Family Farming

We have cattle farms, potato farms, sheep farms, all different sorts of farms. Now I see there are family farms. We are farming families. Families are farm products, and family farming is increasingly controlled by mechanised agriculture.

A farm near me advertises itself as a “family farm”. It has been in the same family for generations. A family farm sounds more friendly and less corporate. There is a family friendly farm shop, and family fun days on the farm. Kids can visit the farm and learn about how animals are farmed and kept in captivity and how cute it is, and so they won’t mind when the same friendly thing is done to them. It’s all fun and friendly family farming !

Humans are farmyard animals. You have been farmed !

A farmer wants to pass on the family farm down the generations, so he needs to farm a family, otherwise who will inherit the farm ? Hence the children’s nursery rhyme…

“The farmer wants a wife”.

The farmer cannot farm a family without a wife. The farmer has the seed, but he needs fertile soil in which to plant and grow his human crop. (Does that look a bit like “corp” ?).

The rhyme continues…
“the wife wants a child”.

That’s handy ! A perfect two way match. The wife needs (or thinks she needs) the farmer’s seed in order to have her child, like going to the garden centre to buy some seed packets, She is looking for someone to farm her family. She needs a man who is a seed supplier. It’s an exchange of womb for seed. A deal. Men and women have been set up, “framed”, to seek each other out for their perfect match, so they can breed more humans.

The farmer then owns the wife and child, they are his chattel cattle, branded with his name. It’s his family farm after all.

The farmer is the handler for the wife and child on behalf of The State. The State cannot keep an eye on everything so it has developed a hierarchy of control whereby all women and children have handlers to control them.

Children are “illegitimate” if they are born outside of marriage. It means they are outside the law, illegal. In times gone by, gypsies were declared criminals at birth for being born a gypsy, because gypsies are outside the law. It is the same idea as being illegitimate. Illegal-mate. Illegal mater, illegal mother. The State has not endorsed your mating activity, has not agreed the match. You are illegal for not being owned, not being farmed. Everyone must belong to a farm. And all the farms are state controlled.

If you are not farmed, or framed, then you are free to roam, to be wild and self-willed. Maybe be-wild-ered to start with. It’s not allowed.

Times are a changing, and they have been for a while. Do you think this sort of thing happens these days ? Do you think we are all modern and liberated in 21st century England?

Children are no longer ostracised for being born illegitimate. But that’s because we don’t need husbands to be our farmers any more. It really doesn’t matter if a mother has no husband these days, because women can now marry the State directly. The internet is helping this along by being the farmer. You can see the square frame of the internet screen is just as restricting as the square fields. Penned in by words and images. Mothers, including myself, obediently sign over their babies to the State using a birth registration process and in return get a birth certificate saying what they have done. In subsequent years this is updated by a passport with photo id. The State is the family farmer. You can cut out the middleman. The State breeds us, the State pens us in, frames us in square housing blocks. The State feeds us. In return we do as we are told.

Family pharming is now replacing family farming. It is chemicals and labs that are going to be farming families of the future. It starts with “family planning”, a concept being rolled out across the world. Africans are deemed irresponsible for not properly planning their family farming. And so we are told in a roundabout way that we must plan our family farming to be socially acceptable. Family planning increasingly means chemical warfare, usually on the pharmed female body. And now woman can go to labs and clinics to be planted with selected seed. The Monsanto of family pharming is the fertility clinic for humans. Sperm banks, seed banks, egg banks, syringes, and coming soon, square wombs, mechanised computer controlled family pharming that takes all the labour out of the body and puts it into labour labs.

Women and children are still owned and penned in. As the traditional family farming changes shape, the new husband is the State. Women are now married directly to the State. The State is polygamous and owns multiple wives and their children that it feeds and supports. It is like a prize bull, the one that sires all the cows. The same male DNA can now be easily administered to all women. Women who like to design the perfect father using forms and computer questionaires will happily pay lots of money to be sired by the prize bull.

Eventually the internet will do the pharming of families, and with one click you can get the seed that you want. It doesn’t matter what it says on the label, you don’t really know what is in the bottle do you ?

As you most likely know, the papal bull is the edict of the Pope. And the prize bull that sires the world farming will be something to do with the Pope. A papal bull is traditionally written on the human skin of a dead child. A farmed child, one slaughtered for its hide, just as we slaughter calves.

The children’s rhyme continues…
“the child wants a dog”

That sums it all up. The dog is on a lead and collar, like a slave and like a vicar, and like the necklace worn by a woman, perhaps the necklace was presented to her by her husband. Owned, and controlled. The relationship between man and dog symbolises the relationship between God (“DOG” backwards) and man. It is ownership, it is farming, it is breeding. Humans under State ownership are farmed. The child desires to copy the adults’ way, and wants a dog to control and own.

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