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Cervical Sex

A midwife friend recently described the cervix to me. I had no idea that it is actually like a mini penis, about 1-2 inches long, dangling down into the vaginal passage. When birth is approaching, the cervix moves forwards, and … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

The song Amazing Grace was written at sea by a slave owner. He had an epiphany. He suddenly saw that the true course of action was to set his slaves free. This is much harder than it seems, because we … Continue reading

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Family Farming

We have cattle farms, potato farms, sheep farms, all different sorts of farms. Now I see there are family farms. We are farming families. Families are farm products, and family farming is increasingly controlled by mechanised agriculture. A farm near … Continue reading

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Missionary Position

The mission of missionaries is to position themselves in another country, and infiltrate the natives, converting them to Christianity. The missionary position is a sexual position only possible in heterosexual sex. The man and woman lie horizontal, face to face, … Continue reading

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