Hunt the Cervix !

Fox hunting is an old English sport. It is always a VIXen that is hunted. The female fox. “Tally Ho !” the hunters cry as they blow their horny horns. What good fun ! The fun is in the chase as much as in the kill. So sexy.

When the vixen is caught she is ripped alive by the dogs. If the vixen is pregnant, the unborn cubs are slaughtered too, even more sporty fun.

You can see the analogy between hunting the cervix for man’s sport being directly opposed to the use of the cervix to protect and birth babies. They have been pitted against each other as opposing forces. The vixen is usually the victim, the hunters the victors.

Many English pubs are named “The Fox and Hounds” to this day. How quaintly English. The gentle genital activities that go on in the cuntryside.

Following on from my last post “Cervical Sex”, I have found the English sport that perfectly matches.

The hunters ride on their horses, brutally and noisily tearing across the cuntryside. The horse is a symbol of the spirit. The horse is bridled, saddled, whipped, and spurred on, unable to do anything but obey (Please see Bridle and Groom). The horse will be groomed and well dressed, and shoe’d ready for the fancy occasion of the Hunt, where all the riders are dressed in full glorious livery.

The wearing of “red coat” is the symbol of fox hunting. The attire is just like Satanic Santa. Red and white with black boots. Not surprising then that Boxing Day hunts are traditional. When I wrote my previous post on Cervical Sex, I was struck by how often boxing gloves came to mind. Now I know why. Into the ring ! Punch the cervix. The cervical hole is a ring, it even expands and contracts like a boxing ring. Get your gloves on, and use it as a punchbag to let out all your suppressed rage, and get some release. The ring is a token of marriage. Bridle her up !

A hunt is called a “meet”. When is your next Hunt Meet ? The Boxing Day Hunt Meet perhaps? Hunt meat, hunt the vixen. Eat the meat. Meat is served at Christmas. Prepare your mental attitude by eating turkey, with stuffing stuffed up its back hole. What fun! Blow your party crackers like hunting horns, dress up in red coats !

Hunt the Cunt. Ride into the cuntry, and chase the cerVIXen. Victory ! Blow your Horn !

The riders in the hunt are generally the upper echelon of British society. Royals. Sirs to sire the Sirvix, The Lords that sit in parliament, The Lord of the Manor. (MANOR is ROMAN). The rulers of the countryside. The rulers of the cunt. And we all follow the rule.

The sport is a visible expression of all that has gone on and still goes on behind closed doors in the human world. Sex, hunting the cervix, at the expense of mother and baby and unborn babies, goes on and on and on. It is now a sport, on the curriculum at schools, sex education alongside physical education. Tally Ho ! Get horny ! Saddle Up ! And above all it is to be enjoyed. It is FUN.

Foxy ladies wear fox fur, a prize from the Hunt that the Lords can dress their overdressed wives in. The wives are overdressed to hide their distress behind the closed doors of the Manor. The ladies are displaying the spoils of their own demise.

Banning fox hunting is now big news. The banns are read out before weddings, the coded message continues, even in the banning.

I do not think it is any use banning fox hunting. Because the behind the scenes cervix hunting activity still continues, and will have to express itself on stage somehow. Another sport will spring up in the public eye, pubic eye, instead. It seems to me that the truth will always out itself in some strange coded form, it is a law of nature.

Is the only way to stop Fox Hunting to stop participating in the root cause ? To stop Cervix hunting ? How many fox hunt protesters (and fracking protesters too) are still cervix hunting, loving the chase, loving the glory of the kill ?

We could ban fox hunting in our own cuntry, but will it just go to another more willing cuntry ? Somewhere keen to please, a cuntry desperate to make money out of it. Like paedophilia does. If something is banned, or abolished, it simply gets abolished or banned from public view.

I have had enough invasion of my body by big dicks and little pricks (vaccines), even gentle men with gentle dicks I want no more of inside me, no more hospital instruments, and no more exploratory hands of doctors and midwives. My body has been well fucked up, and my mind too. Over the last few years of writing, I have come to find increasingly that there is something wrong with all these invasive techniques. Do you like the cuntryside being invaded ? Are you on the side of the cunt ? Or the side of the Hunt ?

Fox are classed as “vermin” by British farmers, they are destructive to the progress and profits of farming. Vermin are always things that justify eliminating, ethnic cleansing. The cervix is to be eliminated, ethnically cleansed, the cervix that protects the unborn baby, the cervix that keeps the womb virginal and clean for growing an organic non-chemicalised, non-GM baby. The word “cunt” is a slang rude (red) word, a vermin word that needs cleansing out of people’s mouths.

I can’t remember if I have written this before… but my midwife friend tells me that during her training she witnessed hysterectomies. A plier like tool is inserted into the vagina, and the cervix is gripped tenaciously by the jaws of the plier, then yanked and pulled out brutally, bringing the womb in its wake. Is this somewhat similar to the ripping apart of the vixen by the jaws of the dogs ?

A hysterectomy is of course something that is performed in sex change operations, so it seems that many women are undergoing sex change operations when they started out complaining of pelvic pain. Hunt the cervix, it’s a pastime, it’s a sport. And now it is also a cure for all our problems. It will cure the hysterical woman, the woman that cries out from her womb, and all the pain that is carried there from centuries of sport around the world.

The quaint English countryside was featured in The Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012. A sporting event. THE sporting event. They chose to feature Glastonbury in Somerset, plenty of Foxhunting going on around there.

I think there is lots more to write on this, a quick post is turning into a long one, so I am going to stop, and I am getting quite upset just writing about the horrors of it, and how we have all been persuaded to participate in the name of love. What more in the name of love ?


(See also earlier posts: Cervical Sex, Bridle and Groom, The Swede Borg (about Frack Off), The Royal Olympic Fertility Ceremony, posts about Santa, Red and White and Black, Ab Use of Sex, and many others, please ask if you want help finding any)

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13 Responses to Hunt the Cervix !

  1. Paulo Henrique says:

    Stupid people…

  2. Hunting is a pointless pursuit indulged in by heartless morons. Similar mindless idiots wear the skins of dead animals and consider themselves fashionable, but I think the skins looked better on their original owners. Only think to do – as with the ivory trade – burn and spoil the stockpiles.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, good point, there are many cruel and unnecessary trades and sports.
      I wonder how much ivory is used in piano keyboards.
      I think the Royals and elites are involved in elephant hunting too. Having Royal endorsement seems to make something acceptable, and desirable to copy. It seems to make it “above the law”, because the Crown is not going to prosecute the Crown, is it ?

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for the link.
      You may be interested in my earlier post “Centre for Exploiting Missing Children”

      • Leo says:

        “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

      • suliwebster says:

        Having looked through this article, you may be interested in my earlier posts: Internet Images Babies For Sale, and The Badminton Game.
        In my home town of Bath there is a coffee shop called Jika Jika with some very disturbing images on the walls, including their logo which looks similar to the “child love” logo in this article you linked to. It has two children sitting with linked cross legs, crying, and with what looks like a microchip in their belly. The coffee shop seems to celebrate slavery overtly (though all coffee shops are perpetuating slavery in my view). It is owned by I think two Bath Rugby players, one of who was busted for drugs. Another Bath rugby player has married into British Royalty (Zara Philips), and the symbology surrounding their child Mia is clearly satanic.
        Pizza is like Pi, the number of the circle. And Za is like Zara. Maybe it is Pi Zara, Pizzaria. Prince George was born on Pi Day (22/7). There is a post about that somewhere on my blog. Prince George has been characterised as a “playboy” from very young.
        The paedophile ring is everywhere, and I am of the opinion that we all prop it up unwittingly.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Leo, will take a look.
        You might be interested in my earlier post “Centre for Exploiting Missing Children”.
        To me, this is the biggest issue of all, and the one that keeps me going on the trail.
        What is the world coming to if we collectively allow this to carry on ?

      • paul says:

        web bot prediction – we shall see

        Ack! New sets show #pizzagate 2cause ‘breakdowns’ in ‘officialdom control’ of info such that ‘real human history’ comes out over 2017->

  3. Mick says:

    The word ‘cunt’ has a high and ancient lineage, and at the very least is linked to the word ‘queen’. It has been utterly debased into a modern swear word where once the vagina was the holy opening into the void of creation – the vesica piscis.

    Cunt is knowledge, power and the crucible containing the sacred creative fire.

    The men in red coats are enacting their childish cunt envy.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for link, will take a look…
      You may like my post King Cnut.
      In another post somewhere, I have written about how the Pope seems to be envious of the female ability to create.
      You may also like… I Want One and Ab Use of Sex, which I think are the main two posts I have written about the destruction of the womb in males and misuse of the vagina. Maybe some others around the same time…
      Queen is a slang word for a gay man, and that seems to fit as a gay man becomes a pseudo cunt or crucible.

      • Mick says:

        Hmm, there is so much. I have started at the beginning of your site, so I’m still in 2012.
        As you know, cross-dressing and homosexuality are certainly not a modern phenomenon. There are the self-castrated followers of Cybele, and the female-garbed male Seidr sorcerers of Norse culture:

        There is nothing new under the sun, especially this sun.

        Besides, I’m just a cunning old celt 🙂

      • suliwebster says:

        Apparently, there are far more men wishing to be women than vice versa.
        Sex change or cross dressing throws into question the whole idea of being split and divided into two sexes. And perhaps that is why people are driven to do it, a public display of their question or quest.

        Good luck, I have written a lot in the last 5 years, some of it better than others. I am flattered that you are attempting to read it.

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