkey.
      I am quite interested in the symbology of mary magdalene and jesus, and this being the true path of adult sexual union. jesus is the polar opposite of Satan, and there are two types of sexual activity accordingly, I think.

      Repression of natural sexualilty seems almost as bad as satanic style sex, and probably fuels it.

      Yes I think there is an adult sexual relationship that is “fab”, an incredible spiritual and physical union. Unfortunately, our culture has that so knotted up with paedophilia, and self-gratification by exploiting another, and conjugal rights, ownership, keeping fit, alcohol etc etc, that it is hard to extract one from the other at times. I hope that by getting back to the origins of it all, I can get some clarity.

      How do you define “adult” ? The vatican thinks it is age 12. Denmark thinks it is 15.
      Why is adult sex always hidden ? If it was not hidden, then children would want to copy. (they already copy TV Satanic style sex at very young ages). At what stage do children get to join in ? The age of consent seems quite crucial, but I also think that a measure of time as a boundary is unworkable. Do we need a rule for it? When is paedophilia not paedophilia ? The boundary is very murky, and the boundary is being moved by those in charge. (See my post Age of Consent).

  5. Baa Looney / Malarkey says:

    Hi Suli

    That’s a pretty cool and grown-up response – thanks.

    I’m not picking on you – just ask poor old Frank – just illustrating a point.

    Some of your posts have been extremely interesting and very helpful to me.


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