Cervical Sex

A midwife friend recently described the cervix to me. I had no idea that it is actually like a mini penis, about 1-2 inches long, dangling down into the vaginal passage. When birth is approaching, the cervix moves forwards, and opens out, disappearing to almost nothing, creating a large hole for the baby to enter the world.

It seems to me that the normal position of the cervix has a purpose to serve or cerve, and that is to protect the womb, and allow any unwanted materials to pass out through the tiny one-way hole. The cervix is the gatekeeper to the most sacred space.

The womb is very low in the body, not far above the root chakra. In fact, the tip of the cervix is so close to the vaginal entrance that it can be felt quite easily with a finger. A midwife can easily examine it.

Please compare the length of an average finger to the length of an average erect penis.

When the penis is fully inserted into the vagina, surely it is squashing, crushing the cervix up against the womb to almost breaking point ?

An erect penis during the act of sex is like a battering ram, pumping away quite violently. Like a RAM or a BULL. A battering ram is designed to break down doors. It seems to me that the penis is battering the cervix in a way that is surely going to eventually damage the cervix. Is the cervix really designed to take this kind of battering ? Again and again and again ?

The cervix is like the gates to an impregnable fortress, but somehow the penis has been designed to penetrate and impregnate, and somehow women and society have been persuaded to accept this. It probably started with educated “liberated” women.

Women who don’t like sex are considered to have something wrong with them, and need treatment. Men who can’t maintain an erection likewise.

Women are often compliant because they want to acquire or keep their man, who may go elsewhere to get his sex if he is not satisfied with the compliancy of his current partner.

How compliant and pliable is your cervix. Who and what do you let in without complaint ?

A battered wife is one with a violent husband. Noone talks about the sexual violence that goes with it, or the sexual violence that happens in an otherwise apparently non-violent relationship. Noone can see the bruised cervix like you can see a bruised eye. Noone talks about it because you are supposed to accept it and enjoy it. It’s a fact of life. Sex as we are taught it in our sex cult is not considered to be violent. It is considered to be fun, loving, making love, active, healthy. And an essential factor of life.

“A battered” looks like abbatoir, the spilling of blood of the lamb. The rammed lamb. The taking of virginity of a fair maiden spills blood. Surely that should tell us there is something wrong ?

Anal sex is now becoming normal in heterosexual relationships (please see comments on Missionary Position), yet women and girls don’t want it, they do it to please. It seems to me that once upon a time, the same transformation of sexual acceptability must have happened with vaginal sex. With the passing of time, everyone just gets used to it as normal, and stops questioning it.

Anal sex in girls is leading to anal health problems, not to mention the emotional and mental knock on effects of going ahead with something while your body is screaming out NO. Is all this sexual pressure on youngsters leading to depression, a way of unpressurising, depressurising ?

Cervical cancer is something that is more likely to manifest due to having lots of vaginal sex. Being sexually active. Get Active, it’s good for you ! There is now a vaccination for cervical cancer, administered routinely in schools for girls age 12, whether or not they are sexually “active”. By my reckoning on how vaccines work, a vaccine for the cervix will be to help with more sex. Maybe it will soften up the cervix in some way to make it better for sex. Maybe it will give the man a better feel, or numb and dumb the woman not to feel, or maybe it will open up the hole bigger for the semen to enter. Or maybe it will just make the cervix more durable, more long lasting, more able to withstand the endless battering. For sure the vaccine will be pro-sex. That is what it says on the tin.

At least one girl in the UK has died from this vaccine, I think there are higher numbers in the US.

Cervical cancer is treatable of course. You can cut off the offending cervix.

Cutting off the cervix sounds like a form of castration. But it will create more space for the penis to fit, and no doubt easier access to the womb for penis and semen alike. But if there is no cervix, then what is gatekeeping the sacred space ? It will be open access from now on. Or maybe a new plastic one can be fitted that gives more excitement and pleasure.

A cervical smear test is another regular assault on the cervix, this time with a metal instrument. It is also known as the Pap Test, showing the involvement of Papa and Papal indoctrination. The Papal pontifications are all about copulating couples (See Popule Copule).

Penetrative sex has been marketed to us as the end goal which is to be worked towards from the first moment of Roman-tic courting. I hear it now takes about 2 dates on average to get to this stage. The end goal is to score, to batter, to ram.

To me, an intimate relationship does not require any penetration or invasive force.

I am going to liken it to meat eating. Those that choose to be vegan are accused of narrowing their diet. The assumption is that if you stop eating meat, then all you are left with is two soggy veg on your plate. A reduced and dull meal, so short of nutrients that you will get ill and die. However, if approached in the right way, being vegan forces you to look at other ways of eating, and can broaden your diet in new unforseen ways into something healthier for you, and also healthier for the earth and its creatures. (For the record, I am mostly vegetarian and veering towards vegan).

The word “meat” is often used for the penis.
The word “veg” is very similar to “vag”.

Big dicks cause big pricks, and probably a lot more damage and battering to the cervix than a small one. For some reason, a big dick is considered more desirable for both man and woman. Though when I ask around, I find that many women are frightened of big dicks. Women that are routinely raped in childhood often grow up to prefer other women for their intimacy, no scary big dick.

A penis is not necessarily a weapon, and it all depends on how it is used. Gently, genitally, sensitively, sensually. Or violently, hedonistically.

Dix, penix, vix, cervix. prix. Grand Prix. Grand Prix is French for Big Prize. The Big Prize is for the Prize Bull, a big bully driving force.

Intimacy, sensuality, orgasm, love. All are possible without ramming the cervix. Sexuality is not denied or repressed by avoiding penetration. Possibly it is quite the opposite. I am coming to think that penetrative sex is actually BLOCKING and DIVERTING us from all the healthy things, including circulation of chakra, and that maybe penetrative sex is the original and root cause of violence in the world.

Maybe by accepting adult vaginal sex, or cex, we made the first invasive step that took us next to adult anal sex, and then to paedophilia. One slow step at a time, each one starts by ringing alarm bells of horror amongst the older population, but slowly gets accepted by the younger ones. Until it becomes a fact of life. And if it is a fact, you might as well resign yourself to it and enjoy it.

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15 Responses to Cervical Sex

  1. Claire says:

    Hello Suli
    This is another interesting article. There are indeed many dangers associated with having sex, like diseases and injuries from adventurous practices. Some women have tilted uteruses, which can make sex awkward.
    If the women is properly turned on, her vagina lengthens to accomodated the penis during sex, so the cervix is safe.
    Having a baby is also fraught with danger. Many women died during child birth and so did the baby. Now fewer women die because modern medicin can save them. Many women have to have Caesarians (a Roman!) to give birth. I was born by Caesarian, so I am grateful to the process and so is my mother.
    I sometimes wonder if a really long time ago, like when it was Lemuria, people didn’t actually have babies, because the whole thing (with, or without sex) is risky. So much can go wrong like the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck or the baby getting stuck and not get air which affects the brain. Having really big babies is also a problem and can severly damage the woman and leave her with continence issues.
    The only other way I know of reproducing is binary fission like bacteria. I doubt humans reproduced like that because the world would soon be over populated. But maybe, a really long time ago, people did have some way of reproducing that was without anything going in or out of the body.
    I only wonder about this because I have got as far as the menopause and have never felt better. No hot flushes, nothing. I am also much more clear headed now. I have heard that many other women are like me and feel much better post menopause.
    I really do wonder if all those hormones (whore moans) are good for women (I can’t speak for men as I am not one.) All that monthly mess and pms, is it really natural?
    Stay away from the hpv vaccine. It is an instrument of sterilisation to bring about eugenics. So is the transgender agenda. I have nothing against trans people, but they would do well to pay attention because they are being used to usher in a monstrous change in humanity.
    In fact, stay away from all vaccines as they are all horrible and have only badnness and deceit at their heart.
    Hope this helps you.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire. “Whore moans” is brilliant. Sums it up. I think maybe we once reproduced by parthenogenesis, reptiles do, and we have a reptilian part of our brain. Hence the Parthenon in Athens. I am also curious about the island of Lesbos which is also Greek, and has a hot springs. I think there are other ways to conceive within a womb, but not if male hormones are present, I think male hormones block female self fertility somehow. Femal cannabis plants can self reproduce only when the male ones are taken away. Goats milk tastes different, sweeter, if the Billy goats are not around. The male hormone presence seems to affect the woman and the womb. Just the presence. (Pre scents, pre sense). The monarchy is the key to the moon and the hormone control. I too feel much better since the menopause. I took no drugs. I have also been surprised that there has been no loss of feeling I am a woman (I still have my womb), nor loss of natural sexuality, and that maybe I actually feel more womanly and more “sexy” (in a natural way). The more I get used to the idea that women have not always bled, the more wrong it seems. The monthly bleed was something else I used to almost enjoy, it feeling like a sign that I was a healthy woman.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I think it’s quite probable that we’ve been genetically modified. Bertrand Russell talked about it in The Impact of Science on Society. What these people talk about as possibilities are often things they have done already. We are just farm animals to our owners as you suggested previously. Being the sadistic psychopaths they are they have engineered us to their sexual needs. I would have thought this just paranoid delusions not long ago but now I think it quite possible. Look at the rise in autism,Russell suggested using injections as a means of modifying us. Our EQ, empathy quotient and our IQ are dropping rapidly as is men’s sperm count. Only the new man will enter the new age, the artificial world.William Cooper said that it’s all in code in the 2001 film. I found the film very boring which surprised me because I’ve always liked sci fi ,now I know I wasn’t aware of it’s subliminal message. Now I just dislike it! Cooper’s deconstruction of the film is well worth reading for an understanding of Masonic language ‘ though he can be a bit off-putting himself. Life on this planet has always been dangerous,but isn’t it amazing! Well I must be off to slay a few dragons,see you back at conspiracy HQ! Love,Scraypes.

    • suliwebster says:

      Bertrand Russell crops up a lot. I don’t like the sound of him. He sounds very detached, academic, as a human being.
      I noticed recently that new man will be rewired, and be Neuro Man. New Roman. Actually I think this is already happening.
      I am avoiding upgrades, and choosing downgrades whenever I can.
      I am so out of touch with touch screen world that it took three days to notice the clocks had gone back, and that I was an hour out, I feel that is quite an achievement. Though apparently some people these days don’t notice the clocks change at all, and seamlessly obey the new time unaware of the change, these are neuro man wired people.
      I was pleased to hear today that they do not have clocks in much of Turkey and still look at the Sun for timing.
      By yet another strange coincidence today, I discovered that being a woman and having a stressful job not only predisposes you to “unwind” and relax with drink and drugs and partying, but can make large dicks desirable. (alcohol aided). It reminds me of self-harming as a way to numb the pain. Some sort of release, because it takes your mind away from this reality and focuses on something that demands your attention elsewhere, like pain.
      I think it is not just in cinema films that we can see things encoded. I think the same code is apparent everywhere, once you start to notice the patterns.
      By another coincidence, someone just told me that rats are now being eliminated by feeding them a male contraceptive pill. We are the rat race, we are the lab rats, so it is not surprising that
      man’s sperm count is declining too. There seems to be an almost global agenda to rid the world of rats, maybe it is so the new spaceship planet can be rat free, no vermin, ethnically cleansed.

  3. paul says:

    rat free – i keep wondereing why ireland has no snakes

      • paul says:

        damn – i thought you may have worked it out – i’ll keep thinking or feeling

        just noticed i mis spelled above – tut tut

      • suliwebster says:

        I do have a post about snakes queued up though, but it is based in England and more to do with the Adder (Adding). Otherwise known as the Viper (VIP).

      • paul says:

        not that i am a fan of ‘channelled’ messages but maybe

        “We are told in school that St Patrick got rid of the snakes in Ireland. But as we all know now, there were never any snakes in Ireland and that St Patrick was a leader of the Roman Army who was sent to Ireland to CRUSH and DEMOLISH Irish culture and laws and to remove from us our powerful native teachings, language, and our powerful understanding of DNA and the cycles of the cosmos. The Vatican always feared the world realising very powerful native Irish Teachings. The story of St Patrick getting rid of the snakes from Ireland is a story of the Vatican removing powerful teachings from Ireland.

        It is really interesting as we now realise that the teachings of “serpent wisdom” are still today one of the biggest THREATS to the Vatican. With the “Serpent Wisdom” representing the knowledge of DNA in both the micro and the macro, Kundalini, Inner Wisdom and natural vibrational frequencies of the OGHAM (native Irish alphabet) and cosmic understandings of the trees and cycles of nature. It becomes a beautiful thing as Ireland is now on the verge of restoring its native teachings of DNA, Kundalini, life force creation sexual empowerment, consciousness, balance, and the electro-magnetic life force.”

      • suliwebster says:

        I wonder how the Earth Energy lines fit into this? This is the life force of the Earth, which is also our life force, and is mirrored in our bodies as Chi energy.

        There is the Serpent Cult which Matt Delooze speaks of in all his writings, an evil cult that rules over us, and summons us to worship the Olympic rituals, Xmas, New Year etc etc… Which take place on Earth energy nodes, sacred sites.

        The larger energy lines, such as the Michael Mary pair, are known as serpents. The 3 really large pairs are dragon lines. (Welsh flag has a dragon, not many flags do). The Apollo Athena line goes through Ireland. It has been dowsed around the whole world by Hamish Miller (not yet read that book, called Dance of Tne Dragon, would very much like to).

        So maybe the Romans got rid of the knowledge of the serpents by ordinary Irish people, not the actual serpent energy. So that the Romans could control the life force energy with Black Magic rituals by summoning dumbed down masses to participate without feeling, just by following instructions. Their rituals are on serpent crossover places.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Neuroman,new euroman you stride across the map, and if the world gets in the way you simply blow it up. Neuroeuro bureauman, triumphant manmachine you live inside my nightmare, while I live in your dream.

  5. Mick says:

    Anal sex shatters the wholeness of the psyche and rends the energy body, allowing ingress by other entities, in other words possession. Will find an example to illustrate more clearly.

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Mick. Does that apply to consenting adults too ?
      I think we all have cracked or shattered or split psyches to some extent.

      • Mick says:

        In my opinion if it involves fucking of the usual domination kind, as that is a form of rape, psychic and physical. Both men and women are conditioned to think that is what sex is, when in fact it is an aberration. Sex is energy, sex is Love, and not the fluffy bunny shite that is generally promulgated as love.

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